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Praise and Prayer ~ February 4th


  • We are expecting about 20 pastors from Eritrea, 20 from the refugee camps. Pray for those who are coming from Eritrea, they are hoping to cross the border on foot. 
  • Everything for the training is in order! Praise God for blessing on the preparation efforts.
  • The security issues around Bonga and Hawassa are getting better! Rich, Eyasu, and the Ethiopia team are looking forward to meeting the 130 trainees responsible for the 3,500 in follow-up classes in those strategic areas.  Praise God for his protection and grace 


  • There has been a Book haram attack near Maiduguri, about 3,000 people fled into Cameroon. Please pray for them, as Cameroon is unstable itself right now. May God protect all of them.  
  • Peter, the young man from Maiduguri who was severely traumatized, wasn’t admitted to the hospital when he needed to be and ended up overdosing. He survived and is doing okay now. Pray for his continued protection!
  • Peter’s nephew’s four year old son died this week. His nephew is not a believer, but his wife is a believer.  The nephew did not bring the child to the hospital in time, even though he had been sick for a while, so the hospital staff could not save him. Please pray for Peter and his nephew and wife and their family for comfort and healing and that the nephew would become a believer.
  • Rich and the Nigeria team report that their work in planning to further the cause of reaching Muslims and establishing the new believers in the faith is going very well! We have planned two conferences to focus on this—one conference will reach out to current Muslim background believers in need of support, and a second will train 1,000 Hausa indigenous Christians who will be our best option to work with new believers in the communities in which they are already established. They will be safer and more effective! We need prayer for protection and wisdom moving forward; all the Nigerian teams and denominations we work with are excited about the plans! May God draw many to Himself. 


  • Praise for David’s time with Foot’s Creek Chapel sharing about the work that FFICM is doing! 
  • Pray for safe travel for David, who is returning through snowy roads. 
  • Prayer for Stacey’s daughter who is suffering from recurrent kidney stones. Prayer for wisdom for the doctors as they try to help her determine how to resolve the condition. Prayer for comfort for them as she and her husband are wanting to have a baby, but have been unable to because of her condition.
  • Pray for Dara’s family, continuing to struggle with sleeplessness. 


  • Praise God for evangelism going on in Mbingo! Follow-up classes that have been going on, and going very well! 
  • Thank God, it has been quiet around Mbingo, even though the people have been confined to their city and are not allowed to leave except to go look after their farms.
  • Please pray for peace and for mercy on the English-speaking population of Cameroon—the freedom-fighters have told the populace to stay off the roads for 40 days as they will try to destroy the government forces, and the government for its part has sworn to obliterate the freedom-fighters.
  • Florence and her friends are planning to hold a conference and training in the 1st or 2nd week of April, Lord willing! They are expecting 500 trainees. Pray for miraculous peace which would enable this work! 
David MoorePraise and Prayer ~ February 4th