Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus




There was a bomb blast in Maiduguri, but God protected everyone, there were no casualties

Fewer kidnapping and killings in Maiduguri, continue to pray!

Peter’s wife is better, and has medication for hepatitis. 

Samuel and Jessica had a baby boy Friday. Praise God for a safe delivery!


Peter’s wife is feeling discouraged in her illness as her sister died two years ago from it. Please pray for her encouragement and comfort. 

Three people were killed in Miango, continued prayers needed for protection in the Jos area. 

Prayer for all the MBBs coming to the conference!



No more incidents in Mbingo!

Pastor Yisa and Hilda got their passports. There will be 7 or 8 head trainers coming to Nigeria, 5 will be trained.

There is a Cardinal trying to bring dialogue between two sides (government and the separatists) Praise God for him and prayer for his efforts.


Florence is still in Yaounde, ill with gastritis! Pray for her healing. 

There are many scattered trainees, prayer for the Holy Spirit to help and strengthen them Many are homeless, hungry, or have lost loved ones.



Rich is home safely, is feeling better, and he and his family are going on a short vacation this week! 


Rick is on spiritual retreat, a major source of funding for the year was postponed, fundraising going slowly. 

Dara and her family have been hit with some expenses needed to fix their house and are praying God provides. 



The over 200 university students went out in 5 regions! Pastor Jacob went to see some of them today.


Continue to pray for university students as they follow up new believers!

Rich and the team are exhausted from the physical toll of having been up at 8,000 feet for three weeks. Prayer for their recovery!