Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

-Pray for hospital. Currently at only 20% capacity due to unrest in the area. Roads around there are constantly being closed. People are dying at home and not able to go to hospital.
-They are being told that February will be worse that January in the English speaking areas of Cameroon. There will not be any movement between English and French speaking areas of Cameroon.
-This week, Florence and 8 other evangelists were having a meeting. They were meeting together and trying to figure out a good time for FFICM to come and do an Evangelism and Follow-up conference there in Cameroon and where they would be able to do it.
-Pray for Boyo land. Many villages have been abandoned. Everyone is tired of the fighting. There continue to be killings every day. The Cameroonian government is threatening the English speakers and is trying to eradicated them.
-Continue to pray for the growing number of new believers coming from Muslim background.
-Pray that more and more of these people from Muslim background will continue to choose to follow Jesus
-Pray for Yusuf who continues to share about Jesus with Muslims. Many are interested.
-There was another kidnapping recently in Nigeria. Pray for safety.
-Pray for health for the FFICM National Director in Nigeria’s wife (Margaret). She continues to have health issues.

-Pray for Rich’s trip to Nigeria/Ethiopia.
-Pray for the remaining funds needed for the team vehicle in Nigeria. We will need to raise about $5,500.
-Praise for the good connections FFICM made at Mission ConneXion and this past Sunday at Cedar Mill Bible Church. Pray that we will have wisdom in following up with all of those contacts.
-Pray for board meeting this week on Tuesday. (Update: It went well!)
-Pray for Rick Cordell has he works on things related to family, scheduling, speaking and support raising that he needs to do before he can go back overseas and serve in Nigeria with FFICM.
-Pray for David’s continued financial support. He is currently at 82%.
-Pray also for Dara’s continued need for financial support.
-Pray for wisdom as we start planning for FFICM’s spring fundraiser (this will be on May 4th)

-Pray for the border to be re-opened between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is closed again. If it remains closed, we won’t be able to do the training that we were planning to do there in February.