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Praise and Prayer ~ March 1, 2021

(Photo of a small group of trainees practicing teaching from the FFICM Follow-up Booklet.)


  • Praises: 
    • God is continuing to bless the personal ministry of Zainab, one of our trainers. Five people joined the new believer follow-up group which Zaibab leads. Additionally, two homeless women joined Zainab’s professional training class. As a personal ministry, Zainab has also been teaching baking skills (pastries, bread, yogurt, biscuits, wedding cakes, etc.) to women in her community. After completing the three month training which Zainab offers, these women are fully equipped to open their own shop so they can begin earning money. The required capital for starting a small bakery shop is affordable for even poor women. Zainab has been offering this ministry for free for the past 18 years! Praise God for leading us to partner with a woman of such faith and dedication to serving the Lord!   
    • Last week two of the FFICM-Africa team (Prisca and Valentine) co-facilitated a 3-day New Believer Follow-up Training Event for 30 people. The training was organized by a pastor who had previously received training through FFICM at Gindri Seminary. He organized this follow-up training event for leaders of the church including representatives from the youth group, from among the elders, and the women’s fellowship. Praise God that the vision for strengthening young Christians is spreading among the church in Nigeria! Thank God also for the faithful service of our Nigerian partners, Prisca and Valentine! 
    • The new office for FFICM-Africa in Nigeria is almost complete! The team is hoping to be able to move into their new office this week. The work of painting has finished, and they are just taking care of the final details. 
    • Last week the team recorded the next 13 radio episodes that will be airing on 4 different radio stations. Pray that God would touch many lives through these recordings. Now they are getting ready to record 13 new TV episodes for two different TV stations. Pray that they come out in a good quality. May God continue to draw believers and nonbelievers towards abundant life with God in Jesus Christ through these programs! 
  • Pray with us for: 
    • The Hausa Background Believer (HBB) conference. Preparations and ongoing work by the leaders. Today is a day of prayer and fasting for the conference. Peter will share about the gospel card and about follow-up. 
    • The Jalingo conference. Preparations continue to move forward. We expect over 1,000 attendees to come together in mid-April for this event. 
    • This week trainers from the FFICM-Nigeria team (Sam, Pankyes, Valentine and Ishaku) are leading a new believer follow-up training event for 130 people in Gidang Waya, Nigeria. Pray for strength, zeal, and vision for them as they work to equip church leaders with tools and strategies for meeting the unique needs of new Christians. 
    • Pray for the Nigerian board of trustees for FFICM-Africa are meeting on Thursday this week. Pray for wisdom as they make decisions about the local organization and the work to lead and build capacity in our Nigerian counterpart/partner.
    • The National Director of FFICM-Africa, Peter Wash, will be sharing with 300 Fulani believers about FFICM’s new believer follow-up ministry. The leader of the Fulani Christians is on the planning committee for the Muslim Background Believer (MBB) Conference. Pray for God to empower Peter as he teaches and for the Holy Spirit to encourage and embolden the Fulani Christians in their own faith and ministry. 
    • Rick Cordell is leading a training event in Abuja this Friday and Saturday. Please pray for safety in travel and for a good response to the training.


  • Praise: 
    • Tesfaye has joined the FFICM team in Ethiopia! He has been leading the evangelism department of EKHC, the denomination we work with there. We are excited to have him join the team there!
  • Pray with: 
    • Eskinder has continued searching to find a suitable vehicle for us to purchase for the work of the ministry there in Ethiopia. We are grateful for the money that has been given for this by donors in the US. We thought that we had enough funds but it is getting harder and harder to find vehicles for sale in Ethiopia as the government stopped the import of vehicles over a year ago.
    • Pray for the preparations for the large conference that will be held in Ethiopia at the end of March for 15k-20k participants.
    • Pray for wisdom as we continue to begin work with the Genat denomination there. 


  • Praise:
    • FFICM was approved for the Murdock Trust grant! Praise God for the provision of financial resources which will be dedicated exclusively toward the position of a Fundraising Director. Pray for the hiring team as we search for the right person to fill this role.
    • Yesterday David shared at partner church Laurel Community Church (Hillsboro, OR) in their morning service about the ministry of FFICM, and board member Ken Keeley was also there and helped answer questions and dialogue with people from the church about FFICM. This church has been supporting FFICM for a long time and we praise God for their ongoing passion for new-believer follow-up.
    • FFICM partner church Trail Christian Fellowship (Eagle Point, OR) held their annual missions conference this past weekend. We praise God for their dedication to ongoing prayer and financial partnership!
    • Rich made it safely back to Oregon! He had a great 2 weeks of training in Ethiopia and a fruitful several days of meetings with strategic partners in the Atlanta, GA area on his way back to Oregon. Pray that he gets a negative Covid test today so that he can get into our office (that is located in the Luis Palau Association headquarters) and work there again.
  • Pray with us: 
    • Dara was no longer able to fill the role of Director of Communications with FFICM due to her ongoing health problems and related issues. We grieve the loss of Dara’s health and stand with her in prayer as she focuses all her energy on her recovery. We join her in prayer for physical healing, for financial provision amidst the far reaching impact of this devastating illness, and for direction and wisdom. Pray for FFICM as we navigate the need for a new Director of Communications. 
    • Pray for good attendance at our “First Saturday of the Month FFICM Virtual Prayer Meeting” this coming Saturday, March 6 via Zoom. We will be focusing prayer on the 4 upcoming conferences that will be held in Nigeria and Ethiopia in the coming months. Pray that there would be good attendance, and pray that the prayer needs would be clearly communicated.  
    • Stacy’s brother who was just put on hospice care after many years of debilitating sickness. Pray for him and his family as they support him during his last days and weeks. (Stacy is a US volunteer overseeing our multimedia) 
    • Luis Palau who was also just put on hospice care. (Our FFICM office is located right above Luis’, as part of the Palau LinkCenter in the Luis Palau Association headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.)
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ March 1, 2021
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 23, 2021

(Above photo: FFICM’s primary partner in Ethiopia: Eskinder with his family)

Dear FFICM Prayer Partners, 

We have much to be excited and hopeful about regarding this week’s prayer requests. They reflect the reality that we’re coming toward the final stretch of planning several significant conferences and training events. As you read on and join us in prayer, remember with gratitude the many complex details that God has worked out among a diversity of people and organizations, all in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. We serve an amazing God and are inspired by the hard work and dedication of our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia and Nigeria and our team in the U.S. Thank you for offering your gifts of prayer each week for both the exciting work of ongoing discipleship and for the daunting struggle against fear and the power of the enemy (such as an increasing danger from kidnapping and the ongoing debilitating sickness of our beloved staff member Dara).
May the peace of Christ lead you in your prayers this week!


  • Conferences and Training Events: 
    • Peter is in Kano preparing for the HBB conference. Pray for continued preparations. They have started to purchase some of the food for feeding the attendees. They are now expecting over 2,000 at the upcoming HBB conference. There are some security concerns, but the committee is planning many security preparations and they are trusting that God will protect them.
    • Pray for the large conference in Jalingo for over 1,000 (April 19-23). Peter will be traveling to participate in a planning meeting for this conference. Please pray for safety for Peter during his travel, for protection against kidnappers, and for smooth transit over rough roads.
    • The MBB (Muslim Background Believers) conference has been rescheduled to mid-April due to a scheduling conflict with the venue. Pray for wisdom as the conference committee continues to plan and prepare for this conference. The committee has had some challenges and has had to change the date several times now, but the committee is excited for the opportunity to gather together these persecuted believers and prepare and equip them to reach out to their family and neighbors.
    • Peter is applying for a visa for Ethiopia so he can attend the big conference (15,000 attenders) that FFICM is leading in southern Ethiopia. The conference will be held March 25-28 together with Richard Gardner. Pray that the process goes smoothly.
    • The training that was supposed to be in Jos, Nigeria this week got rescheduled to early April.
    • Starting this Thursday, there are two training events that the team in Nigeria will be facilitating. Pray for wisdom as the team has a lot of upcoming conferences and training events that they are preparing for. 
  • God’s protection and mercy: 
    • The kidnapping problem has gotten worse. The kidnappers are targeting indiscriminately, both wealthy and poor. People have been killed by the kidnappers. Key leaders are being killed every week by the kidnappers. Please pray for those who are still with the kidnappers. Return those people to their families. 
    • Prisca asks for prayer for her outreach to prostitutes. 
    • Danladi’s sister just had a miscarriage. Please pray for her family as they grieve.
  • Gratitude and praises: 
    • Rick Cordell just moved and has a better housing situation there in Jos, Nigeria. He’s able to host visitors and is very happy with the situation. 
    • Rick preached this past Sunday in Jos, Nigeria and everyone was very encouraged. 
    • Priasca’s husband returned after 3 weeks absence. Praise God they are reunited!
    • Praise God that the TV and Radio programs continue to air and have been having many positive responses. Pray for the growing number of new believers from this ministry, and for the believers who are encouraged to share the gospel with those around them and to follow-up with new believers. On Thursday and Friday this week the team will record the next 13 TV and radio episodes.


  • Eskinder has internet at his home now! We have been praying for this for many months now! Praise God! This will help in many ways and will allow Eskinder to be able to work from home and to be able to join us for our prayer meetings via video. 
  • Rich and Eskinder just finished two weeks of training in Ethiopia.
    • The first week (two weeks ago) the team trained 29 people as potential trainers of our materials. We are hoping that some of these people will become our partners. Pray for wisdom as the team in Ethiopia grows and expands. 
    • The second week (last week) we trained 113 pastors. In the evenings, the trainees went out and shared the gospel to 118 people. 6 people accepted Christ, 5 of whom promised to return for follow-up! All the trainees were all given follow-up books to return home with and have made plans for how they will 1) use the materials and 2) train others to use them as well.
  • Please pray for the preparation efforts regarding the upcoming major conference. They are expecting 15,000 to 20,000 people in attendance. They are not practicing COVID-saftey measures in that area. Please pray for their protection from the virus, and praise God for the opportunity to challenge and equip the believers there.  
  • Pray for the political situation in Ethiopia. There are still many divisions. 
  • The vehicle owner decided not to sell the 1996 Land Cruiser that we were going to purchase. We pray that God will lead us to the right vehicle that will be a good resource for the team there in Ethiopia for many years into the future.
  • We are moving forward with a new partnership with another denomination in Ethiopia. The denomination has a plan to share the gospel with 5,000,000 people and plant 5,000 churches in Ethiopia in 2021! They have asked for our help as they move forward with this mass evangelism effort. Please pray for wisdom as FFICM considers how and when to reach out beyond our current relationship with the Kale Heywet church in order to expand our partnerships in Ethiopia.  
  • Our partner organization in Ethiopia (the Kale Heywet Church) will add its second employee towards the work of FFICM. Please help us welcome Tesfaye! Praise God for the resources from FFICM financial supporters and the opportunity we have to this experienced partner! He had been responsible for coordinating the thousands of evangelists from the Kale Hayet church. The Kale Heywet church has released him from that position so that he can work under Eskindir’s leadership to help facilitate the work of evangelism and follow-up with FFICM. Praise God that the Kale Heywet church has agreed to release Tesfaye to the work of new believer discipleship! 


  • Rich made it safely to the US yesterday morning. He is currently in the Washington, D.C. area. He flies to Atlanta today to meet with some current and potential future ministry partners. Please pray for his flight safety. While in Atlanta, Rich will be meeting with the leader of a ministry that is working in the Middle East. They are very interested to work with us in doing training in the Middle East to prepare people to follow-up with new believers there.
  • We are currently working with an Arabic translator to revise our materials for Arabic speakers so we will be prepared to offer follow-up training events in the Arabic speaking countries. Praise God for the opportunity to translate the discipleship materials into the heart language of so many people! 
  • Continue to pray for Dara’s health. She has continued to have many health challenges and has taken this past week off work to try to rest and recuperate. She continues to have frequent breathing attacks. The doctors continue to look at various possible allergic reactions.
  • We praise God for the continued work that our Website Update Team has been doing update the website to make it more useful as a tool to share about what God is doing through this organization. Praise God for the volunteers and staff who are working on this, and pray for wisdom as they deal with challenges in the process including rampant hacking attacks on our website. We praise God that the site has not been hacked or harmed, but we need wisdom to know how to continue to protect it.
  • Murdock Trust meeting on Thursday. Please pray for God’s direction and favor during the deliberation process regarding the grant request. Help us to be ready to receive your blessings of open doors for more resources. 
  • Pray for recruitment of 2-3 new International Trainers for FFICM in the US in 2021.
  • Pray for the planning meeting coming up on Wednesday for the four people planning to travel to Ethiopia from the US for the big conference there in late March.
  • Pray for David as he continues to work on his Master’s in Nonprofit Management while serving full-time as Director of Operations. He is in his final 2 weeks of his third class out of ten.
  • Pray for wisdom as we begin to plan and prepare for our Spring Fundraiser. We plan for it to be another virtual event. We hope that by the time of our Fall Fundraiser we will be able to do an in-person event again.
  • Pray for David Moore as he will be sharing this coming Sunday at FFICM partner church Laurel Community Church for their missions emphasis Sunday (Feb 28). David grew up attending this church and has been supported and prayed for by them since he first became a missionary in 1999. 
  • Pray for FFICM partner Trail Christian Fellowship in Eagle Point, OR as they also will be having their missions conference this coming Sunday (Feb 28). David will send video greeting and thanks to them for their faithful prayer and financial support. 

As always, thank you for your prayers. May God bless you and your families!

Susanna Ballard
Director of Outreach

Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ February 23, 2021
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 15, 2021

Dear FFICM Prayer Partners,

We have much to be grateful for this week! The safe birth of a baby boy in one of our Nigerian trainer’s family (Ishaku) and the successful completion of a week of follow-up training in Ethiopia. We also need God’s provision for healing, wisdom, and ongoing empowerment in ministry for many of our ministry partners. Thank you for your faithful partnership in prayer. May God’s Spirit move through our prayers to open pathways for Jesus’ kingdom to come among us!


  • Safety, protection and healing: 
    • Zainab’s aunt, who is a Muslim, maybe dying. She’s been in the hospital for 6 weeks. She is coughing blood and can not eat. Please pray that she be open to Zainab’s invitations to believe in Jesus. 
    • Sam requested prayer for his dad who is sick. 
    • Rick and Peter are going to Gindri Seminary tomorrow to work on setting up the training there that will be held close to Easter. Pray for safety as they travel and set up the training for the seminary students. The kidnappers make travel very dangerous. 
  • Wisdom: 
    • Zainab’s old church has asked that she give her house to the church for their new pastor. She’s praying for financial intervention. Zainab’s family has invested a significant amount of money into the house which was initially gifted by the church. 
    • There are some new laws that impact foreigners in Nigeria. Pray for wisdom as Rick navigates that process.
    • Valentine and Peter are taking classes toward their Master’s Degree. Pray for wisdom as they try to manage classes and ministry responsibilities. 
    • The MBB conference committee will meet on Thursday this week. Pray for wisdom as they determine whether to change the date or the timing of the conference. 
  • Empowerment for ministry: 
    • Prisca is trying to connect with a group of prostitutes and drug addicts. She is hoping to start teaching the follow-up material to them soon.
    • Pankyes Danladi started follow-up with someone who is not educated so he’s also teaching him to read and write as a part of the follow-up. 
    • Sam is going to Bauchi tomorrow with Ishaku to reconnect with some of the people we previously trained to see how they are using the follow-up material well and to help them with any struggles or any challenges.
    • Sam’s wife is trying to write an SSC (senior secondary school) paper by the end of may or June. 
    • Ishaku asks prayer for wisdom as he continues to have opportunities to teach the FFICM follow-up materials through his church and help them as they continue to grow and expand with many new believers.
    • Rick is planning to preach this Sunday. Please pray for his preparation process. 
    • Continue to pray for the radio and TV broadcasts. The radio program played the programs 20 minutes late which means listeners miss hearing the important content we’ve recorded.
  • Praise: 
    • Ishaku’s wife Christiana delivered a baby boy safely! Praise God!! The boy’s name is Mayshack. Ishaku’s wife had a very speedy delivery. 
    • Praise God that the painting has begun today on the new office space. Please pray that the work is completed as soon as possible.
    • Sunday Peter and Sarah are going to Kano to purchase supplies for the upcoming HBB conference and then on Monday they will have a meeting with the planning committee. They are expecting 2000 people at the conference.
    • Zainab has several classes running right now where she is teaching women cooking skills and also training them with our follow-up materials. A pastor’s wife has joined the class. 
    • Rick’s covid test in Nigeria came back Negative. 
  • Provision: 
    • Nigeria trainer Ishaku’s motorcycle has been temporarily repaired after the accident a few weeks ago, but ultimately needs to be replaced. Pray for wisdom and provision.
    • Pray for Rick’s car repairs and registration to go through quickly.
    • The roads are not safe for driving because of kidnappers so Rich will need to fly between cities during his upcoming trip. Pray for access to flights as needed. 


  • We praise God because: 
    • Today is the second day of the second week of training in Ethiopia. Most people were not present when the training was supposed to start due to transportation problems. They were able to start finally at 10:30am with 70 trainees, but they expect to have over 100 tomorrow. 
    • Six of the trainers from the first week have taken leadership in teaching during the second week of training. The training is being translated into Oromo, the local language, which means that all in attendance can participate in their native language. 
    • One of last week’s trainees shared the message of the gospel using the FFICM gospel tract card with one of his neighbors who was demon possessed. The demon left the neighbor, she accepted Christ and so did his father who was listening in! He immediately began using the follow-up with these new believers. Praise God for this trainees’ boldness, faithfulness, humility in prayer, and dedication to follow-up. Praise God for delivering the woman from an evil spirit, for empowering her with faith in Jesus and for her father’s presence to witness this miracle! 
    • They have decided to go forward with the purchase of the vehicle that they have rented to use this week. It will need some repairs, but the seller has decreased the price to compensate for the repair costs. Pray for wisdom with the drafting of the ownership agreement papers with FFICM and the church we work with there. A HUGE thank you to all those who have given financially toward this need this past year!
    • We now have the people identified who will be speaking at the big conference in Ethiopia at the end of March. We are expecting at least 15,000 at the conference where we will be teaching about the true gospel to many Christians who are considering leaving their faith. Pray for these speakers as they prepare what they will be sharing to this large group.
  • Please join us in prayer: 
    • Please pray for Rich to get his COVID test on Friday. It should be available within 24 hours. This will allow him to return to the US as planned. 


  • We praise God because: 
    • The mold mitigation work on Dara’s house has progressed well. They found much more than they thought that they would find. Hopefully this will be part of the answer to her ongoing health issues. Please continue to pray for healing and health for Dara. Pray for wisdom regarding finances impacted by the past year of debilitating sickness. 
    • David’s wife’s hand is healing well. Thank you for all who have been praying for the healing of her hand that was bitten by a dog a few weeks ago.
  • Please join us in prayer: 
    • Please continue to pray for the upcoming decision to be made by the Murdock Trust for our grant request. They will make the final decision on this grant request on February 25.
    • Please continue to pray that God will give us wisdom as we try to recruit 2 or 3 international trainers to be part of the FFICM USA team this year. 
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ February 15, 2021
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 8, 2021

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” — John 14:26-27


  • Current Trainings
    • Today the team (Sam, Peter, Prisca and Rick Cordell) trained 25 people with another partner organization — these people have been trained in evangelism by E-Team Global already. Now FFICM is training in them follow-up. They will continue training through Wednesday. 
    • Sam and Valentine would like prayer for safety as they travel to Gombe State to lead a refresher training for people they trained last year. 
    • Praise God for Zainab’s teaching ministry, which is called Prudent Creation Ministry. She is raising up other teachers so she can divide up the classes. Pray that the new teachers will grow in their own faith and maturity. 
  • Planning for the Future
    • Rick will be preaching in two weeks. Please pray for direction and openness to the Holy Spirit’s leading. 
    • The FFICM-Nigeria office is still waiting to be painted. Please pray that the work be completed!
    • Please pray for the planning of the MBB Conference. The venue of the MBB conference will need to change (or else the date will need to change) because someone else will be using the facility. The MBB conference is currently scheduled April 26th-30th. Please pray for wisdom for the team. Pray for cooperation among the MBB planning committee which is made of 13 partner organizations which also focus on MBB ministry. 
    • Please pray for God’s blessing and guidance regarding the HBB conference. Planning and preparation for HBB conference March 15-19. Next planning meeting will be Feb 22.
    • Pray for wisdom regarding ongoing invitation to new partnerships.
      • New Life For All is asking us to partner with them to handle the follow-up training for an outreach they are planning. 
      • Seventy people from Niger state would like to be trained in the FFICM follow-up material. Pray for wisdom as the FFICM-Nigeria team considers how to balance current commitments with the many new opportunities.
  • Protection and Healing
    • Prisca’s mother had to go to the hospital. Please join us in praying for her complete healing. 
    • Valentine’s 8 month old daughter contracted malaria. She was placed on a 5-day injection schedule. She was doing very poorly, but we praise God that she’s getting good medical treatment now. 
    • Pray also for Zainab’s health.  She was in a motorcycle accident last week. She sustained minor injuries but asks for prayer for complete healing so she can focus on the ministry. 
    • Pray for energy and rest for the FFICM-Nigeria team who is working hard. The work is exciting, rewarding and exhausting as God’s kingdom work grows dramatically in Nigeria. Give the team wisdom regarding balancing their ministry work and their desire to be present with their families. 
  • Praise: 
    • All those whose lives are touched by the radio and TV ministry. Praise God for the encouragement these ministries have brought to many people. 
    • Rick will be moving to a different housing situation next week for the rest of his time there in Nigeria (until May 25). 


  • Rich had an exhausting trip, but made it safely to Ethiopia. Pray for good rest and strength for the busy schedule of training and meetings.
  • There are 19 trainees for the training of trainers event this week in southern Ethiopia. We plan to select 5 of the participants from the training this week to be the trainers in training for the training of 70 next week, also in southern Ethiopia.
  • Please pray for access to phone communication for Rich. His new US cell phone cannot make/receive calls in Ethiopia even though he was promised it would work. It works via the internet only. Pray for access to strong internet connections so Rich can communicate with others. 
  • Pray for the wisdom regarding the vehicle purchase. 


  • Praise: 
    • Praise God that a church in the US has agreed to cover the costs to produce 13 more TV episodes and 13 more radio programs about our training in Nigeria!
    • Thank you to everyone who joined us at the monthly FFICM prayer meeting this past Saturday. It was a time to lift up the needs of the ministry. We felt greatly encouraged! We hope that many more can join us in the future as we plan to do these at 9 am the first Saturday of each month via Zoom. 
  • Prayer: 
    • Dara and Courtney are working out a communications plan for the year. Please pray for wisdom for them. 
    • Dara continues to experience significant health emergencies. She wasn’t able to get out of bed much last week and still needs wisdom and mercy. 
    • Susanna is working to complete a translation of the FFICM follow-up materials into Arabic through the InDesign computer program. 
    • David is now halfway through his third class in his Master of Arts in NonProfit Management degree. Pray for good time management and ability to keep up with all the assignments. Praise God for all that he is learning and is able to apply right away in his role as Director of Operations.
    • Our Murdock Trust grant application decision will be made Feb 25. Pray that they will look favorably and the funding will be approved to cover a new staff person for our US office.
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ February 8, 2021
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

Dear FFICM Prayer Partners, 

May the peace of Christ fill you as you join us in prayer this week. We are grateful for and in awe of our God who is always with us, who is able to take care of our every need, and who cares deeply about our lives. Thank you for coming with us before the throne of grace where we trust we will always receive mercy from God.  We trust and believe because of numerous experiences of God’s provision, deliverance, guidance, and mercy. Be encouraged as you read the exciting testimonies of our brothers and sisters! We trust that the Holy Spirit will guide you in your prayers with us and for our ministry partners in Nigeria and Ethiopia.   


  • There is a new LCC (usually a council of about five churches) in Ishaku Pate’s area. Praise God the church is growing and Ishaku has been part of the process of helping them as they plant new churches and figure out how to structure the growing churches.
  • Ishaku Pate has been running a follow-up group of about forty people! Praise God. A lot of the members are family or extended family. He is seeing a lot of people committing their lives to Christ. There were a lot of former priests from ATR (African Traditional Religion) in their family, but they have committed their lives to Christ!
  • Last week, Sam did a training with former drug addicts; they are in need of prayer! They have committed not to go back to their former life, but quitting drugs is very difficult. Pray that God has mercy and helps them stay with their commitment to the Lord and to stop using drugs!  
  • Sam asks for prayer for a stable internet connection at the office, because they are supposed to do a trainer’s training with Richard Gardner via Zoom. 
  • Our trainer Sam praises God for helping his wife. She has been having a hard time the last couple weeks since her family’s house burned down, but she is doing better. Pray that she and her family continue to heal from their trauma. The community is pulling together to help provide food and clothing for them as they recover.   
  • Pray for Peter Wash who is in transit on his way to Kano to meet with the leaders who are meeting for continued planning for the HBB conference. They are trying to decide whether or not to go forward with the conference at this time due to coronavirus and other complications. 
  • Pray for Yusuf who is continuing to meet with many new believers from a Muslim background and training them and helping them to learn how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • The audio Bibles we gave out last year in northern Nigeria have started to cause a stir. The Muslims are upset about the audio Bible players that were given out with the the Bible in the local language in the northern part of Nigeria where most of the people are Muslim. The Muslims are increasing their persecution of Christians in the area. Pray for strength for the believers and that God’s Word would not be a stumbling block for the believers, but that it would be a firm foundation for them in their faith.
  • Pray for Comfort. The situation in Maiduguri has seriously devolved. These days they don’t have electricity. Boko Haram has cut it off. 
  • Pray for an end to the horrific kidnappings that are happening everywhere. The kidnappers are now kidnapping in broad daylight, even in the cities. There is a forest by Kano where a lot of the kidnappings are happening. Three of one of our trainees’ parishioners were kidnapped. Pray for their safe return. 
  • Pray for Ishaku that we have funds to provide a new motorcycle for him, as his traveling to conduct refresher trainings and follow-up with Muslim background believers is difficult without it.  
  • Continue to pray for the preparation of our new office in Jos, Nigeria. The preparation of the office has been slow. It was supposed to be ready by January 1, but it is not yet ready. The staff in Nigeria have been cramped into just two rooms. The new office space will give them much more space.


  • Pray for the upcoming training next week. The trainers will come from 15 different places all over the country. Pray for safety as they travel. We will be training them to be trainers of others, using the FFICM follow-up materials. Our pool of trainers has been limited to a small group in Ethiopia so far, but we praise God for the opportunities he is opening up to expand the team there and the training capacity.
  • Pray for the upcoming North Sudan training we are preparing for April. There are still many details to work out and the Ethipian worker in North Sudan we are working through has been having some visa issues.
  • Pray for peace between Ethiopia and its neighbors North Sudan, Egypt and Eritrea. There is continued fighting and outright war is getting closer to breaking out it seems.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continue to prepare for purchasing a vehicle for the ministry in Ethiopia. There are very few options at this time because the government there has stopped the importing of all vehicles to the country a few months ago and no vehicles are made in their country. The options that we are finding are all old vehicles and very expensive. Pray for wisdom as we continue to look for the right vehicle. Praise God for the finances that have been given so far! Now we need God to lead us to the right vehicle!
  • Pray/Praise: Eskinder’s internet at his home is getting closer. They have started the installation process but it is not yet finished. He has had a hard time working from home without internet this past year.
  • Two of Eskinder’s sons are at University. One of them got his phone stolen while riding in a taxi this past week and he is feeling discouraged. Pray for safety and encouragement.


  • Pray for Rich who will be traveling to Ethiopia on Friday. Rich is getting his COVID test tomorrow and needs a negative result to be able to travel. Pray that it is negative so he can travel!  
  • Pray for wisdom as we begin to prepare for our Spring Fundraiser that will be held on May 22. Pray that God would provide a volunteer to coordinate the event and that we would have wisdom as we try to figure out many of the details.
  • Praise God for the annual report we just sent out. We celebrate all that God did in 2020 and we look forward to 2021 with great anticipation of what God will do.
  • Pray for Dara’s doctor appointment she had today. They are doing more tests to try to determine the root cause of her ongoing health issues. Pray for wisdom, patience and stamina as she has been experiencing ongoing health issues for almost a year now and the doctors don’t seem to be able to figure out the root causes.
  • Pray for Rich Gardner’s family here in the US. Many of them are Roman Catholic. We pray that they will be able to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Our International Director of Multimedia, Stacy Lloyd asks prayer for his oldest brother Gary. We have previously shared prayer requests for his health. Gary has just gone under hospice care. He has been fighting prostate cancer, water on the brain, etc. He has had multiple strokes. He has a brain bleed, a blood clot in his leg and a hole in his heart. His cancer is now stage 4. He has a personal relationship with Jesus and we believe that he will be going to heaven, but in the meantime, pray for for comfort, wisdom and peace for the family.
  • Pray for David Moore’s wife Denise who was recently bit by a dog at a nearby park. She had to get multiple stitches on both sides of her hand and is still in pain. Pray for healing and wisdom.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continue to explore opportunities for partnership in ministry in Egypt and the Middle East.
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ February 1, 2021
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January 2021 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Grace in times of need

Thank you so much for your prayers; we continue to see growth and training going on even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Rich is flying to Ethiopia this weekend to run two trainings with Eskinder and a new trainer called Ayele who has been hired on a trial basis! The first training will be for potential trainers, we would love prayer for wisdom that we identify several of them we can hire on a part-time basis while we raise funding for their salaries! Eskinder speaks Amharric, but we need trainers who speak at least the other two major languages well as well. We also should be able to test drive a car this next week that we may be able to purchase for Eskinder thanks to your generosity and prayers! This will make traveling a lot safer and quicker for our growing Ethiopia team. 

There is great need for prayer for protection in Nigeria particularly; Peter Wash is traveling back from Kano, where kidnapping has become a daily occurrence. Recently kidnappers have been selling organs from the bodies of people they kill if they don’t receive ransom. It is hard to acknowledge things are this bad, but we have heard it from many reputable sources. A friend of our head trainer Zainab lost someone he knew. One of our trainees from a recent refresher course has had three of his parishioners disappear. Please pray that this terrible evil will be stopped! Our head trainer Comfort, after all the persecution she has suffered this year, is suffering still more; the Boko Haram is closing in around Maiduguri and has cut off electricity. Please pray for mercy, that God would put an end to the suffering of communities in the northern regions particularly. 
Hope for the future

We have a lot to look forward to this year! In Nigeria the MBB conference is coming up in May, we trust. The staff is set to train hundreds of church leaders and pastors; many of who minister to the poor, to people coming out of substance abuse, to Muslim background believers. God is reaching out to the lonely and struggling people of the world with the news of His love and relationship with His son Jesus! 

We also have a training of 10-20,000 we are expecting to run in Ethiopia, but we still need to work out details with the church.

Please continue to pray with us for these conferences as we are still working hard to figure out the safest times and locations both for coronavirus concerns, and attacks by hostile groups!

 Our trainers continue to train as they are able, for instance, Zainab is training small groups of students at her baking school, and Sam trained a group of former drug addicts! Thank you so much for all your sacrifices and support that enable your brothers and sisters to reach out to people who desperately need to know about Jesus’ love for them. 
Pray with us

We trust that God hears us as we call on Him, and we are grateful to have you by our side as we call on Him together in the Spirit. 
May the Lord move mightily through our prayers and our love!

If you want to join our prayer in real-time team, for weekly updates about the team and immediate notification in case of serious danger or illness, please sign up here.

Printable .pdf copy of this Prayer Letter
DaraJanuary 2021 Newsletter
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 25


Ishake Pate, one of the Nigeria trainers praises God for the progress that his local church has made and for the training they have been doing with the FFICM new believer follow-up materials. Pray also for his wife’s pregnancy which is her fourth!

Peter Wash praises God for the evangelistic success through the radio and TV programs. Yusuf will travel to visit and encourage the people who have given their lives to Jesus through these radio programs.

The MBB conference committee will meet as they continue to plan for the big conference from tomorrow through Friday.

Pray for the new FFICM Africa office in Jos, Nigeria which is almost finished, hopefully they will be able to move in at some point during the month of February. They are waiting for the painting to be finished.

The training Sam led last week was very successful. The trainers now understand how to use the FFICM materials and were encouraged.

Pray for comfort for FFICM trainer Sam’s father-in-law and his family. Their house was burned Thursday of last week and almost completely destroyed. Pray for comfort after this trauma and loss and for provision of a new house!

FFICM trainer Zainab’s cousin Joy died on Friday. Thank you for praying for her last week. She knew Jesus so she’s with God in glory now. Pray for Zainab’s family as they grieve her death, specifically for Joy’s children.

We praise God for Zainab who celebrates her birthday this week. Pray that God would continue to lead and guide Zainab in both her role with FFICM as a trainer and also her own ministry she does with women in need in Nigeria.

Pray that God would stop the ongoing kidnappings in Nigeria.

Pray for wisdom as we continue to communicate and coordinate with many different churches in Nigeria. We need wisdom to know how to best use God’s resources as we fill our schedule with trainings in Nigeria.


Pray for the coming election.

Pray for peace between Ethiopia and their neighbors: Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, etc. There continues to be unrest along its borders.

Eskindir’s son will return to university this week. Pray for safe travel and their return to university after one year away from school.

Thank God for the successful training last week. The trainers came from 6 denominations. Many people came to know Christ! Already those who attended the training will start to train 300 people.

Continue to pray for the preparations for the big conference coming up in March.

Pray for wisdom as we look for the right vehicle to purchase for the FFICM ministry in Ethiopia. Praise God for his provision of finances that we hope will be enough.

While Rich is in Ethiopia, the team will meet with the leader of a large denominational leader.

Praise God that Eskindir’s home will finally be getting an internet connection soon. Lack of internet at his house has made working from home over the past year with all the COVID lockdowns very difficult. He applied for home internet access over a year ago and is finally getting connected!


Pray for Rich Gardner’s Ethiopia trip (Friday February 5th – Monday February 22nd)

Pray that the timing of Rich’s COVID test pre-travel to Ethiopia goes smoothly (unlike the stress of the delayed COVID test results from Rich’s last Ethiopia trip!)

During the first week of that trip Rich will be helping train 20 potential national trainers from different language groups at a center near Addis Ababa. During the second week they will train 60-80 pastors, evangelists and church leaders in evangelism and follow-up, including at least 5 of the people from the first week who will be mentored by Rich and Eskinder in training using our materials.

Praise: Rick Cordell got his COVID test results and they are negative so he can travel to Nigeria tonight.

Pray: Rick Cordell flies tonight to Nigeria and will be there till the end of May. He will be helping the Nigeria office with their trainings during that time. Pray that he gets an empty row on the plane for his flights so that he can get sleep on his flights as well as be distant from others.

Pray that God would provide a volunteer to coordinate our Spring Fundraiser.

Pray for health and healing for Dara and Mercy. They both continue to have ongoing medical issues. Pray for Dara’s breathing trouble to be resolved. Dara still needs a clear diagnosis in order to make strides towards recovery.

Pray for wisdom as we prepare our 2020 year-end donation summaries for mailing. We plan to mail them out tomorrow.

Pray for wisdom as we prepare our 2020 annual report as well as our January 2021 prayer letter that we will be mailing out later this week.

This afternoon we will be recording our second FFICM podcast. Pray that the recording would go well and that the end result would be encouraging to people as they listen to all that God is doing through their partnership with this ministry and that God would be glorified in all that we do.

Pray for the meeting that Rich and David have with an Ethipian pastor here in Portland, OR on Friday. The pastor is excited about the possibility of using FFICM’s materials in the Ethiopian Oromo language to train his Ethiopian congregation in new believer follow-up using their own language! There are very few good spiritual materials and resources available in their language.

We praise God for FFICM USA Director of Communications Dara Searcy-Gardner who celebrates her birthday this week! Pray that God would continue to provide wisdom to Dara as she has a big responsibility with this organization while also caring for her two young children at home.

Rich Gardner’s daughter Lydia in California has coronavirus. Pray for quick healing.

Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ January 25
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 18th


  • Please pray for protection from coronavirus which has been increasing in Nigeria. 
  • Pray for Zainab as she trusts God to start leading a cohort of trainees by the end of this month. She’s working on preparing a venue. She has doubled the number of trainees (from 200 to 500!). Praise God!
  • Please pray for Joy (Zainab’s cousin) who is having a serious kidney problem (she can’t urinate). She’s receiving dialysis and waiting for a surgery. Her blood pressure is also causing her serious problems. She almost died, but thank God that she’s still living. On top of her health problems, last week Joy’s husband abandoned her after 15 years of marriage and remarried suddenly. Joy has two children (one is a girl age 15) whom she can’t care for so they’re considering living with their father who is not a good person. 
  • Pray for protection, deliverance, and wisdom for Zainab’s friend whose husband has been beating her severely. Pray that the police are helpful to her when she calls them. 
  • Zainab’s birthday is coming up on January 28th! Praise God for her life! 
  • Peter Wash is planning to host a training in February or March. 
  • Praise God that Peter’s daughter started at university! She’s been waiting for admission for the past four years to a public school, and was finally admitted to a private school so this is a miraculous gift, especially the provision of financial assistance given the high cost of tuition. 
  • Pray for the MBB conference committee that will be meeting this week on Thursday as they continue to plan for the upcoming conference. Pray for the MBB section of the ministry. Pray for wisdom and direction regarding the right people to work with. Pray for guidance regarding the radio and TV programs. Pray that many would come to God’s saving grace through these programs. 
  • Pray for Rick Cordell who will be traveling to Nigeria, leaving next week and will be there for four months. Please pray for the timing of his COVID test before he goes. Pray for Rick’s housing situation in Jos since it’s still uncertain.
  • Pray that the preparations for the new FFICM-Nigeria office would be quickly completed. They hope to be able to move into their new office within the next week.


  • Pray for training that Eskinder is doing in southern Ethiopia this week. He arrived today at the location of the training and the training will start tomorrow. They expect over 100 leaders to be at the training.
  • Eskinder has three women who will be training 20 women in how to follow-up new believers. The women specifically wanted women to train them. Praise God that there are more and more women who really want the training in how to follow-up new believers.
  • Eskinder plans to travel to Waleso to train 100 church leaders. One representative will come from each church. Praise God that these churches share the passion and willingness to learn about new believer follow-up!
  • Pray for the ongoing conflict between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. There continues to be fighting along the border and unrest due to the dam that Ethiopia has built among other issues. 
  • Praise: Eskinder has found a possible good vehicle that we can buy to be used by the ministry there. Rich will be looking at it with Eskinder and, Lord willing, they will buy it while Rich is there. Pray for wisdom to know if this is the best vehicle. Praise God for the funds that have been given for this vehicle and for all the generous people who contributed!
  • Continue to pray that Eskinder would be able to get an internet connection at his house. He has been waiting many months for this.


  • Rich’s Ethiopia trip (Friday February 5th – Monday February 22nd)
    • Pray that the timing of Rich’s COVID test pre-travel to Ethiopia goes smoothly (unlike the stress of the delayed COVID test results from Rich’s last Ethiopia trip!)
    • The first week Rich will be helping train 20 potential national trainers from different language groups at a center near Addis Ababa. The second week they will be training 60-80 pastors, evangelists and church leaders in evangelism and follow-up, including at least 5 of the people from the first week who will be mentored by Rich and Eskinder in training using our materials.
  • Praise God for the successful Missions ConneXion conference this past weekend. We had a good number of participants at the workshops in our track, and there were a number of people who signed up for our prayer letters. There was also an organization that does a lot of work in Egypt and the Middle East who is interested in partnering with us. Pray for wisdom as we talk to them about the possibility of working with them in the future.
  • Pray for David as he continues his classes for his Master’s Degree. He is now in the second week of his third class.
  • Praise God for the new church that has committed to partnering with FFICM financially.
  • Pray that God would provide someone to coordinate our Spring Fundraiser.
  • Pray for health and healing for Dara and Mercy. They both continue to have ongoing medical issues. Pray for Dara’s breathing trouble to be resolved. Dara still needs a clear diagnosis in order to make strides towards recovery.
  • Pray for David’s mother-in-law as she continues to wait for her back surgery. She has a virtual consultation with the doctors this week to go over her x-rays. Pray that the needed surgery will be able to be scheduled soon.
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ January 18th
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 11

Dear Prayer Partners, Thank you for your faithful partnership as we enter a new year! We are grateful to God for continuing to lead us towards ever greater impact. We also grieve with the Nigerian families who have been devastated by the kidnappings, which have become increasingly lethal. Please join us in prayer for God’s protection and for God to establish justice in Nigeria.

May the Lord grant you and your families peace as you trust God’s presence and grace in your lives.


  • Pray for the ongoing plans for the MBB and HBB 2021 conferences. The committee is meeting for the MBB conference tomorrow. The FFICM Nigeria director Peter Wash has traveled to a neighboring state for that meeting.
  • Thank God for this past weekend. The Anglican church is interested in being trained by us in how to follow-up new believers
  • Praise God for Zainab! She continues to do follow-up with women in Nigeria. She is praying that God will give her 500 women who are believers in 2021 that she can take through our follow-up materials and provide vocational training for them as well. 
  • Pray for safety and protection from kidnappers. The kidnappings have increased in Nigeria. In Kaduna state, a friend of a pastor friend of Zainab’s was kidnapped and the family did not pay the ransom so his organs were sold for the money and his corpse was given back to the family. Pray for peace and safety. Pray that the kidnappings will stop in Nigeria.
  • Pray for the FFICM Nigeria office as they prepare to move into their new office. We praise God for his provision of this larger office for them as they continue to expand their work in 2021.


  • Pray for Eskinder and the ministry in Ethiopia. 
  • Pray that God would stop the spread of coronavirus there.
  • Keep praying for peace in Ethiopia and North Sudan. The Ethiopia government seems to be handling the situation well, but the situation is complex.
  • Next week they are starting a training in Ethiopia if the coronavirus in that area isn’t too bad. The people are eager to be trained.
  • Eskinder’s son Nathan is preparing to go to university tomorrow. Pray that he does well in university.
  • Pray for wisdom as Eskinder looks for a vehicle for our work there in Ethiopia. We praise God that almost all the funds that we thought would be needed have come in. Once a vehicle is identified we will know the exact cost. 
  • Genet church denomination is asking FFICM to train their pastors and other leaders. Pray for wisdom as we work to respond to the many requests for training from different churches and church leaders in Ethiopia.


  • Rick Cordell goes to Nigeria two weeks from today. Pray for safety for his travel. He will be in Nigeria for four months. 
  • Rick’s eye surgery went well. Please continue to pray for his healing post-surgery. 
  • Praise God for the financial support that Rick Cordell received over the Christmas holiday. 
  • Mission Connexion 2021 will be this weekend (the 15th in the evening and 16th all day)! Missionary speakers will share on significant topics. FFICM will be leading the workshop track on discipleship basics. 

  • David started his third class in his Master’s degree today! Pray that he would know how to manage his time well with classes, work with the office, and family.
  • Pray for wisdom and direction for the young couple from the Portland area who are considering joining FFICM as International Trainers. Pray that God would also raise up others so we can continue to expand our impact for God’s Kingdom.
  • Pray for Rich’s plans to visit Ethiopia in February for two weeks. 
  • David’s mother-in-law is going to have back surgery next week. Pray that all goes well and that the healing would be quick. She has had debilitating pain that often keeps her in bed all day.
  • Continue praying for healing for our US Communications Director Dara Searcy-Gardner and for our former Communications intern Mercy McVicker as they both struggle with ongoing, debilitating health issues.
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ January 11
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 4

Happy New Year to all our Prayer Partners! 

Thank you for continuing to join us in prayer as we enter a new year. Below you will find the prayer requests by region as reported by our staff and ministry partners. We are grateful for your participation in God’s work through FFICM’s global outreach in Nigeria and Ethiopia. May God bless you and your homes with grace through every circumstance in 2021. 


Prayer for the training will be held on Jan 18-22. About 120 people are expected from local churches. New Ethiopian staff member Ayele will be helping. 

The Sudanese military, which is collaborating with the Egyptians, invaded northern Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government is negotiating. We need to pray for those negotiations and for peace. 

Many killings in Northern Ethiopia. The federal government had solved the issue with the Tigray people wanting to separate, but the attackers (the Tigre people, a group which used to be in ruling power) are continuing to kill people there while wearing Ethiopia military uniforms, and blaming them. The situation is complicated, but the major prayer request is for peace in Ethiopia in the midst of all the fighting and struggle.

Pray for continued planning for the big conference that will be coming 25-28 March 2021. They are working on finalizing the location for the upcoming conference for 15,000 there in Southern Ethiopia.

The training event in Sudan which will be held in April. We need to print books. Please pray for the preparation process. 

Pray for the remaining $5,000 needed for the vehicle purchase there in Ethiopia.


Praise God for seeing us through this new year. 

This week has been dedicated to prayer in the Nigeria-FFICM office. Prayer from 8-10, then break, pray again at 12. We pray for the activities for this year, especially for the conferences and trainings. 

We are praying for safety for the traveling because travel is becoming increasingly unsafe due to kidnapping. The kidnappers attack people associated with foreign partners (like our FFICM-Nigeria team members!). 

Last year, we had significant health challenges – Valentine’s children, Sam’s family, and Margaret (Peter’s wife). We are praying for everyone’s health. Praise God for Sam’s healing, for healing for Valentine’s children, and for healing Margaret’s sickness. 

We are praying for new openings with Fellowship of Christian Students. They want us to train their students. We are praying that God would give us open doors. We want to work with churches locally too and are praying for more invitations. 

There will be a planning meeting for the HBB conference which will be held in January and the conference in Jalingo (no date set yet). 

Pray for the final preparations of the new office space for the team there in Nigeria. It was supposed to be ready by January 1, 2021, but still needs to be painted and needs some electrical work. Pray for wisdom as we negotiate with the landlord about the completion of the repairs of the new office.

Pray for the FFICM Nigeria board of trustees as they meet and work on plans for 2021.

Pray for the ongoing TV and radio programs in Nigeria that are being aired on 4 radio stations and 2 TV stations. 


Rick is flying to Nigeria for a four month trip, working with FFICM and other partners there.

Pray for Rick’s eye surgery that will be happening this morning in a few hours.

Continue to pray for our Murdock Grant application. We expect to hear a decision next month.

Continue to pray for Dara and Mercy’s health. Dara had to go to the emergency room again this past week. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they try to figure out her various health issues that seem to be eluding the doctors.

Pray for David’s mother-in-law who has been in severe pain and hasn’t hardly been able to get out of bed the past few days. She is waiting to see a back doctor and probably needs surgery again, but hasn’t been able to get in to the doctor due to doctors being out of the office for the holidays. 

Pray for Courtney as she starts classes again this week and David as he starts his next class for his Master’s degree next week.

Pray for wisdom as David works on getting all the year-end donations processed and the year-end donation summaries processed and sent out. We praise God for all the prayers and finances that he provided in 2020 in the midst of all the other challenges.

Continue to pray for the recruitment of new International Trainers for FFICM. We hope to add 2 or 3 new International Trainers in 2021. 

Pray for continued preparation for the Mission ConneXion conference that will be held on January 15th and 16th. Pray for Rich’s preparation for the lecture/discussion he will host during the event. Pray also that we would have many good contacts at our virtual display at the event.

Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ January 4
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 28

We met virtually for the last time in 2020 to focus on worshiping God with thanksgiving for God’s steadfast faithfulness during an especially hard year.

Thank you to Ken Keeley, our board secretary, for leading us in a devotional meditation from John 14. Ken reminded us that we may not have felt close to God due to the trials of the year, but as believers we can be certain that God is our constant companion. We have confidence in God’s presence with us. 

We will rely on God for what will come in 2021. As we meditate on what we’re grateful for, we remember God’s faithfulness, in the midst of our trials, loss, grief, and suffering. Amen.

At the end of  a deeply challenging year, we want to express our gratitude and remember God’s faithfulness.

God, thank you for: 

  • FFICM’s continued impact and growth despite the pandemic. 
  • David began his Master’s degree (and the finances came in for this program). 
  • David’s in-laws have moved to live with him (including the building of their tiny home!). 
  • The ECSA accreditation of FFICM was completed. 
  • Additional volunteers at the FFICM office.
  • Our intern staff (Mercy and Courtney!) who greatly blessed FFICM’s home office (video production and communications).
  • Increasing in the number of donors at FFICM.
  • All the paperwork was submitted for the Murdock Trust grant.
  • Helping us to be creative when we couldn’t do ministry and fundraising the way we used to. We always want to remember to be creative even when the pandemic ends. 
  • The generosity of our ministry partners who still gave despite the financial stress of the year. 
  • Helping us persevere in our attitude of service to the Lord during this time of disruption. 
  • Helping us look after those in need. FFICM developed a hardship fund for those without food in Nigeria and will continue to maintain it. 
  • Digital communication that helped us maintain personal relationships virtually. 
  • For the humility and compassion of those who committed to wear masks to protect our loved ones. 
  • Making us better people and followers of Jesus through the trials we endured because of the pandemic.
  • The money raised for the car for the Ethiopia team (thus far we have received $30,000 out of $35,000!). 
  • For Dara’s perseverance despite debilitating sickness, for the doctors who have given her good medicine and have provided wise direction, and for the family and friends who have been praying without ceasing for Dara’s healing. 
  • For our partnership with FFICM-Nigeria. 
    • For Peter, our director, and his family! Praise for Peter’s family achievements: his second daughter graduated secondary school and his oldest son completed primary school (God has seen them through those stages of life); 
    • For Margaret, Peter’s wife: for her survival through great sickness; for the dreams and visions about Margaret’s upcoming sickness that alerted Peter’s family to pray. We continue to trust God for her complete healing, for wisdom from doctors, and for provision for the family. 
  • FFICM- Nigeria thanks God because we were able to work together even in the midst of a pandemic. Thank God for the trainings we were able to conduct this year. Thank God for the TV program which gave us the opportunity to impact Muslims. Through the TV program we can answer questions that Muslims are wondering about but would not ask openly. Thank God for FFICM-Nigeria’s additional staff!
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ December 28
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 21

Prayers for our Nigeria partners: 
As we celebration of Jesus’ birth this Christmas, please pray for protection for our brothers and sisters who are at increased risk of attack from their Muslim neighbors. 

Please pray for Margaret, the wife of Peter, our FFICM-Nigeria Director. Last week she suffered excessive, undiagnosed bleeding. She is doing better after having received some medication. She is getting tested for various illnesses since the cause of her sickness is unknown. Pray for her complete healing and for an accurate diagnosis. 

The FFICM-Nigeria staff has increased beyond the capacity of the current office (Praise God for additional staff!). Pray that the new office space is ready in time for the Nigeria staff to move. The new office space needs major reconstruction and repair before it is habitable. The repairs are not complete yet, but the current lease may end before the new space is available!

Praise God that the father of one of our of our lead trainers (Sam) was baptized! Prayer for protection for him as he begins his new life following Jesus. 

Comfort is having a problem with some pastors she trained. Pray for safety and protection during the outreach.

Praise God that a person came from FES in Jalingo to learn from FFICM to train students in elementary schools. 

Rick Cordell has set up trainings in Abuja for January. Rick is also organizing a discipleship class. Pray also for Rick Cordell’s housing for next year. 

Prayers for our Ethiopia partners: 
Pray for our outreach in the Tigre area. FFICM has hosted follow-up training in this area and has translated FFICM materials into the Tigrina language. Now we need to find a leader (a pastor or evangelist) to be the director of the local training efforts. A local leader will better understand how to communicate the gospel effectively and disciple the local church as it grows.

Prayer for the conference hosted by FFICM at the end of March. The church is expecting 15000 in attendance. Trainers are working hard to prepare. Many Christians in that area are losing their faith because of the prevalence of the prosperity gospel and animism. They will train a whole congregation. We need to print more books!

Prayer for the onboarding of Ayele, our newest member of the Ethiopia partner team. He has completed FFICM’s training program and recently been mentored by Rich and Eskandir to be a head trainer. 

Pray for the people who just received FFICM’s training in the Hamer area. The people are calling for more follow-up materials. It’s expensive to print as many as we need, but it’s essential to get them the materials so they can grow! 

Pray for our outreach efforts to a country nearby Ethiopia in a predominantly Muslim area. We’re working to prepare materials and get a training organized for Spring 2021. 

Prayers for our U.S. team: 
Please be praying for Dara (FFICM’s Communications Director) who needs complete healing from her 10 month struggle with debilitating sickness. Please pray for healing and for wisdom for her doctors. 

Please continue to pray for our grant application to the Murdock Trust which is pending its final review by the Trust in February. 

Pray that Lydia (Rich’s daughter) is protected from COVID-19 since she was exposed to someone who tested positive. 

Praise God that David’s first semester of his master’s program is ending well. David is already implementing strategies he learned from his coursework to improve FFICM’s U.S. office operations!

Pray for the first FFICM podcast recording which will happen today. 

Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ December 21
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 14


Jepthah’s sister just lost her little girl to a brief illness. Please pray for their whole family! 

Peter is up in the north, meeting with the leaders of the HBB conference we are planning in 2021,  please pray for safety for him and success in his journey! 

Sam said everything has been very hectic, he has been away from home for almost a month, he thanks God for safety. He said last week, they went through three districts planning with them about what they will be doing in the area in 2021. They are going to be following up with Barkin Kogi in a few days; pray for success for this planning session! 

Sam’s father just enrolled in a baptism class, and is hoping to be baptized the nineteenth of this month. Sam’s father is not feeling very well however, please pray for healing! He has had to go to the hospital this weekend and will go again tomorrow. 

Pray for protection for Nigeria as Christmas draws near and there are often attacks. 

Sam’s brother’s wedding is in December, pray it will be a really blessed event and everyone traveling will be protected and given wisdom. 

Pray for Jepthah’s second daughter, she is feverish, they went to the hospital for tests, the results will come back tomorrow. His first son is complaining of stomach ache. Started week before last. 


Pray for Rich who is in transit! Pray for the recovery of his strength. 

Pray for Rich’s daughter Joelle who has COVID and is not feeling very well, her husband JR just tested positive as well. 

Someone cut a hole in Dad’s screen reached through the window and stole it from under Dad’s pillow, but they were able to get it back because Dad had find my iPhone and the participants followed Dad’s instructions and called the phone, and someone on the street answered it, and they were able to get it back! 

David is working on his final project on interpersonal communication for his class! 

Praise God Susanna’s in-laws recovered from coronavirus!

David’s aunt is also recovering from coronavirus well. 


Pray for peace in the north!

Pray for the trainees who have already begun training, praise God!  There are 22 trainees in classes. 

The large conference in Ethiopia has been postponed until the end of March. 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ December 14
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 7


They have 70 at their current training! That is ten more than they expected. A lot more wanted to come, so we will probably have another training in this area. 

Temperature isn’t too bad, thank God! It even rained! This is unusual, so God answered our prayers! 

They are sharing the gospel today! A lot of these people have suffered a lot for their faith. 

Rich is going to visit a traditional, remote village this Wednesday, so pray for that trip. 

Pray for peace in the country, there is still fighting between the government and the Tigray areas, specific resistant pockets. The government has almost controlled all the places. They are looking for the leaders of the rebellion. 

Largely unreached area, only a few churches! It is mostly their traditional religion. When they join a church, they set aside all the ceremonies, the beating of women and jumping over cows which involves witchcraft, so people dislike Christianity because it is an end to their traditional ceremonies. The cow-jumping is an initiation rite, but it is connected to witchcraft. 


They are still planning for the  MBB conference in March of next year! 

On Wednesday, some of the staff are hoping to be in Barkin Kogi to help set up a training for next year. Pray for success for the set-up! 

Sam’s cousin was hospitalized today, and Sam was at the hospital with him today. 

Everyone else is well, Sam’s kids have recovered, praise the Lord! 

Ruth, our office assistant, lost her uncle. Please pray for comfort for her and for her family. 

The local government staff in Plateau state are protesting due to nine months of unpaid salaries. They have all been on the street, but there has been no violence. Pray that God will take control and there will be peace. 

Pray for Zainab’s friend who is pregnant with twins and is 48! She is doing better than last week, praise God

Zainab’s sister Joy will be going for dialysis for her kidneys please pray for healing!

Zainab’s aunt has this strange cough, which is producing blood, her mom’s younger sister, she has diabetes, please pray for healing!

Zainab’s new believers are doing well, some of them are graduating this week! We are trusting God for more new believers, one brought her sister today! Zainab shared the word of God with her, and prayed with her, she said she needs time to give her life to Christ, so Zainab is leading her through the follow up materials. 

Many churches are having their end of year thanksgiving, there is a lot of travel, sometimes new believers are drawn back to their old ways of life as they return to the village, or leave the Lord, pray for protection for them

On Saturday Zainab’s students graduated, there is one more graduation this Saturday, last graduation for the year. This year, God helped Zainab to be able to do a lot 

Prisca is on a medical outreach, pray for her! She said pray for safety because there are a lot of kidnappings in the area, pray for their safe return to Jos this week.  Prisca is talking to people about the gospel 


Pray for Dara and Mercy’s health and the health of David’s in-laws

Continue to pray for the Murdoch Foundation grant! We will likely hear in February

Please pray for the podcast team as they continue to develop the episodes. 

Please pray for the materials development team as they work on developing US and children’s based materials and getting the materials in more languages! 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ December 7
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 30


One of the staff has gone to Gombe to deliver radio teachings to the station there, and is hoping to arrange a future training, and may be able to stop in Bauchi to deliver radio programs too. 

Sam is going to travel to Kano to do follow-up training with those we trained in February this year. They are planning to go out for outreaches now. He is going to help them with a refresher training and additional guidance on how to conduct the outreaches. 

In mid December they are meeting with leaders from different churches to plan for the HBB conference which has been postponed to next year. 

Last week Peter and the former sheik recorded 13 episodes of radio program, and next week they are hoping to record 13 more tv episodes. 

They are working on reports and plans for next year. 

The training in Gindiri, Peter said is so successful, there were about a hundred and thirty students. Some of those that we trained in previous years came and told the staff how they are using the training in their fieldwork and their places of assignment. That really encouraged both our staff and the students. 

There were two places that they did outreaches, Bauchi and Lafiya. The people that we trained were able to use the gospel card in sharing Christ with people they were ministering to! Sam himself was able to follow up with 45 people, and do more extensive follow up with 13.  There were supposedly around 2374 new converts from the outreach, about 1085 people that rededicated their lives. They prayed with 2542, there were 23 people delivered from demons. 

When Sam was preparing to go to Lafiya, he felt sick, and was diagnosed with typhoid and malaria, but he came back home safe. 

Sam asks that we keep praying for the new believers. When Sam came home both his two children, Grace and Weng, were sick and were unable to go to school.

Ishaku Pate reported on the training, which had people trained from five states. He reported that in targeted areas where they were sent, everyone was amazed at the success of those who had been trained. In Zone A, in Bauchi, where the conference was conducted. There were 400 new converts, and 208 rededicated their lives to Christ, 40 people were delivered from demons. There were 26 people Ishaku followed up with extensively, and 15 of them he was able to follow up with. The way preachers preached in the camp was just like a teaching, they didn’t have an altar call. The pastors and reverends joined the teaching. 

Ishaku has a motorcycle he uses for ministry, but a car smashed it. The council chairman of the area was the driver of the vehicle and is now claiming he has no money to replace it. Pray that God provides money for a motorcycle. 

Sam’s dad is being baptized soon, praise God! 

Sam’s brother’s wedding is in December. He is having difficulty arranging the wedding as the prices of everything have gone up.

Zainab just had a graduation on Saturday of 12 of those that she trained from the widows and underprivileged. She taught them for six weeks. She graduated five of them. Seven of them couldn’t raise the money to complete the practicals, and so it is put off until they can raise the money.

The Muslims she is following up with are still staying with their faith. She prayed with two last week, and wasn’t able to meet with one who is suffering from weakness and (she is pregnant with twins at 48 years old) Please pray that God protects her and the babies. Zainab normally sends them bible references at night and shares the word of God with them and prays. They are trying, they are secret disciples, the husbands do not know yet. 

The prices of food have tripled. A lot of families are really suffering but we are trusting God for his provision. 

Zainab’s mom is feeling better. Zainab’s cousin needs a new kidney, pray that they will be able to find a kidney donor. This woman, Joy, is an FFICM trainee, and one of Zainab’s closest prayer partners. Pray for complete healing! 


There are about 80 pastors and evangelists in Sawla. Unfortunately no women came, as each church was only allowed to select two people and no women were selected. The place is very hot, and the travel was very difficult. It took them 12 hours on the road. Keep praying for everyone. They are hoping some women might come tomorrow. 

Rich is preaching on Sunday, there is a committee meeting Wednesday for the conference. No one wears masks down here at all, but they are doing some social distancing. Next week Rich is traveling to the Toomi, and then on to the Hamar. Keep praying for the training this week and next week as they come. 


Continue to pray for Mercy and Dara’s health! Dara is going for more immunotherapy shots today and Wednesday. Last week she needed oxygen after the treatment. Pray she doesn’t react! 

Continue to pray for David’s son!

Dara’s husband Ian needs a new job! 

Pray for the Murdoch Foundation grant to go through! Praise God that the review of the grant last week went well, and thank God for Susanna Ballard’s hard work on it!

Pray for the communications team as they set up the podcast for December!

Pray for the materials team (Susanna, Dara, and Rich) as they work to complete outstanding translations and work on a book and new materials. 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 30
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 23


Pray for Nigeria as the MBB conference is going forward now in March of next year!  Pray for wisdom, mobilization, good communication, and protection! There are nineteen discipleship centers participating that are all very excited to participate with us. 

Continue to pray for Sam. He is in the second location in Lafiya, coordinating follow-up and outreach with New Life for All for five hundred evangelists. Sam is struggling because some of the NLFA organizations in that area have been poor. Pray for him as he works to pull the team and the program together. We are hoping it will all come together tomorrow!

Ishaku Pate is also coordinating the second location, also for five hundred evangelists!

Rick, Osang, and Peter are in Gindiri. Peter is coming to take Priscilla to help them train 130 theological students in follow-up. 

Zainab is doing a program of her own in Abuja. Pray for her! 

They ended around quarter to four, sent them out to field practicals tonight! The students they are training are graduating this year and they are really happy to be equipped before going out to their work and callings. 

Today is Comfort’s birthday! Pray for blessing for her in the next year. 


The US team has an important meeting with the Murdock foundation regarding the grant for the development director. Please pray that this goes well! 

Pray for our communications specialist Mercy, who has had to resign because of the severity of her health concerns. She is very grieved to have to leave FFICM. Please continue to pray for her healing! 

Pray for Rich’s trip! Pray for the safety of everyone’s Thanksgiving. 

The training in Bauchi went forward with 50-60 trainees, which is less than expected, but they had a great time!

The training in Lafiya ended early because of the lack of attendance.

Prayer for Ian, Dara’s husband, who is wrestling with depression because of a very stressful job. He is looking for a new job and it is a difficult climate to find one!

Prayer for David and Denise as they are wrestling again with how to continue to guide their son Ben, who isn’t making the best life decisions at the moment. 


Ethiopia has escalated to full out war. The government has already taken over in Shire, the local people are reportedly supporting the government. Eskinder hopes the war will be over within a few days. Please pray for peace and as little bloodshed as possible. 

Rich is traveling to Ethiopia on Sunday. Pray for protection for him! Eskinder reports that Addis is calm. 

Pray for the upcoming trainings that Rich and Eskinder will be running! The head of the missions department for the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia is coming with them for two weeks. They are very excited about the FFICM training in their areas! Two prospective national trainers will be with them as well, one who has already been trained in Arba Minch. He took 500 copies of the materials and is working hard training. We hope to have the funds to hire him. 

Pray for protection from Coronavirus. More people are beginning to die in Ethiopia. 

In Sauwla the training will be 100 people and in the Hamar region there will be 60. 

Pray for Eskinder as he finishes his plans for 2021 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 23
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 16


Pray for the team as they’re training in Bauchi and Layfia this week. 

Pray that more people will attend the training in Layfia. About 20 people have attended. 

Pray that more people will attend the training in Bauchi. There has been a low turnout but the team is hopeful more will attend.

Pray for the MBB conference. Pray for wisdom with deciding whether or not to hold the conference. Pray that the committee will work well together when making this decision. Pray that God will direct Peter in this decision.

Pray for the radio program. Pray that it will continue to reach people. Yusuf has decided to continue doing recordings! Pray that God will guide him in what to say and teach.

Today is Danladi’s birthday! Pray for this next year!

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!


Pray for the two upcoming trainings that they will be safe and that the preparations will go smoothly.

Pray for the conflict in Ethiopia and that there will be peace and safety for everyone involved.

Pray for the Arabic translation of materials. The translation is done but is going to be edited this week.

Pray for the Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser!

Pray for Agazi. Eskinder still hasn’t heard from him or the church. Pray that he is safe!

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!


The fall fundraiser went well! Praise God for the many ways He provided through this event. Pray that it reached new people and that people will take action through volunteering, subscribing to the newsletter, and donating.

Pray for wisdom on how to follow up from the event.

Pray for Mercy’s grandpa. He went to the ER yesterday for internal bleeding and they don’t know what’s wrong. Pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctors.

Pray for Mercy and Dara’s health.

Pray for Rich’s upcoming trip to Ethiopia.

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 16
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 9


There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers.

This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. Pray for even more impact as people watch the segment.

Continue to pray for the radio and television ministry. As the recordings are released, people are calling in and giving their testimonies or asking questions. Please pray for the new connections being made and for the staff as they are responding to calls.

Some of Danladi’s family is coming to town for his sister’s wedding! Please pray for safe travels for the whole family and for a nice wedding.

There is a MBB  conference coming up in December. They are starting to plan out the arrangements and the budget, so pray for the finances. Pray for efficiency over the planning, and for safety over the conference as over 600 people are expected to come.

The new office space is being renovated, please pray that it goes well.

Since the end of the year is coming up, they are starting to make plans for the next year. Pray for wisdom as they plan for the upcoming year. 


Please pray for the political situation in Ethiopia. The local government in the Tigray part of the country is in a conflict with the government. Tigray is in the north and our volunteer trainer Agazi and his new wife are both in danger. Please pray for their safety and for peace over all of Ethiopia. 

Pray for the Arabic translations, they are hoping to finish by this week. 

There are trainings coming up soon, please pray that they would go well and new connections would be made!

Continue to pray for the Ethiopia vehicle, that the funds would be raised quickly so that the Ethiopia staff would be able to travel on their own!


Our virtual fundraiser is this week! Pray for the final details and tasks that need to be done, that the hard work that has been done in preparation for this fundraiser would be honored. Please pray for everyone who is coming to the event, and for the funds we are hoping to raise. 

A team in the U.S. has been working hard on an updated website, and we are hoping to release it this week! Pray for all of the minor details that need to work out surrounding this website release, and that it would be an effective way to share information to potential new connections.

Please pray for Dara’s health. She is having trouble breathing and has been reacting to new things. Pray that the immunotherapy treatment she is trying will be effective and she will experience healing.

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 9
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Praise & Prayer ~ November 2


Pray for the new office building and for God’s provision in the process.

The radio program has received more comments, questions, and testimonies from people! Praise God! Pray that it continues to reach people and that the team works well together for this. 

Pray for Yusuf who is coming back to do more recordings for the radio program. Pray that God will provide the finances to help him be able to stay and work in this ministry.

The MBB committee is meeting on Friday. Pray for wisdom when deciding whether or not to host the conference and how.

Pray for the upcoming trainings. There are supposed to be two in a week, so pray for the team and for God’s provision in it.

Pray for a reverend who has been abducted. Pray that he is released and can return home. Pray for peace for his loved ones.


Pray for the upcoming election in Ethiopia in June. People want change and to be united.

Pray for peace in the conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the dam in the Nile. 

Pray for the Arabic translations of the materials. They are almost finished with them!

Pray for the upcoming two trainings that they will be safe and that the final planning will go well.

Pray for the Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser and that it will get funded soon so that the team can travel safely and reach new/more people.

Eskinder just graduated from his master’s program! Praise God!

United States

Pray for the health and healing of Dara and Mercy!

Dara has a test today that uses a dye that she is worried she’ll be allergic to. Pray that it goes well and for answers!

Rich is going to be on a Christian radio today! Pray that he will be able to share more about FFICM and that it will reach new people.

Rich is traveling to the east coast to teach at a church and meet with pastors there. Pray that new connections will be made and that this will be fruitful.

Pray for the fall fundraiser! It’s two weeks away and this week we are calling people. Pray for these calls that they will reach people who want to attend and learn more about FFICM.

Pray for the new website launch. There are some final touches that need to be made, but we are hopeful for a launch this week!

Pray for the U.S. election this week. Pray for peace!!

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ November 2
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Praise & Prayer ~ October 26


Last week, a conference was successfully held. Praise God for reaching new believers through this ministry! Please pray over everyone who attended, that they would be protected from the coronavirus.

Please pray for an upcoming training and outreach that are coming up in November. Pray for the communication and planning as our team in Nigeria has already started the preparation.

Zainab’s mother is still in the hospital. Pray for her healing.

In Zainab’s church, they just celebrated an anniversary for their ministry. Praise God for the encouraging service they held and for those that showed up.

Pray for our radio and TV program. The TV program is going almost nationwide. Please pray that people will listen to the program and their hearts will be moved, and that our staff will be prepared to answer their questions as they call.

Pray for Peter as he is trying to reach new believers with these phone calls coming in from the programs. Pray that God would speak through him.

A large conference is being planned to be held in March. Please pray for the conference as planning has just started to begin.

Please pray for the social unrest in Nigeria. Protests that have started peaceful have gotten violent because of the police force that has struck back. Citizens have been killed in the area, and it is affecting the ministry. Please pray for justice, peace and safety in the area, and for our staff as they have had to change their ministry plans to avoid the violence in town. 

Please pray that the government would have wisdom in how to respond well to the social unrest. Pray for those who have lost family members. 


Pray for an upcoming training and for translation. There is a big training coming up in spring, please pray that the materials will be translated in time.

There is an election coming up, so please pray for the country. Pray for peace over the country, and that the election goes well.

Pray for the students since school recently started up again. Pray for the safety of everyone, and that this would not cause a spike in coronavirus cases. 

Continue to pray for our Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser. Pray that the funds will be provided for our team in Ethiopia to purchase a car so that transportation will be safer. 


Please continue to pray for Florence who is still looking to purchase a house in Nigeria. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Rick is still safe in Nigeria, praise God! He is enjoying his time there so far, and will be there until mid-December. 

Please pray for the upcoming fall fundraiser! This week, we are recording much of the event. Pray for everyone involved in the planning, that the hard work would go well and that all the glory would be given to God. 

Pray for the upcoming election in the U.S.

David finished the first term of his Master’s Program. Praise God!

Pray for healing over David’s mother in law, as she is recovering from her back surgery.

Pray for Dara’s health, that she would feel rest and healing. 

Pray for Mercy’s health.

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ October 26
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Praise & Prayer ~ October 19


Sam, Danladi, Valentine, and their families are all healthy! Praise God!

Pray for the MBB conference planning and that the committee will be able to meet. They are trying to figure out how best to host the conference with Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom and guidance. 

Pray for the new office space for the Nigeria team. It would be a lot bigger which would really help the team. Pray for a smooth transition.

Pray for the MBB radio program, because they are getting connected with new believers. As they meet with these people, please pray for willing hearts and open minds as the new believers learn about the truth of the gospel. 

There is someone wanting to get involved with the radio ministry. He will be teaching next week. Pray that God will give him wisdom and insight on what to teach.

Please pray for the social unrest in Nigeria. There have been protests in the town that have been interfering with some of the work our staff would like to do. 

Pray for Zainab’s mother, who has just been admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and sugar levels. 

Zainab’s cousin is still in the hospital for her kidneys. Pray for treatment to work and for her to afford medical care.

Pray for Sam’s brother’s wedding. It’s coming up soon.

Pray for Sam’s wife and his mother in law who are both sick.

Pray for the protests against police brutality in Jos, Nigeria. They are turning violent. Pray for justice and safety for all involved.


Please continue to pray that the funds will be provided for the team to purchase a vehicle.

Pray for the translation of the materials into the Arabic language. Eskinder is working on two trainings in Southern Ethiopia where the new materials will be used.

There are currently 2 conferences planned to take place in November, so please pray for guidance as the team decides whether or not to hold those. 

Please pray for coronavirus in the country, because school is about to start up again. Pray for the safety of the children and their families.


Please pray for Florence as she is looking to purchase a house in Nigeria to settle down. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Rick has had five great days in Nigeria. He made it safely and will be there until mid-December.

Rich has made it safely back to the US and has received two negative tests for COVID. Praise God that he is safe and healthy!

Rich is planning his trip to Ethiopia for next month. Pray for his preparations and safety!

Please pray for the fall fundraiser. The team is filming the event this Saturday. Pray for everyone who has been working hard in preparation for this event. 

Pray for David’s mother in law. She just had surgery on her back. Pray for a quick recovery!

Our website update team has been working hard on updating the site, and hopefully our new site will be launched this week. Please pray that the transition will go smoothly.

Pray for the grant that we are applying for. Pray that it goes through!

Pray for Dara’s health. 

Pray for Mercy’s health.

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ October 19
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Ruth, Valentine, and Sam have all tested positive for Coronavirus but don’t have symptoms. Pray that it stays this way and that they heal quickly.

A couple other staff members are waiting for their test results. Pray for negatives!

Peter has been struggling with health issues. He and his wife had Hepatitis C and are feeling a lot better. 

The MBB conference still might need to be postponed until next year. Please pray for wisdom as they make this decision and keep everyone’s safety in mind.

Pray for the HBB conference that it can happen in early 2021. Pray for everyone involved who is planning it and that they work together well.

There is a possible new connection that the Nigeria staff will be able to partner with to continue developing new materials. They have met with him and are trying to decide how they can work with him to reach new believers. Pray that this new connection will be good for the ministry and team.

The Nigeria team is hoping to move into another office. Pray that they will be able to get the place they are looking at and that it will be a great new space for the team.

Zainab was teaching over the weekend. Pray for her ministry and her students!

Pray for Zainab’s friend, Gift. She has kidney issues and is not able to get dialysis right now. Her stomach has swelled up and now her legs have begun to swell up as well. Pray for healing!

Pray for Danladi’s sister’s wedding that is coming up.


They’re looking to expand training in some neighboring countries. Pray for God’s provision and safety in this!

Someone in Eskinder’s church tested positive for Coronavirus. They tested about 100 people and there have been two positives. Eskinder tested negative!

Please continue praying for our ongoing fundraiser for the Ethiopia vehicle. 

There are currently 2 conferences planned to take place in November, so please pray for guidance as the team decides whether or not to hold those.


Please pray for Florence as she is looking to purchase a house in Nigeria to settle down. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Pray for Rick as he is planning his trip to Nigeria. He leaves Wednesday and will be there until mid-December. Pray for a negative test before he leaves, and for safety from coronavirus as he is traveling and staying there. 

Please pray for David’s mother, Donna, who is having surgery today for a pinched nerve in her lower back. Pray for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery.

Continue to pray for Dara’s health.

Continue to pray for Rich’s health and for a quick recovery.

Courtney’s schoolwork is picking up next week. Please pray that her workload will be manageable and that she will still have time to rest!

Pray for Mercy’s health!

Please pray for the fall fundraiser coming up! Our team has been working hard to prepare, and we have some video recordings happening this Saturday. Pray that we are able to find a good place to do all of the recordings.

One of our board members, Keith, took a fall a few weeks ago and hurt his knee. He is out of the hospital now, but please pray for continued healing.

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Sam and his wife are   sick with a fever and an ulcer, pray for his recovery!

Ishaku would like to praise God for his provision, though everything is hard now. He said to say thank you for praying for his son Nathaniel, who is recovering really well! 

Ishaku’s church has assigned him to be a leader to oversee the church growth, to help the church be given an LCC. Pray for him 

Praise God for the meeting with the leaders that are coordinating the MBB and HBB conference. Pray for them as they continue to 

They met with someone who is going to help them put together MBB materials. 

Pray as Peter and Dad continue to determine the best way to grow our Muslim focus group. 

Pray for the radio and TV programs that have been going on. The former sheik who was doing them has become afraid of airing them because of threats on his life. We are looking into ways of changing his voice, or of using different content. Please pray for wisdom. Rich is recording some episodes while he is there! 

Praise God, Rich was able to preach twice, and he will hopefully preach three times at a different church next Sunday. 

Rich and Peter are looking into an upgraded office space for the team, it is much bigger and would allow the team to work more efficiently. 

Pray for a safe journey, Rich, Peter and the team travel across a river and dangerous roads on Wednesday to begin talking about a larger conference. 

Valentine has been feeling sick since Wednesday, he was in the hospital most of Thursday, he was diagnosed with typhoid and malaria. He is currently on medication, he thanks God for healing and strength and grace. On Friday there was a staff meeting and he was well enough to attend. 

Pray for the translation of Ahamet’s teachings. We are almost through. 

Zainab praises God for the success fo her outreach program, she was expecting 70 and had 99! She is resuming her work and is praising God for the strength. She is having some body pains in the evening. Pray for healing and strength for her! She said God is helping her. She was able to provide some food for people who came, she is trusting God this week for provision and is hoping to give them at least lunch

One of Zainab’s sister is sick with kidney failure. Pray for her healing! One of Zainab’s mentors was attacked and beaten by a mob for praying outside at night, and is now blind in one eye, pray for him!    


Pray for Eskinder as he continues to recover!

Pray for the plans for fall and 2021. 


Continue to pray for peace for Cameroon!

Pray for Florence, Pastor Yisa, and all our trainees and that we would soon be able to return!


Pray for the upcoming fundraiser

Pray for Dara and Mercy as they both wrestle with ongoing health concerns!

Pray for David’s kids schooling!

Pray for David’s school, as he is having trouble making time for his masters’ program. 

Pray for materials development efforts!

Pray for the success of the Murdock Foundation grant that Susanna has been working on! 

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Rich Gardner

Rich is traveling to Nigeria. Currently at airport on his way. He arrives Wednesday in Nigeria and will be there for 2 weeks. 


This past weekend they had graduation for 9 women in the class.

Continue to pray for courage as they do the work of God.

Next group of women are starting class soon. Pray that the students would use what they learned about how to follow-up new believers as well as the new skills that they learned in cooking. 


Praise God for his protection for his family. His wife is doing better. Keep praying.

Yesterday he went to the village to see his father who is having a health challenge with his heart. He is on medication. There has been improvement in his health, but we need to keep praying.

We praise God for how he is helping us as we work with disciples. We have been receiving reports from trainees, and people have been coming to the office to get copies of our materials. Pray for safety and wisdom in life and ministry. Praise God and keep praying.


Continue to pray for Peter and his wife as they recover from the Hepatitis that they had.

They are feeling better little by little, but are still weak, and have been put on a very restricted diet.

Continue to pray for the TV and Radio ministry outreach and teaching that they are doing at this time. 

Pray for wisdom for the upcoming Muslim Background Believers Conference preparations and wisdom as to when and how it should be held in light of the pandemic.


The charges have not been dropped, but she has been released on bail and they don’t seem to be pressing the charges at this time. They told her that they would call her if they need her. She will be traveling to Jos, Nigeria this week and will meet with Rich Gardner while he is there with the staff.


Praise God for his elder sister who was expecting her baby. Mother and baby are doing well, but there was a bit of complication

Younger sister is about to get married.

Danladi has been looking at how to reach the teenagers who are living on the streets. So many of them are addicted to drugs and living on the streets.


Thank God for life and the ministry. The office staff is looking forward to Rich’s time there.


Facing upcoming big decisions about work in Nigeria. Please pray.


Flying home tomorrow. Pray for safety in travel and that her health problems wouldn’t flare up again. Doctors said that they think she would have died if she didn’t get out when she did.


House final inspection coming up on Tuesday. Pray that it passes.

Pray for my kids who are struggling with online school.

Pray for Murdock Grant application that we are preparing to submit.

Pray for the process of getting out printed and email prayer letter this week.

Pray for me as I work on my classes for my Master’s Degree.


Has patient (Mis Opah) in hospital who is elderly.

Her husband (Bartholomew) had a slipped disk and is still experiencing pain from that.


Pray for Eskinder and the need for a vehicle there in Ethiopia to help with the work of the ministry there. We have seen some money come in but we look forward to seeing how God will provide all the remaining funds needed.

Pray for the planned trainings coming up in two different areas in November. Pray for the preparations and the 100 trainees in one location and 50 in another location.

Yesterday he had another injection for the rabies, and in 10 more days he will have his last injection. They have been very painful and he feels very sick to his stomach after each one.

They are still praying that God would allow them to get internet at their home. They registered some time ago, but due to Covid, they have been waiting for months. The cellular connection at his home is not good and does not give data, and they have no way at present to use the internet from home. It is a 45 minute ride to the church office, and with the coronavirus situation the way that it is, he tries to minimize the number of times each week that he travels to the office for internet to protect his health.

His kids are not able school due to coronavirus and are getting antsy at home.

He is also working on rescheduling the big conference on evangelism and follow-up (15,000+ attendees) that was recently delayed. Eskinder is working with the denomination to try to figure out when they can reschedule that for.

Eskinder is continuing to give copies of the follow-up books to people in Ethiopia and to get reports on how they are using them. 

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Our friend and partner Soja lost his wife Mercy, who had had a brain surgery a few months back. Pray for him and their family! 
Emmaus Ministry said Comfort is in police custody, we do not know what is going on, please pray for her! Zainab called the day before yesterday, the police promised they would be releasing her today, one of the girls who was released from the Boko Haram camp. There was a runaway girl she was taking care of about three weeks ago, and she planned to take the girl back to her people. 

One of our workers is taking our teachings and videos to another state, please pray for his safety and the condition of the roads. 

The MBB committee is considering setting the date for the conference at long last– please pray for wisdom for them as they continue to evaluate the situation .

Please pray for the continued radio ministry! More and more people are responding. People are calling to ask how they might become Christians. Others are Christians who have been very encouraged. In our radio ministry we do not directly address Islam, but we talk about understanding Christianity and address issues we know Muslims are interested in. 

A new believer that Ahmet visited just had a newborn baby boy, praise God! He is continuing to visit and encourage new believers, pray for his safety and for the new faith of the new believers. 

There are about a dozen converts in a dangerous state that he is hoping to try to reach and continue to encourage them. Pray for their safety and their faith!

Zainab had about 24 widows and 15 children at her last training, some made bread, donuts, egg rolls and buns. We thank God for the success of the event, she said it was really fun. She is trusting God that they will go to an additional location, they were invited by a local pastor. 

Zainab’s students’ graduation is coming up first Saturday in September. She is having some difficulty personally, the church wants them to leave the house they have been living in, pray for provision for a new house!

Zainab’s mother had to travel back to Kaduna, she may have coronavirus, since she lost her sense of smell, she refused to take the test, she ran from the hospital. She has malaria and typhoid as well as diabetes and hypertension. 

The rains in Abuja have not come, so food is becoming scarce. The local rice usually is bought at 250, now it is 650 Niara, and full of sand. So before you cook rice you have to start sifting the rice the day before. It is that time consuming. The burden is too much on the church. Zainab is the only person in the church to do something about the poor, when she doesn’t have enough. Sometimes she doesn’t feel like going to church. It is hard not to have something when she wants to go tell them Jesus loves you and not give them anything. 

Continue to pray for our sister Florence that God would strengthen and provide for her! 

Please pray for mercy for Cameroon, and that we could return soon to train and strengthen the trainees!

Pray for protection for our workers as the country has coronavirus as well as a very despotic president that is killing many. 


Continue to pray for the country, for peace!

Pray for COVID in the country, the numbers are rising. 

Eskinder has trainees coming from areas around Addis to pick up materials, they are continue to teach and train in their local contexts as they are able, praise God! 

There is need for more translations into local languages, pray for the translations. 

Pray for Eskinder, he was bitten by a rabid dog along with seven others while he was walking on the road, he is receiving treatment but has been in severe pain from the shots.


Pray for Dara’s continued healing and health tests. 

Pray for our communications assistant, Mercy, who has many severe health issues, and currently her ribs are dislocating while she is breathing and she is unable to take any medications!

Pray for David’s family on vacation that this is a time of rest. 
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Praise and Prayer ~ June 29

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:7-8


More and more coronavirus cases each day, please pray for protection for everyone in Ethiopia. 

Eskendir went to Adama area yesterday to check on the follow-up trainees. They are all continuing to teach at home, and they need more materials! Praise God for their faithfulness. Pray for them as they continue to work!

Eskinder’s thesis was approved, praise God! He will be presented with his master’s degree soon.

Ethiopia and Egypt are still struggling over how to resolve their disagreement over the water. 

Eskinder want to travel to check on other trainees, but we haven’t yet been able to raise the funds to provide for a car. Please pray that God provides! 


Ishaku Pate is running a baptism class at his church and using the follow-up teaching with the new believers. They really appreciate it and say they understand so well. Praise God! 

In a nearby village known as Fusa, there is an outbreak of coronavirus! Please pray for healing and for a cessation of the coronavirus. 

The Nigeria team was able to get a really good spot on the television station for our broadcasting! Praise God.

More of the team is working on visiting new believers one a at time, pray for them. 

Two of Peter’s cousins are in a quarantine zone. One is a driver, the other is a vet, so a lot of people were in contact with them. Pray for his cousins and their healing, and all those who would have come in contact with them. The confirmed cases are around 500 or 600 new cases every day. 

Ahmet, for the last two weeks, he went to his village and met a man and his wife who have received Christ, and their three children. They also met with the local Muslim cleric. Pray that he is able to meet with even more new believers, that travel will be both possible and safe.

Zainab is working with Peter for plans to reach out to the widows around her. Many families are experiencing lack. Some of the women who she has trained, she is encouraging them to reach out to about 200 women. Starting on the 24th of July, she usually teaches them the skills, while they are waiting for the things to bake, she uses the word of God to encourage them! The disciples she has been following up has been doing well! In Abuja there aren’t many reports of the virus, praise God. 

Pray for Comfort and the people of Maiduguri, some people were killed on the way to the market. A mother and son were abducted from their farm as well last week. Comfort is taking a theological class as well, pray for her further education! 


Continue to pray for Dara and Mercy who are both struggling with health issues! 

Pray for Susanna who is working on the grant from the Murdoch. 

Rick Cordell asks for prayer for healing, his ear is experiencing issues. 

Please continue to pray for all of us in the US as we work to build our prayer community through the efforts of those on the Prayer Initiative team!


Please continue to pray for all our trainees who are currently mostly isolated in Cameroon!

Please pray for Florence and her family as they continue to grieve and recover from her husband’s death! Please pray for direction from the Lord and His comfort.

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ June 29
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 18-25


Peter and Yusuf are at the studio being filmed today, to make four or five more episodes!

The lockdown in Maiduguri has been loosened a bit because many people have to work for their daily needs. Comfort reports there has not been any further attacks, praise God. They have not been too many cases in Maiduguri, they have been contact tracing and quarantining some people as they are tested. Pray for eradication of the virus and provision for people’s needs. Many vulnerable young women especially are having a hard time providing for themselves. 

In Abuja the markets are open twice a week. Business is picking up for Zainab, please continue to pray for 

In Jos, the governor of plateau state made an announcement, Thursday and Friday are now official release days from the lockdown. They are hoping in this way to reduce the sufferings of the poor. 

Ibrahim is working with the hospital, some of the doctors who have been caring for the coronavirus patients are now sick with the disease, please pray for the doctors on the front lines of the coronavirus fight. 

Our trainer Ishaku said that the rural areas are particularly vulnerable to the virus, asks for prayer for protection. The lockdown is not effective in the rural areas. 

Please pray for everyone! 

Pray for the MBB conference which is supposed to happen in October. We will go forward if the coronavirus has cleared. 

While we were on the prayer call, a young man stole something worth about 500 Niara (about 3 dollars) from a shop next to Zainab, and a mob gathered and began beating him and shouting they were going to burn him to death. Zainab and our team immediately began praying for him, and the police came and rescued him and took him away. Pray for this young man, that he will survive his injuries and come to know the Lord! 


Please pray for peace between Ethiopia and Egypt. Egypt is angry about the fact that Ethiopia wants to build a dam on the Nile. Egypt is saying they are prepared to go to war over the water use. Ethiopia wanted to sit down and talk about it, but Egypt refused, saying for thousands of years we have used this water, it is ours. 

Ethiopia’s testing resources are limited, but they now know they have had at least 1000 cases. 

In Addis, people are still working. Please pray that the virus stops spreading. 

Pray for Eskinder, he is trying to present a paper for his masters degree, pray he can finish!   


Pray for Florence, Pastor Yisa, and all our devoted trainees as they continue to suffer oppression in addition to the spreading of the coronavirus.

Pray for Florence’s family as they continue to grieve the loss of her husband!

Pray for peace, and an end to the terrible oppression of the government and the fighting of the freedom-fighters in Jesus’ Name. 


Please continue to pray for Stacey’s daughter who is pregnant, and whose blood pressure is continuing to hover just under the threshold where they would need to bring the baby out early! Pray that her blood pressure goes down and God protects her and the baby. 

Please continue to pray for Dara’s health, her heart, oxygen and breathing continues to fluctuate, and some days are good and others are hard, with no apparent reason. Thank God for his continued protection!’

Please pray for the US team as we continue to make plans and work as we can from home! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 18-25
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Praise and Prayer ~ May 4-11

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Rom. 15:13


The cases keep on rising. Recently they have over 2500 cases. People are dying of corona, and people are burying them without taking precautions. In Kano, people are finally recognizing that people are dying of corona. Everywhere is locked down. They haven’t told people how long this lockdown will last. The government has tried to prevent interstate movement. 

Peter’s church is still going on as usual, they try to space people out but it is very difficult. Many people are not taking enough precautions, and it is a huge concern. Pray for everyone’s families that they would be protected from the coronavirus!

Muslims are in the middle of Ramadan, please pray for them that God would open their eyes! 

Pray for the tv episodes we have been running every Tuesday,  there are three more we have yet to run, that people would hear them as they are locked down, and their hearts would be opened! Pray for internal  

Pray for the MBB conference. The committee was supposed to meet next week. Pray for wisdom for everyone in knowing how to move forward. It is currently scheduled for October, for about 1,000 people. 

Farming season is here, the cost of fertilizer is way too high, so next year may be tough, there may be a lack of food as a result of this. 

The Izere people are close to Bauchi state, where there are many cases, and no one is complying with the orders in Bauchi, pray for the protection of the Afizere people. 

Ishaku reports that the churches where we trained people, they are still using the follow up materials, praise God, pray for fruit for this training. 

Pray that the federal government would make the test kits available. The government ran out of kits in Kano. Many states don’t have testing centers, and the tests have to be sent out of state. 


There is not yet an obvious outbreak in Ethiopia, so everyone is going about as usual. The government is warning them not to, but no one is really listening. Some government workers and factories are still shut down.

The president of Eritrea is alive, seems to have recovered. No one knows why so many soldiers are in the cities in Eritrea, it still seems ominous. Pray for protection for Christians as they are facing increased persecution still.

Prices of food has skyrocketed, please pray for the poor! Most people cannot afford three square meals in a day. 


Please continue to pray for our sister Florence, who has lost her husband!

Please pray for protection and grace for Cameroonians, especially our trainees who remain in English speaking Cameroon, heavily oppressed by the government. 


Praise for a very successful fundraiser, we raised enough funds to continue on with our ministry this summer! We also were able to make contact with more people who want to pray!

Prayer for wisdom this week as we continue to follow up with people from the event. 

Prayer for wisdom as we want to expand our prayer connections, for the team as we meet to strategize. 

Pray for Dara as her oxygen levels continue to fluctuate and they do not know why yet. Pray for healing. 

David’s wife Denise’s brother had a heart attack that was bad enough that he died and they brought him back. Denise’s mother may also have had a heart attack, they are putting a stent in. Pray for their health. 

Pray for the construction in David’s house so they can bring Denise’s parents to live with them. 

Pray that we continue to develop the technology to run some trainings virtually! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ May 4-11
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Praise and Prayer ~ April 20-27


Possible COVID death in Maiduguri. 

The whole country is on lockdown for 2 weeks after this weekend. Please pray for people who are food insecure! Peter will be paying our staff a little ahead of time so they can buy food.

In Ezekiel’s church they staggered seating for church, and church attendance is down. 

In Plateau state after the weekend they will be locked down until Thursday.

Thank God for no confirmed case of COVID-19 in Jos yet. Peter said that his church has not been taking the restrictions seriously. 

Chief of staff of President died. 

Pray for the end of the global pandemic. 

Please pray for stresses on families in the face of the pandemic. Churches in Jos are helping, thank God, they are identifying vulnerable people and sharing beans, rice with the less privileged in the society. 

Ezekiel’s son has been paralyzed from the waste down after a spinal cord injury, he can walk now and is recovering! He is 29 years old. Pray for complete recovery. 

Small businesses have totally shut down, pray for them, even though the government is allowing them to be open 2-3 days a week, many have gone under. 

Peter’s church isn’t taking many precautions, pray that the church will take things seriously. 

Provost of a theological seminary we have worked with is having a really hard time, please pray for all our ministry partners. 

In Abuja they are allowed to move around the community. The lockdown is a travel ban for far distances. They are allowing people to walk. Zainab’s family is doing well, praise God. 


Continue to pray for peace in Ethiopia!

Please also pray for Eskinder and his family as he continues to work from home. 

Please pray for the process of setting up a visit or training for Eritreans! 


Praise God for Dara’s continued healing, she is not completely recovered yet, but is doing a lot better. 

Please pray that the fundraiser goes well, that we are able to raise the funds that we need too, and just as importantly, bring more prayer partners on board!


Please pray for Florence’s family as her husband has died after a long illness, please pray for comfort, strength, and provision!

Please continue to pray for our trainees!

Please pray that God would spare Cameroon from the coronavirus.

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ April 20-27
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Praise and Prayer ~ April 6-13

Praise and Prayer ~ April 6-13


Continue to pray for the situation in Nigeria, there have been attacks by the Fulani surrounding Jos. Please pray for peace. 

There are now going to be about 2 weeks where everyone is supposed to stay home, and cannot go out to do almost anything! Please pray for our staff as no one can get food for a week.

In Maiduguri the army was able to stop some attacks of the Boko Haram, but there are still people being attacked and kidnapped. Please pray for them! 

Maiduguri is expecting to have a lock down soon, please pray for them! 

There is a man in Maiduguri who has been imprisoned for his faith, his trial was postponed, please pray for him! 

Pray for Ezekiel’s wife! She is in the hospital, sick. 

There is a child Comfort knows who needs an operation, a child name Lucky, please pray for his operation tomorrow. 

Pray for planning! It’s difficult to plan. 

Praise God for Peter’s 27th anniversary! Pray for continued protection for Peter and his wife, who are at higher risk for coronavirus!


Ask for peace in Ethiopia, Egyptians want to fight Ethiopia over the water on the Nile, Ethiopia is building a dam, and Egypt is threatening to go to war. Pray for peace!

Pray for Eskendir’s family, it has been difficult to buy supplies. 

Pray that the country would be spared the epidemic! There have been two people who have died and everyone is afraid. 

Pray for Eskindir’s continued work with the situation in Eritrea! 


Pray for the US team as we prepare for our online fundraiser May 2nd!

Pray for Dara as she is still sick and struggling with breathing. 
Pray for David’s kids as they are trying to do online school. 


Continue to pray for grace and peace for Florence, Pastor Jisa, and all of the trainees that we have not been able to support for a long time due to violence within the country!

Pray for Cameroonians as well to be shielded from the coronavirus.

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ April 6-13
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 30

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Dear Friends,

We want you to know that we are all in prayer for you as well! May God keep us all now and forever through this time of great trial, as we fix our eyes on Him!


All trainings cancelled or on hold for now! Please pray for our team as they work from home. 

More and more cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Nigeria, yesterday the President did a broadcast, and in the 20 minutes he spoke the number of confirmed cases rose from 89 to 511. He has shut down the borders of several states, there is no going and coming from affected states. More and more states are shutting down. In Kaduna they have a 6am-6pm curfew, which, in effect means that no one goes out at all because no one goes out at night. They aren’t letting anyone out even to buy food.  In Jos there are no cases reported but very few have been tested.

In Maiduguri everyone is trying to get as much food as they can, because starting tomorrow they will not be allowed outside. 

Please pray for provision for everyone, for healing from sickness, and also for food provision!

Boko Haram just attacked and killed about 20 men (both Christian and Muslim) 24 km from Maiduguri yesterday, the soldiers were able to rescue the women they abducted, but all the men died. Please pray for comfort and healing for all those who lost loved ones. 

Many churches in Jos are still open, but they are trying to create space of at least 2 meters. There is no children’s church because they didn’t have any room for them. Sam’s church divided into groups of ten. In the villages, people are still meeting, but shortening church services. Please pray for wisdom for the churches as they continue to try to discern what is safest. 

There are no reported cases yet in the hospital in Maiduguri, where Comfort also works as a nurse, but there are almost no tests. Please pray that the outbreak is contained!


Not many cases in Ethiopia that they know of. Government workers were told to stay home, but everyone else is going about their business. The denomination we work with, Kale Heywet, has everyone on a rotation schedule, so there is only one person in each office at a time. There is food for the time being, continue to pray that Ethiopia is spared!

Eritrea wants us to come, the government won’t want Rich to teach but he can encourage them and hear their stories. Eskinder may be allowed to teach. The people we trained are training other people, they have been sharing the materials on a loan basis. We are trying to get more materials to them but it is very difficult. We want to send 1,000 copies. Pray for us as we try to navigate helping them! 


Rich’s siblings are all in their 60’s, 70’s. Rich’s sister Marsha is a nurse nearing 70 and plans to help when the virus hits. Please pray for safety for them and that they would come to know Jesus. 

Pray for our fundraiser on May 2nd as it is now virtual! We are trying to negotiate this as well as we can, but it is uncharted territory for us. 

David’s kids are supposed to be starting school virtually on Wednesday. Please pray for the whole family! Pray for the kids, that they would have motivation.

Prayer for continued healing for Dara, who is continuing to slowly recover. 

Also pray for the hospital workers in Oregon and all over the US, they have a lot of cases and are all vulnerable! 

Cameroon —

Please continue to pray for Florence, Pastor Jisa and all of the trainees who are still in regions where they are being heavily persecuted by the government! 

Please pray for health and provision for all their families in this trying time, as the coronavirus adds to the suffering of the people.

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 30
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Praise and Prayer ~ March 14-21


On Wednesday Peter and his team will go to another theological school to set up another training! They are training 150 at the UMCN theological school right now. One of the professors said we should call the gospel card the miracle card, because it is so clear and works so well. Three of the theological students rededicated their lives to Christ, saying they had not clearly understood the gospel before now! The seminary said they want every graduating set to participate in this training. Praise God, and pray for these new trainees!

Sam is leading a team in Niger state not far from Ilorin, training another 150 people to evangelize and follow up with new believers. Pray for the trainees and also for the team as they travel home!

Ezekiel’s son is sick, but he is improving. Sam’s wife last week was not well, they went to the hospital, they gave her medication, so she is feeling better. Ahmet’s mother has been sick as well. Pray God would fully heal and restore all those who are sick.

Pray for Peter’s family, tomorrow is the burial of his uncle who died last week. Pray God will give them peace and provision. 

Pray about the open doors we are seeing in the ministry, that God would help the team articulate what they are going to do well as people ask them about the training. Pray God leads us to the right people to work with, that the ministry would prosper and move forward.

Pray about the conference in Jalingo, as we will likely have to cancel it, for God to provide for another time!

Continue to pray for the television program we are running in northern Nigeria as people hear about the gospel in Muslim communities for perhaps the first time!


Continue to pray for wisdom as the coronavirus spreads as to how we should respond. Pray for the US as people grapple with the sickness. 

Praise about Stacey’s brother, he is cancer free!

Pray for Dara as she is having breathing issues still after a long illness and two miscarriages, and Ian as he has a worsening cough.

Pray about our finances as our fundraiser has been cancelled. Pray that God meets our needs creatively!


Pray for our Ethiopian team, the country is mandating no meetings or conferences, so we had to cancel our trainings! Both the trainings that Eskinder ad Rich were going to run.

The Eritrean leaders want to have more trainings with their people! Please pray that we can make this happen as soon as it is safe.

Pray for Eskinder as he continues to plan for the fall, we are hoping that the coronavirus pandemic abates in time for us to run the 10-20,000 person conference in December.

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ March 14-21
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 24-31


The former sheik’s baby has recovered from her illness, praise the Lord! 

Comfort and Zainab are in Jos now, for the trainers’ training, please pray for this training! The team hasn’t heard back from everyone, but are hoping to have 25-27 of the head trainers attend. Pray for safety in travel.

We thank God for last week’s trainings in Katsina and Kano, they were very successful, and travel was safe! Let us continue to pray for the participants, many are trying to evangelize, and have plans to evangelize together in April and beginning of May, and go on trips to go to different states. They intend to use our gospel cards and follow up materials!

Ishaku went to Jalingo on an outreach and is still there, he spent the night in Jalingo, and tomorrow he is coming to Jos, pray for safety!

Last week when Sam was away, his wife was suffering from an eye problem, and thank God she is doing better. 

Let us continue to pray for the upcoming events in Jos, thank God for journey mercies from Abuja to Jos, for Rich and Peter!

On Saturday some of the Nigeria team will travel to Jalingo to meet with the committee organizing the conference in Jalingo, pray for safety in travel and a fruitful meeting. 

Rich will be preaching in an RCCN (Reformed Church of Christ in Nigeria) church on Sunday, pray for wisdom as he shares the message. 

Continue to pray for the TV program! They will air the second episode in the north this week! Pray that God will use this to spread his word. 

The Nigeria team is having another training next week in the Foron area, pray that God will guide them and lead them! They are expecting 150 people. Most are pastors and elders some group leaders from COCIN (Church of Christ in Nigeria). 

Things are better in Maiduguri, the government announced that both Muslims and Christians should pray and fast. There were two attacks close by, but God has been faithful. Pray that God will comfort and strengthen them. The governor said he is going to fast and pray for peace! Please pray that God hears their prayers

There are three girls who had turned to prostitution who are listening to Comfort and learning from the follow up materials, Comfort is not in Jos this week, but has left one of her trainees in charge of reaching out to them and continuing with the follow-up lessons. Pray for them!

Praise God, the internet in the Nigeria office is working! The printer is working as well!


Eskinder is arranging the training for prospective trainers with Rich, he is expecting 16-20 people! Please pray for wisdom and grace as he does this.

Eskinder is praying that David would be able to finish all the materials, because about 1300 people are waiting for them. Pray David is able to figure out the changes soon!

Pray for the large conference, they’re postponing it until November-December, hoping to have 10,000-20,000 people! Pray for wisdom about exact timing, and resources!


Continue to pray for peace for the country, and for health and strength for Florence’s family, and encouragement in the Spirit for the trainees!


Stacey’s daughter is doing better! Praise God! Please pray that God continues to protect her and the baby. 

Pray for David’s son Ben, they’re changing some of his teachers at school to try to help him. 

David shared at Laurel community church yesterday, and people responded well! Next Sunday they have a missions conference, and David will be there. 

David’s wife is in Arizona this week with her parents, helping them, please pray for her! The plan is that they will move to Oregon in July, so pray for the building process, that all the permits and financing would go well! 

Continue to pray for preparations for the set up for the fundraiser on the east coast! 

Continue to pray about Dara and Ian’s finances! Also, the kids are sick this week, pray for quick healing, and that the kids could sleep through the night again. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 24-31
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 17-24


Sam, Valentine, Dauda, Ahamet are training, it is going well! They started this morning, and and by evening there were 147 trainees. The trainees were very organized and attentive, praise God. They went through the gospel tract and practiced together. 

Pray for the training as it is challenging to run a training that large! 

Praise God for safe travels for the team!

There is a challenge, they can’t go out and witness en masse, because they are going back to their communities and families to share the gospel. 

Peter is also leading a training, in Katsina. There are 170 trainees, please pray for them!

The guest house is very low quality. They arrived and there were no mattresses, and the guest house asked if they wanted to pay to buy them for the guest house! 

There was a car accident close to the training–One person died and 6 are in the hospital, the pastor who died was part of one of our previous trainings, please pray for the bereaved families.

In the early morning Peter visited another site where we are considering having the Hausa Background Believer conference. One of the elders in the community took Peter to meet with the church leader, and they’re going to work on organizing it! They are going to choose the date together. Thank God for that meeting and discussion, pray that the conference planning goes forward well!  They want the Hausa Background Believer conference in April or May this year! They are hoping to bring 1,000 HBBs together. 

The sheik’s 6 month old daughter is sick with malaria and typhoid and has been hospitalized Saturday-Sunday, please pray for her quick healing!

Pray for attacks in and around Maiduguri! Pray for peace and protection for Comfort! 

Please also pray for Comfort as she is attempting to minster to girls in Maiduguri ages 14-20 who are dropping out of school and turning to prostitution out of desperation. Please pray that she can gain their trust and that they will come to know the Lord in a new way and that God make a path for freedom for them!

Ishaku will be traveling to Jalingo tomorrow to do evangelism with the ECWA-Taraba trainees from a few years ago. Pray for them! 


Everything is going well in Ethiopia! Eskinder is going south this week between Sodo and Arba Minch. How many people will be attending? Eskinder talked to a person in the south about the large conference in November 

Pray for everyone that they trained in the past couple weeks! 

They need materials! There are over 1,000 people waiting for the training manual/booklet


Please continue to pray for safety for Florence, her family, and all our trainees in Jesus’ name!

Please pray for peace in Cameroon.


Prayer for a meeting with our east-coast organizer, Deborah Sezov this week! Pray for the East Coast fundraiser.

Stacey’s daughter Hannah’s kidney stones have resolved, praise God! However she now has inflammation in her lungs. She is pregnant, please pray for healing!

Rich is leaving for Nigeria on Saturday! Pray for the trip, they’ll be traveling to Jalingo to finalize the conference in April. They will be doing a lot of committee meetings, and doing training of trainers. 

Rick flies out next Monday for 3 months, has a lot of arrangements to make! Pray for arrangements, and for safety in travel. 

Praise that David made it back safely on Saturday night! Pray for wisdom as David continues to follow up with the Nigeria and Ethiopia staff about critical operations issues. David’s wife is leaving Saturday for a week in Arizona with her parents, so prayer for strength for both David and his wife! They have a contractor coming over to figure out how to make a space for Denise’s folks, pray for those plans! Continue to pray for David’s son Ben, who has gotten suspended from school, pray for growth and healing for him, and wisdom for David’s sister and brother-in-law. 

Pray for Dara and Ian’s family financial situation, as their renters will be moving out. 

We have an opportunity to train in Guatemala, pray for wisdom! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 17-24
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 10-17


The former sheik and Ahamet will be meeting all together with some highly educated new believers to do the follow up training, this week! Pray for these new believers!

Peter met with leaders in Ilorin with a local denomination which wants us to come and train their pastors and church members. They are very interested in the follow-up training and the materials, they are willing to accommodate and feed the participants of the trainings with their own finances. Praise God! The church is interested in possibly contributing financially to the ministry as well! They asked a lot of questions about how we deal with Muslim background believers, and Peter was able to tell them more about our developing Muslim new believer strategy to keep them in their communities so they don’t have to flee. They have heard testimonies about what we have been doing. The General Secretary that Peter trained in Uganda in 2017 has been teaching the gospel card and follow up materials in the seminary he teaches at! 

There are some new converts in Maiduguri who are going through the follow-up class with Comfort. They couldn’t meet yesterday, because about 30 vehicles were attacked on the highway, 30 people killed, and they kidnapped others. Everyone is terrified to travel anywhere outside the city. Please pray for safety! 

This coming Monday, there are two trainings the Nigeria team will be running in the north, please pray for safety for them! The organizer in at one of the trainings has said there are 147 people who are registered! Pray for all the travel arrangements. 

News from the conference organizers in Jalingo is that there will be 1,000 people attending! Pray because we are having a hard time finding speakers. 

Pray for Sam’s family, his sister lost her three year old granddaughter died of chicken pox. Sam has been trying to help her travel to where her daughter lives. Pray for her travel, 


David and Eskinder are working hard preparing the office, getting started on a lot of projects! They are trying especially to find a good internet option because it is making communications difficult. 

Pray that Eskinder and David will have wisdom and will make good progress on all of their projects. 

Praise God for the wonderful, effective trainings that Rich and Eskinder had the past couple of weeks! Pray for the trainers as they continue to minister!


Continue to pray for Cameroon! We would love to do trainings there, but it is not yet safe. 

Pray for Florence and family, Linda, Doris, Stanley, Hestin, and all those who continue to pray for the Lord’s grace and minister to those around them in very difficult situations!


Pray for Rich, Eskinder’s main supporter died, and he is trying to contact his widow. Pray for mercy for her!

Pray for Stacey’s daughter, Hannah, who is just found out she has a kidney stone while 21 weeks pregnant! Pray for her healing, and for protection for the baby! 

Pray for Dara’s healing, she had a severe migraine that was mimicking a stroke, and had to have strong medication in the ER which gave her some very difficult side effects for a few days. She is nearly well, but pray for continued health!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 10-17
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Praise and Prayer ~ February 3-10


Praise God for David’s safe trip! He had no problems in Lagos. 

Peter, Sarah, and David are all working together on finances! Pray for wisdom. 

A team member is traveling down to the southwestern part of Nigeria, travel safety. Last week Wednesday someone was kidnapped in the area, please pray for protection and peace. 

Pray for the conference that is coming up in Jalingo in April. They went and met with the leadership, and it seems they are working hard to set it up. 

We thank God for journey mercies for the staff members that went to Kaduna state! There has been a lot of fruit from the journey already, people hearing the gospel message. 

Pray for new MBBs, Peter and the team tried meeting with some of the converts, they are having some issues, pray that God will give the team wisdom as they continue to support them. 

One of the MBB converts needs a place to stay, Ahamet is helping him, pray for wisdom and guidance.

Maiduguri is still very dangerous, Comfort was thinking of coming down to Jos, but the roads are not safe. Please pray for wisdom and protection for her! There is a convert in need of help in Maiduguri, but we don’t know how to help them. 


There are 65 people at the Arba Minch training, first day went well. There are people coming down from the mountain every day, they are needing to start the training half an hour later than usual because traveling down from the mountain has proved difficult. Please pray for all of the trainees!

Please pray for the arrangements for the large conference! We are unsure the end of May is a good idea, because it could be in rainy season. Pray for wisdom and collaboration for the right timing. 

Everyone at the training is very grateful! There are potential trainers, important leaders in the denomination, all are working together well and are very excited!

There is unrest in Ethiopia, the Oromo people have been causing some issues west of Addis, a few miles, the church and Eskinder are concerned about safety, everyone is keeping their please pray for peace and no civil unrest. There is guy in the states who comes and stirs people up, pray that he will not cause any problems!

Pray for university students missing from Dembe Dolo! 


Stacey is working on a video montage to show at the beginning of the tv program airing in Nigeria. Pray for him as he works on this important project. 

Pray for David’s family as he is away! 

Pray also for Rich’s wife, Janice as she is traveling. 

Pray for Dara’s family for health.


Continue to pray for Florence’s family, for peace in the country, and all of our trainees!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ February 3-10
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 27-February 3rd


Training in Nigeria started around 10 am, with about 63 people! There should be more coming tomorrow. Most are evangelists that have come from far away villages. Please pray! They are in northern Nigeria. They can’t go out in groups to witness during the practical time, because the Muslims would be suspicious and might react violently. Pray for their efforts as they witness at home. Pray for the training! Please pray for Peter, Sam, Ishaku, Ahamet.

There is a video-recorder who is covering the training! Pray for this to be fruitful, it would be wonderful to have more of our sessions recorded. 

Last week some of our staff were supposed to be in Jarong, but the Muslims in Maiduguri have been kidnapping and killing of leaders and church members. The highways in Maiduguri are all unsafe, and even inside the town there are terrible atrocities. Please pray for Comfort! Please pray for everyone, for safety and for mercy for the church in the area. 

One of the Muslim background believers from Maiduguri was taken away by his family, please pray! 

Pray for the former sheik, they are expecting him to continue on with recording the tv programs! These will be airing soon. 

Pray for the Jalingo conference, Peter has been talking with the organizers, pray for all the efforts to communicate! Peter has had a hard time getting through to them this week. They are hoping to meet tomorrow. 

The training at the girls secondary school was successful! Many of them are really intent on learning more. They said the teachings have helped them a lot. 

Sam’s elder sister called and said his uncle has died. Please pray for their family! Especially for Sam as he is at the training and can’t attend the funeral.


Rich and Eskendir just started the training today with around 50 people, they expect ten more to arrive tomorrow. The trainees are out witnessing right now! Please pray for them. 

Rich and Eskendir talked with the representatives from Kale Heywet (our main partnerning) denomination about the Ethiopian evangelism and follow up conference. They are now saying they expect 10-15,000 will come, and are considering moving the conference to May. Continue to pray for wisdom and help with all the practical details. 

There was a freak rain all last night, it caused power outages, Rich and Eskendir have no internet access— it also makes the roads a mess, and it interrupts the farming, so pray for no more rain! 

Pray for next week, that everyone will be able to come to the training near Addis next week! Rich and Eskendir are eager to meet especially those we are considering adding to the Ethiopia team.


Stacey’s brother is still suffering memory problems, and the doctors have been unable to properly diagnose him. The cancer is still a problem, please continue to pray. 

David is leaving Friday for Nigeria and Ethiopia, pray for final preparations this week!

 This last weekend David attended a youth retreat for eighth grade boys! There were 7-10 kids there, saw God working in some really cool ways, pray for the kids. 

David’s daughter has three finals today! And today is Ben’s birthday, so pray that he has a good birthday, and continue to pray for him that he is able to start making better choices that lead to his healing. Pray for David’s sister that she would have wisdom as she continues to work with him

Prayer for our office staff as we get year-end summaries out this week! 


Please continue to pray for peace in the country, and mercy for those in English speaking regions. 

Please pray for Florence’s family! Pray for mercy and healing for her husband. 

Please pray for all those who have been trained as they continue to reach out to those around them. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 27-February 3rd
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Praise and Prayer ~ January 6-13

Matthew 14

Devotional Thought from Rich: Jesus had compassion on those who were ill even in his time of trouble, he healed their sick! Let us remember in our own difficulties or those of people we love, Jesus feels for us and will respond. 


Let’s pray for Christians in the North, the Islamic State kidnapped a district secretary yesterday and in Lassa the driver was killed and the passengers were kidnapped. Continue to pray for the safety of the people who are traveling! 

Pray for Comfort’s safety as she continues to minister in Maiduguri, and also that God would open doors and create safety so ministers in Maiduguri can go about safely. 

Thank God for the New Year! Today the Nigeria team in Jos gathered to pray together. Please pray that God will give each one of them strength and vision for what He has called them to do! 

Pray for the coming week! the Nigeria team will be traveling north to three locations to set up trainings the end of January and beginning of February! Pray for safety, for God’s grace, and pray for good communications with all our partners. 

Please pray for the former sheik as he and some of the staff will be traveling to encourage new believers that have resulted from our joint ministry! Praise God we heard this past week there was a Muslim man who heard the former sheik testifying to the truth of Christianity using the Koran, and he went to his community Islamic teachers and asked them if what the sheik said was true, and they said that it was. He said to them then why are we attacking the Christians? We should rather become Christians, and the man then professed faith in Jesus. There was another man, a son of the chief, who fell sick, and his aunt who was a Christian took him to the hospital, and when they took him to the hospital, they treated him in a Christian hospital. The hospital staff started praying for him, and one night the man started shouting Jesus, Jesus, and from that time he said he wants to give his life to Jesus. He has been in hiding from his parents. Someone heard about what we do, and called the former sheik to ask for his help in following up with the young man, building him up in his new faith.

Last week the Nigeria team did three recordings on Friday of last week. Things are taking shape for the television program that FFICM will run for several months, they are recording more episodes this week! Praise God that we are already seeing people turn to the Lord through recordings!

Thank God for this weekend! Samuel had a revival in his village. He went and showed the Jesus film and they had time to preach and follow up. About 135 people prayed to receive Christ! Pray for the staff as they follow up with the new believers and thank God for His work to bring many to Christ. 

Pray for pastors in Nigeria, many are being transferred at the beginning of the year. This may make the communications for our team more challenging. Pray that God will give these new pastors in areas we are hoping to work a good understanding of what we do and that they will be motivated. 

December 31st at night Mercy, Soja’s wife almost died, it turned out that she has a brain tumor, thank God she is doing better. She needs to go to Israel for an operation, pray that God would heal her!


Ethiopian Christmas is tomorrow! 

There are many training opportunities! At this point many people are hearing about what we are doing and want us to come and do trainings. Pray that Eskinder will have wisdom and grace to know which opportunities to pursue! 

Please pray for the universities in Ethiopia! There has been further conflict and confusion and Eskinder’s son hasn’t been able to attend university.

Please also continue to pray for all the student trainers and the new believers who resulted from their ministry


We have an opportunity to do some teaching in the Dalles, we need to make a decision as to whether or not we should take advantage of this opportunity as it is a complex situation! 

We have a new volunteer coming in this week on Tuesday! She is coming in once a week. Praise God and pray that this goes well! 

Pray for all the preparations for the year! There is a lot going on!

Pray for David’s wife Denise, she has been with her parents this past week helping them with their medical issues! She travels back to Oregon tomorrow night, pray for her parents, and for her safe travel. Pray also for David’s son Benjamin, that he would continue to adjust well to life in Washington and that this time would be really good for him! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ January 6-13
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Prayer and Praise ~ December 30 2019


Thank God the Christmas celebration in Jos was peaceful! 

Maiduguri was largely peaceful but outside the city on Thursday there was a bride and all her friends that were killed on their way to her wedding. Please pray for all of their family and friends, and pray for an end to these evil attacks and the organizations that perpetrate them in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for the sheik and Ahamet who are traveling to speak to Christian Fulani in Bauchi state! Pray for God’s grace and traveling mercies. 

Sarah and Ishaku Afan, good friends, had the wedding of their daughter this week! Pray for their marriage! 

Also please pray for the churches here as they face the new year! Pray for all the communication with all the churches we partner with particularly. 

Pray for 2020 plans for the Nigeria team, it is looking to be their busiest year yet! They are going to be having a time of prayer and fasting Monday-Friday and meeting in the morning to discuss the vision for the coming year. Peter, Samuel, Ruth, Dauda, Ishaku, Valentine, Ezekiel, Jusuf, Ishaku.

We continue to praise God for the salvation of Sam’s parents. 

Comfort went to another village for an outreach event she is going to visit her trainees and new believers in the refugee camp!


Continue to pray for the set up for the large conference for Christians falling away from their faith into witchcraft! We are hoping for 6,000 to come to be strengthened in their faith and equipped in beginning follow-up. 

Pray for Eyasu as he continues to develop plans for FFICM in Ethiopia in 2020


Please continue to remember Florence and her husband, and Pastor Yisa, and all the trainees and trainers in Cameroon! Please pray for peace for their nation and that God would create an opportunity for us to go and partner with them to reach their nation for Christ! 


Pray for David’s family as they all adjust to Ben living with David’s sister for a while! 

Rick is traveling to Nigeria the third week in February until Memorial Day to assist with the Gindiri training, and one other training, pray for safe travel! Please also pray for Rick’s transition with his business! He is in treatment for a 

Pray for Dara’s husband’s healing as he is sick! 

Continuing prayer also for Stacey’s brother, who is continuing to struggle with memory issues following his fall. 

Pray for our Rich and Rick’s cars, both are having car trouble!

Pray that people will donate towards the year end, as we still have 40% of our budget for 2020 to come up with! 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ December 30 2019
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 16-23

1 Peter 1:13 (NIV) 

Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.


Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet for safe travel!

Pray for trainings for next year, there are so many in January, February, and March, pray God will give the Nigeria team the grace to do all this! Pray also for all of the set-up that goes into this, for good communication, Ezekiel is working on this. 

Praise God, Sam visited his parents, his father told him that 2 weeks previously he had received Christ and while they were there his mother also prayed to receive Jesus. Pray that God strengthens them in their newfound faith! Pray also that Sam and his family will be able to move to a new house this week. Pray for Sam’s son who is teething!  Thank God for Sam’s brother, God protected him in an accident. Sam has been having some issues with his eye, pray God would heal him from this eye problem, he is on medication. 


Ethiopia is peaceful praise God!

There have been some complications in organizing the conference, pray for clear and quick communications! 

Pray that Eritrea would open up! We would love to minister there. 


Pray for Rich’s brother and sisters who do not know Christ!

Pray for our families as they are together, that we would have joyful and thankful hearts! 

Pray for David’s son Ben, he is twelve years old, he has had issues at school, has been suspended. Pray for wisdom for David and his wife Denise. His sister and brother and law have offered to take him in, they have experience working with kids with behavioral issues. 

Continue to pray for Stacey’s brother! 


Please continue to pray for Florence, her husband, pastor Yisa and all those still ministering under the oppressive regime!

Please pray for peace for Cameroon. 


Pray for the opportunity that Roman is working on for Rich to come and teach at the Bible college in Siberia! The school really wants Rich to come. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ December 16-23
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Praise and Prayer


Universities are now at peace, students are back to their studies! Praise God!

Pray for Eskendir that he would have wisdom as he works on setting up the conference and the new office

Thank God that the President of Ethiopia has received a Nobel Peace Prize. Pray while he leaves the country there will be peace, and no one would take advantage of his absence. 

Pray as we invite potential head trainers for our Ethiopia team to the next training! We are hoping to expand our staff of one this year!


Praise God Peter’s son is better! He is back at school! Thank God for answered prayers

Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet, they are traveling to follow up with new believers this next week. 

Sam and Ezekiel are planning to go to Sam’s home district after a visit last week, they have set up a training for 50-70 people from his district this coming week! They also want to go speak with Samuel’s parents, who have been infrequent church-goers but haven’t committed their lives to Christ. Pray for Sam and Ezekiel, that God would use this opportunity and open their hearts to him. 

Praise God that Jos is peaceful, please pray that as we approach Christmas it will continue to be peaceful because this is often a time for attack!

Thank God, Sam’s family, his wife and son, are on the mend! Continue to pray for them as they are continuing to look for a new place to live. 

Pray for Sarah’s daughter, she is getting married on the 27th of this month! Pray that the marriage would be blessed and God would provide for her family. 

Pray for everyone in Jos, things are tough as prices of rice are high! 

Pray for the Bible dedication of the Bible in the Ichen language! There is a celebration of the 26th of December. 

Pray for peace in Maiduguri, there was an attack!


Please continue to pray for Florence and her family!

Please pray for peace and mercy on the English speaking regions. 

Pray for encouragement and guidance and God’s provision for all of the trainers and new believers! 


Stacey’s brother is in the midst of more tests about the cause of the fluid in his brain. The fluid is possibly oddly affecting his memory, so he is sometimes mentally present sometimes not. It also could be a result of the drug that he is taking for the cancer, pray that the insurance company allows the drug that would be safer for him, and pray for healing!

Continue to pray for David’s son Ben, for his family for wisdom to know how best to help him! 

Pray for our whole office as we continue to make plans for the coming year!

DaraPraise and Prayer
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 2-9


Boko Haram attacked Lassa, Borno State on Friday night, they were dressed as soldiers. Many were killed, also a lecturer with the university of Gashua was kidnapped. His name is Bitru, please pray for his safe return, and pray for his family, his daughter was ill and he went to visit her, and he was on his way back when he was abducted. 

Pray for those who have lost their loved ones, that God would give them strength to move forward in Jesus. 

Pray for the recording of the television programs, Rich’s original interview has already aired! 

Praise God Rich is safely to Abuja, pray for his trip home to the US

The HBB conference was successful in the sense that people came, the facilitators were there, everyone loved the teaching, and there was no threat during or after the conference! The only challenge, was there was supposed to be 1000, it was 570 registered, as well as many who came that were unregistered. There was a misunderstanding on the Kano side, the organizer said they sent over 150 forms to Kano alone, but people didn’t get them somehow, we don’t know why. Yusuf said that one of them said since they were a Christian they have not gotten teaching or training in their new faith like this. One of the worship leaders was saying even Muslim Hausa were saying they would come! They can understand the Bible in their language, but they can’t read the Koran. Many Christians testified that they feel more confident as to how to share their faith. Praise God for these mercies, and continue to pray for better communication with the organizers for the next conference, but especially the Hausa Christians we trained as they witness, and the converts who have already resulted from their ministry. 

The road to Jos from the conference was terrible, Rich’s back was hurting for at least three days afterwards, but we thank God nothing happened along the way, as there had been 30 kidnappings on that road in the last month. 

Peter’s son is still having diarrhea, up to five times in the night, but is eating and drinking again. Praise God for the improvement in his health, but please continue to pray for complete healing. 

Sam’s wife and his son Josiah have been ill! Please pray for both of them! His wife Jessica is still sick. Their family is looking for a better house to live in, pray that they will find a place soon!

There was a strategic planning meeting for the Nigeria branch of FFICM today! Pray that God gives all of them wisdom and grace as they continue to follow the Lord’s guidance.  Pray for the new staff members and the continued strength in fellowship for the FFICM team. 

Comfort trained 14 women from the refugee camp center!  They promised they will use the materials. Please pray for them for strength, for mercy in their lives, and for their ministry. 


Prayer for university students, there has been a lot of violence at Ethiopian universities all of a sudden with some students killed, and the government is trying to crack down, they are considering closing the universities for a while if the issue cannot be resolved.

Pray the government! There are continued tensions in Ethiopia, pray for peace as we continue to plan the conference and trainings! 

Pray for wisdom for Eskendir as he puts these plans into motion in partnership with the denomination


Continue to pray for Florence who has been experiencing pain in her arms and ribs! Praise God her husband is doing better, but please continue to pray for his health.

Pray for all the the trainees and trainers that are currently scattered. 

Pray for peace in Cameroon! For mercy for the people in the English speaking regions, and that as a result of the peace we would be able to to go in and continue to equip Cameroonians to reach their people for Jesus.


Pray for the process of transitioning to our new database! This will help us keep in better contact with everyone, but it is a lot of work. Our volunteer Doug is working hard on that, hopefully next week we’ll have part of it done! Continue to pray for Doug. 

Big praise! Saturday was the deadline for our $10,000 matching grant, we had to have $10,000 pledged by then, and on Saturday evening we got it! The final gift came in. Praise the Lord for His goodness.  

Our volunteer Karen Cheever lost her father a couple weeks ago, please pray for their family, we thank God he was a believer, but pray for comfort for her family

David’s in-laws, his father in law has prostate cancer, his mother in law has eye problems. Prayer for wisdom for David and Denise as they support them from far off and work towards getting them to come live with them! Lift up also David’s son Ben who is struggling with a desire to rebel. Pray that he would have a desire for the Lord, and that he would be able to see and understand the depth of God’s love for him. 

Pray for Dara’s daughter Odette who is sick again, pray for wisdom as Dara and Ian continue to figure out how to help Carsten sleep and keep Odette well. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ December 2-9
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 25 – December 2


Praise God! Comfort’s journey home went well! 

Most of the several hundred girls from the boarding school Comfort, Zainab and Sam ministered to and trained are orphans, who must go live with distant relatives over break, so they are so sad to leave the boarding school. Comfort gave them the example of Esther, that she too was an orphan but she focused on God and God did wonderful things in her life. She also gave them the example of how God used Mary Schlesser. They were so happy and look forward to another time of encouragement like this, pray we can go encourage them again soon! 

Zainab said that the girls kept coming up to receive Christ at other gospel presentations because they thought they had to to keep their faith, so our trainers shared with them about the assurance of faith they can have in their lives!

 Zainab’s former pastor was complaining Zainab and her husband were starting a church with all the people they had led to Christ, that they were stealing parishioners so Zainab sent picture proof that all the people in her new church are new believers. Praise God for the resolution to this issue, pray for her and her husband as they minister to these new believers. 

Latest word on the Hausa Background believers’ conference is that there will be 1,000! Please continue to pray for safety. Everyone travels up tomorrow.

Comfort encouraged those she trained in the refugee camp close to where she lives; they have been sharing the gospel! One old woman when they witnessed to her she came to Christ and was baptized. Comfort encouraged them and said that she would continue to visit them to see how they are doing. Please pray for them for strength and mercy. Comfort is also planning on going to another camp for a training. Pray God will open doors. 

Pray for the people in the refugee camps. Many of them are from areas like Gwoza, where it is still not safe to return.  Most of them are farmers. Pray that God will intervene and bring peace so it will be safe to return home. Some have been in the camps for 6-8 years.

Comfort’s daughter is in Bauchi now, she has submitted her final project! Pray for her future and opportunities! 

Pray for Peter’s son Benedict, the fever came back, and Peter is taking him to the hospital. Peter is leaving tomorrow, pray the doctors diagnose him well and get him the medication he needs!  

Praise God Rich’s interview on tv went really well! It was broadcasted to five states. The woman in charge of the tv programming is an MBB, she is excited to give us air time. We are going to continue to record programs on TV, We have the best slot on the air for 13 weeks, right before the news. It will start airing in January! Praise God for this opportunity to share about the ministry of evangelism and follow up!


Stacey’s leg is ok, but it is not back to normal, it keeps swelling. He is going to the doctor next week, pray for healing!

Stacey’s brother is still not doing well, he is getting a spinal tap soon to get more information about how he is doing. Pray that the insurance company will allow him to get the treatment that would be better for him!

Pray for David’s son Ben that he would make good choices, and David and Denise would have the wisdom to know how to support him!

Pray for us as we follow up with everyone that gave or volunteered at the banquet, that God would help us bring more people into the ministry!

Pray for Rich and the board particularly as they are beginning the search for a VP of Ministry who would help Rich with his massive job, as well as potentially be prepared to take over Rich’s role if the need should arise. 


Please continue to pray for Florence’s family! Her son Stanley took a month off to help take care of his father but is now back in Bamenda, please pray for his safety. Her husband is doing a bit better, but Florence herself is now suffering from pains in her arms. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy for her!

Please continue to pray for peace in Cameroon so we can go and minister alongside our friends in equipping people to evangelize and follow up!

Please pray for the trainees and new believers that have resulted from the last few years of ministry


Please continue to pray for the next year’s plans in Ethiopia! Especially plans for the conference. 

Please pray for all the trainees, especially the students as they continue to minister!

Please pray for wisdom, grace and health for Eskinder, our National Director! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ November 25 – December 2
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Prayer and Praise ~ November 11


Gindiri Training went very well, praise God! The team worked very well together. 

Training in Kagoro turned out to be only one day, prayer for better communication in the future! Our team communicated well but there was a miscommunication on the other side. The class was very responsive, they learned the gospel card, and are eager to learn more. There were two district leaders who were present, who were interested in having trainings in their location

One of the students in the class is from Burkina Faso and contacted Peter and wants him to organize a training in Burkina Faso. He is going to keep in contact with Peter. Pray for wisdom and fruit from these communications

When Peter was coming back, his cousin’s brother lost his oldest son, Fom, he was in Bible school, he died of typhoid. His cousin has to go and tell his wife’s family, prayer for comfort for Peter’s family and the whole community.

When Peter visited his home church in the village, he discovered that a member of the church, a boy, died for no apparent reason yesterday. A lot of youth Peter used to disciple told him that they’re scared God isn’t going to protect them, that people are being killed by secret societies or witchcraft. They are considering turning to witchcraft to protect themselves.

There is a meeting to plan the Hausa Background Believer conference, on Thursday, pray that this will go well! The community in the state where it s going to be held needs some prayer that the money will come through and that everyone will be safe! Please pray for safety for all those who are traveling. 

On Saturday, people came from a church to meet with Peter, they had been talking with some of our partners from discipleship centers in Nigeria. They are interested in supporting some of the programs that have to do with helping new Muslim background believers financially! Pray that God will raise up more people to support us within Nigeria! 

We are going to be advertising the conference on the radio, pray for this time!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, will be doing a shortened, modified training for three hundred 10-15 year old girls in Jos, from a boarding school. Comfort, and Zainab from Abuja (who has been using the materials) will be helping Sam. So important to give them hope and assurance, because a lot of the adults in their world don’t give them hope, because they face so many trials. Someone is giving them assurance from the word of God, try to look at the follow up and then how they can use it in their daily lives. 

Peter’s wife is doing much better, praise God! Please continue to pray for her healing! 

Continue to pray for all the new believers and newly dedicated believers (2,776) that resulted from the Bida outreach!


Please continue to pray for Florence and her husband! 

Please also pray for peace in the country!

Please pray for all of the scattered trainees and new believers, that the Lord would protect and encourage them. 

Pray for all the trainers in Mbingo, Linda, Lily, and many others!

Pray for Hestin, Stanley, and all the young evangelists trained this year!


Eskendir is trying to arrange a training early next year in an unreached area of Ethiopia, the churches there are helping to provide support. Pray for wisdom!

We are hoping to run a large conference,  pray that we can get it organized and fund!

Continue to pray for Ethiopia for peace! 


Fundraiser is on Saturday! Please pray that God provides for us all through this time! 

Dara’s best friend’s dad is getting a triple bi-pass on Wednesday, they are very concerned because he has dementia, and this can mean that he may not be himself when he wakes. Pray for him, for protection and for healing, and for the whole family. 

DaraPrayer and Praise ~ November 11
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Praise and Prayer ~ First week of November


Gindiri training started with around 110 people, they went out for an outreach, pray for them! The report is that the trainees are very attentive and focused. Pray for strength and wisdom for the trainers.The registrar we have been working with has been transferred, pray for a good working relationship with the next registrar! The man we are working with is hoping to connect us with other COCIN theological schools.

Pray for Osang’s wife, Rejoice, who is 8 months pregnant! Pray for a safe delivery and health for the baby and Rejoice. 

Change of name for the organization in Nigeria finally went through praise God! It is now Firm Foundation in Christ Ministries Africa

Pray for our trainees! A lot of our former trainees have come to ask for more materials, as they continue to train more people. 

Next week our team is going to Kagoro to Ecwa theological school to train 80 theological students; pray that everything will go well, and for God’s protection on the road and during the training.  

Pray for God’s protection over our vehicles, that God would put everything in order.

The outreach in the north was successful, all the evangelists came back safely! Praise God. Peter is going to find out soon what the results were. 

Thank God for safety, when Peter was traveling recently, there was a high speed blowout, but as there were no cars nearby, they were able to get safely to the side, pray for this not to happen again! 

Pray for the Hausa Background Believer conference coming up on the 25th of November, the committee will be meeting on Thursday this week, pray God will give them wisdom as they deliberate on the issues surrounding the HBB program. 

Pray for the former Sheik, he traveled to Abuja, he wants to move to Abuja potentially. 


Please continue to pray for Florence and her husband! Praise God that he has experienced some increased ability to communicate. Please pray for healing. 

Please pray for all our trainees and trainers in Mbingo, including Dorcas, Linda, Lily, and many others, and the young evangelists in school such as Stanley and Hestin! Pray for God’s provision for their needs and for protection for them, and for encouragement in Jesus’ Name. 

Please pray for peace in the country, especially mercy for the English speaking areas. 


Please continue to pray for Eskinder’s health!

Please pray for peace in Ethiopia!

Please pray for encouragement and protection and continued strength for ministry for all the student trainees!


Continued prayer for Stacey’s knee! He is moving around pretty well but needs further healing.

Please pray for Stacey’s brother, the doctor has him going in for a bunch of tests because of his head injury from his fall. His insurance company won’t pay for the cancer treatment that would be better for him, even though the previous treatment is hurting him too much, pray for mercy. 

Praise God for Dara and Ian’s trip to Canada, it was a really encouraging time, and the kids were wonderful travelers. We really sensed God’s encouragement that Dara’s music will be used to worship the Lord and create openings to talk with people. 

Pray for the fundraiser which is coming up on the 16th of November, also pray for the matching grant effort, that God will provide! 

Pray for David’s son Benjamin who is going through a lot, and having issues with anger, and getting in trouble in school, and at least one time experimenting with drugs. Pray for God’s protection and mercy over his life. 

Pray for David’s father-in-law, who is also struggling with prostate cancer, he is in a lot of pain, and the doctors are trying to figure out the best course of action. His mother-in-law who is legally blind but has some sight, her eye is losing fluid from the eye, and she has lost even more of her vision. 

The contractor that was going to help David fix up the house so his in-laws can live there is delayed, pray for all this to go through. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ First week of November
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Praise and Prayer ~ October 21-28

Praise and Prayer


Please pray for Peter’s wife’s health, she is having further symptoms of hepatitis! She has gone back to her parents’ village to try some herbal remedies. Please pray for Peter and his children while she is gone!

Pray for the outreach which is occurring this Saturday, 1200-1600 evangelists will begin ministering in Niger State in largely-unreached Nupe land, where we have prepared 75 church leaders ahead of time to follow up with new believers! Please pray for the Lord to prepare people’s hearts ahead of time, for safety, for grace from the Holy Spirit, and for health for everyone!

Pray for the year planning! The Nigeria office has a lot of opportunity to expand, but needs funding to back it, please pray that God provides above and beyond all we ask!

Pray for Rick Cordell, he’s transitioning to working primarily with us to working with Emmaus! Pray for us and for him as he makes that transition, that God will bless that.

At the beginning of November, FFICM will be doing a training with Gindiri Theological School, this has been a highly fruitful partnership, please pray! There is also a possibility our team can split up and run another training at Kagoro Bible School at the same time, please pray for wisdom, grace, and strength successful and  training is coming up on the fourth of November, pray for this training!

Comfort is also training in her church this week (20-30 people) as well as next week, Lord willing she will be training at EYN headquarters, an additional 20 people! Praise God for this, and pray for her for strength, grace, and protection.


Please continue to pray for our dear sister and partner, Florence, as she is still nursing her sick husband! Praise God for all her faithful work, and for that of her partners in ministry, the young evangelists and other leaders like Lily, Dorcas, Hilda, and Linda! 

Pastor Jisa has been transferred to French-speaking Cameroon, and would like to run some trainings there! Please pray for wisdom and for the resources to come through! 


Continue to pray for Eskendir and his health, praise God that he is doing better!

There has been some violence in the northern part of the country, pray for peace. 

Pray for Eskendir as he seeks the Lord about the plans for the coming year, staff to bring on board, trainings, and conferences. 


Stacey had surgery last week on his knee and is in recovery! He cannot put weight on it for more than fifteen minutes at a time, pray for full recovery!

Stacey’s brother has fallen and injured himself, related to the medication he is on for his cancer. He has some fluid in his brain, please pray for healing and for his family at this difficult time.

The USA team is working hard to meet our matching grant amount, which is $10,000 for monthly donations! Please pray that the Lord moves in people’s hearts to help us reach this goal. 

There is a group of twelve churches in the Dalles who are interested in us training their people ahead of a big outreach around Easter, pray for wisdom for our team as we consider this opportunity! We would need to invest time and staff to adjust our training materials and pattern for a US audience. 

Pray about planning and fundraising efforts for all teams as we look towards next year! 

Dara’s kids are both sick for the third time this month! Pray God ends this attack on their health.

Pray for David’s son, who is having a difficult time adjusting to his new school and in general, pray for wisdom for his family and grace for him.

Pray for David’s family as they prepare to have his inlaws move in with them!

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ October 21-28
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Praise and Prayer ~ October 7-14


  • Praise: Made it back to US. Currently in LA.
  • Meeting with a financial supporter and also with leaders from a partner organization
  • Tue morning: Biola Mission ConneXion speaker meeting
  • Tue lunch: Supporter


  • 70 people there for Niger state training the first day
  • They were expecting 200+, but many are still trying to get their harvest in before the season changes
  • Pray for HBB speaker
  • Niger state trainees are out evangelizing now
    • old city dominated by Islam for many years
  • Nigeria name change in process: Firm Foundation In Christ Ministry Africa
  • Comfort: Thanks be to God. So many tragedies along the highways, but God is good. Pray for perseverance and wisdom.
  • Pray for our staff member Mr. A has he deals with an MBB conference attendee started having trouble breathing on the way home. After arriving home, she was taken to the hospital then ended up dying there. The church who sent her to the conference, doesn’t know who her family is or where they are. There is a struggle about who will pay the burial costs. The church who sent her is refusing to pay. She was only in her 20’s.
  • Praise God for the courage the trainees having in sharing the gospel.


  • Yesterday sharing at CMBC
  • Stacey knee surgery on Oct 17th
  • Rick needs to resolve real estate situation by the end of this week
  • David working on planning  for next year
  • Matching grant letter going out
  • Planning underway for Fall Fundraiser, and it looks like we will be targeting our biggest ask ever


  • Pray or Eskinder and the ongoing work in Ethiopia. They have reports from only about half of the students so far, and are still waiting to hear from the rest of them as to how they used the training they got in July and how they used it to evangelize, follow-up and to train others.
  • Eskinder is working on plans for 2020. Pray for wisdom as he strategized together with the church leaders there in Ethiopia to figure out what to plan for next year.
DaraPraise and Prayer ~ October 7-14
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Praise and Prayer ~ September 30th


Pray for the MBB conference, which begins tomorrow! Pray for everyone traveling, especially from states in the far north. About 100 people are here, we are expecting 500 more! 

Don Little needs prayer! He left his computer on the airline accidentally, so he needs to recreate all his messages, and he speaks first thing tomorrow morning. 

Pray for safety for the country, last year around this time is when the big crisis happened. Pray that God will protect everyone. 

The international speaker for the next conference bowed out, so we need to find a speaker for the Hausa background believer conference! We have one possible replacement right now, pray God shows us who he has called to do this!

Pray for the team traveling and on location Sunday through Friday for the training in Niger state!


Please continue to pray for Florence! She reports that God is answering our prayers by giving her strength and grace to care for my husband, but he is doing very poorly. The increased medication isn’t helping, he can’t stand on his own or even talk, and Florence has to tend to him as though he were a baby. Please pray for a miracle for them! And for mercy for their country. 


Pray for Rich’s trip back to the US!

We need to hear from Harmony Outreach and Eskendir’s people. Rich needs to touch base with them. 

Dara and Ian are headed to LA to visit family and have a short vacation, pray for their trip!

Pray for preparations for October 6h sharing at CMBC! 

Stacey needs surgery on his knee! Pray for healing and for a successful surgery. 

David’s daughter had her first band competition Saturday! Her school did the best they had ever done at that competition! 

This week David’s family is meeting with the contractor that is doing the garage conversion for his in-laws! They are hoping to move in in June. Pray for smooth transition. Also praise God that his father-in-law’s cancer has not metastasized. Pray for his son Ben too as they try to come up with an individualized education plan for his vision impairment and ADHD. 

Pray for the Ballards (Susanna and Dan) as they are seeking God’s guidance for their ministry together!

Pray for wisdom as we figure out the plans for next year and the costs—what is reasonable and faithful to plan for as far as fundraising. 


Please continue to pray for Eskinder’s health! And also for his children’s efforts in school, his son is waiting for his university assignment!

Please pray for the students! A new report came in and the new groups evangelized and brought nearly two hundred people to the Lord, ministering in prisons and in villages, and training people in their home villages. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ September 30th
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Praise and Prayer ~ September 23-30


women from the refugee camp with Wendy, Gloria, Comfort, and Rich

Staff training this week! Pray for grace and for the Holy Spirit’s presence!

Please continue to pray for the new believers and new trainees from the refugee camps outside of Jos!

There will be a meeting with spouses of our trainers and staff for the Nigeria team this week as well, to answer all their questions about the ministry and hear their hearts! 

Rich, Peter, Ishaku and other staff had a safe trip to and from Jalingo this week! Praise the Lord for his protection and also pray for our plans for a new conference for evangelism and discipleship in the north in April! Pray for the family of the man who was our contact in Jalingo who died this past month. 

Pray for the upcoming MBB conference! Pray for the travel for them and for Comfort

Children have gone back to school, some are young pray God will protect them and keep them safe and they can afford school

Sam’s mom is getting better! Continue to pray for healing. She is still on medication. 

Keep praying for Peter’s sister-in-law who is a widow and just lost her eleven year old son.

Please pray for strength and grace for Comfort to move forward!

Comfort’s daughter has two more papers to write for her final exam for school in communications! Please pray for her for energy and wisdom and encouragement! 


Pray for Eskendir’s health situation, last week he wasn’t feeling well, but he is recovering! Please pray for full healing

Our Ethiopia National Director, Eskinder

Pray for ministry with students. Last night they sent 150 materials to young people to follow up with new believers. People are coming to them, and he’s sending a report next week at the latest! 

He is also arranging new training programs, Ethiopia’s new year starts recently, they’re planning for training for the rest of the year! 

Pray for Eskendir’s two sons, older one Nathan, is going to second year of university, the younger one is waiting for his appointment to university. They don’t know where he is going to go, but they are praying for him. His name is Ibraham! 

Ethiopia is currently calm, but people are still afraid. There is an election in 7 months, people are nervous and praying.  Government publicly announced they arrested a bunch of people that were going to attack the country over the new year. Give thanks to God for protecting people. 

Church leaders from Eritrea who did planning with Rich are doing well, they are trying to continue to use our materials. They are interested, some of them wanted to invite us to go, as visitors to encourage them via air. The close borders aren’t open to cross by foot. Some borders are open but they would need permission to visit us. Please pray for an even more lasting peace, and for mercy for the Eritrean church, that God would break the rod of oppression over them. 


Please continue to pray for Cameroon! There is severe oppression in the English speaking regions. 

Please also pray for Florence for strength and comfort as she continues to support and care for her husband!

Please pray for healing for Florence’s husband!

Please also pray for the new believers who resulted from the outreach and trainings this past summer, for God to strengthen and comfort them and draw them into a family of faith.


David’s father in law prostate cancer! Pray for healing. 

Pray for Stacey’s right knee, it is getting worse! Hopefully he will be getting some results from tests. 

Rick Cordell asks for prayer for two flights! He’s flying today to speak at a conference for Emmaus Bible Fellowship and will be returning next Monday. 

Pray also for Dara and David’s meeting with Kevin Whitman tomorrow, about fundraising plans for the fall and for the budget for next year. 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ September 23-30
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Praise and Prayer ~ September 2-9

Prayer and Praise ~ September 2nd-9th


Peter’s visa interview is Friday! Pray for mercy for him from person interviewing him! The US government hasn’t been accepting people easily.

Pray for Ruth’s family, today is the year anniversary of his death in a Muslim attack. He was a strong Christian and is with the Lord but this is obviously very difficult for her family. 

Thank God for last week’s program at the IDP camp, it was a success by the team’s testimony. Some of them have already started using the training. This evening, one of the leaders came to the office to take materials that he will be using.

Pray for continued preparations for the conferences. Especially the one in partnership with NLFA which is the largest, and is coming up next week!

Pray for couples meeting! Rich and the Nigeria team leadership is going to speak with the spouses of our trainers to explain more about the ministry.

The Nigeria office is going to meet with the 7 prospective trustees (during the week of the conference probably Thursday the 12th of September)

Pray for the trainer’s training!

Sam started teaching the baptism class in his church using the follow-up materials, please pray for these new believers! He is also training another class of ten people. 


In a shocking development, Eskendir updated us that an underground Coptic priest told him that he had heard of our organization, and asked him if he would help train him and some of his people in evangelism and follow-up! If you all will remember, the Coptic priests were the ones that stirred up the crowd of thousands to beat up our university student trainees this past month! 


Please continue to pray for the country, it is again unstable, there was a Wycliffe translator killed recently. 

Please pray for Florence as she is still caring for her husband! Please pray for a restoration of his health in Jesus’ Name, and provision for their needs. 

Please also continue to pray for Dorcas and the new believers that she is following up with!

Please also pray for the people that Linda trained this past month, that they would be faithful to their callings and God would provide for them.


Praise God for the prayer meeting we had with the Palaus and our USA team and supporters yesterday! We prayed for the team that is going and it was a really encouraging time. 

Pray for the US team that will be traveling! Rich is traveling on Tuesday, and the rest of the team is traveling Thursday, pray for their safe travel and for all their preparations. 

Praise God for our new volunteer who has been extremely helpful! We had two more people contact us and indicate they are willing to volunteer. Praise God for his provision, we look forward to seeing how he is going to continue to provide. 

David’s kids start school tomorrow, for two of them, it is their first day at a new school, pray for them as they adjust! Pray for Denise as well as David leaves. 

David’s car was having difficulties, and a friend this last week told them that they are going to give them their van! Praise God for his provision. 

Pray for Wendy’s outreach on Sunday to the 600 women from the IDP camp.

Pray for Rick, he has a lot of things up in the air as far as future planning, pray for wisdom! 

DaraPraise and Prayer ~ September 2-9
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