July 7, 2022

Greetings FFICM Prayer Partners!

This week we read from John 17:1-5.  Rest in the relationship you have in Jesus through God, but also know that there is work that He has given us to accomplish.  This time of prayer that we have together each week acknowledges the burden that God has placed on our hearts for His Kingdom.

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Program Updates


Pray/Praise from Florence:
Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ. With gratitude we write to express our sincere thanks to you all who prayed for our Team as we traveled to the Far North Region of Cameroon for the training of the Evangelists of the Body of Christ in Maga.
   We had challenges that almost stop us from going but that God we braved ourselves and went.
    The journey itself was not easy. A journey of 19hours by road, took us 32 hrs to reach Maroua. 
    Leaving Maroua to Maga was another experience again. A journey for less than 2 hours, took us till the following day which was Monday the 27th/6/22. In all this we arrived safely.
   We met some situations on ground that were also very discouraging too,but we refused to be discouraged. 
  The training started same day we arrived and on the third day, we decided to go out ourselves for evangelism. Door to door   with the FFICM  Bible tracks. The gospel was shared with 35 pers.and 5 youth accept and believed in Christ.
   Maga is a very tough place. Islam is dominate.
We pray God to equip us so we can go back again. This time for outreach before training. And we pray someone from the Muslim background could come with us.
   Thanks a lot. May the Lord continue to supply all that we need to carry the gospel to the ends of the end. By His grace we will keep preaching till all will hear. Shalom and Maranatha.

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The things that we pray for, good Lord, give us your grace to work for.

A prayer of St. Thomas More

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Carly Powne
International Trainer