Boko Haram attacked Lassa, Borno State on Friday night, they were dressed as soldiers. Many were killed, also a lecturer with the university of Gashua was kidnapped. His name is Bitru, please pray for his safe return, and pray for his family, his daughter was ill and he went to visit her, and he was on his way back when he was abducted. 

Pray for those who have lost their loved ones, that God would give them strength to move forward in Jesus. 

Pray for the recording of the television programs, Rich’s original interview has already aired! 

Praise God Rich is safely to Abuja, pray for his trip home to the US

The HBB conference was successful in the sense that people came, the facilitators were there, everyone loved the teaching, and there was no threat during or after the conference! The only challenge, was there was supposed to be 1000, it was 570 registered, as well as many who came that were unregistered. There was a misunderstanding on the Kano side, the organizer said they sent over 150 forms to Kano alone, but people didn’t get them somehow, we don’t know why. Yusuf said that one of them said since they were a Christian they have not gotten teaching or training in their new faith like this. One of the worship leaders was saying even Muslim Hausa were saying they would come! They can understand the Bible in their language, but they can’t read the Koran. Many Christians testified that they feel more confident as to how to share their faith. Praise God for these mercies, and continue to pray for better communication with the organizers for the next conference, but especially the Hausa Christians we trained as they witness, and the converts who have already resulted from their ministry. 

The road to Jos from the conference was terrible, Rich’s back was hurting for at least three days afterwards, but we thank God nothing happened along the way, as there had been 30 kidnappings on that road in the last month. 

Peter’s son is still having diarrhea, up to five times in the night, but is eating and drinking again. Praise God for the improvement in his health, but please continue to pray for complete healing. 

Sam’s wife and his son Josiah have been ill! Please pray for both of them! His wife Jessica is still sick. Their family is looking for a better house to live in, pray that they will find a place soon!

There was a strategic planning meeting for the Nigeria branch of FFICM today! Pray that God gives all of them wisdom and grace as they continue to follow the Lord’s guidance.  Pray for the new staff members and the continued strength in fellowship for the FFICM team. 

Comfort trained 14 women from the refugee camp center!  They promised they will use the materials. Please pray for them for strength, for mercy in their lives, and for their ministry. 


Prayer for university students, there has been a lot of violence at Ethiopian universities all of a sudden with some students killed, and the government is trying to crack down, they are considering closing the universities for a while if the issue cannot be resolved.

Pray the government! There are continued tensions in Ethiopia, pray for peace as we continue to plan the conference and trainings! 

Pray for wisdom for Eskendir as he puts these plans into motion in partnership with the denomination


Continue to pray for Florence who has been experiencing pain in her arms and ribs! Praise God her husband is doing better, but please continue to pray for his health.

Pray for all the the trainees and trainers that are currently scattered. 

Pray for peace in Cameroon! For mercy for the people in the English speaking regions, and that as a result of the peace we would be able to to go in and continue to equip Cameroonians to reach their people for Jesus.


Pray for the process of transitioning to our new database! This will help us keep in better contact with everyone, but it is a lot of work. Our volunteer Doug is working hard on that, hopefully next week we’ll have part of it done! Continue to pray for Doug. 

Big praise! Saturday was the deadline for our $10,000 matching grant, we had to have $10,000 pledged by then, and on Saturday evening we got it! The final gift came in. Praise the Lord for His goodness.  

Our volunteer Karen Cheever lost her father a couple weeks ago, please pray for their family, we thank God he was a believer, but pray for comfort for her family

David’s in-laws, his father in law has prostate cancer, his mother in law has eye problems. Prayer for wisdom for David and Denise as they support them from far off and work towards getting them to come live with them! Lift up also David’s son Ben who is struggling with a desire to rebel. Pray that he would have a desire for the Lord, and that he would be able to see and understand the depth of God’s love for him. 

Pray for Dara’s daughter Odette who is sick again, pray for wisdom as Dara and Ian continue to figure out how to help Carsten sleep and keep Odette well.