Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Please continue to pray for peace for the country between the English speaking region and the French speaking region, that God would change the hearts of those in power. 

Please continue to pray for healing for Florence and also for her husband!

Pray for the young evangelists in Mbingo and the new believers that Florence is ministering to. 


The small office car broke down while Peter and David were on the way from Abuja, but they were able to get it back on the road again! Praise God for protecting and providing for them. Pray that God helps Peter as he attempts to sell the car and replace it. 

Pray that the printers in the office will begin working! We need to be able to reliably print materials. One of the computers is also malfunctioning. In addition, they are having trouble with the internet at the office, pray that all technical difficulties are resolved as the enemy tries to prevent our trainings by any means possible! 

We’re working on a memorandum of understanding with one of the larger denominations in Nigeria, COCIN (church of Christ in Nigeria), pray that this all goes smoothly! 

Comfort reports on the 11th, 4 men were killed and 7 women kidnapped in the north, please pray for the families of the bereaved and the safe return of the kidnapped women. One of Comfort’s friends in ministry, Falmata, has also lost her father, please pray for her!

Pray about Rick’s situation, he wasn’t able to leave before his visa expired, so he needs to figure out how to get out! Pray God is with him and causes this to go smoothly.

Pray that Peter’s visa application goes through! We would like to fly him to the US this fall to meet people and coordinate efforts more closely with our US office. 

Some of the people for our Kano training this week couldn’t make it in time to the training, because they were trying to travel from Katsina, and it was difficult. Pray for safety as they are still en route and for the trainers currently in Kano that God gives them wisdom and grace as they adjust. 

The former sheik is having some difficulty coming to the training, pray for travel mercies and additional strength for the other trainers. 

There was some confusion about the timing of the ITEC training locally, and some of the ITEC trainees have come early. Pray for the kinks to be worked out and clarity in communication. 

Pray for our goal of having 500 new Muslim believers by the end of the year! 


Pray for Rich’s trip to Ethiopia in June to sign an MOU with Kale Heywet and check on the churches we are currently partnering with. There are a lot of details we still need to work out!

Praise God for all the funding that has gone through for the student training! 

Pray for enduring peace for the country, and peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea!

Please continue to pray for our Eritrean trainees as we do not know how they are, but we know they are in constant danger.


Pray for us as we follow up with people from the fundraiser! We are hoping that God will prompt the right people to volunteer with us. 

Pray for Dara’s mother-in-law, she has been having fevers every week since November and is having difficulty getting the insurance to pay for her testing. Pray for healing for her! 

Pray for David’s family while he is away, for mercy and for energy for his wife Denise and comfort for his family as David is missing Mother’s Day and his daughter Hannah’s birthday. 

Eastern Europe

Please pray for Roman as he continues to train and travel!