Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Last week, a conference was successfully held. Praise God for reaching new believers through this ministry! Please pray over everyone who attended, that they would be protected from the coronavirus.

Please pray for an upcoming training and outreach that are coming up in November. Pray for the communication and planning as our team in Nigeria has already started the preparation.

Zainab’s mother is still in the hospital. Pray for her healing.

In Zainab’s church, they just celebrated an anniversary for their ministry. Praise God for the encouraging service they held and for those that showed up.

Pray for our radio and TV program. The TV program is going almost nationwide. Please pray that people will listen to the program and their hearts will be moved, and that our staff will be prepared to answer their questions as they call.

Pray for Peter as he is trying to reach new believers with these phone calls coming in from the programs. Pray that God would speak through him.

A large conference is being planned to be held in March. Please pray for the conference as planning has just started to begin.

Please pray for the social unrest in Nigeria. Protests that have started peaceful have gotten violent because of the police force that has struck back. Citizens have been killed in the area, and it is affecting the ministry. Please pray for justice, peace and safety in the area, and for our staff as they have had to change their ministry plans to avoid the violence in town. 

Please pray that the government would have wisdom in how to respond well to the social unrest. Pray for those who have lost family members. 


Pray for an upcoming training and for translation. There is a big training coming up in spring, please pray that the materials will be translated in time.

There is an election coming up, so please pray for the country. Pray for peace over the country, and that the election goes well.

Pray for the students since school recently started up again. Pray for the safety of everyone, and that this would not cause a spike in coronavirus cases. 

Continue to pray for our Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser. Pray that the funds will be provided for our team in Ethiopia to purchase a car so that transportation will be safer. 


Please continue to pray for Florence who is still looking to purchase a house in Nigeria. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Rick is still safe in Nigeria, praise God! He is enjoying his time there so far, and will be there until mid-December. 

Please pray for the upcoming fall fundraiser! This week, we are recording much of the event. Pray for everyone involved in the planning, that the hard work would go well and that all the glory would be given to God. 

Pray for the upcoming election in the U.S.

David finished the first term of his Master’s Program. Praise God!

Pray for healing over David’s mother in law, as she is recovering from her back surgery.

Pray for Dara’s health, that she would feel rest and healing. 

Pray for Mercy’s health.