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Praise and Prayer


  • Peter’s wife started taking the drugs for her illness three days ago; as of yesterday there has been a great improvement! She’s feeling great relief for the pain in her abdomen! Praise God and pray for her continued healing.
  • The former sheik and Ishak Pate left for Bali! They’re going to be visiting the new converts. One of the new converts is an former imam, was leading a traditional Islamic prayer group, bowed down and saw a picture of Jesus on the ground. He suddenly started talking about Jesus. All other Muslims were astonished; the next in command pulled him away and from that day forward that man refused to pray as a Muslim and went to a church and became a Christian. Please pray for all the courageous new believers in dangerous circumstances!
  • One of the new believers in the discipleship center in Bali whose son who was born with severe heart problems last month, was able to get funding for an operation in India, and is currently there waiting for the surgery. Please pray for him! The little boy’s name is Samuel and his father’s name is pastor Enoch.
  • Peaceful in Berom land, thank you for the prayers.


  • FFICM will have a booth at Mission Connexion, pray for God to bring people to us who will be a good fit to join the organization!
  • Dara’s family continues to struggle with sleeplessness for their children. Please pray for rest in this coming year!


  • Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in ministry there, especially for our sister Florence as she is continuing to seek God concerning her calling and responsibilities as a missionary!
  • Pray for peace! The conflict in Cameroon continues to claim lives in the English-speaking regions. May God have mercy on our friends.


  • Pray for peace in Ethiopia!
  • Agazi has safely crossed the border and returned as a test! Praise God and please pray for the pastors as they consider the risks of attending the training, and for our partners on the ground as they seek to make this crossing safe.
  • Pray for Eyasu’s wife—her older sister died while she was in the US. Praise God, she is feeling his comfort, but pray for continued comfort and healing for her!
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