Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


ITEC team training

Sam’s baby Josiah is healed! Praise God!

Praise God that the Nigeria team is now safely in Jos, praise God for safe travels and a successful program! Nearly every one of the trainees left certified in some skill. Some were able to learn more than others, so prayers for those who were disappointed that they didn’t do as well as their fellow students.

The ITEC team has also safely left the country! Praise God for the fruitful collaboration! 

FFICM training

Please pray— Yesterday around Jos Jarawa, early in the morning, the corpse of a 20 year old boy was discovered, assumed murdered by neighboring Muslims. The youth from Jos Jarawa reacted and began forming a mob, security teams were called to the site and shot some of the youth and a number of them died, and houses were burned. Please pray for peace, there is a curfew from 6 pm-6 am.  

Please pray for the families of our staff members! Peter’s family in particular only lives 1 km from the place that the deadly violence unfolded. Praise God they are ok, may God bring lasting and complete peace to Jos. 

Continue prayers for Ruth’s mother, as she lost her husband last year in an attack and has been having to manage her life without him, prayers for grace, comfort, and strength! Prayers also for Ruth’s family, who had to manage without her this past week as she was ministering with the team up north! 

Praise God Rick was able to leave the country after a comedy of errors. Someone at customs on his entry didn’t understand what “theologian” was, and put down “topologist”, necessitating a correction to the visa. After two months of waiting, he got his visa and passport back the day before his flight left. God is sovereign! 

There are about 8 new converts from the program! Please pray for them, may God strengthen them and encourage them, and may they grow in the word of God, may God give us the opportunity to go back and follow up further with them!

David was very sick over the weekend, but recovered in time to preach on Sunday and is doing much better, praise God! 

Water was a big challenge during the program they had to go by motorcycle to get water! It was a struggle to get enough drinking water, but God provided, we are thankful! 

Comfort further update: 


Praise God that we received the draft of the final MOU that Rich is to sign! Pray for the continued strengthening of this partnership!

Pray for continued wisdom and grace to the set-up for the July training of 200 university students! 

Praise God that Comfort is safe, she is planning her outreach on Thursday! Prayer for grace for her as she ministers to widows today. 


Prayer for Florence, Linda, Lily, and Pastor Yisa, and the 113 FFICM trainees in the country! May God give us wisdom as we try to set up a forum where we can keep in touch with them and encourage them while it is not safe for us to go and support them with additional training in person. 

Prayers for peace in this country that has been so ravaged by war and the hatred of the enemy. May God work powerfully in people’s hearts to bring peace. 


Rich leaves for his trip through Ethiopia and Nigeria on Sunday! He will be gone for three weeks. Prayers for grace for him in all the ministry that God will accomplish through him and through the brothers and sisters he will work with! 

Praise God for the grace that he has given Rich and Dara’s family as they mourn the loss of Roy, prayer for recovered strength and encouragement. 

Prayers for David’s family as he will be en route home for a couple more days! 

Prayers for Rich’s daughter-in-law Joelle who is still recovering from labor and exhaustion related to having a new baby and being there a lot for Roy’s decline. 

Eastern Europe

Prayer for Roman as he continues to evangelize and train church leaders to follow up with new believers throughout Eastern Europe!