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Praise and Prayer ~ January 27-February 3rd


Training in Nigeria started around 10 am, with about 63 people! There should be more coming tomorrow. Most are evangelists that have come from far away villages. Please pray! They are in northern Nigeria. They can’t go out in groups to witness during the practical time, because the Muslims would be suspicious and might react violently. Pray for their efforts as they witness at home. Pray for the training! Please pray for Peter, Sam, Ishaku, Ahamet.

There is a video-recorder who is covering the training! Pray for this to be fruitful, it would be wonderful to have more of our sessions recorded. 

Last week some of our staff were supposed to be in Jarong, but the Muslims in Maiduguri have been kidnapping and killing of leaders and church members. The highways in Maiduguri are all unsafe, and even inside the town there are terrible atrocities. Please pray for Comfort! Please pray for everyone, for safety and for mercy for the church in the area. 

One of the Muslim background believers from Maiduguri was taken away by his family, please pray! 

Pray for the former sheik, they are expecting him to continue on with recording the tv programs! These will be airing soon. 

Pray for the Jalingo conference, Peter has been talking with the organizers, pray for all the efforts to communicate! Peter has had a hard time getting through to them this week. They are hoping to meet tomorrow. 

The training at the girls secondary school was successful! Many of them are really intent on learning more. They said the teachings have helped them a lot. 

Sam’s elder sister called and said his uncle has died. Please pray for their family! Especially for Sam as he is at the training and can’t attend the funeral.


Rich and Eskendir just started the training today with around 50 people, they expect ten more to arrive tomorrow. The trainees are out witnessing right now! Please pray for them. 

Rich and Eskendir talked with the representatives from Kale Heywet (our main partnerning) denomination about the Ethiopian evangelism and follow up conference. They are now saying they expect 10-15,000 will come, and are considering moving the conference to May. Continue to pray for wisdom and help with all the practical details. 

There was a freak rain all last night, it caused power outages, Rich and Eskendir have no internet access— it also makes the roads a mess, and it interrupts the farming, so pray for no more rain! 

Pray for next week, that everyone will be able to come to the training near Addis next week! Rich and Eskendir are eager to meet especially those we are considering adding to the Ethiopia team.


Stacey’s brother is still suffering memory problems, and the doctors have been unable to properly diagnose him. The cancer is still a problem, please continue to pray. 

David is leaving Friday for Nigeria and Ethiopia, pray for final preparations this week!

 This last weekend David attended a youth retreat for eighth grade boys! There were 7-10 kids there, saw God working in some really cool ways, pray for the kids. 

David’s daughter has three finals today! And today is Ben’s birthday, so pray that he has a good birthday, and continue to pray for him that he is able to start making better choices that lead to his healing. Pray for David’s sister that she would have wisdom as she continues to work with him

Prayer for our office staff as we get year-end summaries out this week! 


Please continue to pray for peace in the country, and mercy for those in English speaking regions. 

Please pray for Florence’s family! Pray for mercy and healing for her husband. 

Please pray for all those who have been trained as they continue to reach out to those around them. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 27-February 3rd
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 6-13

Matthew 14

Devotional Thought from Rich: Jesus had compassion on those who were ill even in his time of trouble, he healed their sick! Let us remember in our own difficulties or those of people we love, Jesus feels for us and will respond. 


Let’s pray for Christians in the North, the Islamic State kidnapped a district secretary yesterday and in Lassa the driver was killed and the passengers were kidnapped. Continue to pray for the safety of the people who are traveling! 

Pray for Comfort’s safety as she continues to minister in Maiduguri, and also that God would open doors and create safety so ministers in Maiduguri can go about safely. 

Thank God for the New Year! Today the Nigeria team in Jos gathered to pray together. Please pray that God will give each one of them strength and vision for what He has called them to do! 

Pray for the coming week! the Nigeria team will be traveling north to three locations to set up trainings the end of January and beginning of February! Pray for safety, for God’s grace, and pray for good communications with all our partners. 

Please pray for the former sheik as he and some of the staff will be traveling to encourage new believers that have resulted from our joint ministry! Praise God we heard this past week there was a Muslim man who heard the former sheik testifying to the truth of Christianity using the Koran, and he went to his community Islamic teachers and asked them if what the sheik said was true, and they said that it was. He said to them then why are we attacking the Christians? We should rather become Christians, and the man then professed faith in Jesus. There was another man, a son of the chief, who fell sick, and his aunt who was a Christian took him to the hospital, and when they took him to the hospital, they treated him in a Christian hospital. The hospital staff started praying for him, and one night the man started shouting Jesus, Jesus, and from that time he said he wants to give his life to Jesus. He has been in hiding from his parents. Someone heard about what we do, and called the former sheik to ask for his help in following up with the young man, building him up in his new faith.

Last week the Nigeria team did three recordings on Friday of last week. Things are taking shape for the television program that FFICM will run for several months, they are recording more episodes this week! Praise God that we are already seeing people turn to the Lord through recordings!

Thank God for this weekend! Samuel had a revival in his village. He went and showed the Jesus film and they had time to preach and follow up. About 135 people prayed to receive Christ! Pray for the staff as they follow up with the new believers and thank God for His work to bring many to Christ. 

Pray for pastors in Nigeria, many are being transferred at the beginning of the year. This may make the communications for our team more challenging. Pray that God will give these new pastors in areas we are hoping to work a good understanding of what we do and that they will be motivated. 

December 31st at night Mercy, Soja’s wife almost died, it turned out that she has a brain tumor, thank God she is doing better. She needs to go to Israel for an operation, pray that God would heal her!


Ethiopian Christmas is tomorrow! 

There are many training opportunities! At this point many people are hearing about what we are doing and want us to come and do trainings. Pray that Eskinder will have wisdom and grace to know which opportunities to pursue! 

Please pray for the universities in Ethiopia! There has been further conflict and confusion and Eskinder’s son hasn’t been able to attend university.

Please also continue to pray for all the student trainers and the new believers who resulted from their ministry


We have an opportunity to do some teaching in the Dalles, we need to make a decision as to whether or not we should take advantage of this opportunity as it is a complex situation! 

We have a new volunteer coming in this week on Tuesday! She is coming in once a week. Praise God and pray that this goes well! 

Pray for all the preparations for the year! There is a lot going on!

Pray for David’s wife Denise, she has been with her parents this past week helping them with their medical issues! She travels back to Oregon tomorrow night, pray for her parents, and for her safe travel. Pray also for David’s son Benjamin, that he would continue to adjust well to life in Washington and that this time would be really good for him! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 6-13
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Prayer and Praise ~ December 30 2019


Thank God the Christmas celebration in Jos was peaceful! 

Maiduguri was largely peaceful but outside the city on Thursday there was a bride and all her friends that were killed on their way to her wedding. Please pray for all of their family and friends, and pray for an end to these evil attacks and the organizations that perpetrate them in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for the sheik and Ahamet who are traveling to speak to Christian Fulani in Bauchi state! Pray for God’s grace and traveling mercies. 

Sarah and Ishaku Afan, good friends, had the wedding of their daughter this week! Pray for their marriage! 

Also please pray for the churches here as they face the new year! Pray for all the communication with all the churches we partner with particularly. 

Pray for 2020 plans for the Nigeria team, it is looking to be their busiest year yet! They are going to be having a time of prayer and fasting Monday-Friday and meeting in the morning to discuss the vision for the coming year. Peter, Samuel, Ruth, Dauda, Ishaku, Valentine, Ezekiel, Jusuf, Ishaku.

We continue to praise God for the salvation of Sam’s parents. 

Comfort went to another village for an outreach event she is going to visit her trainees and new believers in the refugee camp!


Continue to pray for the set up for the large conference for Christians falling away from their faith into witchcraft! We are hoping for 6,000 to come to be strengthened in their faith and equipped in beginning follow-up. 

Pray for Eyasu as he continues to develop plans for FFICM in Ethiopia in 2020


Please continue to remember Florence and her husband, and Pastor Yisa, and all the trainees and trainers in Cameroon! Please pray for peace for their nation and that God would create an opportunity for us to go and partner with them to reach their nation for Christ! 


Pray for David’s family as they all adjust to Ben living with David’s sister for a while! 

Rick is traveling to Nigeria the third week in February until Memorial Day to assist with the Gindiri training, and one other training, pray for safe travel! Please also pray for Rick’s transition with his business! He is in treatment for a 

Pray for Dara’s husband’s healing as he is sick! 

Continuing prayer also for Stacey’s brother, who is continuing to struggle with memory issues following his fall. 

Pray for our Rich and Rick’s cars, both are having car trouble!

Pray that people will donate towards the year end, as we still have 40% of our budget for 2020 to come up with! 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ December 30 2019
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 16-23

1 Peter 1:13 (NIV) 

Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.


Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet for safe travel!

Pray for trainings for next year, there are so many in January, February, and March, pray God will give the Nigeria team the grace to do all this! Pray also for all of the set-up that goes into this, for good communication, Ezekiel is working on this. 

Praise God, Sam visited his parents, his father told him that 2 weeks previously he had received Christ and while they were there his mother also prayed to receive Jesus. Pray that God strengthens them in their newfound faith! Pray also that Sam and his family will be able to move to a new house this week. Pray for Sam’s son who is teething!  Thank God for Sam’s brother, God protected him in an accident. Sam has been having some issues with his eye, pray God would heal him from this eye problem, he is on medication. 


Ethiopia is peaceful praise God!

There have been some complications in organizing the conference, pray for clear and quick communications! 

Pray that Eritrea would open up! We would love to minister there. 


Pray for Rich’s brother and sisters who do not know Christ!

Pray for our families as they are together, that we would have joyful and thankful hearts! 

Pray for David’s son Ben, he is twelve years old, he has had issues at school, has been suspended. Pray for wisdom for David and his wife Denise. His sister and brother and law have offered to take him in, they have experience working with kids with behavioral issues. 

Continue to pray for Stacey’s brother! 


Please continue to pray for Florence, her husband, pastor Yisa and all those still ministering under the oppressive regime!

Please pray for peace for Cameroon. 


Pray for the opportunity that Roman is working on for Rich to come and teach at the Bible college in Siberia! The school really wants Rich to come. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ December 16-23
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Praise and Prayer


Universities are now at peace, students are back to their studies! Praise God!

Pray for Eskendir that he would have wisdom as he works on setting up the conference and the new office

Thank God that the President of Ethiopia has received a Nobel Peace Prize. Pray while he leaves the country there will be peace, and no one would take advantage of his absence. 

Pray as we invite potential head trainers for our Ethiopia team to the next training! We are hoping to expand our staff of one this year!


Praise God Peter’s son is better! He is back at school! Thank God for answered prayers

Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet, they are traveling to follow up with new believers this next week. 

Sam and Ezekiel are planning to go to Sam’s home district after a visit last week, they have set up a training for 50-70 people from his district this coming week! They also want to go speak with Samuel’s parents, who have been infrequent church-goers but haven’t committed their lives to Christ. Pray for Sam and Ezekiel, that God would use this opportunity and open their hearts to him. 

Praise God that Jos is peaceful, please pray that as we approach Christmas it will continue to be peaceful because this is often a time for attack!

Thank God, Sam’s family, his wife and son, are on the mend! Continue to pray for them as they are continuing to look for a new place to live. 

Pray for Sarah’s daughter, she is getting married on the 27th of this month! Pray that the marriage would be blessed and God would provide for her family. 

Pray for everyone in Jos, things are tough as prices of rice are high! 

Pray for the Bible dedication of the Bible in the Ichen language! There is a celebration of the 26th of December. 

Pray for peace in Maiduguri, there was an attack!


Please continue to pray for Florence and her family!

Please pray for peace and mercy on the English speaking regions. 

Pray for encouragement and guidance and God’s provision for all of the trainers and new believers! 


Stacey’s brother is in the midst of more tests about the cause of the fluid in his brain. The fluid is possibly oddly affecting his memory, so he is sometimes mentally present sometimes not. It also could be a result of the drug that he is taking for the cancer, pray that the insurance company allows the drug that would be safer for him, and pray for healing!

Continue to pray for David’s son Ben, for his family for wisdom to know how best to help him! 

Pray for our whole office as we continue to make plans for the coming year!

DaraPraise and Prayer
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 2-9


Boko Haram attacked Lassa, Borno State on Friday night, they were dressed as soldiers. Many were killed, also a lecturer with the university of Gashua was kidnapped. His name is Bitru, please pray for his safe return, and pray for his family, his daughter was ill and he went to visit her, and he was on his way back when he was abducted. 

Pray for those who have lost their loved ones, that God would give them strength to move forward in Jesus. 

Pray for the recording of the television programs, Rich’s original interview has already aired! 

Praise God Rich is safely to Abuja, pray for his trip home to the US

The HBB conference was successful in the sense that people came, the facilitators were there, everyone loved the teaching, and there was no threat during or after the conference! The only challenge, was there was supposed to be 1000, it was 570 registered, as well as many who came that were unregistered. There was a misunderstanding on the Kano side, the organizer said they sent over 150 forms to Kano alone, but people didn’t get them somehow, we don’t know why. Yusuf said that one of them said since they were a Christian they have not gotten teaching or training in their new faith like this. One of the worship leaders was saying even Muslim Hausa were saying they would come! They can understand the Bible in their language, but they can’t read the Koran. Many Christians testified that they feel more confident as to how to share their faith. Praise God for these mercies, and continue to pray for better communication with the organizers for the next conference, but especially the Hausa Christians we trained as they witness, and the converts who have already resulted from their ministry. 

The road to Jos from the conference was terrible, Rich’s back was hurting for at least three days afterwards, but we thank God nothing happened along the way, as there had been 30 kidnappings on that road in the last month. 

Peter’s son is still having diarrhea, up to five times in the night, but is eating and drinking again. Praise God for the improvement in his health, but please continue to pray for complete healing. 

Sam’s wife and his son Josiah have been ill! Please pray for both of them! His wife Jessica is still sick. Their family is looking for a better house to live in, pray that they will find a place soon!

There was a strategic planning meeting for the Nigeria branch of FFICM today! Pray that God gives all of them wisdom and grace as they continue to follow the Lord’s guidance.  Pray for the new staff members and the continued strength in fellowship for the FFICM team. 

Comfort trained 14 women from the refugee camp center!  They promised they will use the materials. Please pray for them for strength, for mercy in their lives, and for their ministry. 


Prayer for university students, there has been a lot of violence at Ethiopian universities all of a sudden with some students killed, and the government is trying to crack down, they are considering closing the universities for a while if the issue cannot be resolved.

Pray the government! There are continued tensions in Ethiopia, pray for peace as we continue to plan the conference and trainings! 

Pray for wisdom for Eskendir as he puts these plans into motion in partnership with the denomination


Continue to pray for Florence who has been experiencing pain in her arms and ribs! Praise God her husband is doing better, but please continue to pray for his health.

Pray for all the the trainees and trainers that are currently scattered. 

Pray for peace in Cameroon! For mercy for the people in the English speaking regions, and that as a result of the peace we would be able to to go in and continue to equip Cameroonians to reach their people for Jesus.


Pray for the process of transitioning to our new database! This will help us keep in better contact with everyone, but it is a lot of work. Our volunteer Doug is working hard on that, hopefully next week we’ll have part of it done! Continue to pray for Doug. 

Big praise! Saturday was the deadline for our $10,000 matching grant, we had to have $10,000 pledged by then, and on Saturday evening we got it! The final gift came in. Praise the Lord for His goodness.  

Our volunteer Karen Cheever lost her father a couple weeks ago, please pray for their family, we thank God he was a believer, but pray for comfort for her family

David’s in-laws, his father in law has prostate cancer, his mother in law has eye problems. Prayer for wisdom for David and Denise as they support them from far off and work towards getting them to come live with them! Lift up also David’s son Ben who is struggling with a desire to rebel. Pray that he would have a desire for the Lord, and that he would be able to see and understand the depth of God’s love for him. 

Pray for Dara’s daughter Odette who is sick again, pray for wisdom as Dara and Ian continue to figure out how to help Carsten sleep and keep Odette well. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ December 2-9
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 25 – December 2


Praise God! Comfort’s journey home went well! 

Most of the several hundred girls from the boarding school Comfort, Zainab and Sam ministered to and trained are orphans, who must go live with distant relatives over break, so they are so sad to leave the boarding school. Comfort gave them the example of Esther, that she too was an orphan but she focused on God and God did wonderful things in her life. She also gave them the example of how God used Mary Schlesser. They were so happy and look forward to another time of encouragement like this, pray we can go encourage them again soon! 

Zainab said that the girls kept coming up to receive Christ at other gospel presentations because they thought they had to to keep their faith, so our trainers shared with them about the assurance of faith they can have in their lives!

 Zainab’s former pastor was complaining Zainab and her husband were starting a church with all the people they had led to Christ, that they were stealing parishioners so Zainab sent picture proof that all the people in her new church are new believers. Praise God for the resolution to this issue, pray for her and her husband as they minister to these new believers. 

Latest word on the Hausa Background believers’ conference is that there will be 1,000! Please continue to pray for safety. Everyone travels up tomorrow.

Comfort encouraged those she trained in the refugee camp close to where she lives; they have been sharing the gospel! One old woman when they witnessed to her she came to Christ and was baptized. Comfort encouraged them and said that she would continue to visit them to see how they are doing. Please pray for them for strength and mercy. Comfort is also planning on going to another camp for a training. Pray God will open doors. 

Pray for the people in the refugee camps. Many of them are from areas like Gwoza, where it is still not safe to return.  Most of them are farmers. Pray that God will intervene and bring peace so it will be safe to return home. Some have been in the camps for 6-8 years.

Comfort’s daughter is in Bauchi now, she has submitted her final project! Pray for her future and opportunities! 

Pray for Peter’s son Benedict, the fever came back, and Peter is taking him to the hospital. Peter is leaving tomorrow, pray the doctors diagnose him well and get him the medication he needs!  

Praise God Rich’s interview on tv went really well! It was broadcasted to five states. The woman in charge of the tv programming is an MBB, she is excited to give us air time. We are going to continue to record programs on TV, We have the best slot on the air for 13 weeks, right before the news. It will start airing in January! Praise God for this opportunity to share about the ministry of evangelism and follow up!


Stacey’s leg is ok, but it is not back to normal, it keeps swelling. He is going to the doctor next week, pray for healing!

Stacey’s brother is still not doing well, he is getting a spinal tap soon to get more information about how he is doing. Pray that the insurance company will allow him to get the treatment that would be better for him!

Pray for David’s son Ben that he would make good choices, and David and Denise would have the wisdom to know how to support him!

Pray for us as we follow up with everyone that gave or volunteered at the banquet, that God would help us bring more people into the ministry!

Pray for Rich and the board particularly as they are beginning the search for a VP of Ministry who would help Rich with his massive job, as well as potentially be prepared to take over Rich’s role if the need should arise. 


Please continue to pray for Florence’s family! Her son Stanley took a month off to help take care of his father but is now back in Bamenda, please pray for his safety. Her husband is doing a bit better, but Florence herself is now suffering from pains in her arms. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy for her!

Please continue to pray for peace in Cameroon so we can go and minister alongside our friends in equipping people to evangelize and follow up!

Please pray for the trainees and new believers that have resulted from the last few years of ministry


Please continue to pray for the next year’s plans in Ethiopia! Especially plans for the conference. 

Please pray for all the trainees, especially the students as they continue to minister!

Please pray for wisdom, grace and health for Eskinder, our National Director! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ November 25 – December 2
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Prayer and Praise ~ November 11


Gindiri Training went very well, praise God! The team worked very well together. 

Training in Kagoro turned out to be only one day, prayer for better communication in the future! Our team communicated well but there was a miscommunication on the other side. The class was very responsive, they learned the gospel card, and are eager to learn more. There were two district leaders who were present, who were interested in having trainings in their location

One of the students in the class is from Burkina Faso and contacted Peter and wants him to organize a training in Burkina Faso. He is going to keep in contact with Peter. Pray for wisdom and fruit from these communications

When Peter was coming back, his cousin’s brother lost his oldest son, Fom, he was in Bible school, he died of typhoid. His cousin has to go and tell his wife’s family, prayer for comfort for Peter’s family and the whole community.

When Peter visited his home church in the village, he discovered that a member of the church, a boy, died for no apparent reason yesterday. A lot of youth Peter used to disciple told him that they’re scared God isn’t going to protect them, that people are being killed by secret societies or witchcraft. They are considering turning to witchcraft to protect themselves.

There is a meeting to plan the Hausa Background Believer conference, on Thursday, pray that this will go well! The community in the state where it s going to be held needs some prayer that the money will come through and that everyone will be safe! Please pray for safety for all those who are traveling. 

On Saturday, people came from a church to meet with Peter, they had been talking with some of our partners from discipleship centers in Nigeria. They are interested in supporting some of the programs that have to do with helping new Muslim background believers financially! Pray that God will raise up more people to support us within Nigeria! 

We are going to be advertising the conference on the radio, pray for this time!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, will be doing a shortened, modified training for three hundred 10-15 year old girls in Jos, from a boarding school. Comfort, and Zainab from Abuja (who has been using the materials) will be helping Sam. So important to give them hope and assurance, because a lot of the adults in their world don’t give them hope, because they face so many trials. Someone is giving them assurance from the word of God, try to look at the follow up and then how they can use it in their daily lives. 

Peter’s wife is doing much better, praise God! Please continue to pray for her healing! 

Continue to pray for all the new believers and newly dedicated believers (2,776) that resulted from the Bida outreach!


Please continue to pray for Florence and her husband! 

Please also pray for peace in the country!

Please pray for all of the scattered trainees and new believers, that the Lord would protect and encourage them. 

Pray for all the trainers in Mbingo, Linda, Lily, and many others!

Pray for Hestin, Stanley, and all the young evangelists trained this year!


Eskendir is trying to arrange a training early next year in an unreached area of Ethiopia, the churches there are helping to provide support. Pray for wisdom!

We are hoping to run a large conference,  pray that we can get it organized and fund!

Continue to pray for Ethiopia for peace! 


Fundraiser is on Saturday! Please pray that God provides for us all through this time! 

Dara’s best friend’s dad is getting a triple bi-pass on Wednesday, they are very concerned because he has dementia, and this can mean that he may not be himself when he wakes. Pray for him, for protection and for healing, and for the whole family. 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ November 11
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Praise and Prayer ~ First week of November


Gindiri training started with around 110 people, they went out for an outreach, pray for them! The report is that the trainees are very attentive and focused. Pray for strength and wisdom for the trainers.The registrar we have been working with has been transferred, pray for a good working relationship with the next registrar! The man we are working with is hoping to connect us with other COCIN theological schools.

Pray for Osang’s wife, Rejoice, who is 8 months pregnant! Pray for a safe delivery and health for the baby and Rejoice. 

Change of name for the organization in Nigeria finally went through praise God! It is now Firm Foundation in Christ Ministries Africa

Pray for our trainees! A lot of our former trainees have come to ask for more materials, as they continue to train more people. 

Next week our team is going to Kagoro to Ecwa theological school to train 80 theological students; pray that everything will go well, and for God’s protection on the road and during the training.  

Pray for God’s protection over our vehicles, that God would put everything in order.

The outreach in the north was successful, all the evangelists came back safely! Praise God. Peter is going to find out soon what the results were. 

Thank God for safety, when Peter was traveling recently, there was a high speed blowout, but as there were no cars nearby, they were able to get safely to the side, pray for this not to happen again! 

Pray for the Hausa Background Believer conference coming up on the 25th of November, the committee will be meeting on Thursday this week, pray God will give them wisdom as they deliberate on the issues surrounding the HBB program. 

Pray for the former Sheik, he traveled to Abuja, he wants to move to Abuja potentially. 


Please continue to pray for Florence and her husband! Praise God that he has experienced some increased ability to communicate. Please pray for healing. 

Please pray for all our trainees and trainers in Mbingo, including Dorcas, Linda, Lily, and many others, and the young evangelists in school such as Stanley and Hestin! Pray for God’s provision for their needs and for protection for them, and for encouragement in Jesus’ Name. 

Please pray for peace in the country, especially mercy for the English speaking areas. 


Please continue to pray for Eskinder’s health!

Please pray for peace in Ethiopia!

Please pray for encouragement and protection and continued strength for ministry for all the student trainees!


Continued prayer for Stacey’s knee! He is moving around pretty well but needs further healing.

Please pray for Stacey’s brother, the doctor has him going in for a bunch of tests because of his head injury from his fall. His insurance company won’t pay for the cancer treatment that would be better for him, even though the previous treatment is hurting him too much, pray for mercy. 

Praise God for Dara and Ian’s trip to Canada, it was a really encouraging time, and the kids were wonderful travelers. We really sensed God’s encouragement that Dara’s music will be used to worship the Lord and create openings to talk with people. 

Pray for the fundraiser which is coming up on the 16th of November, also pray for the matching grant effort, that God will provide! 

Pray for David’s son Benjamin who is going through a lot, and having issues with anger, and getting in trouble in school, and at least one time experimenting with drugs. Pray for God’s protection and mercy over his life. 

Pray for David’s father-in-law, who is also struggling with prostate cancer, he is in a lot of pain, and the doctors are trying to figure out the best course of action. His mother-in-law who is legally blind but has some sight, her eye is losing fluid from the eye, and she has lost even more of her vision. 

The contractor that was going to help David fix up the house so his in-laws can live there is delayed, pray for all this to go through. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ First week of November
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Praise and Prayer ~ October 21-28

Praise and Prayer


Please pray for Peter’s wife’s health, she is having further symptoms of hepatitis! She has gone back to her parents’ village to try some herbal remedies. Please pray for Peter and his children while she is gone!

Pray for the outreach which is occurring this Saturday, 1200-1600 evangelists will begin ministering in Niger State in largely-unreached Nupe land, where we have prepared 75 church leaders ahead of time to follow up with new believers! Please pray for the Lord to prepare people’s hearts ahead of time, for safety, for grace from the Holy Spirit, and for health for everyone!

Pray for the year planning! The Nigeria office has a lot of opportunity to expand, but needs funding to back it, please pray that God provides above and beyond all we ask!

Pray for Rick Cordell, he’s transitioning to working primarily with us to working with Emmaus! Pray for us and for him as he makes that transition, that God will bless that.

At the beginning of November, FFICM will be doing a training with Gindiri Theological School, this has been a highly fruitful partnership, please pray! There is also a possibility our team can split up and run another training at Kagoro Bible School at the same time, please pray for wisdom, grace, and strength successful and  training is coming up on the fourth of November, pray for this training!

Comfort is also training in her church this week (20-30 people) as well as next week, Lord willing she will be training at EYN headquarters, an additional 20 people! Praise God for this, and pray for her for strength, grace, and protection.


Please continue to pray for our dear sister and partner, Florence, as she is still nursing her sick husband! Praise God for all her faithful work, and for that of her partners in ministry, the young evangelists and other leaders like Lily, Dorcas, Hilda, and Linda! 

Pastor Jisa has been transferred to French-speaking Cameroon, and would like to run some trainings there! Please pray for wisdom and for the resources to come through! 


Continue to pray for Eskendir and his health, praise God that he is doing better!

There has been some violence in the northern part of the country, pray for peace. 

Pray for Eskendir as he seeks the Lord about the plans for the coming year, staff to bring on board, trainings, and conferences. 


Stacey had surgery last week on his knee and is in recovery! He cannot put weight on it for more than fifteen minutes at a time, pray for full recovery!

Stacey’s brother has fallen and injured himself, related to the medication he is on for his cancer. He has some fluid in his brain, please pray for healing and for his family at this difficult time.

The USA team is working hard to meet our matching grant amount, which is $10,000 for monthly donations! Please pray that the Lord moves in people’s hearts to help us reach this goal. 

There is a group of twelve churches in the Dalles who are interested in us training their people ahead of a big outreach around Easter, pray for wisdom for our team as we consider this opportunity! We would need to invest time and staff to adjust our training materials and pattern for a US audience. 

Pray about planning and fundraising efforts for all teams as we look towards next year! 

Dara’s kids are both sick for the third time this month! Pray God ends this attack on their health.

Pray for David’s son, who is having a difficult time adjusting to his new school and in general, pray for wisdom for his family and grace for him.

Pray for David’s family as they prepare to have his inlaws move in with them!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ October 21-28
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