Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus


Pray for Nigeria as the MBB conference is going forward now in March of next year!  Pray for wisdom, mobilization, good communication, and protection! There are nineteen discipleship centers participating that are all very excited to participate with us. 

Continue to pray for Sam. He is in the second location in Lafiya, coordinating follow-up and outreach with New Life for All for five hundred evangelists. Sam is struggling because some of the NLFA organizations in that area have been poor. Pray for him as he works to pull the team and the program together. We are hoping it will all come together tomorrow!

Ishaku Pate is also coordinating the second location, also for five hundred evangelists!

Rick, Osang, and Peter are in Gindiri. Peter is coming to take Priscilla to help them train 130 theological students in follow-up. 

Zainab is doing a program of her own in Abuja. Pray for her! 

They ended around quarter to four, sent them out to field practicals tonight! The students they are training are graduating this year and they are really happy to be equipped before going out to their work and callings. 

Today is Comfort’s birthday! Pray for blessing for her in the next year. 


The US team has an important meeting with the Murdock foundation regarding the grant for the development director. Please pray that this goes well! 

Pray for our communications specialist Mercy, who has had to resign because of the severity of her health concerns. She is very grieved to have to leave FFICM. Please continue to pray for her healing! 

Pray for Rich’s trip! Pray for the safety of everyone’s Thanksgiving. 

The training in Bauchi went forward with 50-60 trainees, which is less than expected, but they had a great time!

The training in Lafiya ended early because of the lack of attendance.

Prayer for Ian, Dara’s husband, who is wrestling with depression because of a very stressful job. He is looking for a new job and it is a difficult climate to find one!

Prayer for David and Denise as they are wrestling again with how to continue to guide their son Ben, who isn’t making the best life decisions at the moment. 


Ethiopia has escalated to full out war. The government has already taken over in Shire, the local people are reportedly supporting the government. Eskinder hopes the war will be over within a few days. Please pray for peace and as little bloodshed as possible. 

Rich is traveling to Ethiopia on Sunday. Pray for protection for him! Eskinder reports that Addis is calm. 

Pray for the upcoming trainings that Rich and Eskinder will be running! The head of the missions department for the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia is coming with them for two weeks. They are very excited about the FFICM training in their areas! Two prospective national trainers will be with them as well, one who has already been trained in Arba Minch. He took 500 copies of the materials and is working hard training. We hope to have the funds to hire him. 

Pray for protection from Coronavirus. More people are beginning to die in Ethiopia. 

In Sauwla the training will be 100 people and in the Hamar region there will be 60. 

Pray for Eskinder as he finishes his plans for 2021