Follow Up Booklet

We have developed a booklet called “Following Jesus Christ” to assist with new believer follow-up. All believers need ongoing discipleship – but new believers need to be presented the basic information that they need as a foundation for their relationship with Christ at the beginning of their relationship. We have distributed over 50,000 copies of this booklet and we continue to adapt it to different languages, cultures, and contexts to best help new believers. 

Not Just a book

This isn’t just a book. It’s not something to just read. This booklet is a tool to spark dialogue and discussion with new believers. We ask them questions such as “What do you see?” and we invite them to read the verses out loud if they are able and then we ask them what they understand from them. Sometimes a new believer can be lead through the book in just a few sessions, but sometimes it may take months, depending on the questions they have and how the Spirit is leading.

Booklet Download Links

Above are links to the Following Jesus Christ booklet in our three most commonly used languages.