Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus
Dear Friends,
Grace in times of need

Thank you so much for your prayers; we continue to see growth and training going on even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. Rich is flying to Ethiopia this weekend to run two trainings with Eskinder and a new trainer called Ayele who has been hired on a trial basis! The first training will be for potential trainers, we would love prayer for wisdom that we identify several of them we can hire on a part-time basis while we raise funding for their salaries! Eskinder speaks Amharric, but we need trainers who speak at least the other two major languages well as well. We also should be able to test drive a car this next week that we may be able to purchase for Eskinder thanks to your generosity and prayers! This will make traveling a lot safer and quicker for our growing Ethiopia team. 

There is great need for prayer for protection in Nigeria particularly; Peter Wash is traveling back from Kano, where kidnapping has become a daily occurrence. Recently kidnappers have been selling organs from the bodies of people they kill if they don’t receive ransom. It is hard to acknowledge things are this bad, but we have heard it from many reputable sources. A friend of our head trainer Zainab lost someone he knew. One of our trainees from a recent refresher course has had three of his parishioners disappear. Please pray that this terrible evil will be stopped! Our head trainer Comfort, after all the persecution she has suffered this year, is suffering still more; the Boko Haram is closing in around Maiduguri and has cut off electricity. Please pray for mercy, that God would put an end to the suffering of communities in the northern regions particularly. 
Hope for the future

We have a lot to look forward to this year! In Nigeria the MBB conference is coming up in May, we trust. The staff is set to train hundreds of church leaders and pastors; many of who minister to the poor, to people coming out of substance abuse, to Muslim background believers. God is reaching out to the lonely and struggling people of the world with the news of His love and relationship with His son Jesus! 

We also have a training of 10-20,000 we are expecting to run in Ethiopia, but we still need to work out details with the church.

Please continue to pray with us for these conferences as we are still working hard to figure out the safest times and locations both for coronavirus concerns, and attacks by hostile groups!

 Our trainers continue to train as they are able, for instance, Zainab is training small groups of students at her baking school, and Sam trained a group of former drug addicts! Thank you so much for all your sacrifices and support that enable your brothers and sisters to reach out to people who desperately need to know about Jesus’ love for them. 
Pray with us

We trust that God hears us as we call on Him, and we are grateful to have you by our side as we call on Him together in the Spirit. 
May the Lord move mightily through our prayers and our love!

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