Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Rick and Osang finished the training for the prison fellowship members in Lagos today! There were over 40 chaplains and volunteers representing four different prisons. There were a wide range of denominations represented—Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, all eager to learn to evangelize and follow-up with new believers. Because of the terrible traffic in Lagos, their time was cut short to 6 hours per day instead of the usual 8, but even so, they were able to press through all of the materials because of how quickly the trainees caught on, and how motivated they were!

Each volunteer wrote out a plan to use the gospel card and schedule follow-ups in the areas surrounding their homes and work places. Please pray for them as they so quickly put their training into practice! 

Tomorrow, Rick and Osang will visit three of the prisons represented in the training and preach to the inmates that are Christians. Life in these prisons is extremely challenging—it is hot and crowded, and there are open sewers. Many of the prisoners have been waiting for years for their trials. The Christian prisoners among them want to continue to be useful and connected with the church outside and have asked to be a prayer support to FFICM in Nigeria. Please pray for these dear brothers and sisters as even in the most difficult and hopeless of situations, their desire is to grow, to reach out, and to bless others.