Praise and Prayer


This next week FFICM starts their training for Muslim background believers in Kano! There are 60 people registered. We have four staff members who will be up there running the training, please pray for safety in travel, and prayer for the trainees who will be there that the Holy Spirit prepares their hearts. 

ITEC training starts the week after! Prayer for David, the additional members of the Nigeria team, and ITEC as they all travel!

Last week Thursday and Friday there were attacks around Miango, pray for peace, pray for comfort for those who lost people. The Muslim Fulani are stopping people on motorcycles and killing them sporadically. Pray that God supernaturally puts a stop to these horrific murders immediately.

The government has now banned the use of motorcycles in 8 northwestern states because the Boko Haram and Fulani Muslims are using them so frequently in attacks, pray that this is effective! 

Sam’s son is healing well, praise God! He still need the stitches to be taken out, continue to pray for health for all his family! 

Pray for one MBB convert from Azare, the former sheik went to see him last week Wednesday—they had a good time talking about his life and the Christian faith. The man gave his life to Christ and has been attending church, but needs somebody to continue to follow up with him and build him up in his faith.

Muslims have started fasting in the north, so new MBBs are in a tough spot as their families might find out that they’re Christians, or they might feel uncomfortable not fasting in front of their families. 

An elderly Fulani man gave his life to Christ this past week, praise God! 

Materials for the next trainings are getting printed, and they look good, with typos and printing issues resolved, thank the Lord! 

In Maiduguri, inside the town is relatively safe currently, but only three days ago, there were three suicide bombers. God prevented many casualties, but people were still killed, pray for their families. Muslims also killed 26 people in a village outside Maiduguri. Pray for peace and protection! 

The weather is harsh right now in Maiduguri, pray for relief for Comfort and her church members from the heat, it is between 108-111 degrees. 

One of the young ladies Comfort trained in Lagos is already training others! More people in Lagos are calling us to come down and train them in June/July, or August. Pray for wisdom as we consider their request! 


Please continue to pray for Florence and her family, Pastor Yisa, and especially Mbingo as they continue to face hardship! 

Please pray for peace in the country! 


Praise God that we are almost completely set up for the program with the 200 university students this summer! God was gracious and provided all funding. 

Please pray for continued peace! 


Thank God for his miraculous response to our prayers! We have all our funding covered for the year and are still in shock praising God. We felt like our goal was too big, and God showed us our goal was too small!

Praise God for Joelle’s baby! Avalei Hope Abus Rhodes is healthy and the birth was very smooth! Pray for continued healing for Joelle as she recovers.