Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

These are a few of the incredible testimonies of former Muslims turned evangelist we have had the privilege of training! For safety reasons we cannot use pictures or disclose the countries that they are in, but these powerful stories deserve to be told. Glory be to God for His work in their lives!

Evangelist 1: “While I was studying the Quran there was a church next to the mosque, and I was zealous for Islam so I was angry and destroyed it. My father wanted to send me to different areas in the country and out of the country to learn more about Islam but I didn’t want to. I traveled to a different place and dropped my faith in Islam. One day a man in a long white robe came to my room in a dream and said, “I am the prophet Isa [Jesus] I am not creature. I am the creator. I am the way, the truth and the life. Believe in me.” The room was full of light and immediately, without meaning to, I said “Halellujah!” and jumped up. In the dream he showed me a church, so the next day I went there and became a Christian. Again in a dream he told me to go back to my home area so I went there. I prayed silently to Jesus while other Muslims were sleeping but finally they found me that I had become a Christian. About 30 people came to kill me. One of them was my father holding a javelin. I said “In Jesus’ name all fall down,” and they did, so I could escape. As I was escaping, 25 more were coming to kill me, but God covered their eyes so they couldn’t see me and I escaped again.  Now I am preaching the gospel to Muslims and about 30 have come to know Christ.”

Evangelist 2: “My uncles’ son was struggled with serious mental health problems, but when he received Jesus Christ he was healed. Then he preached the gospel to me. I was a sheik, and I wanted to kill him because of his faith, but I couldn’t deny the truth of what he was saying, so I also became a Christian. Persecution quickly followed. Many times they beat me. Sometimes they hung me on a tree and beat me. They excommunicated me from the community so that no one would talk or associate with me. One day my 9 month old boy died and I wanted to bury him but they wouldn’t let me and began to beat me while I mourned my boy. Finally they buried him in their own way. Other time my brother brought a big knife and asked me if I could deny this Jesus but when I refused he pierced my head with the knife, but God healed me. After this I flew away from the area until the situation calmed down. Now I am preaching the gospel. About 120 fellow Muslims have come to know Christ. Praise God.”

Evangelist 3: “When I was studying the Quran I asked a question of my teacher, ‘In the Quran there is a phrase that means ‘Alif lam mim’  and it means Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Quran says it doesn’t have interpretation. My question is, “why there is no interpretation?”’ The sheik beat me and I ran away. Away from my home, I became a thief and drank and did drugs. One day I was drunk and burned my own house down. Once while I was stealing someone’s crop with my friends, 8 people including the village chairperson came to arrest us, but I beat two of them and escaped. I went to stay with my uncles. Because they were Christian, they were praying for me and God answered their prayer and I became a Christian. Then I came back home and reconciled with my family. As a result of my changed life, 7 Muslims became Christians.

However, one day while I was ploughing my plot of land, my brother came and stabbed me sen times, so I felt down on the ground. He thought I was dead, so he covered me by dust as we normally do for dead people. I laid on the ground for five hours as dogs licked up my blood. At 1pm people saw me, called an ambulance and took me to the clinic. God had already told me before this situation that I would not die, so I knew that I wouldn’t. All the physicians and my family believed that I would die. My family didn’t want me to die as a Christian, they wanted to kill me and claim I was a Muslim. They prepared poisonous food, and consulted a witch doctor. But I found out about their plan and didn’t go to my home, but went to the church. Though church people are very few and poor, they sacrificially helped me and I was healed. After I went back home they believed I was raised from the dead. I forgave my brother and all my persecutors and as a result my mother and three of my uncles’ sons became Christians. My brother is also interested in Christianity now, so I am praying and preaching the gospel to him. I believe one day he will know Christ.”

Please pray for these dear fellow believers, that God protects them and their families and grants them the joy for which they faithfully labor–seeing many more turn to Christ!