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Prayer and Praise: FFICM finishing strong March 2018!

Prayer Requests and Praise, March 26th 2018








  • Samuel Fom’s wife is sick. She is pregnant and overworked herself. She fell ill and felt pain in her womb. Her name is Jessica.
  • Rick asks for continued prayers as he is still speaking in classes at Gindiri Theological Seminary.
  • There are many upcoming trainings to pray for! 1) This coming week Emmaus Bible Fellowship is having their national conference outside of Jos and asked us to train 120 of their leaders Wednesday–Saturday 2) Training In Jalingo with 150 pastors from the UMC. 3) Another training the next week with 250 LCCN pastors! They are all being required to attend by their denomination.
  • Pray for journey mercies for Rich (he will travel from the US to help train the 250 LCCN pastors as well as meet with a local sheik to talk about reaching Muslims).
  • Pray for journey mercies for Peter, Rick, and the team as they travel to Jalingo over roads which are subject to attack by Fulani Muslims.
  • Pray for Peter Wash’s 3 year old boy, Jerebest, who is often sick or suffers from insomnia when Peter is gone.
  • Fulani Muslims continue to attack communities surrounding Jos, killing people including children. Pray for peace and safety.
  • one of our trainees from Bali organized an outreach after training 6 churches in follow-up. However, their outreach to their chosen village was thwarted by a funeral that turned too rowdy; it was not safe. They had to reschedule. Prayer that God will cause the outreach to go through.
  • Peter got a modem for the office, so now they have access to e-mail while in the office. 
  • The Gindiri Seminary FFICM training ended on Thursday, and the students went out during the week to share the gospel. There were many stories of how successful it was. Several students said they wished they had had the training prior to their big outreach during the semester, so we are planning on doing the training earlier next year!
  • The faculty at Gindiri including the provost have been so encouraged by our trainings with them. They said that until now they haven’t had a way of practically equipping the students for their field work. They affirmed that they want to continue working with us.
  • Rick heard personally from one student on Sunday that he had shared the gospel with several people who gave their lives to Jesus and he is scheduling follow-up meetings with them.
  • There were about 20 or 30 women who did not understand English, so Sam, Osang, and Peter took turns taking them to a separate room to do the training in Hausa, and this worked well!
  • COCIN and RCC are interested in doing trainings with us.
  • The nine-year-old possessed boy we have been praying for has died. His family is in mourning, but presented the gospel to the community at his funeral, and have been standing strong. Pray for them and for the new church, which has 20 more people who are waiting to be baptized. 
  • pray for peace for Ethiopia as they continue to decide on the prime minister. 
  • prayer for Eskendir as he is receiving many requests from rural churches who are eager for the training, and is wanting wisdom to know how to allocate resources, and is still needing support.
  • prayer for Eyasu as he is having some difficulties in communication and collaboration in his denomination. 
  • for the opportunity to train 200 students that we are working towards this July!
  • that the rural church and the bereaved family outside of Addis are standing strong. 
  • for peace thus far in Ethiopia.
  • The April Beaverton follow-up training group is small! Pray for more participants, or for God to powerfully use each and every person currently signed up
  • prayer for the board meeting tomorrow, for wisdom as we pray about expanding, and our need for finances and staff.
  • Dara’s close friend has a cousin with a seven week old baby Lucas, with a severe chromosome disorder where his skin falls apart. He was recently released from OHSU and requires 24/7 care. Barring divine intervention, the boy will not survive to 2 years old. Prayer for miraculous healing, and for his heart-broken parents, who have 2 other children to care for, and are also believers praying for their son’s healing.
Richard GardnerPrayer and Praise: FFICM finishing strong March 2018!