Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Universities are now at peace, students are back to their studies! Praise God!

Pray for Eskendir that he would have wisdom as he works on setting up the conference and the new office

Thank God that the President of Ethiopia has received a Nobel Peace Prize. Pray while he leaves the country there will be peace, and no one would take advantage of his absence. 

Pray as we invite potential head trainers for our Ethiopia team to the next training! We are hoping to expand our staff of one this year!


Praise God Peter’s son is better! He is back at school! Thank God for answered prayers

Pray for the former sheik and Ahamet, they are traveling to follow up with new believers this next week. 

Sam and Ezekiel are planning to go to Sam’s home district after a visit last week, they have set up a training for 50-70 people from his district this coming week! They also want to go speak with Samuel’s parents, who have been infrequent church-goers but haven’t committed their lives to Christ. Pray for Sam and Ezekiel, that God would use this opportunity and open their hearts to him. 

Praise God that Jos is peaceful, please pray that as we approach Christmas it will continue to be peaceful because this is often a time for attack!

Thank God, Sam’s family, his wife and son, are on the mend! Continue to pray for them as they are continuing to look for a new place to live. 

Pray for Sarah’s daughter, she is getting married on the 27th of this month! Pray that the marriage would be blessed and God would provide for her family. 

Pray for everyone in Jos, things are tough as prices of rice are high! 

Pray for the Bible dedication of the Bible in the Ichen language! There is a celebration of the 26th of December. 

Pray for peace in Maiduguri, there was an attack!


Please continue to pray for Florence and her family!

Please pray for peace and mercy on the English speaking regions. 

Pray for encouragement and guidance and God’s provision for all of the trainers and new believers! 


Stacey’s brother is in the midst of more tests about the cause of the fluid in his brain. The fluid is possibly oddly affecting his memory, so he is sometimes mentally present sometimes not. It also could be a result of the drug that he is taking for the cancer, pray that the insurance company allows the drug that would be safer for him, and pray for healing!

Continue to pray for David’s son Ben, for his family for wisdom to know how best to help him! 

Pray for our whole office as we continue to make plans for the coming year!