They have 70 at their current training! That is ten more than they expected. A lot more wanted to come, so we will probably have another training in this area. 

Temperature isn’t too bad, thank God! It even rained! This is unusual, so God answered our prayers! 

They are sharing the gospel today! A lot of these people have suffered a lot for their faith. 

Rich is going to visit a traditional, remote village this Wednesday, so pray for that trip. 

Pray for peace in the country, there is still fighting between the government and the Tigray areas, specific resistant pockets. The government has almost controlled all the places. They are looking for the leaders of the rebellion. 

Largely unreached area, only a few churches! It is mostly their traditional religion. When they join a church, they set aside all the ceremonies, the beating of women and jumping over cows which involves witchcraft, so people dislike Christianity because it is an end to their traditional ceremonies. The cow-jumping is an initiation rite, but it is connected to witchcraft. 


They are still planning for the  MBB conference in March of next year! 

On Wednesday, some of the staff are hoping to be in Barkin Kogi to help set up a training for next year. Pray for success for the set-up! 

Sam’s cousin was hospitalized today, and Sam was at the hospital with him today. 

Everyone else is well, Sam’s kids have recovered, praise the Lord! 

Ruth, our office assistant, lost her uncle. Please pray for comfort for her and for her family. 

The local government staff in Plateau state are protesting due to nine months of unpaid salaries. They have all been on the street, but there has been no violence. Pray that God will take control and there will be peace. 

Pray for Zainab’s friend who is pregnant with twins and is 48! She is doing better than last week, praise God

Zainab’s sister Joy will be going for dialysis for her kidneys please pray for healing!

Zainab’s aunt has this strange cough, which is producing blood, her mom’s younger sister, she has diabetes, please pray for healing!

Zainab’s new believers are doing well, some of them are graduating this week! We are trusting God for more new believers, one brought her sister today! Zainab shared the word of God with her, and prayed with her, she said she needs time to give her life to Christ, so Zainab is leading her through the follow up materials. 

Many churches are having their end of year thanksgiving, there is a lot of travel, sometimes new believers are drawn back to their old ways of life as they return to the village, or leave the Lord, pray for protection for them

On Saturday Zainab’s students graduated, there is one more graduation this Saturday, last graduation for the year. This year, God helped Zainab to be able to do a lot 

Prisca is on a medical outreach, pray for her! She said pray for safety because there are a lot of kidnappings in the area, pray for their safe return to Jos this week.  Prisca is talking to people about the gospel 


Pray for Dara and Mercy’s health and the health of David’s in-laws

Continue to pray for the Murdoch Foundation grant! We will likely hear in February

Please pray for the podcast team as they continue to develop the episodes. 

Please pray for the materials development team as they work on developing US and children’s based materials and getting the materials in more languages!