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Prayer and Praise ~ March 4th



  • Pray for the ongoing crisis in Cameroon, and also for Florence’s team of volunteers in Mbingo!
  • Praise God that the roads are open, and patients are able to come into the hospital. 
  • Florence is busy farming as well as training. Pray for protection for her and those that are at risk in the fields. The freedom-fighters have been responsible for some terrible atrocities. Last week there was a panic in Mbingo because the freedom-fighters went and drove away some Fulani from their homes, and took over their homes, and took some of their cattle. The Fulani then ganged up and come to burn homes in Mbingo, and many people fled to the hills. Florence and her husband didn’t hear the rumor and were unaware that people were running to the hills. Praise God some elders in Mbingo dialogued with the Fulanis to prevent the attack.
  • Stanley and Heston are two young evangelists that Florence is working with right now, for the next three Mondays they are going to evangelize at the hospital compound, Lord willing! They are waiting for official approval from the hospital. They asked for prayers for more grace from the Lord as they step into their ministries and callings, and for protection for their families!


  • Rick made it safe to Nigeria, his connections went fine, praise God!
  • Jos is relatively peaceful, praise God. 
  • People are confined to the center of the town in Maiduguri because of fear of attack. Thursday there was an attack with 5 soldiers and more civilians killed pray for peace! 
  • Samuel is going to Niger state to conduct a follow-through (follow-up with those we trained) for those we trained in November to further assist them in their development and to see what help they need!
  • Pray for the upcoming trainings in Taraba state, there are three trainings that need prayer as the dates are unsure right now.
  • Prayer for the former sheik working with Rich on Muslim background believer specific follow-up materials. 
  • Pray for I-Tech team as they get ready to go, and for the former sheik and another trainee who will be traveling up to Kano on Wednesday; we need permission from the local government to issue accreditation when the MBBs receive their training so that they can actually implement the training! 


  • Pray for Ethiopia and the training coming up in July! 
  • Pray for the Eritreans using our materials that they can train and not be arrested! 


  • Prayer for Dara’s communications with B4, they’ve dropped some of their support, Dara is hoping to re-establish support and communication with them. 
  • Pray for David’s safe trip back from Trail Christian Fellowship, praise for a good weekend. A couple of people are interested in supporting David’s ministry! 
DaraPrayer and Praise ~ March 4th