Pray for the new office building and for God’s provision in the process.

The radio program has received more comments, questions, and testimonies from people! Praise God! Pray that it continues to reach people and that the team works well together for this. 

Pray for Yusuf who is coming back to do more recordings for the radio program. Pray that God will provide the finances to help him be able to stay and work in this ministry.

The MBB committee is meeting on Friday. Pray for wisdom when deciding whether or not to host the conference and how.

Pray for the upcoming trainings. There are supposed to be two in a week, so pray for the team and for God’s provision in it.

Pray for a reverend who has been abducted. Pray that he is released and can return home. Pray for peace for his loved ones.


Pray for the upcoming election in Ethiopia in June. People want change and to be united.

Pray for peace in the conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the dam in the Nile. 

Pray for the Arabic translations of the materials. They are almost finished with them!

Pray for the upcoming two trainings that they will be safe and that the final planning will go well.

Pray for the Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser and that it will get funded soon so that the team can travel safely and reach new/more people.

Eskinder just graduated from his master’s program! Praise God!

United States

Pray for the health and healing of Dara and Mercy!

Dara has a test today that uses a dye that she is worried she’ll be allergic to. Pray that it goes well and for answers!

Rich is going to be on a Christian radio today! Pray that he will be able to share more about FFICM and that it will reach new people.

Rich is traveling to the east coast to teach at a church and meet with pastors there. Pray that new connections will be made and that this will be fruitful.

Pray for the fall fundraiser! It’s two weeks away and this week we are calling people. Pray for these calls that they will reach people who want to attend and learn more about FFICM.

Pray for the new website launch. There are some final touches that need to be made, but we are hopeful for a launch this week!

Pray for the U.S. election this week. Pray for peace!!