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Praise and Prayer ~ March 12


  • During the election people were afraid to move around in Maiduguri, now that the election results have been announced people have been able to go around the city. Pray for peace and for relief from the attacks on the Boko Haram. 
  • Praise God that the set-up for the collaborative training with Steve Saint’s organization (Itec) for MBBs is going well. Pray for the leader of the discipleship center there, she is planning on going to the government for the official clearance. They are reasonably sure this will not be a problem, the local chief is in strong support of the training, but the official word is what we need. They also need generators for the training!
  • Governor elections in Taraba and Plateau still not announced. Pray for peace and God’s will be done.
  • Need prayers also, have a training with he GTS students Monday-Thursday next week. Pray God will guide us and lead us through that!
  • Prayers for Samuel’s son isn’t going to be able to get hernia surgery until the 19th, pray for Josiah. Sam’s wife Jessica is having trouble with her eye. Friday, one of his daughters, her neck is hurting her.  The family needs encouragement and prayer in the midst of health challenges. 
  • Former sheik will be traveling to Jalingo and Bali to meet with MBBs. Pray that God will give him wisdom on how to relate to them and build them up in their faith. 
  • The new MBB whose life has been in danger is having difficulty with his accommodations, prayer it will be safe for him to return to his home area soon.
  • Continue to pray for one of theformer drug addicts who became a believer and we trained last year (Benjamin), he has completed a training with the Living Faith Church and they have sent him to a mission field. 
  • Rick is recovering from his dental surgery well! He has had some good meetings in Nigeria, and is looking forward to the trainings with the team.  
  • Pray for conference coming up in the fall, we need more speakers! 


  • Continued prayers for Florence and her evangelist trainees! They have been evangelizing and meeting together all month, praise God for them!
  • Continued prayer for peace for English-speaking Cameroon, and for protection for all the vulnerable people. 


  • Ethiopia airline crash, pray for families of the casualties!
  • Pray for the political situation, there has been some unrest! The peace is unstable, pray for security. 
  • Pray for the arrangements for the training of the students this summer.


  • Pray for upcoming fundraising/prayer events, especially the one at CMBC this week!
  • Praise that Dara’s family is doing better, Dara had difficulty breathing this week and discovered she has asthma, and is doing much better with medication. 
David MoorePraise and Prayer ~ March 12