Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Prayer Requests and Praise, March 26th 2018








  • The nine-year-old possessed boy we have been praying for has died. His family is in mourning, but presented the gospel to the community at his funeral, and have been standing strong. Pray for them and for the new church, which has 20 more people who are waiting to be baptized. 
  • pray for peace for Ethiopia as they continue to decide on the prime minister. 
  • prayer for Eskendir as he is receiving many requests from rural churches who are eager for the training, and is wanting wisdom to know how to allocate resources, and is still needing support.
  • prayer for Eyasu as he is having some difficulties in communication and collaboration in his denomination. 
  • for the opportunity to train 200 students that we are working towards this July!
  • that the rural church and the bereaved family outside of Addis are standing strong. 
  • for peace thus far in Ethiopia.
  • The April Beaverton follow-up training group is small! Pray for more participants, or for God to powerfully use each and every person currently signed up
  • prayer for the board meeting tomorrow, for wisdom as we pray about expanding, and our need for finances and staff.
  • Dara’s close friend has a cousin with a seven week old baby Lucas, with a severe chromosome disorder where his skin falls apart. He was recently released from OHSU and requires 24/7 care. Barring divine intervention, the boy will not survive to 2 years old. Prayer for miraculous healing, and for his heart-broken parents, who have 2 other children to care for, and are also believers praying for their son’s healing.