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Prayer and Praise, Monday April 9th



  • Peter’s health has stabilized, and his wife’s health is also improved!
  • The Emmaus training went so well this week that the trainees from Lagos want us to come and train more of their members in Lagos. After discussions with Peter, we have settled on October. They want us to train church leaders from the various churches they work with.
  • Materials in Hausa and English are set to be printed (2,000 copies!) tomorrow.
  • Samuel’s wife, Jessica, is doing better! Her pregnancy is now progressing smoothly, the baby seems fine.


  • Peter’s wife has a side business selling water, and her pump has broken down, which is frustrating! Prayer that God blesses her business.
  • Prayer for the organization that will go into the Emmaus training in Lagos in October.
  • Peter and the team are preparing for the training next week in Vom of the COCIN young adult leaders! We expect 70-100 leaders, all of whom will go back to the areas they minister all over Nigeria to train others.
  • Peter, Rick, Samuel Fom, and the team of volunteers will be working literally nonstop the rest of the month of April doing trainings! Prayer for strength, endurance, and the grace of God.
  • The towns surrounding Jalingo have been subject to attack by Fulani Muslims. Pray for safety for that region and for our team, as they are all (including Rich) headed there for the latter part of April.
  • Prayer for Peter’s three-year-old son, Jerebest, who often gets sick when he is on trips!
  • Prayer for wisdom to know how to best partner with and support Muslim converts.



  • Ethiopia’s political situation has calmed, and there are high hopes that the new PM is working out well. Pray that the Lord grants him wisdom and that the peace and stability in Ethiopia continues!
  • The Tigre translation will be done soon! Once it is done we will be able to print and transport follow-up materials to the refugee camp on the Ethiopian/Eritrean border. 


  • Eskinder is continuing to prepare for the July training! Pray that all the preparations go smoothly.
  • Pray for the Oromo translation—they did not switch translators, but continued to work with the translator they have hired, and hope to have the translation done by next week!



  • Dan Larsen at Cedar Mill said that they have 27 new converts at the church, and are interested in partnering with us to follow up with the new believers. Praise God for the new believers and the opportunity to partner with a church that has supported us faithfully.
  • Dara and Ian’s son, Carsten, turns 1 next week! Praise for his life and for the joy he brings his family. He will be dedicated at the end of April and his parents desire wisdom to know what blessing to pray over him.


  • David left today to travel to Indonesia to wrap up his family’s affairs and gather belongings that they left. His father is going with him. There are some intense spiritual warfare issues in the community they left behind, so pray for protection, peace, and for all to go smoothly! Pray also for his wife, Denise, and their three children while David is gone.
  • Rich’s son, and Dara’s brother, Brenton is facing a difficult life decision. The whole family is praying and fasting for him one day this week.
  • We are waiting to hear back if the Luis Palau organization will be able to offer us office space! We would love to work with them, and need a new location, prayer that this goes through.
  • Prayers as we continue to work with our illustration artist, Holly, and our graphic artist, Henriett, to improve the materials.
  • Prayer for wisdom to know how to go forward with the US based training opportunities.
  • Continued prayers for baby Lucas, who has a terrible chromosomal skin condition which will claim his life unless God intervenes.
Richard GardnerPrayer and Praise, Monday April 9th