“To partner with Rich and the team in Nigeria, seeing their investment in the nation, their love for the people, their commitment to follow-up, the number of people, church groups, and ministries they draw together in unity, to minister to evangelists, to equip them and send them out, is an amazing thing. I just want to encourage you to invest in this ministry. God is working deeply. It is a generational work that is happening in this nation. God is at work in this group of people and using this ministry.”
"Everything I have experienced about FFICM, from its organization to its doctrinal stance to its passion for believers to grow in Christ, shouts AUTHENTICITY! This key mission organization, under the capable leadership of veteran missionaries Rich Gardner and David Moore, brings a much-needed focus on the development of new believers by local believers through in-place training and conferences. Every effort you make in prayer and every cent you give in support makes a difference in “making disciples” (Matthew 28:19) through FFICM. I urge you to make this fine mission organization a priority in your prayer and financial stewardship."
"I appreciate FFICM’s focus on the important task of evangelism and the equally important task of discipleship. That they train ministry workers to engage impactfully in both is one of the strengths of this organization. I also enjoy being brought along in their journey through the ministry updates and prayer requests that include the team leaders in each of the countries in which FFICM serves."
Bob MacKenzie
Lead Pastor, Langel Valley Community Church
"I love the vision! Supporting the church by equipping nationals to evangelize and disciple new believers right where they live. Just right. FFICM is an energetic and strategic ministry, gladly assisting the church in regions where they can expect to suffer for the Name of Christ, and do. The church in the US can benefit from their example."


“This training helped me to be confident. And to teach those who have not heard the word of God and to help those who are helpless.”
Nigeria Trainee
“(This training) helps me spread the gospel. It helps me use my time and my talents for God. I will use what I learned to teach others.”
Pam D.
Nigeria Trainee
“I learned how to preach the gospel to those that don’t know about Jesus and how to encourage new believers. My life will never remain the same."
Pam H.
Nigeria Trainee
“This training helped me to understand more how to preach the word of God to unbelievers and to have an easier way to approach someone with the word of God.”
Nigeria Trainee