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End of May: Praise and Prayer

We praise God together for all He has accomplished and the blessing of working and walking alongside Him in the Spirit!

Scripture shared by the team:

Numbers 23:8 “How can I curse those whom God has not cursed? How can I denounce those whom the LORD has not denounced”

2nd Tim. 1:7 “God does not give us a spirit that makes us afraid, but a spirit of power and of love and of self control” 



  • For safety on the road for the Nigeria team that traveled to Niger state! They are training 42 local church leaders from several different denominations.
  • Yesterday at least 7 trainees shared the gospel. One woman shared the gospel with a young Muslim man, Eliyu, who is addicted to drugs. He received Christ and came and attended the training! Osang ministered to him also. He asked for prayer at the end of the class because he wants to remain in the faith and live the Christian life. Now, the rest of the trainees are very motivated to go out and share the gospel and bring more new believers to the training as well!
  • for Comfort Mark’s training–she organized a training south of Maiduguri where she expected 30 people and there were 100, who stayed the whole week, including some children
  • Peter has a fever and is in the middle of training 42 people in Niger!
  • We still need a reliable vehicle for the Nigeria team. Prayer that God would provide.
  • Thank God for peace in Peter’s home village of Fan.
  • the trainees from Niger state are going to shared the gospel again today!



  • Praise God for continuing to protect all of our friends and partners in Mbingo!
  • On Thursday, 15 houses were burned near Belo, and in Bamenda, 50 people were massacred. Right now we don’t know what exactly is happening but it is very difficult to leave Mbingo. Public transportation has effectively been shut down. If you want to leave you have to walk, so it is very difficult to visit other quarters and villages.
  •  There is now no food market in Mbingo, inside the hospital compound people are able to sell some. This is intensifying the food crisis. Prayer for provision, especially for the families hosting refugees.
  • Prayer that the government and the freedom fighters will negotiate peace.



  • Our graphic artist is almost done formatting the materials! As soon as they are completed we will translate them into five languages. 
  • We have made several contacts in the US that will be able to help us to modify the materials so that they are even more effective for MBBs. 
  • for healing for Dara’s daughter Odette, who had four days of high fever and had to be taken to the ER and is now suddenly well! 
  • prayer for wisdom and grace as we continue to develop and format the follow-up materials and the training manual
  • prayer for funds to meet the needs of the US based staff.
  • prayer for Nicole’s job interview, that God will provide for her.
  • for continuing peace in the country
  • for Eyasu’s outreach to the refugee camp!
  • For the upcoming training of 200 university students in July! 
Richard GardnerEnd of May: Praise and Prayer