Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Jepthah’s sister just lost her little girl to a brief illness. Please pray for their whole family! 

Peter is up in the north, meeting with the leaders of the HBB conference we are planning in 2021,  please pray for safety for him and success in his journey! 

Sam said everything has been very hectic, he has been away from home for almost a month, he thanks God for safety. He said last week, they went through three districts planning with them about what they will be doing in the area in 2021. They are going to be following up with Barkin Kogi in a few days; pray for success for this planning session! 

Sam’s father just enrolled in a baptism class, and is hoping to be baptized the nineteenth of this month. Sam’s father is not feeling very well however, please pray for healing! He has had to go to the hospital this weekend and will go again tomorrow. 

Pray for protection for Nigeria as Christmas draws near and there are often attacks. 

Sam’s brother’s wedding is in December, pray it will be a really blessed event and everyone traveling will be protected and given wisdom. 

Pray for Jepthah’s second daughter, she is feverish, they went to the hospital for tests, the results will come back tomorrow. His first son is complaining of stomach ache. Started week before last. 


Pray for Rich who is in transit! Pray for the recovery of his strength. 

Pray for Rich’s daughter Joelle who has COVID and is not feeling very well, her husband JR just tested positive as well. 

Someone cut a hole in Dad’s screen reached through the window and stole it from under Dad’s pillow, but they were able to get it back because Dad had find my iPhone and the participants followed Dad’s instructions and called the phone, and someone on the street answered it, and they were able to get it back! 

David is working on his final project on interpersonal communication for his class! 

Praise God Susanna’s in-laws recovered from coronavirus!

David’s aunt is also recovering from coronavirus well. 


Pray for peace in the north!

Pray for the trainees who have already begun training, praise God!  There are 22 trainees in classes. 

The large conference in Ethiopia has been postponed until the end of March.