Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Praise God! Comfort’s journey home went well! 

Most of the several hundred girls from the boarding school Comfort, Zainab and Sam ministered to and trained are orphans, who must go live with distant relatives over break, so they are so sad to leave the boarding school. Comfort gave them the example of Esther, that she too was an orphan but she focused on God and God did wonderful things in her life. She also gave them the example of how God used Mary Schlesser. They were so happy and look forward to another time of encouragement like this, pray we can go encourage them again soon! 

Zainab said that the girls kept coming up to receive Christ at other gospel presentations because they thought they had to to keep their faith, so our trainers shared with them about the assurance of faith they can have in their lives!

 Zainab’s former pastor was complaining Zainab and her husband were starting a church with all the people they had led to Christ, that they were stealing parishioners so Zainab sent picture proof that all the people in her new church are new believers. Praise God for the resolution to this issue, pray for her and her husband as they minister to these new believers. 

Latest word on the Hausa Background believers’ conference is that there will be 1,000! Please continue to pray for safety. Everyone travels up tomorrow.

Comfort encouraged those she trained in the refugee camp close to where she lives; they have been sharing the gospel! One old woman when they witnessed to her she came to Christ and was baptized. Comfort encouraged them and said that she would continue to visit them to see how they are doing. Please pray for them for strength and mercy. Comfort is also planning on going to another camp for a training. Pray God will open doors. 

Pray for the people in the refugee camps. Many of them are from areas like Gwoza, where it is still not safe to return.  Most of them are farmers. Pray that God will intervene and bring peace so it will be safe to return home. Some have been in the camps for 6-8 years.

Comfort’s daughter is in Bauchi now, she has submitted her final project! Pray for her future and opportunities! 

Pray for Peter’s son Benedict, the fever came back, and Peter is taking him to the hospital. Peter is leaving tomorrow, pray the doctors diagnose him well and get him the medication he needs!  

Praise God Rich’s interview on tv went really well! It was broadcasted to five states. The woman in charge of the tv programming is an MBB, she is excited to give us air time. We are going to continue to record programs on TV, We have the best slot on the air for 13 weeks, right before the news. It will start airing in January! Praise God for this opportunity to share about the ministry of evangelism and follow up!


Stacey’s leg is ok, but it is not back to normal, it keeps swelling. He is going to the doctor next week, pray for healing!

Stacey’s brother is still not doing well, he is getting a spinal tap soon to get more information about how he is doing. Pray that the insurance company will allow him to get the treatment that would be better for him!

Pray for David’s son Ben that he would make good choices, and David and Denise would have the wisdom to know how to support him!

Pray for us as we follow up with everyone that gave or volunteered at the banquet, that God would help us bring more people into the ministry!

Pray for Rich and the board particularly as they are beginning the search for a VP of Ministry who would help Rich with his massive job, as well as potentially be prepared to take over Rich’s role if the need should arise. 


Please continue to pray for Florence’s family! Her son Stanley took a month off to help take care of his father but is now back in Bamenda, please pray for his safety. Her husband is doing a bit better, but Florence herself is now suffering from pains in her arms. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy for her!

Please continue to pray for peace in Cameroon so we can go and minister alongside our friends in equipping people to evangelize and follow up!

Please pray for the trainees and new believers that have resulted from the last few years of ministry


Please continue to pray for the next year’s plans in Ethiopia! Especially plans for the conference. 

Please pray for all the trainees, especially the students as they continue to minister!

Please pray for wisdom, grace and health for Eskinder, our National Director!