Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Gospel Tract

The gospel has been the same for 2,000+ years, but how it is presented varies depending on the audience. We present the gospel from a relationship point of view. We believe that this is not only a valid biblical approach to sharing the gospel, but particularly relevant in society today everywhere, but especially relevant to the African setting where relationships are most important to people. We start with showing our relationship with God is broken and end with showing that our relationship has been restored through faith is the work of Jesus Christ. 
The original motivation for this tract is that we needed a tract, different than the approach of the 4 spiritual laws, that was more relationship-oriented. We also needed a tract that could easily be reproduced in any country, and would not need to be made in the States and transported overseas, like the Evangicube.
This evangelism tool is so effective because it has a lot of pictures. It folds in an interesting way to keep the listener visually engaged with the tract while listening to the gospel message. Richard Garder, founder and president of FFICM, got his inspiration for this tract from how interesting some greeting cards are presented at birthdays, etc. They look interesting and fun, and he thought that the gospel should be presented that way to keep the listener engaged while the gospel is being presented.
The gospel card is central. Though we are best known for follow-up. We need to make sure the people we are following up believe the true gospel, which we present with the card. It is also a huge drawing card for churches who want an interesting gospel tool for their evangelists to use. Thus through the gospel card, we have been contacted by many churches and denominations for follow-up. Once they see the quality of work we do through the gospel card, they entrust us with follow-up as well. We spend a whole day of training in teaching how to share the gospel using the tract. Then the next 4 days in how to follow up with new believers.