Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

(Photo detail: FFICM’s ministry leader, Tesfye, teaching follow-up materials in Ethiopia).

Dear FFICM Prayer Partners, 

       We are humbled as we gather in prayer this week by God’s faithful, loving care for each of us, for FFICM as an organization, and for our dedicated partners in ministry. At the completion of our Spring Fundraiser last Saturday (see details at the bottom of this letter), we are all overcome with gratitude for God’s mercy. You and all those who share the vision of FFICM for equipping national leaders to follow-up new believers have sustained this young and growing ministry over the last seven years. We could not send follow-up booklets to 700 Ethiopian pastors this week without your help and God’s provision. We could not have encouraged and equipped 450 MBBs last week without God’s guidance and your shared vision to preach the forgiving love of Jesus with Muslims. We would not be FFICM without you so thank you for your prayers, your partnership, and your steadfast hope that the Holy Spirit is indeed establishing God’s kingdom among us. 

      Below you will find a prayer guide to support you as you accompany us in prayer and worship this week. May God bless your time in the quiet place with hope and peace.  




GoalsCurrent Status
$48,000 total $24,539 total
20 new or increased monthly donors2 new or increase monthly donors
$1000/month in new or increased donations$220/month in new or increased donations
30 prayer letter sign-ups6 prayer letter sign-ups