There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers.

This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. Pray for even more impact as people watch the segment.

Continue to pray for the radio and television ministry. As the recordings are released, people are calling in and giving their testimonies or asking questions. Please pray for the new connections being made and for the staff as they are responding to calls.

Some of Danladi’s family is coming to town for his sister’s wedding! Please pray for safe travels for the whole family and for a nice wedding.

There is a MBB  conference coming up in December. They are starting to plan out the arrangements and the budget, so pray for the finances. Pray for efficiency over the planning, and for safety over the conference as over 600 people are expected to come.

The new office space is being renovated, please pray that it goes well.

Since the end of the year is coming up, they are starting to make plans for the next year. Pray for wisdom as they plan for the upcoming year. 


Please pray for the political situation in Ethiopia. The local government in the Tigray part of the country is in a conflict with the government. Tigray is in the north and our volunteer trainer Agazi and his new wife are both in danger. Please pray for their safety and for peace over all of Ethiopia. 

Pray for the Arabic translations, they are hoping to finish by this week. 

There are trainings coming up soon, please pray that they would go well and new connections would be made!

Continue to pray for the Ethiopia vehicle, that the funds would be raised quickly so that the Ethiopia staff would be able to travel on their own!


Our virtual fundraiser is this week! Pray for the final details and tasks that need to be done, that the hard work that has been done in preparation for this fundraiser would be honored. Please pray for everyone who is coming to the event, and for the funds we are hoping to raise. 

A team in the U.S. has been working hard on an updated website, and we are hoping to release it this week! Pray for all of the minor details that need to work out surrounding this website release, and that it would be an effective way to share information to potential new connections.

Please pray for Dara’s health. She is having trouble breathing and has been reacting to new things. Pray that the immunotherapy treatment she is trying will be effective and she will experience healing.