Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Peter, Rick, and Michael Osang are conducting a training starting today at Gindiri Theological Seminary with around 120 students. They have gone out to evangelize this evening. Prayer them as they grow, and for the team as they minister!

The former sheik and Ishaku Pate is on another journey to follow up with MBBs! Prayer for safe travel for them and praise for more coming to the Lord!

CAN (the organization that facilitates collaboration between Nigerian denominations) would like us to train pastors from smaller denominations who would not be able to put together enough participants for their own training, by allowing them to join the training we’re having of the UMCN and ECWA pastors. They’re saying they can bring 250 total! Prayer for the organization of this training, which is occurring just before Easter, praise for this opportunity to collaborate with more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our trainer Ishaku Pate has been having severe lower back pain and is having a hard time walking straight and lifting things. Pray for healing for him as he goes to see the doctor! 

Samuel’s little boy Josiah is going to the doctor tomorrow to make the final call about the surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, and continued healing and hope for his entire family!

Comfort trained 8 people in the village of Biu this week, there were some pastors also from the neighboring village that came. Comfort taught them how to use the gospel card. Prayer for grace and a filling of the Holy Spirit as they implement their training! Praise that Comfort had safe travels.

Continued prayer for peace in Nigeria!


Eskendir and others are still arranging the training for 200 students for the summer time! The local churches are determining how they can contribute financially and otherwise to the training. The students are saving money to fund their outreach after the training. Pray for this training, last summer the students witnessed to over 20,000 people, and nearly 2,000 came to know Christ!

Things have calmed down in the country because of the plane crash, people are in shock and not doing demonstrations while the country is grieving. Continued prayer for healing for those who have lost loved ones, and prayer for continued peace; that the country would be able to come together in a lasting way.


David’s weekend in WA has been fruitful! He was able to share for 2 hours in the church service about his ministry with FFICM with about 40 of the church members. Church members wrote notes of encouragement for some of our key FFICM team members! 

Pray for our upcoming fundraiser and information event in early May! Many preparations are still needed. 

Praise that Dara’s family is now well! They are dealing with the expense of removing the mold and water intrusion from their house, prayer for God’s provision.


Florence’s husband has been able to walk a little bit with the walking stick. Florence praises God for your prayers and for the grace that God has given her. She is the only one able to help her husband at this time, pray for support for her from her community and for healing for her husband!

Cameroon continues to suffer division and human rights abuses by both sides of the armed forces in the conflict. Prayer for protection for the innocent and conviction and salvation for those involved. May God bring peace in 2019 in Jesus’ Name. 

Prayer for Florence’s newest group of evangelists and trainees! May God strengthen and encourage them and give them grace in every way. 

We are hoping to be able to run a training Cameroon this year, please pray for the leaders of the churches that need to mobilize ahead of the training, and for peace in time! We also need a location, and haven’t yet found a suitable one to host it.