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Praise and Prayer ~ December 28

We met virtually for the last time in 2020 to focus on worshiping God with thanksgiving for God’s steadfast faithfulness during an especially hard year.

Thank you to Ken Keeley, our board secretary, for leading us in a devotional meditation from John 14. Ken reminded us that we may not have felt close to God due to the trials of the year, but as believers we can be certain that God is our constant companion. We have confidence in God’s presence with us. 

We will rely on God for what will come in 2021. As we meditate on what we’re grateful for, we remember God’s faithfulness, in the midst of our trials, loss, grief, and suffering. Amen.

At the end of  a deeply challenging year, we want to express our gratitude and remember God’s faithfulness.

God, thank you for: 

  • FFICM’s continued impact and growth despite the pandemic. 
  • David began his Master’s degree (and the finances came in for this program). 
  • David’s in-laws have moved to live with him (including the building of their tiny home!). 
  • The ECSA accreditation of FFICM was completed. 
  • Additional volunteers at the FFICM office.
  • Our intern staff (Mercy and Courtney!) who greatly blessed FFICM’s home office (video production and communications).
  • Increasing in the number of donors at FFICM.
  • All the paperwork was submitted for the Murdock Trust grant.
  • Helping us to be creative when we couldn’t do ministry and fundraising the way we used to. We always want to remember to be creative even when the pandemic ends. 
  • The generosity of our ministry partners who still gave despite the financial stress of the year. 
  • Helping us persevere in our attitude of service to the Lord during this time of disruption. 
  • Helping us look after those in need. FFICM developed a hardship fund for those without food in Nigeria and will continue to maintain it. 
  • Digital communication that helped us maintain personal relationships virtually. 
  • For the humility and compassion of those who committed to wear masks to protect our loved ones. 
  • Making us better people and followers of Jesus through the trials we endured because of the pandemic.
  • The money raised for the car for the Ethiopia team (thus far we have received $30,000 out of $35,000!). 
  • For Dara’s perseverance despite debilitating sickness, for the doctors who have given her good medicine and have provided wise direction, and for the family and friends who have been praying without ceasing for Dara’s healing. 
  • For our partnership with FFICM-Nigeria. 
    • For Peter, our director, and his family! Praise for Peter’s family achievements: his second daughter graduated secondary school and his oldest son completed primary school (God has seen them through those stages of life); 
    • For Margaret, Peter’s wife: for her survival through great sickness; for the dreams and visions about Margaret’s upcoming sickness that alerted Peter’s family to pray. We continue to trust God for her complete healing, for wisdom from doctors, and for provision for the family. 
  • FFICM- Nigeria thanks God because we were able to work together even in the midst of a pandemic. Thank God for the trainings we were able to conduct this year. Thank God for the TV program which gave us the opportunity to impact Muslims. Through the TV program we can answer questions that Muslims are wondering about but would not ask openly. Thank God for FFICM-Nigeria’s additional staff!
Susanna BallardPraise and Prayer ~ December 28