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Psalm 84 ~ Happy

Trusting God isn’t easy. It is a phrase I write with fear and trembling. I’ve seen firsthand what trusting God looks like. When people sing songs about trusting God in church…when the music is all major chords, and people all around declaring confidently that they’ll trust God with everything, there is a part of me that shudders and wonders if they’ve really thought what “everything” means. I’ve seen people lose loved ones, take punishing losses in their bodies, suffer abuse, suffer mental illness, suffer any number of things, and so have you…and we have suffered ourselves.

How can the psalmist so confidently write, “happy is everyone who trusts in you” (the very ending line of the psalm) when trusting God can be the very thing that leads you into danger in the first place? Many of our own trainees and trainers, brothers and sisters, have suffered terribly because they declare their faith in God.

“How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of hosts! My soul longs, indeed faints for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God[…]Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise.”

The Hebrew word for happiness is much deeper than our own. It is a lasting happiness. The psalmist is happy because he/she is with God! God’s presence is what we all long for as Christians, from the depths of our souls where the Holy Spirit dwells within us.

“Happy are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways to Zion. As they go through the valley of Baca [weeping] they make it a place of springs; the early rain also covers it with pools. They go from strength to strength”

Here we have a promise, that though we walk through a valley of weeping, if our strength is in God, our very places of wounding will become a place of refreshment, of springs of water.

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; he bestows favor and honor. No good thing does the LORD withhold from those who walk uprightly. O LORD of hosts, happy is everyone who trusts in you.”

No good thing? What about that healing? That safety? That peace? So many times in our lives whether because of the assault of the evil one or people filled with hatred, terrible things have happened.

I do not fully understand this, and nor do I believe that I ever will in this life. But I do know that this is a psalm written in view of God’s presence, in comparison with the importance of which, everything else fades.

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than live in the tents of wickedness.”

We, God’s beloved, filled with His Spirit, will not be abandoned, will not be defeated by the many things; sicknesses, people, even demons, that oppress us in this life.

We will live not just one day in the courts of our God, but all days forever. And this future truth begins now. The streams of water promised in the valley of weeping–the Living God within us.

DaraPsalm 84 ~ Happy
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Praise and Prayer ~ August 26-September 1


Pray for preparations for the big conference, there are a lot of important details that still need to be sorted out!

Peter and the team went out to visit people with the newsletters and fundraising materials, and challenged them to financially support the ministry, and it went very well, praise God!

Tomorrow through Friday, Peter, Comfort and Sam are going to train 40 women from the IDP camps in follow-up ahead of Wendy Palau’s September outreach to 600 women from three camps. Pray for the trainees and for the team! Praise God for this amazing opportunity to serve people who have suffered a lot.

Pray for Comfort’s niece, she had an accident last week, she is doing better, praise God!

Pray for Peter’s visa interview on the sixth of September! We really want him to be able to fly to the US to meet with the US team and some of our supporters in the fall.

There was an attack in the Forun area, two houses were burned and nobody was killed. The locals were on the alert, and repelled them. Thank God and pray for peace! 

Sam, God has opened a door for him to teach a baptism class using the materials, he started yesterday, there were 6 people that attended. The elder that was leading the class may invite him for more trainings! Praise God for his work with them! 

Sam is concerned about the spiritual life of his parents, they have not confessed faith in Christ, though they attend church. Sam has been talking with them for years now, praying for special grace for him! He wants to go with another friend to talk to them about their salvation.

Pray for the complicated matter of sorting out our working relationship with the sheik as he tries to discern his long-term calling and how to work with us.

Praise God for Comfort’s safety in traveling to Jos! 

There was an attack in Biu and Magumiri, they killed some people, pray for healing and continued protection. 


Pray for the students as they continue to share the gospel! 

Eskendir is making plans with the mission department to go down to remote areas that are practically unreached to do trainings, pray for wisdom and grace, and praise God for these opportunities.

Pray for Eskendir as he continues to make connections for us in the country as national director, that God would lead him and bless his ministry!


Florence’s husband is worse, please continue to pray for strength!

The situation in Cameroon is getting much worse, so it is not looking like we will be able to travel there to help run a conference. Pray for those who are still there as they minister!

No schools or government institutions are allowed to operate in the English-speaking regions, pray for peace, and for mercy for the English-speaking lands especially. 


Thank God for Rich’s trip to Philadelphia, we have many new prayer supporters and a few financial supporters!

Pray for continued set-up for speakers for the second and third conferences on our end!

Keep praying, we have submitted an application for a grant that would give us seed money for a matching grant, which would be an incredible help!

Pray we have our first planning meeting for our fall fundraiser this week, pray that these plans go smoothly. 

We have a new volunteer coming in this week to meet with Rich and David, praise God, he wants to volunteer 10-20 hours a week. 

Praise God for the training at Cedar Mill! We have some new interested people! 

Pray for a new training opportunity through David’s friend—we might be able to train people from 12 churches ahead of an evangelist outreach around Easter, which would be incredible.

Pray for Rick’s friend Scott, who has cancer, and whose father recently died, Rick is hoping he will be responsive to the gospel. 

Pray for David’s father-in-law, still struggling with prostate cancer.

Continue praying for Stacey’s brother who is receiving treatment for cancer. 

Pray for Carl Palmer’s cancer, which has spread to his bones, please pray for healing and for his pain level! Please also pray for his wife Carolyn

Praise for healing for Carsten, who is recovered from his pain issue and sleeping, for which Dara and Ian thank God and you all for praying!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ August 26-September 1
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Prayer and Praise ~ August 19-26


Pray for continued grace for the Nigeria team to set up all of the conferences in the fall! There are many preparations that need to be made, and a lot of communications that need to go smoothly. 

Pray for our continued working relationship with the sheik! He is deciding whether or not he wants to start his own organization, so our continued collaboration with him will be complicated, pray for good understanding between the Nigeria team and him. 

Pray for Peter’s visa interview, Sept. 6th! We hope he will be able to fly over to speak to the US contingent at the dinner in November.

Maiduguri is fine and calm, praise God!

 Pray for Comfort as she is trying to set up a training and is facing some opposition from disagreement within the churches among the elders, pray for increased understanding and better communication. 

 There are some young men who are interested in being trained, and she is going to start a training with them at 3 pm tomorrow, pray for her and for these young trainees!

Next week Comfort will be leading a training, with our staff in Jos for forty women who will plan to follow up at the IDP (internally displaced person) camp in Jos when Wendy Palau comes to share the gospel, pray for Comfort’s travels and for her work with the women! 

Pray for Rick’s business in real estate and plans for the fall. 

Pray for Samuel, his colleague lost his wife, so they traveled up to Nassarawa state, pray for journey mercies for him as he is on his way. 

Dauda went to the printing press for the printing of the newsletters, pray that everything comes out as expected, the samples yesterday were good! The Nigeria team is hoping to use those to begin fundraising themselves. 

Sunday from NLFA is working on the translation for the messages! Pray that all the speakers get the messages to him in time for the printing. 

It is looking like there will be 600 women from three different camps attending Wendy Palau’s ministry time at the conference for refugee women! 


Keep praying for all the students who are sharing the gospel, they are supposed to give their first update Sept. third!

Prayer for our new Ethiopia director, Eskendir, as he begins work in his position! 

Praise God for all the work he continues to do through our trainees in Ethiopia. 


Florence’s husband is suffering from diabetes neuropathy. On the 27th of this month the doctors plan on doing another test called CSF analysis will be done for him, pray for a good result for the test! 

Linda trained 12 trainees at Baicham and 13 in Mbingo. So in all last month the Cameroon team trained 25 people!

A group of new believers has been handed over to Dorcas, one of our 2017 trainees. She meets with them every Tuesday for follow-up. There are seven of them; pray for Dorcas and the new believers that they will be available to finish all the 7 follow-up lessons! 

The school year is soon to begin and many of our local team members (the young evangelists) are going back to school. Pray for them. They will be away for three to four months before they return to Bingo. 

Pray for Stanley! He is gone to the Baptist seminary in Ndu and asked for prayers. 


Praise, the church that Rich visited in Philly worked very hard to invite over 130 people to hear the presentation, and there is a lot of interest!

Pray for Rich as he wants to share the gospel with his sister while he is there. 

Pray for Dara’s 2 year old son, Carsten, who has been waking in the night unable to go back to sleep because of leg and foot pain

Stacey’s brother is suffering from cancer in four locations, it can be treated with hormone therapy, but it may leave him unable to walk. Please pray that he will be able to walk as he receives treatment. 

Prayer for the training in Cedar Mill! Dara, Susanna, and Rick are leading it, there are four participants. Prayer for continued attendance and fruit from this experimental training! 

David’s main supporting church, Laurel Church had a big outreach to the community, they had about 700 people there, and everything went smoothly! They presented the gospel to everyone, so pray God would use what was shared in people’s hearts and lives. 

Pray for the US team’s preparations for the conference! We are organizing transportation, speaking engagements, visas!

Pray for the update of our contact database! We are hoping to have a more effective and efficient way of keeping track of our supporters!

Pray for Rich’s speaking engagements! He is preaching at several churches, and meeting with many more people this coming week. Thank God for all the interest in supporting the ministry, and the donations that have come through. 

David’s father-in-law has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, they are doing a biopsy this week, his name is David also, prayer for healing and for wisdom for the doctors as they weigh the benefits of different treatments. 

Thank God for the help that the Luis Palau association is providing financially with the large conference!

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ August 19-26
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Praise and Prayer ~ August 12-19

Praise and Prayer


The Nigeria team is in the thick of preparing for the three conferences! Please pray for them for wisdom as they are trying to anticipate how many people will be in attendance; Peter is waiting to receive final names and numbers.

With regard to the Hausa Background Believer Conference, we will possibly have 1,200 people in attendance, more than we anticipated, pray for God’s provision!

Pray that Peter’s visa goes through—Bitrus Dasar was just denied a visa to enter the US.

There was an attack along the road on Friday close to Maiduguri, pray for continued protection!

Pray for Comfort as she starts tries to arrange trainings, she hasn’t had quick responses!

Pray for endurance and encouragement for the Christians in Maiduguri, still facing persecution and trauma.

Pray for Christians in Katsina—they shared with our staff stories about how they are being denied jobs, or kept in low level positions, because Christians are looked down on. In the community where they are living, they have to take care of themselves, they have their own primary school, roads, hospital, the local government does nothing for them, doesn’t permit them to partake in normal community life. 

Continue to pray that God will lead us to partner with people that will help them in terms of community rural development so they can continue to help and empower themselves!

Pray for the office in Jos, by next week Peter and the team will begin fundraising in Nigeria! One of the board members, General Bako, has already given a generous donation! 

Thank God for the peace that they are enjoying in Jos! 

Sam thanks God for His care and protection of their lives. 

Everyone was worried about the Salah celebration but there was no attack. We pray that the peace will continue! 

Continue to pray for the big conference, they are still thinking of changing the venue because the hostel are in really bad shape, but the other option doesn’t have good space for the small groups. Pray that God gives the committee wisdom. 


Linda just conducted a training at Baicham, walking 2-3 hours from Mbingo! Pray for her and the rest of the team in Mbingo as they do what they can to minister locally. Pray that God would repay them for their diligence in ministering!

Please continue to pray for Florence’s husband as he is still sick!

Please also pray, they have been cut off from internet and electricity periodically, pray that their utilities are restored.


9 of the Ethiopian students were imprisoned, and some were severely beaten and require medical attention! The church had to pay for their release. Pray for them for their encouragement and healing. The attack in Injibara prior to their imprisonment was particularly violent, the Coptic priests led a mob of nearly 3,000, who verbally abused them and physically attacked them, seriously injuring one young woman’s back. Some of them are still in need of medical attention.

Praise God that we are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with the demonization as they have been impressed with our work and are completely supportive of our partnership with them! 


Pray for fundraising efforts! We have applied for a $10,000 matching grant from MIF at their encouragement. Pray that this goes through! After this we will have to raise the money in the months that remain in the year.

Pray for us as we start to branch out to find more partners! 

Rich and David met with the Palau team to coordinate security for the women from their family who will be traveling to our conference to speak, pray for Gloria and Wendy to both be and feel safe as they minister!

Pray for us as we continue to coordinate on our end all the logistics for the conference! Pray for a quick and smooth process for approval for the visas that are needed! 

Pray for Dara who has developed a bee allergy, that she can figure out how to be safe. 

In Ethiopia there was a missionary to northern India in an unreached area, who is interested in working with us! Pray that God opens the doors financially and individually as this would be really great place to reach. 

Pray for our training at Cedar Mill! We have two more weeks that Dara, Susanna and Rick will be leading. 

David led a middle school retreat at his church, and thank you for praying! David had ten eighth grade boys in his group, two of which weren’t believers, and praises God for the openness to spiritual growth that he saw. 

David’s son was rough-housing with another kid at the retreat, and they collided and one kid ended up with a broken clavicle. The other family is very upset at the church and at David’s family so they’re trying to mediate conversations, so wisdom for David’s family and the church to know how to deal with the situation. 

Pray for Rick’s financial needs and scheduling complications as to when he can go to Nigeria, and also for his friend Scott, who he is hoping will commit his life to Christ!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ August 12-19
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Praise and Prayer ~ July 29-August 5th

Praise and Prayer ~ July 29


The former sheik and his wife just welcomed a new baby girl, Grace Miriam! Praise God!

Comfort lost her father-in-law, please pray for her!

Ruth told the staff that a teenage boy from her village who is related to her husband, was kidnapped after his father was beaten, eventually they released the child for 500,000 Niara. Please pray for protection for the city because kidnapping for ransom has become a problem.

The team is discussing preparation for the conferences, please pray for them! This is a lot of work that spans traveling and conferences from September through November. 

Peter finished his class, praise God! Pray God will give him wisdom as he resumes a full schedule of work at the office!

Sheik will be traveling to visit the MBB converts from a Muslim background, he is expecting to   stay for a week, prayer for him as he leaves tomorrow! Pray for safe travels and for wisdom for him. 

Pray for the Nigeria office as they figure out how to manage their newsletter and increased communications needs as they fundraise on their side of the world! 

Some of Sam’s family is a little sick but they are all doing better! His wife is feeling comforted after the loss of her grandmother, praise God. 


Please continue to pray for our Cameroon team as they plan outreaches and trainings! Please pray for them for provision and grace in the midst of trial. 

Please also pray for Florence’s husband, as he has experienced another set-back with regard to his health.


Second week of training in Ethiopia this week! Pray for Rich and the team for the strength to finish well, and praise God for the enthusiasm, joy, and eagerness to learn.  

Please continue to pray for peace in the country! 

Praise God for our new Ethiopia office! 


David has returned from a vacation with his family! Praise God for their time relaxing together. 

There are some complications in helping speakers from overseas manage their tickets and visas, pray for David as he works on this!

We have a fundraising campaign August-September hoping to help raise monthly donations to support the ministry we hope to do in 2020, pray for God to provide.

We are working on a new database to keep in better contact with our donors, pray that God gives us wisdom, and praise God for the volunteer, Doug Hoy, who has stepped in to help us.

One of our regular volunteers who helps out with finances is on vacation this week, so David has an increased work load this week so prayer for grace.

Pray for grace for Stacey to be able to finish the organization videos! He is leaving to visit his brother who has cancer, also his sister’s husband who has severe diabetes, pray for mercy for all those that are ill.

Stacey’s right leg is bothering him, please pray for healing! 

David’s got two kids at summer camp this week! Pray for them to have a great time, and would grow spiritually. 

Prayer for protection for Dara’s family, she was threatened by a man with an anger problem while out on a walk with the kids. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ July 29-August 5th
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Praise and Prayer ~ July 22-29


The training in the UMCN northern conference Gwandum went very well, the turnout was encouraging! Sam, Dauda, Ahamet and Ishaku together trained over 260 people, mostly evangelists and members of the church. They were able to give certificates to 245. During the practicals, on the first day, the participants didn’t want to go out for witnessing, but the second day the team made it compulsory, and divided the participants into 6 groups. 167 converts prayed to receive Christ! The trainees were instructed to give the names of the converts to pastors in the local area who have been trained so they can be followed up! There are a lot of Muslims in this area, so Ahamet was able to talk about how to witness and conduct follow-up with people from a Muslim background. Pray for these new converts!

The number of participants was underestimated, so we ran short of the materials! This week Sam is going to send the materials to those who were not able to take materials with them.The team sat down with the evangelism committee from the training about twelve zones that they can team up and cover. We promised them that if they can do this, we will continue to supply materials! 

This is farming season so this was actually a small number of their pastors! They would like to bring more pastors next time, pray for these plans as they come into place.

No problems with traveling, praise God for the new office car!

There was an attack Thursday about 25 km away from Maiduguri. They killed a captain and a few others, people are scared to go out to their farms. So they have food insecurity if they can’t farm, pray for peace!

Comfort is traveling to EYN headquarters, and will see the director of Evangelism and speak with him about running further trainings. She is leaving tomorrow on a more than 5 hour journey, pray for her safety and for God’s guidance and encouragement for her!

Pray for Peter as he is trusting God to complete his summer course this week Friday, pray that God will continue to lead him and give him grace and strength!

Pray for Sam’s family, when Sam was in Gwandum Friday evening, Sam’s wife’s grandmother died. She is in the village for the burial, and planning to return tomorrow or the day after. Pray for comfort for her and for grace for her family. 


Rick might be able to travel with his daughter, pray for a good time with her! Continue to pray for healing for Rick’s family. 

Stacey thanks God that his vacation went very well! Travel was all safe, and his family enjoyed each other. Pray for his brother, there is another scan the 2nd of August for his lung, Stacey will be traveling to visit him the 4th. His sister’s husband is suffering from severe diabetes, pray for healing! 

Pray for Dara as she sings in an opera this Sunday, for strength as she travels back and forth to rehearsals and for opportunities to minister to the people around her with the music that she loves.

Pray for David’s trip with his family that this will be refreshing time!

Pray for wisdom and direction for the US team as we continue to work on expanding our support base. 


Rich,  Eskendir, Rich, Jacob, and Dandana (the Oromo translator who has done the materials) all arrive safely at the location for the training, praise God! We trust that the Muslim evangelism expert will be coming Wednesday

Pray that everyone is able to come, they are expecting about 100 students! There was some confusion about the dates, so we need to pray that all the students are able to come.

The team has to make the hundred gospel tracts tonight! Pray for them as they finish lastminute preparations. 

It’s cold in Ethiopia! Pray for everyone as they deal with the cold. 

Pray for next week’s training also, we are hoping another 100 students will be there by God’s grace. 

Pray for the thieves who took Rich’s phone, pray for their salvation. 

Pray for continued peace in Ethiopia. 


Florence’s husband is experiencing another decline in his health, please pray for mercy for him and for Florence!

Please also pray for Florence’s team of evangelists and trainees, for wisdom, continued encouragement and grace as they plan together to reach out to those around them. 

Pray for peace for Cameroon!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ July 22-29
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Praise and Prayer ~ July 14-21


Maiduguri has been safe this week! The weather has been so hot, we believe that this is part of the reason there have been no attacks even on the surrounding villages,. 

Pray that God will help Comfort pull together a training! There are many little churches as well as Good News church that have expressed interest. 

Jos is peaceful, it is calm, people are going about their business. Also, no crisis in town or villages, praise God! 

Sam’s baby is doing better with teething, but his family has colds! Pray for healing.

The staff is in Gwandum doing the training! Pray for grace. They were expecting 200-250 people for four days. Pray that everything goes smoothly!

Peter is working on his school, pray for him as he writes exams! 

Pray for 500 Muslim converts by the end of the year! This is our goal in our partnership with the 9 organizations we work with.


Rich is in Ethiopia, pray that the travel to the location goes well and that the training for all 200 university students is filled with the Holy Spirit’s power!

Pray, we have some major supporters who are in need of direction!

Praise God that the woman who was missing was found, and is getting the help that she needs, pray for her that she is healed! 

Stacey is traveling in San Diego with his family! Pray for a rejuvenating time.

We are arranging things for a training with Cedar Mill! Pray for Rich, Dara, Susanna, and Rick as they prepare to train. 

We have a new volunteer who is helping us in the office thank God! 

Praise God the board meeting went well! Continue to pray for wisdom for the board as they provide leadership for the organization, there are some difficult issues that we are dealing with. 

Rick is climbing Mt. St. Helens, with two of his supporters, pray for safety and rejuvenation. 


Pray for Florence and her team’s future plans to conduct trainings surrounding Mbingo and in other regions!

Pray for her husband’s health!

Pray for all the country for peace. 


Pray for peace for Ethiopia!

Pray for the Ethiopia team of volunteers, the national director Eskinder, and Rich as they conduct this monumental training!

Pray that Agazi will make it to the training on time!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ July 14-21
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Praise and Prayer ~ July 1-8


Monday there was another attack by the Boko Haram in the north! Also there was a demonstration in the refugee camp outside Maiduguri, they have not received their regularly scheduled aid in 3 or 4 months. Prayer that people would not misappropriate funds meant for the vulnerable, and that God would provide for them! 

Prayer for encouragement for the Christians in Nigeria, for our co-worker Comfort and her friends,or God to help them to stand in these end times. Some people are losing hope, and it is a difficult situation to be in! One girl, Hannatu, was almost forcibly married to a Muslim this past week, but the church was able to intervene. Pray for her that she will grow stronger in the Lord, and will be safe and provided for. 

Pray for Comfort’s continued ministry to widows!

Jos is peaceful and blessed with rains, praise God. 

Peter is very busy with school and has many upcoming assignments. Pray for wisdom and strength! His class is on contextualization and global missions. 

Samuel, Ishaku, Yusuf, and Dauda will be running training for UMCN close to Gombe in a couple of weeks! We haven’t been able to communicate with the area lately so pray that Sam will be able to get through. This group was inspired by our training of pastors in Jalingo, and wants us to train 150 of their pastors and church leaders so that all of their local area churches will catch the vision for evangelism and follow-up. 

Peter and Rich visited the area eight years ago, there is a local wonder which they are very proud of. There is a series of what appear to be running footprints in a rock formation up on a mountain nearby. Rich and Peter hiked up in between the training sessions and the locals were very gratified by the interest that they showed! Local legend is that even if you chisel the footprints away, they return. They call them “magical footprints”.

Thank God for the impact of the IDENT and IFIX training! The discipleship center leader called to tell that a woman came to receive Christ after having her teeth removed by one of the trainees! 

Pray for the MBBs up north, some of them are unwilling to stay in their home area, and some just want to move around receiving support from the church, and may or may not be genuine in their conversion. Help them not to see this as a means of getting money but to take up the cross of discipleship! 


Florence and our Cameroonian trainees are running a retreat for about 8 leadership, and next week planning to have another training for more people! Pray for continued encouragement and grace for all of them in Jesus’ Name. They have been praying and fasting and asking God for mercy for their country and for guidance for them all in ministry.

Mbingo is peaceful, but Belo is not, continue to pray for peace and stabilization! 


The country appears stable now after the coup, praise God, but pray for continued peace as the government works to continue to apprehend those involved. 

Pray for the final preparations for our training of 200 students!

We continue to praise God for the official Ethiopia office we now have with the hiring of Eskinder as our National Director! 


David is up in Washington doing support raising for his family! He spoke at one church Sunday morning, and has had fruitful meetings with supporters, pray for his increased support as he is facing an increased need.  Everyone at the church has been praying by name for the FFICM team members overseas, praise God for their faithfulness in prayer!

Praise God we have a new volunteer! Doug Hoy will be working with our staff to see how he can best help. 

Praise God for all the help Stacey has been able to give with audio/visual. 

Continue to pray for Dara and Susanna as they support a friend in her marriage. 

Pray for the organization as we are facing a potential huge financial hurdle! Pray for wisdom for Dad and David as they develop a strategic plan and Dara as she works to communicate this complicated scenario. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ July 1-8
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Praise and Prayer ~ June 24-31


Comfort asks for prayer for security in Borno state and that the Christians are given the strength in the Spirit to stand firm in the midst of severe persecution. The Boko Haram attacked on Saturday and were repelled, but not before about fifty people died. Please pray for an end to the violence! The women in the refugee camps are continuing to convert Islam, despite the efforts of the local church to provide support. They are not getting the aid that they need! Please pray for them. 

Comfort’s daughter is finishing her final project for school!

The Nigeria office car is now malfunctioning! Pray for Peter for strength and encouragement as he deals with it, and that the Lord would prevent the enemy from attacking the ministry at all!

The office van is working very well, and now has both seatbelts and AC, which we praise God for in the danger and heat of Nigeria! 

Praise God for peace in Jos this past week. 

Continue to pray for the details to come together for the conferences in the fall!


Pray for the retreat for FFICM trained evangelists and church leaders, as they pray and ask God to grant them renewal and wisdom to know how he is leading them to minister in this time of great trial! Florence asks that we pray for some of the evangelists who because of unforeseen circumstances will not be able to attend, that they will not be discouraged. Pray for God to encounter each one of us accordingly. Pray for grace to fast and pray through the retreat fervently!

Please continue to pray for Florence’s husband, as he lost his younger brother this past week!


Please pray for improved communications with our Ethiopian team!

Please also pray for the country–a major general was assassinated in an apparent coup attempt this past week, and numerous officials killed in the north. May God grant them peace!

Please pray for the continued set up for the training of the students in July! That everything (especially now security) would fall into place.


Pray for Rich and David as they are catching up on all of the new information they have from Nigeria and the US the past few weeks and will be developing further strategies and budgets. 

Pray for David as he travels this week to a church with his family, he will be speaking twice, and has his wife’s birthday celebration, parents’ anniversary, sisters’ anniversary, and other birthdays to be present for! May God bless each family member. 

Thank the Lord for interested volunteers resulting from David’s last speaking engagement at Laurel Community Church!

Continue to pray for Stacey’s brother, who is waiting for test results still–pray for peace and for news of healing!

Pray for Dara and Susanna as they support a close friend who is struggling in her marriage. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ June 24-31
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Bread of Life

Zainab was facing severe discouragement in her life, but she was so blessed through the work of God through the training we ran at Emmaus Bible School she now has hope! This is her story…

Zainab learning to train others to disciple new believers

“This is my twelfth year running a baking school to support myself and my ministry, and this year things became very hard. I had no new students at my school, no money to pay my bills, I was sick with no means of purchasing treatment, and I had to withdraw my children from school. My Muslim family members mocked me.

I almost gave up before I came to Emmaus.

But thank God, I came to Jos. By the grace of God since I returned home and started making disciples and training others, God has blessed me! My health has improved, and my life has meaning again.

Training the bakery students in follow-up and discipleship!

Today, God added four new students to my school and I am able to pay half of my shop rent that I haven’t been able to pay since February.

My landlady has given me grace and believes I will able to pay my bills again.

God is blessing the people through this teachings! Some people have been living in fear and not faith, others have received Jesus Christ, but are not sure of their salvation. But the classes on following Jesus has brought hope and faith back to them.

Once again thank you for teaching me the truth. And thank you for the materials. God bless you all.”

“Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.'” John 6:35 (NIV)

DaraBread of Life
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Praise and Prayer ~ June 17-24

a ferry dumped a car in to the river immediately prior to our team crossing!


Praise the Lord we got a new small car for the Nigeria team (Peter laughed for several minutes when we ask if the AC worked, he said the mechanic told him he forgot to fix it) but the seatbelts do! Pray we need to get seatbelts for the van! 

The larger meeting with the nine organizations and our Nigeria team went pretty well, they weren’t as prepared as we had hoped, but we now know the venue for the large conference, the MBB conference, but not the Hausa background believer conference yet (which will be somewhere in Katsina). They didn’t have the budget ready, so pray that they will be able to come up with the budget. They’re having a second meeting tomorrow to try to hash out the finances together, pray for wisdom and good collaboration! 

We are figuring out the lodgings for most of the speakers for the fall conferences, pray for the success of the final plans. 

Rich is leaving day after tomorrow, pray for safety in travel to Abuja, and the flight. 

Peter is writing an exam on Friday! Pray for wisdom and easy memory! Peter’s water tank is not working, so they are collecting rain water for use in their house. Peter’s wife is supposed to go and see the doctor again for her checkup this week, pray for good news from her tests! Pray for his daughter, Greta, who is still trying to get into university and is very discouraged and frustrated. 

Praise God for the safety of the trip prior to this, God protected the team in a number of ways as some very serious dangers presented themselves. 

the journey north

Jos is safe! There has been no crisis in the city or in the villages. Praise God! 

DCC chairman and UMCN meeting—pray for better memory and implementation of the strategy. They want to have their own conference in Jalingo, so we are going to pray about this. They said they could bring enough people who would be interested in evangelizing and following up with Muslims in the local area who don’t feel confident. 

Everyone agreed again that there isn’t a way that we can send 500 converts to discipleship schools, and this is what we are praying for and what we want for Muslim

Rich and the sheik are continuing to work hard on the Muslim background believer materials, and have gotten to test some of the materials in the field with positive results. Pray for their continued collaboration. They hope to finish writing three follow up segments!

Pray for continued set up of the ministry that Wendy and Gloria Palau are hoping to do among the internally displaced widows and children while they are in Jos for the conference. 

One of the ITEC dental trainees has already started removing teeth. He is looking for a place to rent space where he can continue working. 

The house where we all stayed during the training and the primary school was all pulled down by a wind storm. A tree was ripped out of the ground. Pray for the head of the discipleship center, as she is facing serious challenges and discouragement. 

In Maradi where we hope to have a training, the Muslims burned an AOG church and some vehicles. 

Pray that the Lord will put an end to all the attacks on our team and Nigeria. 


Pray for the continued work of set-up of the training of the university students in July! At least 200 students are coming. 

Half of the students are going to Muslim areas so they need to be trained to share the gospel in Muslim areas, we’re bringing in the head of the department for Muslim evangelism for Kale Heywet church to come work with us training the students. He’s taking care of all of his expenses. 


Pray for their short retreat they are having for FFICM trainees end of June!


We are hoping more of our US team will become proficient in “high” Hausa, which is highly respected in the north. 

Dara is sick with an infection and is leaving for a vacation, pray she recovers quickly!

Pray for the arrangements, we have found an open door for being able to process visas for people going over in September! We are grateful for this, but continue to need prayer for all the set-up issues. 

David is preaching Sunday, prayer for wisdom. 

Roy’s memorial service is on Saturday, prayer for the family. 

Pray for Rick’s classes at Multnomah and fundraising efforts!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ June 17-24
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Praise and Prayer ~ 2nd week of June


Rich began working with sheik ad his coworker writing MBB materials, they outlined what an MBB needs practically to transition to the church. Praise God! Rich heard many stories about why these materials are necessary. In one scenario a Muslim convert went to church in Maiduguri, and the people at the gate refused to let him in because they were afraid that he was going to bomb the place, they called the police, the policeman was a Muslim and was mad he had converted and accused him of being BH, and put him in jail for two years.

Praise God, there was no trouble over Salah in Jos or in Maiduguri. In Jos, they didn’t let anyone ride the “tricycles” over Salah so they wouldn’t have an easy attack method. 

In Kindjandi BH attacked and kidnapped a woman who they later released too send a warning that they plan on killing all the Christians in an area.

Maiduguri is completely calm which is making everyone nervous, because this kind of calm usually means they’re planning a new strategy, pray that God has mercy and averts all tragedy, and thwarts all plans of the enemy.

This week Comfort had 2 people she trained, one is an immigration officer and another local person. She sometimes trains people within her house, pray for her! Comfort asks for prayer that there will be more open doors for her to train more people. Pray for grace and encouragement for her as she works in this difficult region.

Pray for Rich as he travels north hopefully Wednesday, going up for two days. Sheik and his co-worker will be traveling with him. They will meet with the ECWA folks, making sure they’re going to follow through with their muslim evangelism and follow up strategy we agreed on. It has been difficult to help the church accept MBBS, the church got burned recently because they accepted an MBB, there is a lot of fear. Please pray for safe travel because it’s dangerous around there. 

Pray for the 500 convert goal that we are trusting God this year! Pray for wisdom as we continue to work with church leaders to figure out how to care for them. 

Pray for the meeting to set up all the conferences. Committee meeting on Monday! Pray it will work out well and will be a good time of fellowship. 

Some of the people we trained from the??? training. Someone from abuja, a woman has trained about 30 people, she has been sending pictures and reports. Another one in Lagos started training some teenage girls, she is using her training really effectively! Another pastor called from delta, that he has started conducting the training with his church leadership, and need more materials. Pray for people who are using the training that god will give them wisdom to know how to continue to put their training into practice. 

Pray for the Nigerian office, they just sold their small car and are hoping to get a new (and better functioning one!) Pray for wisdom! 

Pray for Peter, he has just started classes! One of his classes is on Islamic theology and thought. He thanks God that it has come at the right time, there are eight in the class and most of them know exactly how they want to use it in their ministry. 

One of the challenges is that the churches are running away from the training, some of the MBBs are using the churches for money, and continually rotating between churches. Peter is brainstorming with other classmates how to best solve those problems. 

Pray for plans for the end of the year, thinking of ideas for how to raise funds internally for the Nigeria Office. They met as a team the past two weeks, and agreed on a strategy for developing video clips and newsletters to send to strategic people to share about the ministry. Pray that God will give us more wisdom for how to best communicate and who to talk to!

Pray for Stacey as he develops videos for the Nigeria office! They are hoping to start meeting                                                                                                                                                                                                      with some major potential supporters by August. Ten minute video. 

We are trying to set up a training in Niger, the week after the fall conference. We need visas to be able to do that! 

Thank God, Sam’s father is improving, the problem is heart failure. He will be taking drugs to help with that, pray for God to miraculously heal him, his name is Phungwon! 


Pray for continued collaboration with Kale Heywet and our Ethiopian colleagues for wisdom and understanding as we’ve signed the MOU! 

Pray for Eskendir’s continued work with us, and also for the set up of the training. 

The leadership wants us to go south to a really unreached area where they have indigenous people there willing to be trained! They want us to go in November, but it’s unlikely we will be able to, so prayer for the opportune time to present itself. 


Pray that the Cameroonian team will get the funds in time to run their retreat for the FFICM trained evangelists and church leaders. 


We’re putting out the monthly newsletter this week, pray for wisdom and grace that people will be prompted to pray and give!

Also pray for knowing who to follow up with as far as volunteers, we need a lot of help…with everything 🙂 

Pray for starting to plan the conferences, and also fundraiser!

Pray that the visa process will go smoothly on this end, since the way we had before to get visas without an in person interview is temporarily stalled. 

Wendy Palau is wanting to minister to the widows around Jos in the camps, pray for the process of setting that up. 

Last week of school for David’s kids before the school year is over! Pray that the kids will be able to finish strong, and the transition process to summer goes smoothly! 

Pray for Rick as he begins classes at Multnomah, that he would be blessed and the ministry would also be blessed through his growth in knowledge of the Lord. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ 2nd week of June
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Praise and Prayer ~ June 3-10


It is very hot in Maiduguri! Prayers for everyone for relief from the heat. 

Comfort was able to share the training with 6 widows from a Baptist denomination. Some are widowed because of the Boko Haram, they all have between 2-4 kids. Prayer for them for their needs and ministry!

For safety in Maiduguri and Jos, the Muslim Salah celebration starts tomorrow, Boko Haram were saying in Maiduguri, they want to come into town to celebrate Salah. Pray for wisdom for the Christians to understand where they should go and how they should be watchful.  Also in Jos there have been a number of threats circulating, prayer for peace. 

Pray for Comfort’s daughter who will be finishing her degree in September!

They haven’t been able to run the training in Biu because the rains have come and people are farming, pray for an opportune time. 

Peter started his classes today! Prayer for safety and wisdom as he continues to study for the next eight weeks. 

Pray for Samuel, his father Tungong has a health challenge in his leg, a boil or a wound that has persisted, possibly cancer, pray for healing!

Prayer for wisdom as we continue to work on plans to help the latest trainees how to begin to apply what they just learned! Some of the trainees from the recent training have been calling and letting us know that they are applying their training, fixing generators and small engine. 

Of 8 dental students, there were three that were fully certified, one was only qualified for silver nitrate, and as particularly devastated. Prayer that God will help him as he deals with his disappointment. For the I-FIX guys, four of them were from the same state, and they were talking about trying to set up a central office where they could share the tools and work together to fix generators and motorcycles! They’ll have logistical challenges in sharing the tools that they received. Adamu was able already to fix a generator in his area that has been broken for two years! Praise God

Yesterday the woman who leads the discipleship center called and said that the one man who was treated came to show appreciation for his treatment and gave his life to Christ. 

Prayer for one dental student who is having a hard time figuring out where to put the dental chair for his ministry. It’s complicated culturally, he doesn’t want his current boss to think that he isn’t committed to his job. 


Pray for wisdom for the retreat that they want to host for the FFICM trainees. Praying for the Lord to lead them to a time that they can do another training.

 For continued prayers for peace in the region! May God have mercy on Cameroon!


Pray for Rich as he just landed in Ethiopia! He is scheduled to sign the MOU tomorrow, and is meeting with the deputy general secretary tomorrow.


Stacey’s older brother has prostate cancer return that went to his lungs. They’ll be doing new scans to make sure it hasn’t spread anywhere else. He’s a Christian and says he is experiencing peace, but pray for healing! 

Our friend and partner Carl Palmer has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, prayer for healing and grace for him and his family. 

We need some prayer for getting visas for our speakers for the conference, there are a lot of issues with the Nigerian consulate, running out of visa stickers etc. Pray that a) the New York office would be able to start working in a timely manner so we can get the visas by mail and b) if this isn’t going to work out that we would have wisdom to know when to move forward with other options (i.e. flying to Los Angeles or somewhere else). 

Prayer for Dara’s family as they’re preparing for the memorial, especially for Janice, also for family members that are not Christian. 

Pray for Asher, David’s son who is celebrating his 9th birthday, that he wins his baseball game tonight. Pray also for Ben who is struggling with his growth and some emotional issues. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ June 3-10
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God’s Mercy to the North ~ Peter’s Report on the FFICM/ITEC training

The FFICM staff team went north for the training of the leaders, pastors and members of some of the discipleship centers that we are working with. Pictured below is a center where Sarah* (the leader) has some Muslim background believers, and the Maguzawa who are looking for a safe place to stay from their family or relatives who trying to kill them. This was a training which was meant to give them a basic understanding of evangelism and follow-up, and FFICM’s goals do as a ministry, and hopefully we will 

*not her real name

The training started with 18 people in attendance (less than expected) because there had been a miscommunication and many participants did not know that they were supposed to come on Sunday before the program, so that we could begin on Monday morning. Some of these trainees came from Katsina, which is far from the training center, so they didn’t arrive until Monday evening.

This meant that on Tuesday we repeated the teaching of the gospel cards and the lessons we had covered the first day so that they could catch up. Sheik was also there on the second day, and he taught on how to preach to Muslims, and how to conduct follow-up with Muslim background believers. 

After this, we went out for the field practicals, evangelizing in the local area, which the participants found fascinating and encouraging, as people responded very well to their sharing. One woman, a trainee, went and witnessed to three others and they all subsequently decided to come to the follow-up training.

A man named Ahamed came to the training ground with the intention of winning Christians to Islam, he had a list of questions that he uses to confuse Christians concerning God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and the prophet Mohammad. He was then given all the answers by Yusuf who in turn challenged him about his faith and the basis of salvation in Islam; who they worship and why do they pray in the name of Mohammad which shows that Muslims pray to Mohammed, which is not consistent with their own criticism of Christianity. So this man he broke his fast (for Ramadan) right there and continued to stay there for the rest of the week and part of the following week to listen to the follow-up lessons.  Unfortunately, he was not entirely there in good faith. He told us on Tuesday that his wife gave birth to twins on the Wednesday that he had given his life to Christ, and he wanted to go home for the naming ceremony. We gave him a little money for transportation, but he stole his roommate’s phone upon his departure, which leaves us unsure of his motives and the sincerity of his conversion.

But another man by the name of Muhammad also met with one of our group who preached to him—he told them that he was in a hurry and couldn’t stay, but he came back the next day to the center. As he listened to Yusuf teaching, he gave his life to Christ.

On Tuesday we also heard the testimonies of Pastor Kabiru and Mrs. Dahiru concerning their field practical experience. According to Mrs. Dahiru, she met her neighbor, a man with two women. She stood before them and started opening the gospel card and the three of them all stood and asked her what she was doing. She asked them if they wanted to know what she was doing. From there she started to share with them and they came to the class with her to learn more about Jesus, though they were Christians already. The same thing happened with Pastor Kabiru. When his daughter watched while he opened the card, he led her through the card. So on the second day, we had 60 people in attendance, even though some of them were already believers, they wanted to learn. We divided the participants into three groups for the field practice and we all went out joyfully. We were instructed not to enter Muslim houses to witness, for safety reasons, but we could safely witness to them on the road. One of the trainees brought a Muslim man to Sheik Yusuf and after he heard what Yusuf had to say, he gave his life to Christ. 

On Wednesday, we collected the reports of the field practicals from the three groups. Group 1 witnessed to 15 people using the gospel card. Group 2 witnessed to 50 people. Group 3 witnessed to 45 people. Out of all this, 30 people prayed to receive Christ. Yet another Muslim man was directed to Sheik Yusuf and spoke with him. He came again the following day and he gave his life to Christ. His name is Muhammadu. After that, Sheik Yusuf and the CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) chairman Rev. John Audu went to visit another Muslim leader who had earlier invited them to come because he wanted to know more about Jesus. They went and many people gathered in the compound to listen to Yusuf as he taught them  about who Jesus is, and how they can have salvation through Jesus. They went out again this day for field practicals and continued to preach. They preached to about 50 people. Eight of them gave their life to Christ, and they were able to conduct follow up with thirteen people in all.

On the last day of the training when the trainees were asked to give a testimony concerning what they had learned from the training, one of them, a pastor, said he had learned a lot from this training. It caused him to begin thinking  about how when he gets a new convert, he usually bombards him with big, heavy theological words. Some people ended up with half knowledge or no understanding at all. But through this training he understood that we need to bring our conversation to a level where the new believer will be able to understand the basics of the Christian faith. Before, he used to just tell people to go to the church and they will be taught the doctrines and the important things, the do’s and don’ts  of the church. He has learned that he needs to go and follow them up, not just tell them to go to church. Another person said that he has never gotten any training on how to witness to people or to follow them up. He has been going out for outreaches. He uses his Bible and he gives them what he would describe as head knowledge. Through the training he learned how to preach using the gospel card and outlining basic things that a nonChristian needs to understand. He has learned how to follow-up new believers also – not just preach and leave them there. He is willing and excited to go out and build up people so that they will be mature in their faith. David recorded part of his testimony on his phone.

During the strategic planning session, when one of the pastors was asked how many members he has in his church, he said about 250. Out of that about 90 of them are baptized. When asked how he many of his church members, based on the way they live their lives, have a genuine faith leading to salvation, he said only 15. Some of them exclaimed that this would be true only from a very linear perspective. We used this conversation to help explain to them that they need to assess the general need of their church and area, not just minister to unbelievers—many believers need to be followed up with so that their relationship with God will be genuine and will grow. All of the pastors lamented that they have the same situation in their own churches. One of the leaders also quickly responded that they have been longing for this kind of training, but they didn’t know how or who to contact. But with what they have heard and learned from us this week, they plan to immediately go and train 50 people. They have already requested materials for that. They have a witnessing group which goes out for preaching, but they don’t have any material to use. This has really opened their eyes about how they can be effective in their preaching and follow-up.

The training concluded at 12:30 and those traveling back to Katsina began traveling back at that time because it is a long journey for them. All of them are hoping that they will be invited to attend a further training soon. If possible they will want us to come to their areas to help them build up their members and also to refresh their memories on what we trained them to do. We also told them about other programs that FFICM will be doing like the MBB conference and the Maguzawa conference.They are willing to partner with us to put all that we have trained them into practice. We are also willing to help them put their faith into action, those from Katsina immediately went and wrote a proposal on how they will start  implementing the training and they are going to train 50 people who are part of their team who will evangelize. We have already sent them the materials!


The following week we continued with the training which we have organized in conjunction with a foreign organization (I-tec) which they came to train some members of the various discipleship centers that we are working with in basic skills such as dental work and small engine repair so that they will be accepted in their communities and can evangelize in their home areas. We had two people from Plateau State, two from Bauchi State, two from Kaduna, two from Katsina state (tsiga) area and two from Malumfanci area. Each of the discipleship centers that sent trainees are a part of the MBB conference that we are planning, as we are hoping to help all of the Muslim background believers to stay in their communities. 

 While the training was going on, sheik was busy teaching and witnessing to the Muslims around the community and some of those that come for dental treatment. Two Fulani who listen to the audio bibles (that were given to those we trained in the first week) came to gave their lives to Christ and they joined in with the group to be discipled. Some of the converts lived in the surrounding area; this made it easier as they were always able to come in the next day for the teaching. We had 8 new converts and over 15 Muslims that we preached to!

On Tuesday, he first day that people were to start coming to the clinic for the teeth extraction, the chief was among the first to be there as early as 10am, but he was asked to come back by 2pm as the students were not yet ready. He ended up being unable to come, but many others came and there were over 30 people whose teeth were either extracted, treated with silver nitrate, or cleaned.

On the graduation day, the I-tec leaders told the trainees when they gave them the dental equipment, that this equipment is given through FFICM on loan, so that they must not sell it if they don’t use it, but return it to be used elsewhere. Those that were certified were given either tool kits (for those that took the small engine repair classes) or dental chairs (for those that received dental training) so that they can now help their communities. 

The General Secretary of New life for all visited us and saw what we were doing and was in agreement with us about the need to really use what these people are learning as best as we can. They are going to start a center or create a room in their communities where people can come for dental work or for small engine repair. They were told to be ready to be at the annual conference of the New Life For All in September and the Maguzawa conference, and they will also go with their tools to the outreach in Niger State –Bidda. He is willing to be using those trainings wherever they will be going for outreaches like in Bida, Niger State to help people in the villages.

The report of the training reached the government house and a government official called the leader of the center and told her that he was going to send his people on a bus to be treated. So she told them to come, and that we are ready and willing to treat them. But some of them were too afraid that they would be converted to Christianity, so only those with extreme dental pain came. 

A student from the University of Zaria came with a badly swollen mouth. He said he had sometimes even punctured the swollen place so that pus could seep out. When he heard of what we were doing, he came and as the dentist was try to teach the students how and where to inject in this kind of situation, the wound opened and the “aroma of death” came out with a terrible odor. The student removed the spoiled tooth and the guy was able to open his mouth wide, which he could not do before and so he went back with his mouth wide open and thanking God.

In another situation a young girl had broken one of her front teeth had broke, and it had started decaying, she was not willing to remove the tooth since we could not replace it. Her husband had just divorced her, and she thought if we removed her tooth, who will be willing to marry her without it. We shared Christ with her and she prayed to received Christ as her Lord who can turn her situation into joy


Over 85 people were treated with tooth extraction, some had 1-4 teeth to be extracted, some were treated with silver nitrate to delay the decay and for some only the dirt on the teeth was cleaned.

We then traveled to Kano to relax that night and the next day then we departed after taking them to the airport, arriving in Jos by 5 pm. 

DaraGod’s Mercy to the North ~ Peter’s Report on the FFICM/ITEC training
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 27


ITEC team training

Sam’s baby Josiah is healed! Praise God!

Praise God that the Nigeria team is now safely in Jos, praise God for safe travels and a successful program! Nearly every one of the trainees left certified in some skill. Some were able to learn more than others, so prayers for those who were disappointed that they didn’t do as well as their fellow students.

The ITEC team has also safely left the country! Praise God for the fruitful collaboration! 

FFICM training

Please pray— Yesterday around Jos Jarawa, early in the morning, the corpse of a 20 year old boy was discovered, assumed murdered by neighboring Muslims. The youth from Jos Jarawa reacted and began forming a mob, security teams were called to the site and shot some of the youth and a number of them died, and houses were burned. Please pray for peace, there is a curfew from 6 pm-6 am.  

Please pray for the families of our staff members! Peter’s family in particular only lives 1 km from the place that the deadly violence unfolded. Praise God they are ok, may God bring lasting and complete peace to Jos. 

Continue prayers for Ruth’s mother, as she lost her husband last year in an attack and has been having to manage her life without him, prayers for grace, comfort, and strength! Prayers also for Ruth’s family, who had to manage without her this past week as she was ministering with the team up north! 

Praise God Rick was able to leave the country after a comedy of errors. Someone at customs on his entry didn’t understand what “theologian” was, and put down “topologist”, necessitating a correction to the visa. After two months of waiting, he got his visa and passport back the day before his flight left. God is sovereign! 

There are about 8 new converts from the program! Please pray for them, may God strengthen them and encourage them, and may they grow in the word of God, may God give us the opportunity to go back and follow up further with them!

David was very sick over the weekend, but recovered in time to preach on Sunday and is doing much better, praise God! 

Water was a big challenge during the program they had to go by motorcycle to get water! It was a struggle to get enough drinking water, but God provided, we are thankful! 

Comfort further update: 


Praise God that we received the draft of the final MOU that Rich is to sign! Pray for the continued strengthening of this partnership!

Pray for continued wisdom and grace to the set-up for the July training of 200 university students! 

Praise God that Comfort is safe, she is planning her outreach on Thursday! Prayer for grace for her as she ministers to widows today. 


Prayer for Florence, Linda, Lily, and Pastor Yisa, and the 113 FFICM trainees in the country! May God give us wisdom as we try to set up a forum where we can keep in touch with them and encourage them while it is not safe for us to go and support them with additional training in person. 

Prayers for peace in this country that has been so ravaged by war and the hatred of the enemy. May God work powerfully in people’s hearts to bring peace. 


Rich leaves for his trip through Ethiopia and Nigeria on Sunday! He will be gone for three weeks. Prayers for grace for him in all the ministry that God will accomplish through him and through the brothers and sisters he will work with! 

Praise God for the grace that he has given Rich and Dara’s family as they mourn the loss of Roy, prayer for recovered strength and encouragement. 

Prayers for David’s family as he will be en route home for a couple more days! 

Prayers for Rich’s daughter-in-law Joelle who is still recovering from labor and exhaustion related to having a new baby and being there a lot for Roy’s decline. 

Eastern Europe

Prayer for Roman as he continues to evangelize and train church leaders to follow up with new believers throughout Eastern Europe!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 27
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 22nd


Comfort asks for prayer for the villages of Lassa, Dille, and Tarpaya, that are all under attack by the Boko Haram, and no one is coming to their aid! Please pray for mercy for them. In her words, the situation for those vulnerable villages is this, “If you can run and escape good, if you cannot run away nothing has been said, no one knows anything or is doing anything to help…”

Praise God, Maiduguri is safe this week. 

Comfort asks that we pray for a spirit of encouragement and endurance for Christians in the north, for many people are turning away to cultural religion or guns to try to protect themselves. 

Pray for Comfort’s daughter, who is finishing her degree in September! Comfort is trying to set up a training in Biu, pray that the Lord anoints this effort, and provides safety for everyone. 

Pray for the Firm Foundations Nigeria team, they are all in an area outside of Kano where there is very limited cell-service, Peter had to climb to the top of a nearby hill to give us an update! By his account, every thing is going very well, all the teams are there, including the ITEC team. The only complication is that most of the participants speak no English so they needed to find more translators. Three people have come to know Christ, two Fulani Muslims by listening to audio bibles that trainees were given, and one woman who came to ask for food and who ended up speaking to the former sheik who works with us. Pray for them as he is following up with all of them! It is also very hot, though they have been able to keep a generator running to power fans, there is of course no AC and the heat is unrelenting. Pray for grace for the teams. 

Pray for Rick, he’s traveling, and is due in the US tomorrow. He was headed down to Lagos last we heard. 

Peter is trying to develop a plan to reach Niger with some of the trainees in Northern Nigeria, please pray for this effort! The trainees from the north are really excited about the training that they have received thus far. they said that they’ve never had training or substantive material to help them evangelize, they’ve only had tracts. 

That God will continue to have mercy on the ITEC team for dealing with the food and the heat. Tomorrow they are going to start practicing removing teeth from people. Pray that God will give them courage. Also pray for the new MBB converts. Yusuf is following up with them. Pray God will continue to use us all. 

Pray for protection and comfort for the bereaved, Fulani Muslims killed a woman and a Christian Afizere boy at Jarawa bridge. 


Pray for 113 FFICM trainees that Florence and Linda are working with! 

Pray for Reverend Yisa, as he continues to try to figure out how to minister in Cameroon’s dangerous climate

Pray for Cameroon, for mercy from our Lord Jesus on them in this terrible war. May God protect the innocent and bring a miraculous and lasting peace. 


Pray for Stacey’s brother, the initial biopsy from his lung was inconclusive and more doctors are taking a look at it; pray that the results are favorable for healing, and pray for patience and peace while he is waiting. He is a believer, praise God.  

Pray for the Gardner family and the Schlesser family as Roy is now with Jesus, having fought a long battle at the end with Alzheimer’s. We praise God for his life, and for the legacy of hope, forgiveness, gentleness, love, and strength in daily friendship with Jesus, that he leaves with all of us. 


Praise that the set-up for the training of the university students is still going well! Continue to pray for all the preparations that need to be made and that God will bless and work in the hearts of the trainees. 

Praise God that Firm Foundations is working towards an MOU with the denomination we’ve been working with, Kale Heywet. Rich is planning on flying over in early June to sign it, pray for all those arrangements and our continued partnership with them!

Continue to pray for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and for the borders to open!

Pray for believers in Eritrea, Open Doors posted that 141 Christians, mostly women, some men and children were arrested

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 22nd
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Understanding Christian love in the midst of Nigeria’s ethnic cleansing

“Love conquers, more than violence…the word of God is pushing us to love them, even though they are doing what is not right to us, we are compelled” (Peter Wash, Nigeria Director, Firm Foundations)

Christians in northern Nigeria (where Nigeria Director Peter Wash lives) suffer near-incessant massacres at the hands of both Fulani Muslim militants and the Boko Haram. However, most Christian communities remain committed to peace and to loving their Muslim neighbors whatever the cost. As Open Doors has documented, 70-88 percent of the victims in the “herder-farmer” conflicts are Christians. Most Christians do not retaliate. As Firm Foundations begins to work even more with Muslims in northern Nigeria, we decided to ask Peter how he can devote much of his life extending mercy to Muslims when just last year he lost his niece and her three children to a Fulani Muslim attack.

Peter told us, “I have a heart to reach them because they haven’t been given the privilege of listening to the gospel. They have been denied that privilege….if I were born in that community from childhood, how would I live my life?” This compassionate stance gives him a passion to give even the most hardened enemies of his community and faith the chance to hear the truth about who Jesus is and what His followers believe, and use every opportunity to show them Jesus’ love.

When I asked him about the losses he had suffered personally, he acknowledged that it hasn’t always been easy. Once, Fulani Muslims attacked Peter’s home village the day he left to share about Jesus in a Fulani Muslim village in Gombe. They took two hundred people away, including Peter’s brother and cousins. He said, “That was really devastating. They [the Fulani from Gombe] went and called the chief. Unless the chief answered me, I wouldn’t be allowed to speak anything to them. As I was sitting down quietly waiting for the chief, I was just imagining, these are the people that went and killed my brother. I felt in my heart, ‘Why can’t God just send fire to consume them?’” But then Peter thought, “If I do that, they will all die as sinners…if I bring hell-fire on them, I judge rightly, but this is not what will bring peace. I have to preach the good news of love.” 

Peter then said, “I talked to the chief, even though none of them received Christ, they told him that they have benefitted a lot [from Christianity] and none of them would touch me, it would safe for me to go there now.” When he talked with them more he discovered that the local Christian who was hosting him, paid for a Muslim to go to a hospital and be treated for their illness every year at Christmas and Easter, so they know what Christian love is, in that area.

“Islam has been struggling to overcome other religions through violence…but Christianity has been passing through much persecution and it is still here, even in places like Egypt, Tunisia…yet, it still survives. Love conquers, more than violence. They [the Muslims] were brought up to react anyhow to Christians, to insult, to abuse…immediately they will fight or kill. It is because they don’t really know God, and they don’t have the Holy Spirit who controls their temperament. In Islam, they still practice an eye for an eye, if somebody did something to you, you can have revenge….if they understood Christianity, and believed in God, a lot of the crisis would be stopped. The attitude we have here, is that the word of God is pushing us to love them, even though they are doing what is not right to us, we are compelled.”

left to right, Rick Cordell (International Trainer), Margaret Wash, Peter Wash (Nigeria Director) and David Moore (Director of Operations)
DaraUnderstanding Christian love in the midst of Nigeria’s ethnic cleansing
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 13-20


Please continue to pray for peace for the country between the English speaking region and the French speaking region, that God would change the hearts of those in power. 

Please continue to pray for healing for Florence and also for her husband!

Pray for the young evangelists in Mbingo and the new believers that Florence is ministering to. 


The small office car broke down while Peter and David were on the way from Abuja, but they were able to get it back on the road again! Praise God for protecting and providing for them. Pray that God helps Peter as he attempts to sell the car and replace it. 

Pray that the printers in the office will begin working! We need to be able to reliably print materials. One of the computers is also malfunctioning. In addition, they are having trouble with the internet at the office, pray that all technical difficulties are resolved as the enemy tries to prevent our trainings by any means possible! 

We’re working on a memorandum of understanding with one of the larger denominations in Nigeria, COCIN (church of Christ in Nigeria), pray that this all goes smoothly! 

Comfort reports on the 11th, 4 men were killed and 7 women kidnapped in the north, please pray for the families of the bereaved and the safe return of the kidnapped women. One of Comfort’s friends in ministry, Falmata, has also lost her father, please pray for her!

Pray about Rick’s situation, he wasn’t able to leave before his visa expired, so he needs to figure out how to get out! Pray God is with him and causes this to go smoothly.

Pray that Peter’s visa application goes through! We would like to fly him to the US this fall to meet people and coordinate efforts more closely with our US office. 

Some of the people for our Kano training this week couldn’t make it in time to the training, because they were trying to travel from Katsina, and it was difficult. Pray for safety as they are still en route and for the trainers currently in Kano that God gives them wisdom and grace as they adjust. 

The former sheik is having some difficulty coming to the training, pray for travel mercies and additional strength for the other trainers. 

There was some confusion about the timing of the ITEC training locally, and some of the ITEC trainees have come early. Pray for the kinks to be worked out and clarity in communication. 

Pray for our goal of having 500 new Muslim believers by the end of the year! 


Pray for Rich’s trip to Ethiopia in June to sign an MOU with Kale Heywet and check on the churches we are currently partnering with. There are a lot of details we still need to work out!

Praise God for all the funding that has gone through for the student training! 

Pray for enduring peace for the country, and peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea!

Please continue to pray for our Eritrean trainees as we do not know how they are, but we know they are in constant danger.


Pray for us as we follow up with people from the fundraiser! We are hoping that God will prompt the right people to volunteer with us. 

Pray for Dara’s mother-in-law, she has been having fevers every week since November and is having difficulty getting the insurance to pay for her testing. Pray for healing for her! 

Pray for David’s family while he is away, for mercy and for energy for his wife Denise and comfort for his family as David is missing Mother’s Day and his daughter Hannah’s birthday. 

Eastern Europe

Please pray for Roman as he continues to train and travel! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 13-20
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Loving like Jesus

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous[….]Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:43-45, 48 (NIV)

While Rich, Peter, and the FFICM team were training in Northern Nigeria on this last trip, they spent three hours listening to the stories of Muslim background believers about their experiences, in order to better understand how to support them and reach out to others like them. One MBB had just received Christ 2 weeks ago and was being followed up by someone that we trained. He looked scared as he spoke; many MBBs in the area are beaten and threatened with death. He said that what drew him to Christ was watching the life of his friend in the village, he was confused and deeply impacted by the fact that this man was kind to even strangers and enemies. So one day, he asked his friend why he did this. The man answered him, “it is because of my Christian faith”. The former Muslim believer said that this caused him to believe in his heart that Christianity was better than Islam, and he believed in Jesus.

We praise God for the hearts of fellow Christians like this man’s friend, filled with the Spirit of our heavenly Father, loving enemies and strangers. May God grant us each the grace to love those around us like this man, that they may know the depth of the Father’s love for them and no longer be strangers or enemies, but brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus!

DaraLoving like Jesus
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 6-12

Praise and Prayer


This next week FFICM starts their training for Muslim background believers in Kano! There are 60 people registered. We have four staff members who will be up there running the training, please pray for safety in travel, and prayer for the trainees who will be there that the Holy Spirit prepares their hearts. 

ITEC training starts the week after! Prayer for David, the additional members of the Nigeria team, and ITEC as they all travel!

Last week Thursday and Friday there were attacks around Miango, pray for peace, pray for comfort for those who lost people. The Muslim Fulani are stopping people on motorcycles and killing them sporadically. Pray that God supernaturally puts a stop to these horrific murders immediately.

The government has now banned the use of motorcycles in 8 northwestern states because the Boko Haram and Fulani Muslims are using them so frequently in attacks, pray that this is effective! 

Sam’s son is healing well, praise God! He still need the stitches to be taken out, continue to pray for health for all his family! 

Pray for one MBB convert from Azare, the former sheik went to see him last week Wednesday—they had a good time talking about his life and the Christian faith. The man gave his life to Christ and has been attending church, but needs somebody to continue to follow up with him and build him up in his faith.

Muslims have started fasting in the north, so new MBBs are in a tough spot as their families might find out that they’re Christians, or they might feel uncomfortable not fasting in front of their families. 

An elderly Fulani man gave his life to Christ this past week, praise God! 

Materials for the next trainings are getting printed, and they look good, with typos and printing issues resolved, thank the Lord! 

In Maiduguri, inside the town is relatively safe currently, but only three days ago, there were three suicide bombers. God prevented many casualties, but people were still killed, pray for their families. Muslims also killed 26 people in a village outside Maiduguri. Pray for peace and protection! 

The weather is harsh right now in Maiduguri, pray for relief for Comfort and her church members from the heat, it is between 108-111 degrees. 

One of the young ladies Comfort trained in Lagos is already training others! More people in Lagos are calling us to come down and train them in June/July, or August. Pray for wisdom as we consider their request! 


Please continue to pray for Florence and her family, Pastor Yisa, and especially Mbingo as they continue to face hardship! 

Please pray for peace in the country! 


Praise God that we are almost completely set up for the program with the 200 university students this summer! God was gracious and provided all funding. 

Please pray for continued peace! 


Thank God for his miraculous response to our prayers! We have all our funding covered for the year and are still in shock praising God. We felt like our goal was too big, and God showed us our goal was too small!

Praise God for Joelle’s baby! Avalei Hope Abus Rhodes is healthy and the birth was very smooth! Pray for continued healing for Joelle as she recovers. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 6-12
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Praise and Prayer ~ April 22-29


Continue to pray for security in the country, they are experiencing relative peace in Jos!

Tomorrow Comfort should be in Jos for the annual conference, she is currently traveling; pray for journey mercies for her. 

Pray for open doors, more and more people are knowing what we do! An ECWA brigade in Jos is having a camp, and they want Peter to go and share with them what we do and how they can get involved. Let’s pray that will result in a meaningful partnership!

Our team was supposed to hold a training in Wukari territory next week, but the local overseer, (the organizer of the training) called on Saturday to tell them that there have been crises around the town. Pray God will bring peace in that area, especially in Taraba state, they are still having pockets of crisis here and there. 

Nuhu Dauda came back today from an operation on his eyes in Lagos, the operation was successful. Thank God for healing for him! 

Peter’s daughter Greta is still waiting for word on her entrance to university—prayer that she gets in soon! 

Thank God for the success of the surgery for Sam’s baby Josiah! However, the wound from the surgery developed a problem, an infection. The doctor has them going to the hospital daily for dressing until the wound is permanently healed.

Tomorrow the Nigeria group starts a training in Emmaus which promises to be a full training—pray for the Nigeria team! 


Continue to pray for peace for Cameroon!


Eskendir is still working with Rich on getting the training for the university students organized, pray for wisdom and grace! 

The country is still ok, peace-wise, everything is ok in Addis, but we haven’t heard anything from the surrounding areas, pray for protection!

Some positive things going on between Eritrea and Ethiopia, politically, pray for peace!

Pray for provision for Eskendir’s finances and provision for his family!

Eskendir’s church needs a new location, they had been renting space and now the space is going to be sold!

We’re working  on details to go there in early June and sign an MOU to work with their denomination, pray that this all goes smoothly!


The upcoming fundraiser! We’re slowly getting in RSVP numbers, but have a lot of calls to do as far as confirming people coming, and plans and preparation. 

Pray for upcoming ITEC trip to Nigeria, for ITEC’s own preparation, and David and possibly Julio going as well! Julio may also want to go to the fall conferences.

Continue to pray for David as he continues to trust God for his finances, pray that God will provide more monthly donors. 

Prayer for David and Denise’s son Ben, as he is having a hard time with the fact that he may have to go to a different school better equipped to deal with his learning needs. 

Praise that Dara’s family is well after months of illness! 

Praise that Stacey’s ear has been suddenly healed the day after our prayer call! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ April 22-29
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“I never knew that the Holy Spirit was with me”

Dear Friends,

Here are some of the written reflections from trainees from recent trainings!

“I must wake up to be more serious about having my quiet time alone with God”

“I want to put to death my sins, rather than “putting them in prison.”

“Prayer will give me boldness to witness.”

“I must approach the new believer without using big terms or theological language.”

“I now know how I can teach my [church] members how to follow Jesus in specific ways, and reach the lost around them.”

“I now know how to not be a stagnant minister but rather a missionary minister.”

” [this training] helped me develop more love for the newly converted.”

“this training deepened my understanding of who God is, and what it means to have an personal relationship with Him.”

” I have never shared Jesus with the children in the campus, but now I can do that and even arrange to follow up with them.”

Thank you to all our supporters and prayer warriors for being such a crucial part of God’s work to strengthen His ministers to reach out to the lost and serve our newest brothers and sisters in Christ!

Happy Easter!

Dara“I never knew that the Holy Spirit was with me”
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Prayer and Praise ~ April 11


The date for the surgery for Samuel’s little boy, Josiah, keeps getting changed, it is now supposed to be the 17th of April. Samuel is going to talk to the doctor to make sure they are being upfront with him about all of the medical information, pray for grace and truth!

Peter and Rick are running a shortened training for the Forum for Nigerian Evangelists, pray for their trainees! They have about 12. 

We are still getting good feedback from the training at Gindiri—the Nigerian denomination, COCIN, is enthusiastic about their partnership with us as a result. We are working out an MOU with them!

Security in Maiduguri is better this week, there was a bomb around the road in Maiduguri it was discovered, praise God! 

A lot of Christian girls in Maiduguri are becoming Muslim; for some of them, their parents cannot afford their school, or their food. Most of them are farmers who have been displaced by the constant attacks on farming communities and have no way to provide for themselves. The government sends aid but there are Muslims in government and they divert the aid. The Christians in gov’t are too afraid to talk. Pray for justice for the people and protection from the enemy and mercy for the Christian girls of Maiduguri.

Pray for Comfort’s daughters’ exams, they are coming up soon!

Pray for Peter’s daughter, Greta, who has been trying to get into university for the past 2 years! She is struggling and trusting God, but she is facing discouragement. May the Lord comfort and strengthen her and grant her the university entrance she so earnestly desires! 

The former sheik needs transportation to do his ministry effectively, pray for funds and wisdom for a small reliable vehicle. 

Pray for former sheik and Ishaku, they traveled to Bauchi to witness to the people there, left the office this morning!

There is a training next week across the Benue River, the team leaves Saturday morning! 

Pray for the military man that Peter led to the Lord last week! 


David is going to be preaching on Sunday at Midvalley Church in Cashmere, WA. Pray that he will be able to share a meaningful palm Sunday message, and many will catch the vision for the work! 

Pray for Rich, he’s going to be on the Christian radio on Friday, that God would give him the right words! 

Prayer for wisdom with finances for the ministry! There are many opportunities and we cannot afford to take hold of them all. Pray God directs us to the ones He has ordained. 

Praise God, Dara’s family is all well this week. Odette is recovering from an ear infection which flared up last week, but is now free of fever. 


Still working on the training of the students, about 250, we need to raise over $10,000. We might not be able to pay for everyone to come! Pray for wisdom and grace, and provision.


It is still very dangerous in Mbingo! Pray for safety for Florence and her husband, and all in Mbingo, and mercy for everyone, that the violence would end.

Hilda is okay, she is in Bamenda, which is safe, praise God.

There have been terrible killings around the Belo area, pray for protection.

Rich asked Pastor Yisa if he should come to Mbingo, and he said he wouldn’t advise it. Pray for wisdom for Rich, and for direction for us ass we seek to support our embattled Cameroonian brothers and sisters in their fight against the forces of darkness. 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ April 11
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Modern Day Paul and the Muslim World

In the New Testament we read the story of Saul, a religious extremist who persecuted Christians. While on his way to Damascus to take violent acts against Christians, Saul heard the voice of Jesus in a bright light and was blinded. After speaking with a disciple in Damascus, he was converted from an enemy of the Lord to a disciple of Christ (Acts 9:1-22). That was when Saul the Zealot became Paul the Apostle.

Here at FFICM, we believe that God has a deep-rooted heart for the Islamic North in Nigeria, where the Boko Haram extremists thrive through violent acts. Christians in this region have experienced devastating losses at the hands of the Boko Haram. Despite this persecution, our team has been reminded time and time again that God is at work in Nigeria, comforting His people and reaching out to the lost in the process.

In the same way that God transformed the life of Paul from killing Christians to encouraging them, He is also transforming the life of a former murderer in Nigeria. This man spent much of his youth as a hired killer for the Boko Haram, and murdered many Christians. He was a radical Muslim who one day experienced a radical, divine change. He was given the assignment to kill a certain pastor, but that night he had a dream—three men appeared to him and said not to kill the pastor, but to go see the pastor in the area instead and hear about Jesus. So, he met with the pastor and received Christ that day. Soon after, his wife also accepted Christ, and the two were taken to a discipleship center for 8 months. It is because he was given the time and safe space to ask questions and grow more in his faith that this man now wants to be an evangelist to reach his Muslim brothers and sisters! Praise God for this Paul-like radical transformation!

During biblical times, Jesus tirelessly sought out the broken, the lame, the poor, the outcast, the murders, and the lost. These people might have been too blind by their way of thinking, thought their sin was too great, or believed their life was too far gone. Society saw them as dangerous or less than, but God saw them for who they really are—His beloved creation, those He could empower for His good. God reached out to these individuals in the past, He seeks them in the present, and He will continue to do so in the days to come.

Nicole MillerModern Day Paul and the Muslim World
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 27th



  • Praise God, 100 people came to Christ as a result of the outreach in Gindiri, they are being followed up! We also got a lot of written feedback from the students. Pray for wisdom as the students stategize how to reach the area.
  • Local elections were re-conducted, because the people in power didn’t get the result they want, so there has been some curfew in Jos to forestall unrest. Pray for lasting peace even in face of this injustice.
  • Peter is feeling ill this morning, pray for healing and strength for him!
  • MBB convert we took to Abuja is going back to his village, pray for his safety and transition as the former sheik helps him transition. Leaders of the community attacked him for preaching previously.
  • MBB converts in Bali are having difficulty, and the churches in accommodating them. Pray that they will work out the kinks in handling MBBs soon for everyone’s sake!
  • Comfort praises God that they have been able to move around. Attacks on Monday after Friday morning prayers, killed about 18 people. Pray for the security of the state, pray that those who come to Christ will have the strength to stand in the suffering.
  • Comfort went to a village from the 15-17th. Eleven people accepted Christ, she left them in the care of one missionary in the village to follow up with them.
  • Pray for the security of the state, pray that those who come to Christ will have the strength to stand in the suffering.
  • Samuel’s son is scheduled to meet again with the doctor on the 2nd of April, pray that he will be healed and the doctors will have wisdom to know how to address his issue!


  • Pray, we don’t have the budget right now to do the trainings of the students in July!
  • Continue to pray for peace in the country!


  • Praise God, Mbingo has been calm the past few days. Florence’s husband is responding to treatment! She is going to take her husband to see a specialist in Bamenda tomorrow. Pray
  • The armed forces were attacked by freedom fighters last Tuesday, came onto hospital premises shooting randomly and beating people. Pray that the army will not come back, even though they say that they have their revenge. Pray that God preserves the hospital staff.
  • Because of the shooting they have not been granted permission to evangelize at the hospital! Pray for peace and safety and opportunities to reach out.
  • Shooting around Boyo land, will be difficult to hold conference and training in April. Now they are looking to see if someone can help them create a forum for FFICM-trained evangelists online.


  • We had 80 people come to our prayer event at CMBC! Great group of people, very interested in knowing what’s going on. Gave them opportunity to write notes of encouragement to people in the field! Some people contributed funds, one person is contributing to equip people in the ITEC training with audio bibles. We have a potential video volunteer to help Stacey!
  • David’s wife and 2 of his kids are sick. Denise is sick with a really bad cough, and one of the kids also is particularly sick.
  • Rich is also getting over being sick, pray for health for him!
  • Stacey’s right eardrum is ruptured! Prayer for healing, it may take months to heal.
  • Praise for Dara’s kids’ healing, pray that they heal completely! Pray that Dara is able to fight off the illness it seems like she’s coming down with something too.
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 27th
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 18


Peter, Rick, and Michael Osang are conducting a training starting today at Gindiri Theological Seminary with around 120 students. They have gone out to evangelize this evening. Prayer them as they grow, and for the team as they minister!

The former sheik and Ishaku Pate is on another journey to follow up with MBBs! Prayer for safe travel for them and praise for more coming to the Lord!

CAN (the organization that facilitates collaboration between Nigerian denominations) would like us to train pastors from smaller denominations who would not be able to put together enough participants for their own training, by allowing them to join the training we’re having of the UMCN and ECWA pastors. They’re saying they can bring 250 total! Prayer for the organization of this training, which is occurring just before Easter, praise for this opportunity to collaborate with more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our trainer Ishaku Pate has been having severe lower back pain and is having a hard time walking straight and lifting things. Pray for healing for him as he goes to see the doctor! 

Samuel’s little boy Josiah is going to the doctor tomorrow to make the final call about the surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor, and continued healing and hope for his entire family!

Comfort trained 8 people in the village of Biu this week, there were some pastors also from the neighboring village that came. Comfort taught them how to use the gospel card. Prayer for grace and a filling of the Holy Spirit as they implement their training! Praise that Comfort had safe travels.

Continued prayer for peace in Nigeria!


Eskendir and others are still arranging the training for 200 students for the summer time! The local churches are determining how they can contribute financially and otherwise to the training. The students are saving money to fund their outreach after the training. Pray for this training, last summer the students witnessed to over 20,000 people, and nearly 2,000 came to know Christ!

Things have calmed down in the country because of the plane crash, people are in shock and not doing demonstrations while the country is grieving. Continued prayer for healing for those who have lost loved ones, and prayer for continued peace; that the country would be able to come together in a lasting way.


David’s weekend in WA has been fruitful! He was able to share for 2 hours in the church service about his ministry with FFICM with about 40 of the church members. Church members wrote notes of encouragement for some of our key FFICM team members! 

Pray for our upcoming fundraiser and information event in early May! Many preparations are still needed. 

Praise that Dara’s family is now well! They are dealing with the expense of removing the mold and water intrusion from their house, prayer for God’s provision.


Florence’s husband has been able to walk a little bit with the walking stick. Florence praises God for your prayers and for the grace that God has given her. She is the only one able to help her husband at this time, pray for support for her from her community and for healing for her husband!

Cameroon continues to suffer division and human rights abuses by both sides of the armed forces in the conflict. Prayer for protection for the innocent and conviction and salvation for those involved. May God bring peace in 2019 in Jesus’ Name. 

Prayer for Florence’s newest group of evangelists and trainees! May God strengthen and encourage them and give them grace in every way. 

We are hoping to be able to run a training Cameroon this year, please pray for the leaders of the churches that need to mobilize ahead of the training, and for peace in time! We also need a location, and haven’t yet found a suitable one to host it.



DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 18
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 12


  • During the election people were afraid to move around in Maiduguri, now that the election results have been announced people have been able to go around the city. Pray for peace and for relief from the attacks on the Boko Haram. 
  • Praise God that the set-up for the collaborative training with Steve Saint’s organization (Itec) for MBBs is going well. Pray for the leader of the discipleship center there, she is planning on going to the government for the official clearance. They are reasonably sure this will not be a problem, the local chief is in strong support of the training, but the official word is what we need. They also need generators for the training!
  • Governor elections in Taraba and Plateau still not announced. Pray for peace and God’s will be done.
  • Need prayers also, have a training with he GTS students Monday-Thursday next week. Pray God will guide us and lead us through that!
  • Prayers for Samuel’s son isn’t going to be able to get hernia surgery until the 19th, pray for Josiah. Sam’s wife Jessica is having trouble with her eye. Friday, one of his daughters, her neck is hurting her.  The family needs encouragement and prayer in the midst of health challenges. 
  • Former sheik will be traveling to Jalingo and Bali to meet with MBBs. Pray that God will give him wisdom on how to relate to them and build them up in their faith. 
  • The new MBB whose life has been in danger is having difficulty with his accommodations, prayer it will be safe for him to return to his home area soon.
  • Continue to pray for one of theformer drug addicts who became a believer and we trained last year (Benjamin), he has completed a training with the Living Faith Church and they have sent him to a mission field. 
  • Rick is recovering from his dental surgery well! He has had some good meetings in Nigeria, and is looking forward to the trainings with the team.  
  • Pray for conference coming up in the fall, we need more speakers! 


  • Continued prayers for Florence and her evangelist trainees! They have been evangelizing and meeting together all month, praise God for them!
  • Continued prayer for peace for English-speaking Cameroon, and for protection for all the vulnerable people. 


  • Ethiopia airline crash, pray for families of the casualties!
  • Pray for the political situation, there has been some unrest! The peace is unstable, pray for security. 
  • Pray for the arrangements for the training of the students this summer.


  • Pray for upcoming fundraising/prayer events, especially the one at CMBC this week!
  • Praise that Dara’s family is doing better, Dara had difficulty breathing this week and discovered she has asthma, and is doing much better with medication. 
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 12
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Prayer and Praise ~ March 4th



  • Pray for the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, and also for Florence’s team of volunteers in Mbingo!
  • Praise God that the roads are open, and patients are able to come into the hospital. 
  • Florence is busy farming as well as training. Pray for protection for her and those that are at risk in the fields. The freedom-fighters have been responsible for some terrible atrocities. Last week there was a panic in Mbingo because the freedom-fighters went and drove away some Fulani from their homes, and took over their homes, and took some of their cattle. The Fulani then ganged up and come to burn homes in Mbingo, and many people fled to the hills. Florence and her husband didn’t hear the rumor and were unaware that people were running to the hills. Praise God some elders in Mbingo dialogued with the Fulanis to prevent the attack.
  • Stanley and Heston are two young evangelists that Florence is working with right now, for the next three Mondays they are going to evangelize at the hospital compound, Lord willing! They are waiting for official approval from the hospital. They asked for prayers for more grace from the Lord as they step into their ministries and callings, and for protection for their families!


  • Rick made it safe to Nigeria, his connections went fine, praise God!
  • Jos is relatively peaceful, praise God. 
  • People are confined to the center of the town in Maiduguri because of fear of attack. Thursday there was an attack with 5 soldiers and more civilians killed pray for peace! 
  • Samuel is going to Niger state to conduct a follow-through (follow-up with those we trained) for those we trained in November to further assist them in their development and to see what help they need!
  • Pray for the upcoming trainings in Taraba state, there are three trainings that need prayer as the dates are unsure right now.
  • Prayer for the former sheik working with Rich on Muslim background believer specific follow-up materials. 
  • Pray for I-Tech team as they get ready to go, and for the former sheik and another trainee who will be traveling up to Kano on Wednesday; we need permission from the local government to issue accreditation when the MBBs receive their training so that they can actually implement the training! 


  • Pray for Ethiopia and the training coming up in July! 
  • Pray for the Eritreans using our materials that they can train and not be arrested! 


  • Prayer for Dara’s communications with B4, they’ve dropped some of their support, Dara is hoping to re-establish support and communication with them. 
  • Pray for David’s safe trip back from Trail Christian Fellowship, praise for a good weekend. A couple of people are interested in supporting David’s ministry! 
DaraPrayer and Praise ~ March 4th
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Prayer and Praise ~ February 11th



  • The former sheik and Ishaku are traveling to Jalingo this week to check on MBB converts; particularly two new converts, to discern what would be the best course of action for their situation. Pray for them for safe travel! They hope to be back in Jos by Friday.
  • Last week the Nigeria team checked on a potential vehicle for the team! Hopefully we will be able to purchase it Monday—pray that it is the right one and everything goes smoothly! Praise God for his provision in the funds for this vehicle which will help our team immensely. 
  • Pray for upcoming elections, for peace throughout the country. 
  • In Maiduguri, the situation is very tense, Boko Haram members are filtering back into towns to vote! Everyone is nervous. Please pray that they do not cause any trouble. Comfort says the Christians in Maiduguri are looking only to God to help them in this situation. 


  • The English-speaking population has been ordered by the insurgency to stay inside, around their homes and not travel until the 14th of February. The freedom-fighters have been stealing from the population and kidnapping people. Mbingo is still relatively safe, as the expat missionaries are still there, pray that they are able to remain and that Mbingo is protected! 
  • Pray for peace. Today was youth day, usually they celebrate the youth and have parades, but the 2 English-speaking regions couldn’t do anything today, as they have all been confined. 
  • Praise God Florence’s family is safe. Any time they hear gunshots they run into the house. Florence’s husband is doing better but is still weak and cannot walk without falling. Pray for him for strength. Pray for their continued safety!
  • Pray for young trainees and evangelists who are really bold to go out and preach. They just brought in their plan of actions for the first quarter! They will be having a lot of Bible studies and prayer. They will be going out in March for house to house evangelism. Pray for them that the HS will lead Florence and the other leaders as they teach the young people to put on the armor of God. 
  • They hoping to do a conference combination training in April, that those in Anjadua can take the bush road and come! Pray for peace.
  • Pray that God and His angels will watch over children as they play and go to school. 


  • There are 34 people at the training, there will be 9 more Eritreans, Lord willing, tomorrow. Some of them had to go around a mountain to get here. Most of them are young, have a pastor who has been a pastor for 30 years. We told them we will take pictures but won’t put them on the internet! They are joyful and sing a lot, are happy to be here. Their prayer request were for those that are arrested and in prison. They have to do church at night time, many people are coming to Christ. Pray for them for protection! 
  • 11 churches were burned yesterday by Muslims, Alava, near Butajira. Pray for protection and for recovery for those who were burned!
  • praise God so many are turning from idols and amulets (pictured above). Our trainees are hard at work and God is blessing them!
  • Please pray for the Eritrean contingent, returning home by Saturday!!


  • Praise God for the health of Dara’s kids
  • We are getting ready for a planning meeting for a fundraiser tomorrow!
  • Pray for Dara as she meets with more people from Beaverton Foursquare, hoping to let more people know about the ministry. They also dropped some of her support, and she’s hoping to hear why.
  • Rick is planning on leaving in the next few weeks! Prayer for him.
  • Stacey’s daughter has 3 more kidney stones. Her original tests got messed up, and so she needs to be retested so the doctors can discern what is going on. Pray for her healing!
  • David’s wife, Denise, is leaving for a week to go to Arizona to help her parents with transitioning to Oregon. Pray for David as he takes care of his three kids, and his wife as she helps her parents! 
DaraPrayer and Praise ~ February 11th
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 4th


  • We are expecting about 20 pastors from Eritrea, 20 from the refugee camps. Pray for those who are coming from Eritrea, they are hoping to cross the border on foot. 
  • Everything for the training is in order! Praise God for blessing on the preparation efforts.
  • The security issues around Bonga and Hawassa are getting better! Rich, Eyasu, and the Ethiopia team are looking forward to meeting the 130 trainees responsible for the 3,500 in follow-up classes in those strategic areas.  Praise God for his protection and grace 


  • There has been a Book haram attack near Maiduguri, about 3,000 people fled into Cameroon. Please pray for them, as Cameroon is unstable itself right now. May God protect all of them.  
  • Peter, the young man from Maiduguri who was severely traumatized, wasn’t admitted to the hospital when he needed to be and ended up overdosing. He survived and is doing okay now. Pray for his continued protection!
  • Peter’s nephew’s four year old son died this week. His nephew is not a believer, but his wife is a believer.  The nephew did not bring the child to the hospital in time, even though he had been sick for a while, so the hospital staff could not save him. Please pray for Peter and his nephew and wife and their family for comfort and healing and that the nephew would become a believer.
  • Rich and the Nigeria team report that their work in planning to further the cause of reaching Muslims and establishing the new believers in the faith is going very well! We have planned two conferences to focus on this—one conference will reach out to current Muslim background believers in need of support, and a second will train 1,000 Hausa indigenous Christians who will be our best option to work with new believers in the communities in which they are already established. They will be safer and more effective! We need prayer for protection and wisdom moving forward; all the Nigerian teams and denominations we work with are excited about the plans! May God draw many to Himself. 


  • Praise for David’s time with Foot’s Creek Chapel sharing about the work that FFICM is doing! 
  • Pray for safe travel for David, who is returning through snowy roads. 
  • Prayer for Stacey’s daughter who is suffering from recurrent kidney stones. Prayer for wisdom for the doctors as they try to help her determine how to resolve the condition. Prayer for comfort for them as she and her husband are wanting to have a baby, but have been unable to because of her condition.
  • Pray for Dara’s family, continuing to struggle with sleeplessness. 


  • Praise God for evangelism going on in Mbingo! Follow-up classes that have been going on, and going very well! 
  • Thank God, it has been quiet around Mbingo, even though the people have been confined to their city and are not allowed to leave except to go look after their farms.
  • Please pray for peace and for mercy on the English-speaking population of Cameroon—the freedom-fighters have told the populace to stay off the roads for 40 days as they will try to destroy the government forces, and the government for its part has sworn to obliterate the freedom-fighters.
  • Florence and her friends are planning to hold a conference and training in the 1st or 2nd week of April, Lord willing! They are expecting 500 trainees. Pray for miraculous peace which would enable this work! 
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 4th
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 28th



  • Rich, Peter and the team met with Muslim Background Believers for 3 hours! Some are those that the former sheik led to the Lord only a few weeks ago. Please pray for them as some of them have come from very intense situations.
  • We discovered of our workers planted a church in Jalingo; there are now around 100 people attending! The worker is doing follow-up using our follow-up materials, they are from the UMCN denomination. One woman said the thing that I learned that was most helpful was the picture from the follow-up materials of God’s hands; that I am safe in the hands of Jesus! Praise God for this church; continue to pray for their growth in faith.
  • The team will be traveling this week to visit a church that was planted by one of our trainees in Bali; it is very remote, they are going via motorcycle, pray for safe travel!
  • It is 96 degrees in Taraba right now! Pray for a relief from the heat.
  • Thank God the vehicle has not yet broken down, pray that it continues to hold out!
  • Comfort reports that there is a crisis in Maiduguri because of the elections coming up. They won’t be able to arrange any trainings until the 2nd of March because of the fear and insecurity. Recently they had to take a young man to the hospital to be seen by a psychiatrist because he has been so severely traumatized. Pray for peace and for healing for this young man.
  • Rich, Peter, and the team will be meeting tonight with ministry leaders that work with MBBs. Pray God blesses this meeting and that God will give them His plan for following up with MBBs.
  • The team will travel Wednesday to go back to Jos, pray for safety in travel!
  • The team might also look at a vehicle on Saturday in Bauchi, to see if we can purchase it with the donations from supporters toward the cause of obtaining a safe vehicle for the team! Pray for wisdom and that this is the right car.
  • Monday, the team hopes to meet with the leadership of the denomination COCIN, please pray for that meeting, for unity in spirit and for direction!
  • Pray for safety in travel, the car has broken down in dangerous situations recently! We have not yet heard how the break down below has turned out….Lord protect our team!


  • Eyasu is preparing for the training in northern Ethiopia, preparing materials and gospel tracts. We don’t know how many pastors will be able to attend, as the border is only partially open! Pray for safety for these trainees! Pray for Eyasu for wisdom and strength as he completes the preparations.
  • Please continue to pray for Rich, Eyasu, Eskinder, and the rest of the FFICM volunteer trainers for safety in traveling as there is continued sporadic instability and unrest.
  • When Rich comes, the Ethiopia team is planning to visit Bonga. We trained 81 trainees there and they have 2,000 in classes! This region has over 1,000 witch doctors and apparently they are coming to receive Christ as well, pray for them and for these dedicated and Spirit-filled trainers! They will also visit Hawassa, where we trained 50 and they now have 1,500.


  • Continue to pray as tensions in English speaking regions are high—there is currently no safe travel between French and English-speaking regions.
  • Please pray for peace! And also for protection for all our friends and coworkers in Mbingo who are working hard running follow-up classes and also looking at the possibility of running a larger training in the future!
  • Please continue to pray for Florence as she needs more funding for her work, and also is seeking the Lord’s wisdom regarding her ministry as her husband’s health is suffering. Please pray for his healing!


  • David speaking on Sunday at Foots Creek Chapel in Southern Oregon! Pray for grace for this time, and that the Lord would open up connections and opportunities for people to partner with us!
  • We are sending out mailing today for year end summaries! Praise God for all he has done this past year, and pray for what God will do through all of us this next year.
  • Pray for Stacey’s son; his family just came up on the 18 month anniversary of the sudden death of their 4 year old daughter, pray for every grace and comfort to be given to their family in Jesus’ Name.
  • Pray for Stacey’s daughter who is in terrible pain from a kidney stone; pray for quick healing.
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 28th
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Living Hope

-Pray for hospital. Currently at only 20% capacity due to unrest in the area. Roads around there are constantly being closed. People are dying at home and not able to go to hospital.
-They are being told that February will be worse that January in the English speaking areas of Cameroon. There will not be any movement between English and French speaking areas of Cameroon.
-This week, Florence and 8 other evangelists were having a meeting. They were meeting together and trying to figure out a good time for FFICM to come and do an Evangelism and Follow-up conference there in Cameroon and where they would be able to do it.
-Pray for Boyo land. Many villages have been abandoned. Everyone is tired of the fighting. There continue to be killings every day. The Cameroonian government is threatening the English speakers and is trying to eradicated them.
-Continue to pray for the growing number of new believers coming from Muslim background.
-Pray that more and more of these people from Muslim background will continue to choose to follow Jesus
-Pray for Yusuf who continues to share about Jesus with Muslims. Many are interested.
-There was another kidnapping recently in Nigeria. Pray for safety.
-Pray for health for the FFICM National Director in Nigeria’s wife (Margaret). She continues to have health issues.

-Pray for Rich’s trip to Nigeria/Ethiopia.
-Pray for the remaining funds needed for the team vehicle in Nigeria. We will need to raise about $5,500.
-Praise for the good connections FFICM made at Mission ConneXion and this past Sunday at Cedar Mill Bible Church. Pray that we will have wisdom in following up with all of those contacts.
-Pray for board meeting this week on Tuesday. (Update: It went well!)
-Pray for Rick Cordell has he works on things related to family, scheduling, speaking and support raising that he needs to do before he can go back overseas and serve in Nigeria with FFICM.
-Pray for David’s continued financial support. He is currently at 82%.
-Pray also for Dara’s continued need for financial support.
-Pray for wisdom as we start planning for FFICM’s spring fundraiser (this will be on May 4th)

-Pray for the border to be re-opened between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is closed again. If it remains closed, we won’t be able to do the training that we were planning to do there in February.

DaraLiving Hope
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The Cross by Night


Praise and Prayer


  • Peter’s wife started taking the drugs for her illness three days ago; as of yesterday there has been a great improvement! She’s feeling great relief for the pain in her abdomen! Praise God and pray for her continued healing.
  • The former sheik and Ishak Pate left for Bali! They’re going to be visiting the new converts. One of the new converts is an former imam, was leading a traditional Islamic prayer group, bowed down and saw a picture of Jesus on the ground. He suddenly started talking about Jesus. All other Muslims were astonished; the next in command pulled him away and from that day forward that man refused to pray as a Muslim and went to a church and became a Christian. Please pray for all the courageous new believers in dangerous circumstances!
  • One of the new believers in the discipleship center in Bali whose son who was born with severe heart problems last month, was able to get funding for an operation in India, and is currently there waiting for the surgery. Please pray for him! The little boy’s name is Samuel and his father’s name is pastor Enoch.
  • Peaceful in Berom land, thank you for the prayers.


  • FFICM will have a booth at Mission Connexion, pray for God to bring people to us who will be a good fit to join the organization!
  • Dara’s family continues to struggle with sleeplessness for their children. Please pray for rest in this coming year!


  • Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in ministry there, especially for our sister Florence as she is continuing to seek God concerning her calling and responsibilities as a missionary!
  • Pray for peace! The conflict in Cameroon continues to claim lives in the English-speaking regions. May God have mercy on our friends.


  • Pray for peace in Ethiopia!
  • Agazi has safely crossed the border and returned as a test! Praise God and please pray for the pastors as they consider the risks of attending the training, and for our partners on the ground as they seek to make this crossing safe.
  • Pray for Eyasu’s wife—her older sister died while she was in the US. Praise God, she is feeling his comfort, but pray for continued comfort and healing for her!
DaraThe Cross by Night
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Praise and Prayer December 18th!




  • Sam is safe after his travels!
  • Our friend and partner, Nuhu, the head of NLFA needed a serious eye-surgery, it has been successful, and he is back in Jos!
  • Praise God for journey mercies to Nassarawa state; we now have an open door with ECWA. They want us to train all their pastors in the region so they can then train their elders!


  • Peter’s wife is seriously sick with hepatitis! Please pray for her healing
  • Pray for safety for Maiduguri (especially Comfort and her friends) as they are still under the threat of attack by the Boko Haram. 
  • The NGOs working in Baga have left, scared off by the Boko Haram warning letter. Pray for protection for that region, and mercy as the aid organizations leave.



  • Praise God for the continued safety of Florence, her family, and our volunteer trainers! 
  • Thank God for the ministry of our volunteer trainers, particularly Killian and Linda, who have been hard at work evangelizing and following up with new believers. 


  • Killian has attempted to reach out to freedom-fighters. Several expressed interest, but most of them said that their demons protected them better than God. Florence told us that many young people are beginning to turn to the occult. Pray for them, that they will turn to the Lord instead of the false “protection” of the enemy!
  • Florence and her co-wokers were planning on a larger outreach in December, but due to security risks, will need to remain in Mbingo and will be praying for the sick. Pray for them! 



  • The pastor was located, praise God! He told us that 25 people are confirmed to come to the training. 
  • Eskendir has been conducting follow-up lesson with a couple of dozen new believers from his home village!


  • Continue to pray for peace in Ethiopia! Violence continues to break out in disparate regions. 
  • Pray for Eyasu, Eskinder, and the continued safety of our contacts as we plan the Eritrea training! 



  • We now have half of the money we need for the car in Nigeria! 
  • Dara’s husband Ian received really good news from his artery scan; he does not have heart disease! 


  • Board meeting for FFICM is this week! Pray for the board as they look to this next year! Russia/Siberia:

Praise and Prayer

  • Roman is conducting follow-up in Siberia, praise God! Pray for him as he continues to minister
DaraPraise and Prayer December 18th!
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Praise and Prayer December 11!



  • Comfort and her friends were able to do an outreach last week, and came back Monday safely! They came through Bama, and went to Nchikka, Gwoza, Goza. Praise God for protecting them and for their ministry!
  • The former sheik has been able to meet with 8 of the new converts whose lives were in danger last week, and praise God, they are no longer in danger! All those that he has met with are prepared to be discipled in their own villages. The local pastor (who we trained) has accepted them and wants to help them, and there is a discipleship center we may help them connect to as well! He will meet with the other four MBBs soon.


  • Boko Haram has issued a letter warning that they plan to attack Maiduguri over the Christmas season. Please pray that God will protect everyone and will not allow them to kill anyone.
  • Comfort prayed with a woman whose husband was killed by the Boko Haram when he was not able to run away fast enough. Pray for her and her family.
  • Rick is traveling to Lagos meet with 15 people we’ve trained! Pray for protection and for these trainees as they continue to minister.
  • Some of the new believers, who resulted from the outreaches during last training in Rijau are going to church! The boys that are underage are not currently being permitted by their parents to go; pray that the parents of the new believers that are young boys will be allowed to go to church!
  • The man who runs the discipleship center that we are wanting to work with had a newborn baby this month who has a lot of heart and hearing problems. The doctors in Jos have said that the baby won’t survive unless the parents can afford to fly the baby to India for an operation, which they cannot afford. Please pray for a miracle; that this baby will be healed!
  • The  Fulani are still attacking vulnerable villages and churches, please pray for protection.



  • So far, the Eritrean training is moving forward! A supporter has paid for the Eritrean pastors’ transport, which is a major step towards the training being funded!
  • We continue to praise God for Eyasu’s safety from the near-miss car accident last week.
  • Praise for the 800 new believers and almost 200 new baptized resulting from trainees supervised by Belay!


  • Eyasu hasn’t been able to contact the Eritrean pastors recently, please pray that they are safe!
  • There is conflict in various parts of Ethiopia recently ; between students and different tribes. Please pray for peace!
  • Pray for Eyasu as he has one more month in Ethiopia without his wife, as she is visiting relatives in the US.



  • Thank God that several of the expat missionaries are back in Mbingo, so the army has backed off for now.
  • Thank God the road to Yaounde is quiet! The shootings are now not as much around local towns, but around the camps of the freedom fighters, so praise God for increased consideration for civilian life.


  • Florence needs transport to go to the north soon or the preparations for February won’t be possible and we will need to choose another time for a conference in Cameroon!
  • Florence’s meeting with the medical people was very successful; they are very interested in continuing to be trained to reach out to their patients and their friends!
  • The Mbingo hospital is in financial crisis, as they haven’t had as many patients because of the crisis.
  • There are three follow-up classes going on in Mbingo with dozens of trainees! Please pray for safety for everyone, and for wisdom and grace for the dedicated trainers!



  • We have gotten a couple of generous unexpected donations that will really help our ministry continue to function!


  • Dara’s husband Ian is needing to have a scan to take a look at his arteries to make sure they are functioning well, pray that there is good news and no sign of heart disease!
  • Prayer for Stacey Lloyd, our new volunteer who is having health problems, pray for healing!
DaraPraise and Prayer December 11!
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A Word from Florence



The word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. (Immanuel) God with us (St. John 1:14)

For God so love the world, that He made His dwelling among men. In Christ, Jesus was the totality of God (Col. 2:9.)

For the God of all creation so loved the world that He left His rainbow throne, His glorious kingdom, and the magnificent worship by His multitude angels, to stay with men on earth.

He brought peace on earth, and the government was on His shoulders! In Him was the light of life. Born of the virgin Mary, born in a manger, the Son of God, the Good Shepherd, the Way, and the Truth, and the Life (St John 10:11, 14:6.)

Born to save us from our sin, for God was in Him reconciling the world to Himself. His name, Jesus, is the only name given to us for salvation. The name above all names.

His kingdom has no end. To Him alone be glory, honor, power, adoration forever and ever. Amen.

Jesus the son of God, we celebrate you. We believe in you as they son of God born of the virgin Mary to save us.



DaraA Word from Florence
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Praise and Prayer November 20th; Thanks in Great Trial!



  • Thanks be to God, we have been able to hire someone who specializes in working with Muslim background believers!
  • Rick was able to talk to the chapel and Gindiri Theological Seminary, and ask how many needed new materials who had already been trained, and several raised their hands; we dropped off materials for them to use!
  • Peter is getting better from his illness! Pray he is completely healed by Saturday.


  • There is an important trip to Ridjau in Niger state coming up this Saturday. Danger of kidnapping! Last training in September, one of the trainees from Tim Robnet’s ministry was kidnapped. Rick might be going on Saturday. We are training 40 people; all pastors and missionaries from Water Winds organization. There are a lot of new converts in the area and a lot of pastors who are pretty young and want training!
  • Today our staff met with leaders from discipleship centers in Jos concerning MBB conference. We talked about how we are together going to take care of the new converts. Right now we have 20, and some of them have to flee to Jos! Preferable we can send some of the teachers from the discipleship centers up to help those who are not in imminent danger so they don’t have to be moved away from their families.
  • Pray for trip in January, we are planning an unprecedented meeting between all churches and ministries working with MBBs in Jos, to figure out a system for how to sustainably help MBBs, especially those whose lives are in danger!
  • Last week Sam traveled the village and there was an attack where he was between 3:30-4, at the village market between Barkin Ladi and Mangu. Four gunmen attacked a car while everyone was going to the market; the driver and navigator were killed, and two others injured. As one of the attackers was running, people killed him. People were so scared in the market, they just all froze. Up to now, there has been no reprisals, praise God. Keep praying for the families.
  • Prayer for Rick’s teaching and the renewal of Rick’s visa!
  • Comfort lost a friend of hers in ministry from Maiduguri, pray for his family
  • Comfort and her group are still going out on Thursday, please pray for safety for them!



  • Florence and all of our co-workers are currently safe, thank God.
  • We may be able to run a conference in the middle of February in Cameroon, pray for wisdom.


  • Fighting has intensified between the army and the freedom-fighters, pray for peace.
  • All the ex-pat doctors are leaving Mbingo, pray for the safety of the city.



  • David’s family all getting together for Thanksgiving and staying for several days.
  • Stacey Lloyd is coming on as a volunteer! He will be helping with our videos and pictures, which will be amazing, and will really help us with creating training videos particularly.


  • Pray for wisdom as we follow-up with people who are now new to FFICM since the fundraiser!
  • Pray for wisdom to know how God would like us to reach out to people on Giving Tuesday



  • for the doors God is opening for ministry!


  • For churches in Eritrea facing extreme persecution!
  • We are praying about working with persecuted pastors! Pray for the plans as they develop.
DaraPraise and Prayer November 20th; Thanks in Great Trial!
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Praise and Prayer November 12!




  • Ron and Rick are having a great time in Gindiri! Good interaction with students.
  • We have 17 new MBBs who resulted from the Bali outreach!


  • Pray for Maiduguri, several villages attacked after the government killed Boko Haram members. 
  • Comfort is running a training and planning on going out to evangelize and follow-up! Pray for protection for them and for the people they will minister to
  • Pray for vehicle for Nigeria office. 
  • 17 MBBs who are in discipleship classes from Bali outreach, 3 will need to move to safe locations as their lives are being threatened. Pray for wisdom and resources to support them!
  • We want to add more staff to the Nigeria team, especially someone to work with MBBs!
  • This is a week of general council for COCIN; a meeting with top administration and faculty members in Jos, trying to sit and pray and think and study and talk together about the direction of the seminary. Pray for wisdom for them!



  • Praise for a wonderful fundraiser! We had over 50 people volunteer to help out, and people were generous with their giving and prayers! We are excited for the ministry that God 


  • Praying for volunteer coordinator for local office



  • We praise God for the team of trainees in Mbingo led by brother Joshua. Last week they went out for evangelism and won 21 converts. Today Florence gave them 21 follow-up booklets.
  • God is working through the crisis to bring people to Himself!
  • We praise God for answered prayer by raising up young people that we will train who will take the gospel every Mondays to homes in and around Mbingo!


  • Pray for process of arranging conference in northern Cameroon
  • Yisa was to finalize arrangements for training in a church in Bamenda but was unable to meet. Pray that the pastor and Yisa will be able to meet.
  • Pray for our Boyo land, movement is becoming more and more difficult. The road from Mbingo to Bamenda was cut near a bridge last week.
  • Two young people were shot at hilltop on Saturday evening, one is still fighting for his life in the ICU.  Shot by the army. 
  • Pray for God’s guidance concerning the conference and training in Maroua. Pray for God’s provisions for our trip to Maroua. It is this trip that will determine where we hold the conference and training. 




  • Praise for new ministry opportunities, potentially near Sudan 


  • Pray for potential ministry outreach to Eritrean refugees!
DaraPraise and Prayer November 12!
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Reason and Rhyme


All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost. 

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Legalists of both the liberal and conservative variety treat truth similarly; as though it were a collection of facts that we can act on independently and reliably manipulate in order to get what we want out of life. The best people of both stripes want good things for others as well as themselves–conservative Christian legalists tend to focus on eternal salvation for themselves and others, and liberal Christians legalists tend to focus on working towards a utopia on this earth, or getting the world as close to a utopia as we can reasonably manage for the good of all.

There is, however, a fatal flaw in the way that they both go about their projects. Laws about the physical world, properly applied, lead to amazing scientific achievements, such as airplanes, water purification systems, and skyscrapers. We can never, and should never assume the same kind of mastery over moral truth. This attitude of pride leads us to the tower of Babel, where we assume we can build a staircase to heaven without being actually led by God. This project will always fail and fail miserably no matter how many times we invoke His name.

Reading the gospels we see that Jesus answered questions about what we should and shouldn’t do in really unexpected ways; by making extravagant demands, by going to the heart of motivations, by dodging some questions entirely. Clearly questions about what is right and wrong, what the meaning and purpose of our lives are, are meant to drive us to the person of Jesus in that humble surrender we call faith. It is only with the heart of a child that we can hear Jesus and obey Him, and actually grow in love. Without Him, we will find a way to do what is wrong, to apply good laws in evil ways that will cause pain and suffering to ourselves and others.

Jesus told us in Matthew that the first and greatest commandment is to love God, and the second is to love your neighbor as yourself. How is it that people of both sides say and do terrible things in the name of love of others, and in the name of the love of God? It is this pride, and the attendant fear (it’s all up to me and if others thwart me, then it is all over) that destroys the best intentions of all and turns us on one another in the basest and most destructive hypocrisy.

Let’s pray together and repent of this pride; pray instead for the hearts of children who are deeply rooted in His love. Only in this way will we ever become part of His kingdom. God does desire justice on this earth, God desires to right what is wrong, to free us from the evil of others and the evil in our own hearts through confession, repentance, forgiveness, love. It is not your ability to force other people or yourself to abide by a list of laws, even the “law” of love that will save us. Only in willingness to give up control and live in trust can you hear from Jesus daily, live deeply rooted in Jesus, and be safe from the poisonous scourge of hatred, pride, and fear which threatens to make hypocrites and empty shells of us all. Only as we live in a posture of receiving from Jesus, like children, will Jesus change and save your heart, and change and save the world.




DaraReason and Rhyme
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Praise and Prayer October 29th!




  • Peter’s house could have burned down. His daughter accidentally left something on the stove when they went out for the evening, but a neighbor saw the pot smoking and broke in through the window to put out the fire. Praise God that his family and home are all safe!
  • The 600 evangelists have started evangelizing! They are reaching out to 36 villages.
  • Peter, Sam and Ishaku trained 54 people to follow up with new believers


  • Pray for evangelism outreaches! For safety and effectiveness
  • Pray for safety for everyone and Peter, Sam and Ishaku and their families
  • This evening, Sam is going out to see how the work is going, pray for him.
  • In Chibok, Comfort reported that 2 people have been killed prayer for their families.
  • Comfort’s daughter traveling back to Jos next week! Pray for her safety as she travels.
  • There are people coming back from outreach an outreach in Taraba on Saturday that Comfort would like to work with and train from Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) denomination. Pray for this collaboration!
  • Fighting broke out on the Abuja-Kaduna highway today! A Voice of the Martyrs staffer is pinned down in the crossfire. Pray for everyone in Kaduna for protection and healing.



  • For the upcoming fundraiser! We look forward to it as an event that will glorify God’s movement and work and build our FFICM team and community!


  • Rick is leaving Wednesday morning for Nigeria! Prayer for him as he travels and ministers and for his work packing out of his real estate office before he leaves.
  • For wisdom for Rich, David, and Dara as they continue to plan the November 6 dinner event!



  • For possible open doors to minister in Eritrea!


  • We are currently trying to get pastors and evangelists who can minister in severely restricted or unreached areas to come to our training. Pray that this training goes through! It will take a lot of careful planning.
DaraPraise and Prayer October 29th!
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Praise and Prayer Oct 23rd!



  • For safe travel for the Nigeria team to Bali
  • There are two trainees in Bali who are interested in coming onto the team as trainers! It would be wonderful to have two trainers in that location.


  • In a village in Kaduna yesterday, 55 people were killed, and the chief and his family kidnapped
  • Peter, Sam, Ishaku Pate are training 100 people ahead of the training in Bali. Please pray for safety and peace for their families who are still in Jos! 2 interested in becoming trainers. 
  • Comfort reported that 30 Christian farmers were just killed outside of Maiduguri in a village called Mulai.
  • Rich stuck outside Mangu, was stuck in 2nd gear. Part broke and they had to weld it together, find a welder. Rick has been stuck in front of mosques on Friday afternoon.



  • The political situation has calmed down!


  • For open doors to work with Eritreans!
  • Eskinder’s son is placed in Jimma in university, great university, but 10 hours from Eskinder! Pray for his family.



  • things calming down a bit there, some people are going back to their homes.


  • President Biya confirmed winning the election, amidst
  • Pastor Yisa wants to relocate from his former station, because there aren’t enough people left, everyone has fled. Prayer for wisdom and protection for him and his family.
  • The team there is still working on a possible date for January, getting us into the north. Prayer for wisdom and grace for all of us as we consider this!
  • There were killings in Florence’s village. Freedom fighters killed a general, so the army went to village and shot young people and burned down houses.



Rick’s business deal went through, enabling his continued ministry~


  • For the fundraiser on November 10th, that we would have the right people there!
  • Rick is leaving for Nigeria Oct. 31st!
DaraPraise and Prayer Oct 23rd!
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Praise and Prayer October 15th!



  • That everyone is currently safe!


  • There is still killing, Peter’s wife just called to warn him there’s trouble in Jos Jarawa again. On Bauchi road, a group of Muslims has taken over, is stopping cars, taking the Christians out and killing them, and Ishaku Pate has to travel on this road!
  • Ruth’s mother tried to go back to her house, but the military moved them out of the house, they suspect that a local person killed a general and have been arresting people. Pray for the innocent, and that the situation is resolved!
  • Pray for Bali area, as we prepare for the training there! There are pockets of attacks around the villages, pray that all the attendees, and our team would be safe.



  • Janice’s 60th birthday went well!


  • Rick needs prayer that a real estate deal goes through, because without it he can’t go over 1st of November .
  • Dara’s babysitter is moving to Mexico, pray she can find a trustworthy, loving person to care for her kids as she works!




  • The violence around Mbingo has eased up! Some of the refugees have been able to return to Belo, and the hospital has been able to admit people again—during the worst of the crisis, they were only conducting a few outpatient appointments.
  • Our trainer, Hilda, who lost her father recently, is feeling thankful for the comfort that God has given, and that her father’s funeral went well.


  • Pray that Florence’s visa is approved! She would love to go to her sister’s wedding, and we would all love to see her.
  • The pastor that hosted Peter in Anjadua, talked to him on the phone and told him that yesterday they killed about 21 youth—the military just goes to an area and attacks any man between the ages of 15-50.
  • Pray about possible January date for training!



  • For open borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea!
  • the last few weeks security was not good in the country, but it is now.


  • Pray for communications issues with the Ethiopia team, that they’d be able to join us in prayer!
  • There is green light to train Ethiopians and Eritreans on Evangelism and follow up in Sudan. So please pray so that God would open doors to train!
DaraPraise and Prayer October 15th!
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September Ministry ~ Peter Wash



We had a trainers’ training from the 6th – 8th of September. We had people from Cameroon, and Comfort from Maiduguri, Jonah and Jacob from Jalingo, Mwanta from Nassarawa, Sunday and Benjamin from NLFA, and some pastors of COCIN then volunteers working with us. We specifically trained on how to teach people in knowledge, attitude, and practice and how to inspire them to want to follow God. There were 17 people, who all intend to train others when they return, some of them began immediately!

The following week was the International conference where pastors, evangelist and all church  workers are pulled together to a conference where they are encourage and mobilize on how to witness. People from Nigeria, Cameroun, and Niger Republic came. Our ministry is responsible for mobilizing the international guest speakers from abroad; we had 4 foreigners and the rest from within the country. They spoke of the cost of the gospel. They also had small groups where the participants could be taught on a more personal basis and also be trained on how to conduct follow-up with new believers. Our ministry was also involved in this aspect to train and provide the materials to those going to the outreach to enable them have what they will use during the outreach in Bali.  

The ministry went to the United Methodist Church of Nigeria, Jalingo and held a training which we had originally organized for three hundred pastors. We ended up giving materials to over 450 people, though some of them did not stay all through the training. This forced us to split the class into two (English and Hausa) to enable us have a proper communication and relationship in the presentation. This gave us better impact by having a smaller number of people in the class were listening to us.

The bishop came to the opening and declared the training open, and he left us to continue, and there were other leaders who continue to be with us throughout the period of the training. The bishop organized a dinner were he fed us and have time with us and so also the host Church where the training was taking place also prepare a meal for us in one of the nights.

The first two days which we are to go out for field practicals, there was rain on the first day, and on the second day more people went out and share with others. Some could even went and witness to Muslims which gave the joy and confidence in witnessing to others.

On the fifth day which we are to have the two last sessions and the review, there was another Episcopal conference where we had to stop by 9:30am to allow those that came for the meeting to continue. They met base on their conferences and came up with proposal on how they intent to go and implement what they have learn. Two conferences have already propose dates that they will want to continue the train their members and to begin to go out for outreaches.


Isah said, I learned that I was called by God and my duty as a leader is to share whatever God has taught me. he added that he has been having problems on how to witness because he had only one idea of witnessing but this training has giving him another way of witnessing. I wish the days of the training could be more than the five days. He has set out two days in a week to witness and follow up with others.

Rev. Silas  said this training has helped me personally on how to put to death my sinful life and to live by faith. It has helped me on how to train others, build new believers in their faith. He intend to train members of his congregation on how to continue to build new believers. He also wish if we will organized this kind of training it should be in the dry season not the rainy season.

Daphee  said I learn that as a believer, challenges are there in my way to help me build up my faith in God and also strengthen me because the more I overcome them the more strength I got. The training has given me guidelines on how to teach my disciples the truth about their stand in the faith. He also learned how to teach the new believers on how to live for God. He then plans to be teaching his disciples more of this strategy on how to use the Gospel cards, to reach out to the Muslims.

Elizabeth  said that she has learned in her personal life how she can preach the word of God, this training has help her to approach people with the word of God.

Felix  also said he had learned how to reach the unbelievers with the gospel and how to be humble and sincere in loving others as Christ did. The training has awaking him on how to stand by the word of God. He also learns how to burst in the lord not with what he has or who he is. He plans to reach others with the gospel and continue to follow up the new believers and train them on how to reach out to others.

Ayuba learned that God love every one and cares for everyone  he is also merciful to everyone who believes in him, to him the training has encourage him to be faithful in his ministry as a pastor and obey what the word of God said to him , how he care for the church. He wish we could have been going out on the field practical’s where every one of them will be given the opportunity to witness. He intends to go and implement what he has learned.

John learned as a believer, he has passed from death to life and that has given him Joy to know that he has  great assurance that God who began this work of salvation will carry it to completion on the day of our lord Jesus Christ. This training has helped him to imitate Christ, and to be sincere and humble in living the Christian life, and not to grieve the Holy Spirit. He then advice us to have film show and play lets to draw the attention of people to what you intend to teach for the whole week. He has pan to train 250 youths in 1st – 3rd April 2019.

Godfree on his part said that he has learn how to approach the unbelievers and to talk to him or her about life, he also learn that God has chosen the unimportant people to use them as his instruments. He plans to start applying this training to his family members to some groups and he want to reach out to other people of different faith with the gospel. He wish we should keep organizing this program to strengthen their faith and then help them keep on with the work of evangelism.

Amos  learned the need to follow the new believer on how to care for the new believers not just to make decisions but to build them up to be matured in the faith. He as a leader needs to practice what he teaches, to share his experiences with others.

Gaius said, I receive a new knowledge and breakthrough on how to confront an unbeliever with the gospel and how to guide him to become matured in the faith. The training has helped me in a manner that I need to teach the members of my organization to be telling others the great news of Jesus Christ.

Danladi learned that following God is a great task that requires us to throw our bad past to be committed in following him. This training has helped me in my lifestyle as a Christian on how to deal with my old life by putting it to death.

Iliyasu   learn how to make disciples, how to preach to unbelievers to be build in the faith and follow Jesus. He then plans to go out to the unbelievers with the gospel.

Rev. Aminu said that he learned how to approach new converts; he had experience how to reach out with the gospel to the unbelievers. The training has improve his knowledge on how to love one another, he wish we had time to reach out with the gospel to different areas such as hospital, or prisons. He plans to organize this training within his local church.

Lydia learned how to show love and be compassionate to others and how to build new believers to grow in their faith. She plans to teach her children and neighbor.

Another said I learned a lot from the life of Jesus as he was humble, merciful, loving even to the 

Another one said that he has learn that the salvation that Jesus gave him to set him free from all bondage, he also learn how to preach to the unbelievers that Jesus is the only savior.

Most of them need more materials!


The next week we went for the training with The ECWA Taraba DCC where they have plan on having 130 people who had earlier signed for the training but because there were crisis in some of the villages which some of them could not leave their villages to come out so we ended up with about hundred participants.

We started on the first day with over eighty people which the DCC leaders were always present, the chairman, secretary, vice chairman and the assistant secretary. The local overseers, pastors and leaders from different groups were present.

Some of them who were able to go out for witnessing were so happy the way the training has help them to reach more than how they have been doing before because the pictures are simple to explain, the verses are there to guide one and the card also keep changing catch the attention of the person one is sharing with.

During the strategic planning, we ask them to sit based on their district to enable them come up with an action plan. Some have targeted places that they will be going out for outreaches in November, to April. So they will be organizing trainings, and outreaches to those places. They also request that they will need materials to start they training right away and if possible when they will be having a training, they will need one of our staff to be around to ensure quality control and to bring materials. They solicit that the ministry will pay his transport and for the materials they will need.


DaraSeptember Ministry ~ Peter Wash
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Prayer and Praise October 9th!




  • baby Josiah (Sam and Jessica’s son) is doing better!
  • The MBB conference went very well and everyone got there safe!
  • The training in Abuja was a success, and the ECWA church was so grateful for it they donated 200,000 Niara to the ministry as a thank-you!
  • killings have abated somewhat in Maiduguri


  • Killings continue around Jos. Ruth’s father’s village (Doi) is under a kind of siege. Pray for peace.
  • Pray for the upcoming training in Bali mid-October ahead of the NLFA outreach!
  • Pray for the MBBs as they return home!
  • Pray for cessation of the killings in Maiduguri



  • Thank God there has been minimal violence surrounding the election, and all of our friends and coworkers are safe


  • 90% of the English-speaking regions were unable to vote (were not provided with ballots). Pray for peace as the election results are announced in 2 weeks time after what was not a fair election process.
  • Pray for Florence, she is unable to go home from Yaounde, as there is no travel allowed to Bamenda yet. Her visa interview is also this Thursday in Yaounde. Pray she can travel home afterwards and that her interview goes well!



  • Eskendir’s son got a placement at a good university which is close to some family members!
  • Agazi ran a training this past week.


  • for peace in Ethiopia, as there is unrest.
  • The unrest has displaced new believers that the students have been ministering to, pray that they stay with their faith and are able to find new connections where they are.



  • Rich is in the US en route to Portland!
  • Janice’s 60th birthday is this week.


  • Rick travels to Nigeria in a couple weeks! Pray for his preparation and funding
  • David speaks at his church this Sunday about FFICM and his time in Nigeria!
  • Prayer for David and Dara as they plan the fundraiser in November.
DaraPrayer and Praise October 9th!
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Praise and Prayer Sept 24th



  • God heard our prayers for cooler weather! The team in Jalingo is experiencing relief from the heat
  • Comfort and Peter are going with teams of pastors to evangelize this evening!
  • Praise God that the UMCN has done an excellent job mobilizing their pastors for this training, and they are eager to work with us in the future!
  • Samuel and Jessica’s newborn son is very sick and needs to go to the clinic! Please pray for his healing, and for strength and peace for Jessica as Sam is away.
  • ECWA (one of the denominations we are working with) has called denomination-wide time of prayer and fasting for Leah Sharibu, the 15-year-old Christian girl being held by Boko Haram for refusing to convert to Islam. They have now sent a video where they executed a young woman from the Red Cross, and heave threatened to execute Leah next. Please pray that the Lord will rescue her!
  • for funds to come through for a safe care for the Nigeria team!
  • Eyasu has trained 12 new MBBs using the FFICM materials. They have already been instrumental in bringing many to the Lord! Pray for them as they experience persecution where they live.
  • Eyasu has had a very difficult week, he had to travel to the funerals of his nephew’s wife and his sister-in-law, please pray for him and for his family!
  • Pray for safety for Eyasu and Eskendir, and for Ethiopia as the country hopes for peace after renewed unrest around Addis!
  • Praise God for the safe return of Florence, Pastor Yisa, Linda, and all the head trainers!
  • Pray for peaceful elections on October 7th! The freedom-fighters have warned that the elections will not happen.
  • Pray for Florence, as she is trying to get a visa to come to the US
  • Praise God for David’s safe return!
  • Dara and her family are glad that her recent illness has resolved, and there is no cancer.
  • for support raising wisdom and grace for the whole US team!
  • Dara’s daughter, Odette has started telling her parents about seeing people in her room that scare her and that Jesus sometimes has to come scare them away. Pray that the Lord protects Odette as she is almost 4 and reaching an age where her parents want to talk to her more about the gospel!
DaraPraise and Prayer Sept 24th
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What does it mean to Abide?

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:4 (ESV)

Dear God,

What would You have me say?


I think I used to be good at this. Sometimes it’s easier to abide when things are so out of your control, you can’t drive yourself crazy trying to fix or anticipate everything.

My dear family, my job, my dreams, I know I’m capable of turning anyone and everything into a burden or worry, though I know they are scintillating gifts straight from Your generous Spirit and loving Hand.


“Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb. 11:6)

Faith is the beginning, the first theological virtue, Aquinas was right. In order to trust, my heart has to have that kernel, that knowledge of Your heart where I begin to lean on you, to feel safe enough to receive not just eternal life, but abundant life (and, when dark days cover me like a shroud, comfort and strength to keep on through the valley of the shadow.)

Love, Love is the core of who You are. To abide in You we must know your love in the way we say of those dearest to us, that being with them is being home.


And as we learn to love You, to care enough what You think and feel to partner with You to amend our behavior to the law of Love, to what makes You happy, You are at Home in us too.

I hope I can be a Home to You, Jesus, You have made everywhere a home to me, traveling with me through the most dull and fantastical, dear and terrible, clear and clouded landscapes, setting up camp and beckoning me to Rest even as the battle rages unchecked around me.

Though an army besiege me,
    my heart will not fear;
though war break out against me,
    even then I will be confident.” Psalm 27:3 (NIV)

Dear friends, may we always be at Home in Jesus and Jesus at Home in us!





DaraWhat does it mean to Abide?
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Praise and Prayer August 27th!



  • Pastor Jacob reported that the students led 2,299 people to the Lord, with an additional 2,258 who have promised they will come to church (and we today received a report that many are following through with that desire!)
  • Eyasu has sent 400-500 requested copies of follow-up materials for the training to Hawassa! Pray that these materials are used well.


  • In 1 week Eyasu will go to Shire to go see the refugees (and visit Agazi) and also go and visit Adama, pray for the success of his trip and for his youngest daughter, who is alone while he is gone as Eyasu’s wife is the US and his other children are out of the house.
  • Pray for Eyasu’s daughter Nard (also Lydia) who is applying for a scholarship to pursue her course of study in university!
  • Pray that Eritrea will open up soon
  • Pray for successful trainings that Eyasu will hold for tent-maker evangelists.
  • Prayer for the Tigre translation (we are hoping to fix the type font problem this week!)



  • The training of former drug addicts is going well!,Benjamin told Sam last week that they are all meeting from time to time to encourage one another. We are also going to be trying to meet with them soon.
  • One of the converts from the NLFA office training, David Ado is enrolled in a baptism class, and will be baptized at the end of the year.
  • The planning for the conferences is going pretty well!
  • Jos has been relatively peaceful, the killings have subsided.


  • Continued prayer for wisdom for locations for the conferences that are planned, that we would choose a space that will be safe for all that are coming!
  • Some of the Berom youths are retaliating for the recent violence by stealing cows, pray that this theft would stop and would not inspire any reprisal violence.
  • Maiduguri is still suffering intensely from kidnappings, violence, and the cholera epidemic in the refugee camps. Pray for protection and the end of the epidemic!



  • For Florence’s recovered health!


  • Because of the attacks by the Cameroonian army on civilians, the freedom fighters are planning on blocking the roads. Florence and the Cameroonian team are going to have to try to leave early for Nigeria. Please pray for their safety!



  • More people from the East Coast (many from Grace Community Church) have decided to support FFICM’s ministry! Praise for these new partners in prayer and finances.


  • We are planning a fundraiser/community-building dinner in November. We would love to be able to purchase a safe vehicle for the Nigeria team as well as expand our office in Ethiopia! Prayer that God will provide the finances.
  • Rick, David, and Dara are all in need of additional support, pray that it comes through!
DaraPraise and Prayer August 27th!
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A Better Word ~ facing the horror of evil with the heart of God

” But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, 24 to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.” ~ Heb. 12:23-24

Part of my job is listening to people, hearing what is happening to them and their families and their communities. It is an incredible honor to hear the hearts of God’s people in West Africa, East Africa, Eastern Europe, and the US. It is also one of the most painful parts of my life.

This past year I have watched in breathless horror as families and communities I care about, work with, and pray for have been ravaged by unspeakable evil. Only this week, a youtube video from English-speaking Cameroon, went viral– Cameroonian soldiers marched two women, an infant, and a small girl off the road, and mocked their fear before executing them by informal firing squad, wrapping the small girl’s shirt roughly around her face.

I used to call the feeling of grief I got from seeing and hearing evil like this the “Iron Fist”, because it felt like an iron fist closed around my heart and I couldn’t cry, or scream, or even properly feel anything. But I couldn’t bring myself to stop looking, stop reading, stop hearing. Having suffered even a little myself, I knew that this was possibly the worst thing that I could do.

People that are suffering need someone to care enough to hear what is happening to them. The Destroyer’s first and most terrible lie is that his victim’s lives do not have value, that their screams will echo silently in the vastness of space because no one will listen, no one cares, no one will act, nothing will be put to right; the weight of their lives doesn’t register on the scale of the World. I hate the thought of those children dying with that lie reverberating around them with every fiber of my being.

This lie was birthed in our world with the death of Abel. Abel was killed by his brother. His brother Cain valued the short violent expression of his anger, pain, and injured pride more than his brother’s whole life, and countless others have followed in Cain’s bloody footsteps.

Jesus came to die with the meek, with the nameless billions who have been counted worthless. His death, his blood, speaks the Truth that the powerless, the victims, the small are worth so much that God Himself would choose to die with them. He chose to orchestrate His plan to save us around blood, not because He is morbid, but because of them. Abel’s blood called from the ground and shook the beautiful heart of God. Mocked, stripped, tortured, murdered; these are no longer words of shame, but words of glory, for all these words belong to God’s beloved Son, and are the centerpiece of His plan for saving us all from death.

These questions torment our hearts in the wake of each innocents’ death: will God have mercy on them in the life to come? Will He make it right? These questions are “too great, too awesome for me to grasp” Psalm 131:1 (NLT). But I do know God. He is trustworthy, and if He would die to give everyone, even the wicked, a chance at eternal life. If his heart is “not willing that any should perish” (2 Peter 3:9). If his eye is on every sparrow, and follows the fall of each of the hairs on our head (Matt. 10:29-31). If He is Love, and I know that He is….then I can trust Him with these precious children, counted worthless in the eyes of the evil one, loved completely, passionately, inexpressibly by our all-powerful death-conquering God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

DaraA Better Word ~ facing the horror of evil with the heart of God
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Praise and Prayer August 20th!



  • We might have found a venue for the conference, the national youth center is willing to host us. However, they need to find another venue for their youth (who were planning on using the center at that time) so pray they will find one!
  • Comfort has trained her friend Esther who is interested in training others! She is stopping by the office for materials today.
  • Benjamin, the convert from the jungle outside Jos, is continuing to do very well in his correspondence course and is witnessing to his friends. 
  • That Samuel’s wife Jessica and their new son are continuing to do well!


  • There will be a meeting about the MBB conference Wednesday, prayer for wisdom in preparations!
  • We have upcoming programs (one 300 person training and one 130 person training with ECWA) in Jalingo and Abuja, pray that preparations for those go well!
  • A COCIN pastor’s son from Chibok was kidnapped in Maiduguri, prayer for him in the trials he is experiencing and for his safe return. 
  • There was an attack by Islamist militants in Mulari (founded by missionaries in the fifties) they found about 60 bodies and 13 people were kidnapped, pray for their safe return and for them as they suffer in captivity. 
  • Salah (Muslim holiday) is tomorrow, pray for peace especially in Jos and Maiduguri. In Jos, there is an area where Muslims go to pray that may incite fear and possible violent response by Christian youth, pray that everyone will remain calm!



  • For continued peace in the country.
  • The church where we held the trainings is now asking for 100 copies of the materials to use!


  • The persecution in Shire by the Coptic Christians is intensifying, they tried to kill the pastor and burned his house down. Pray for peace and for the government intervention to work. 
  • Eritrea not yet open, pray that the country become safe quickly, the evangelical denominations want to get in first, before the prosperity gospel.
  • Tomorrow Eyasu and Eskinder will receive the report from the last group of university students, prayer for them as they continue to minister!



  • Mbingo is calm! The PAC doctors and all expat doctors are back, which should mean that the army is less likely to attack and kill civilians.
  • It is now the harvest period, people in hiding have been able to come from bushes to sneak to their farms to harvest cocoyams and yams, praise that they have been able to find food, and prayer for their safety as they do this!
  • The army came and tried to force their way inside an operating room to take a suspected militant, but the doctors were able to prevent them from doing this. They likely would have killed the person.


  • for Cameroonian trainers planning to travel to Nigeria in the beginning of September.
  • There was a clash between the military and the freedom-fighters close to Fundung, one fighter and one military person was killed.
  • The government planning is planning on an election in October, but we’re not sure that the English speaking regions will be able to vote because of unrest, which could lead to further discrimination.
  • there have been a lot of killings in villages around Bamenda, freedom fighters burned something, Florence’s home village, killing. 
  • In Mbingo there are a lot of displaced people, local churches have been sharing resources. 
  • It is not safe to go back to Belo, it has been completely abandoned. The military



  • Rick had coffee with his daughters this week, prayer for God to work healing in his family.
  • Rich is enjoying his trip to the East Coast! He has connected well with a church that is interested in further supporting the ministry.


  • David’s wife was in terrible pain from an infection in her teeth, needs prayer for healing 
  • Prayer for the cessation of the terrible wildfires raging all across the West Coast, which is bringing the air quality down in several areas, impacting people with asthma, and lung conditions, as well as the elderly and kids. 
  • Nicole went to a wedding this weekend, prayer she is rested after a much needed vacation!
DaraPraise and Prayer August 20th!
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