Portable Audio Players

FFICM is helping to give people access to God's Word and solid biblical teaching!

Part of the firm foundation a new believer needs is access to God’s Word so that they can mature through the Word of God and can share His Good News with those around them.  In cultures where many are illiterate, have a low level of literacy, or just usually learn new things auditorily, audio Bibles are crucial. 

These solar powered audio Bible players have a 3D printed shell, and are an inexpensive way of giving people access to God’s Word and solid Biblical teaching. The ones we are distributing overseas have the audio Bible in one of the local languages as well as solid Biblical teaching. The ones we will distribute in Nigeria will have our copies of the radio broadcasts we have been doing there for the past year.  We can also do full Bible audio, but this makes the navigation trickier as it is designed as a “listen thru device” and the user can either go forward or back one track or go back to the beginning or go forward 10 tracks.

Those who contribute to our 2021 Spring Fundraiser between now and the end of May 2021, will be mailed in June a free Seed Player with the English ESV New Testament loaded on it if they contribute either $100 or more in a one-time donation, or if they make a new or increased recurring monthly donation.

About the devices:

Due to the simple navigation controls on these devices, they are best used for listening through the Bible, as opposed to someone going to a specific chapter and verse. 

As for the controls, you can:
-Turn on/off
-Volume up/down (+/-)
-Go back one chapter or forward one chapter (< / >) with a single press of those buttons
-With a long press of the back button, it takes you back to the beginning of the files on the device.
-With a long press of the forward button, it takes you forward 10 audio files.

Size: ~40mm wide x 90mm tall x 20 mm deep
Audio: Internal speaker (suitable for one or two persons), or earbuds (standard with 3.5mm jack, user-supplied or purchase separately)
Battery: 300 mAh Lithium Ion
Charging: — Solar, via panel on the back
 — Micro USB, cord and wall adapter user-supplied or purchase separately. (Note that this is the same charging plug and wall adapter used by many Android phones and other devices, so you may already have one of these).
Charging time: — Solar, ~2 hours for each hour of speaker operation.
 — MicroUSB, ~2.5 hours to full charge.
Play time: — Speaker ~7 hours
 — Earbuds, 10+ hours
File format: mp3
Volume control: 8 levels
Content access: Sealed.
Navigation: Beginning, Track back, Track forward, 10 tracks forward.
Features: Lanyard hole, LED charging indicator, play indicator, label areas, raised buttons, resumes at current track location on power on.


  • Cases have small surface imperfections and layer marks; these are a normal characteristic of 3D printing.
  • The simple navigation of these players allows listening through full Bibles and testaments, or rapid navigation through content with dozens of tracks. For book/chapter/verse navigation of Bibles and Testaments, or navigation within tracks, we recommend various great players offered by Faith Comes By HearingMegaVoiceRenew World Outreach, and other ministries.