Praise and Prayer ~ November 16

Nigeria Pray for the team as they’re training in Bauchi and Layfia this week.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Layfia. About 20 people have attended.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Bauchi. There has been a low turnout but the team is hopeful more will attend. Pray for […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 9

Nigeria There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers. This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. […]

Praise & Prayer ~ November 2

Nigeria Pray for the new office building and for God’s provision in the process. The radio program has received more comments, questions, and testimonies from people! Praise God! Pray that it continues to reach people and that the team works well together for this.  Pray for Yusuf who is coming back to do more recordings […]

Praise & Prayer ~ October 26

Nigeria  Last week, a conference was successfully held. Praise God for reaching new believers through this ministry! Please pray over everyone who attended, that they would be protected from the coronavirus. Please pray for an upcoming training and outreach that are coming up in November. Pray for the communication and planning as our team in […]

Praise & Prayer ~ October 19

Nigeria Sam, Danladi, Valentine, and their families are all healthy! Praise God! Pray for the MBB conference planning and that the committee will be able to meet. They are trying to figure out how best to host the conference with Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom and guidance.  Pray for the new office space for the Nigeria […]


Nigeria Ruth, Valentine, and Sam have all tested positive for Coronavirus but don’t have symptoms. Pray that it stays this way and that they heal quickly. A couple other staff members are waiting for their test results. Pray for negatives! Peter has been struggling with health issues. He and his wife had Hepatitis C and […]


Nigeria Sam and his wife are   sick with a fever and an ulcer, pray for his recovery! Ishaku would like to praise God for his provision, though everything is hard now. He said to say thank you for praying for his son Nathaniel, who is recovering really well!  Ishaku’s church has assigned him to be a leader to oversee the […]


Rich Gardner Rich is traveling to Nigeria. Currently at airport on his way. He arrives Wednesday in Nigeria and will be there for 2 weeks.  Zainab This past weekend they had graduation for 9 women in the class. Continue to pray for courage as they do the work of God. Next group of women are […]


NigeriaOur friend and partner Soja lost his wife Mercy, who had had a brain surgery a few months back. Pray for him and their family! Emmaus Ministry said Comfort is in police custody, we do not know what is going on, please pray for her! Zainab called the day before yesterday, the police promised they would […]

Praise and Prayer ~ June 29

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and […]

Praise and Prayer ~ May 18-25

Nigeria Peter and Yusuf are at the studio being filmed today, to make four or five more episodes! The lockdown in Maiduguri has been loosened a bit because many people have to work for their daily needs. Comfort reports there has not been any further attacks, praise God. They have not been too many cases […]

Praise and Prayer ~ May 4-11

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Rom. 15:13 Nigeria The cases keep on rising. Recently they have over 2500 cases. People are dying of corona, and people are burying them […]

Praise and Prayer ~ April 20-27

Nigeria Possible COVID death in Maiduguri.  The whole country is on lockdown for 2 weeks after this weekend. Please pray for people who are food insecure! Peter will be paying our staff a little ahead of time so they can buy food. In Ezekiel’s church they staggered seating for church, and church attendance is down.  […]

Praise and Prayer ~ April 6-13

Praise and Prayer ~ April 6-13 Nigeria Continue to pray for the situation in Nigeria, there have been attacks by the Fulani surrounding Jos. Please pray for peace.  There are now going to be about 2 weeks where everyone is supposed to stay home, and cannot go out to do almost anything! Please pray for […]

Praise and Prayer ~ March 30

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what […]

Praise and Prayer ~ March 14-21

Nigeria On Wednesday Peter and his team will go to another theological school to set up another training! They are training 150 at the UMCN theological school right now. One of the professors said we should call the gospel card the miracle card, because it is so clear and works so well. Three of the theological […]

Praise and Prayer ~ February 24-31

Nigeria The former sheik’s baby has recovered from her illness, praise the Lord!  Comfort and Zainab are in Jos now, for the trainers’ training, please pray for this training! The team hasn’t heard back from everyone, but are hoping to have 25-27 of the head trainers attend. Pray for safety in travel. We thank God […]

Praise and Prayer ~ February 17-24

Nigeria  Sam, Valentine, Dauda, Ahamet are training, it is going well! They started this morning, and and by evening there were 147 trainees. The trainees were very organized and attentive, praise God. They went through the gospel tract and practiced together.  Pray for the training as it is challenging to run a training that large!  […]

Praise and Prayer ~ February 10-17

Nigeria The former sheik and Ahamet will be meeting all together with some highly educated new believers to do the follow up training, this week! Pray for these new believers! Peter met with leaders in Ilorin with a local denomination which wants us to come and train their pastors and church members. They are very […]

Praise and Prayer ~ February 3-10

Nigeria Praise God for David’s safe trip! He had no problems in Lagos.  Peter, Sarah, and David are all working together on finances! Pray for wisdom.  A team member is traveling down to the southwestern part of Nigeria, travel safety. Last week Wednesday someone was kidnapped in the area, please pray for protection and peace.  […]

Praise and Prayer ~ January 27-February 3rd

Nigeria Training in Nigeria started around 10 am, with about 63 people! There should be more coming tomorrow. Most are evangelists that have come from far away villages. Please pray! They are in northern Nigeria. They can’t go out in groups to witness during the practical time, because the Muslims would be suspicious and might […]

Praise and Prayer ~ January 6-13

Matthew 14 Devotional Thought from Rich: Jesus had compassion on those who were ill even in his time of trouble, he healed their sick! Let us remember in our own difficulties or those of people we love, Jesus feels for us and will respond.  Nigeria Let’s pray for Christians in the North, the Islamic State […]

Prayer and Praise ~ December 30 2019

Nigeria Thank God the Christmas celebration in Jos was peaceful!  Maiduguri was largely peaceful but outside the city on Thursday there was a bride and all her friends that were killed on their way to her wedding. Please pray for all of their family and friends, and pray for an end to these evil attacks […]

Praise and Prayer ~ December 16-23

1 Peter 1:13 (NIV)  Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. Nigeria Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet for safe travel! Pray for trainings for next year, there are so many in January, […]

Praise and Prayer

Ethiopia Universities are now at peace, students are back to their studies! Praise God! Pray for Eskendir that he would have wisdom as he works on setting up the conference and the new office Thank God that the President of Ethiopia has received a Nobel Peace Prize. Pray while he leaves the country there will […]

Praise and Prayer ~ December 2-9

Nigeria Boko Haram attacked Lassa, Borno State on Friday night, they were dressed as soldiers. Many were killed, also a lecturer with the university of Gashua was kidnapped. His name is Bitru, please pray for his safe return, and pray for his family, his daughter was ill and he went to visit her, and he […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 25 – December 2

Nigeria Praise God! Comfort’s journey home went well!  Most of the several hundred girls from the boarding school Comfort, Zainab and Sam ministered to and trained are orphans, who must go live with distant relatives over break, so they are so sad to leave the boarding school. Comfort gave them the example of Esther, that […]

Prayer and Praise ~ November 11

Nigeria Gindiri Training went very well, praise God! The team worked very well together.  Training in Kagoro turned out to be only one day, prayer for better communication in the future! Our team communicated well but there was a miscommunication on the other side. The class was very responsive, they learned the gospel card, and are […]

Praise and Prayer ~ First week of November

Nigeria Gindiri training started with around 110 people, they went out for an outreach, pray for them! The report is that the trainees are very attentive and focused. Pray for strength and wisdom for the trainers.The registrar we have been working with has been transferred, pray for a good working relationship with the next registrar! […]

Praise and Prayer ~ October 21-28

Praise and Prayer Nigeria Please pray for Peter’s wife’s health, she is having further symptoms of hepatitis! She has gone back to her parents’ village to try some herbal remedies. Please pray for Peter and his children while she is gone! Pray for the outreach which is occurring this Saturday, 1200-1600 evangelists will begin ministering […]

Praise and Prayer ~ October 7-14

Rich Praise: Made it back to US. Currently in LA. Meeting with a financial supporter and also with leaders from a partner organization Tue morning: Biola Mission ConneXion speaker meeting Tue lunch: Supporter  Nigeria 70 people there for Niger state training the first day They were expecting 200+, but many are still trying to get […]

Praise and Prayer ~ September 30th

Nigeria:  Pray for the MBB conference, which begins tomorrow! Pray for everyone traveling, especially from states in the far north. About 100 people are here, we are expecting 500 more!  Don Little needs prayer! He left his computer on the airline accidentally, so he needs to recreate all his messages, and he speaks first thing […]

Praise and Prayer ~ September 23-30

Nigeria: Staff training this week! Pray for grace and for the Holy Spirit’s presence! Please continue to pray for the new believers and new trainees from the refugee camps outside of Jos! There will be a meeting with spouses of our trainers and staff for the Nigeria team this week as well, to answer all […]

Praise and Prayer ~ September 2-9

Prayer and Praise ~ September 2nd-9th Nigeria Peter’s visa interview is Friday! Pray for mercy for him from person interviewing him! The US government hasn’t been accepting people easily. Pray for Ruth’s family, today is the year anniversary of his death in a Muslim attack. He was a strong Christian and is with the Lord […]

Psalm 84 ~ Happy

Trusting God isn’t easy. It is a phrase I write with fear and trembling. I’ve seen firsthand what trusting God looks like. When people sing songs about trusting God in church…when the music is all major chords, and people all around declaring confidently that they’ll trust God with everything, there is a part of me […]

Praise and Prayer ~ August 26-September 1

Nigeria Pray for preparations for the big conference, there are a lot of important details that still need to be sorted out! Peter and the team went out to visit people with the newsletters and fundraising materials, and challenged them to financially support the ministry, and it went very well, praise God! Tomorrow through Friday, […]

Prayer and Praise ~ August 19-26

Nigeria Pray for continued grace for the Nigeria team to set up all of the conferences in the fall! There are many preparations that need to be made, and a lot of communications that need to go smoothly.  Pray for our continued working relationship with the sheik! He is deciding whether or not he wants […]

Praise and Prayer ~ August 12-19

Praise and Prayer Nigeria The Nigeria team is in the thick of preparing for the three conferences! Please pray for them for wisdom as they are trying to anticipate how many people will be in attendance; Peter is waiting to receive final names and numbers. With regard to the Hausa Background Believer Conference, we will […]

Praise and Prayer ~ July 29-August 5th

Praise and Prayer ~ July 29 Nigeria  The former sheik and his wife just welcomed a new baby girl, Grace Miriam! Praise God! Comfort lost her father-in-law, please pray for her! Ruth told the staff that a teenage boy from her village who is related to her husband, was kidnapped after his father was beaten, […]

Praise and Prayer ~ July 22-29

Nigeria  The training in the UMCN northern conference Gwandum went very well, the turnout was encouraging! Sam, Dauda, Ahamet and Ishaku together trained over 260 people, mostly evangelists and members of the church. They were able to give certificates to 245. During the practicals, on the first day, the participants didn’t want to go out […]

Praise and Prayer ~ July 14-21

Nigeria:  Maiduguri has been safe this week! The weather has been so hot, we believe that this is part of the reason there have been no attacks even on the surrounding villages,.  Pray that God will help Comfort pull together a training! There are many little churches as well as Good News church that have […]

Praise and Prayer ~ July 1-8

Nigeria Monday there was another attack by the Boko Haram in the north! Also there was a demonstration in the refugee camp outside Maiduguri, they have not received their regularly scheduled aid in 3 or 4 months. Prayer that people would not misappropriate funds meant for the vulnerable, and that God would provide for them!  […]

Praise and Prayer ~ June 24-31

Nigeria Comfort asks for prayer for security in Borno state and that the Christians are given the strength in the Spirit to stand firm in the midst of severe persecution. The Boko Haram attacked on Saturday and were repelled, but not before about fifty people died. Please pray for an end to the violence! The […]

Bread of Life

Zainab was facing severe discouragement in her life, but she was so blessed through the work of God through the training we ran at Emmaus Bible School she now has hope! This is her story… “This is my twelfth year running a baking school to support myself and my ministry, and this year things became […]

Praise and Prayer ~ June 17-24

Nigeria Praise the Lord we got a new small car for the Nigeria team (Peter laughed for several minutes when we ask if the AC worked, he said the mechanic told him he forgot to fix it) but the seatbelts do! Pray we need to get seatbelts for the van!  The larger meeting with the […]

Praise and Prayer ~ 2nd week of June

Nigeria Rich began working with sheik ad his coworker writing MBB materials, they outlined what an MBB needs practically to transition to the church. Praise God! Rich heard many stories about why these materials are necessary. In one scenario a Muslim convert went to church in Maiduguri, and the people at the gate refused to let […]

Praise and Prayer ~ June 3-10

Nigeria:  It is very hot in Maiduguri! Prayers for everyone for relief from the heat.  Comfort was able to share the training with 6 widows from a Baptist denomination. Some are widowed because of the Boko Haram, they all have between 2-4 kids. Prayer for them for their needs and ministry! For safety in Maiduguri […]

God’s Mercy to the North ~ Peter’s Report on the FFICM/ITEC training

The FFICM staff team went north for the training of the leaders, pastors and members of some of the discipleship centers that we are working with. Pictured below is a center where Sarah* (the leader) has some Muslim background believers, and the Maguzawa who are looking for a safe place to stay from their family […]

Praise and Prayer ~ May 27

Nigeria  Sam’s baby Josiah is healed! Praise God! Praise God that the Nigeria team is now safely in Jos, praise God for safe travels and a successful program! Nearly every one of the trainees left certified in some skill. Some were able to learn more than others, so prayers for those who were disappointed that […]

Praise and Prayer ~ May 22nd

Nigeria:  Comfort asks for prayer for the villages of Lassa, Dille, and Tarpaya, that are all under attack by the Boko Haram, and no one is coming to their aid! Please pray for mercy for them. In her words, the situation for those vulnerable villages is this, “If you can run and escape good, if […]