Hello Everyone!

This week in our prayer call together we shared a lot of requests again. As you join with us in prayer, please feel free to comment below and we will pray for you!

  • The training in Gindiri is going well! There are 150-170 students. Students are set to graduate in May and will be assigned to mission fields. Pray for their upcoming ministry.
  • Students from Gindiri will be sent out to share the gospel tomorrow morning.
  • Praise that everyone is in good health.
  • Another attack out by Miango. More villagers killed, at least 11. Pray for protection and for comfort for the bereaved.
  • Thursday night in Jos, a group of 20 Muslim men went around knifing people. Rick’s friend Femi (a basketball coach at Hillcrest) had a brother who has multiple knife wounds, but is stable. Pray for peace, and for healing.
  • There are issues with the bank, and Peter had to leave the training to travel to Jos to resolve them. Please pray for Peter, that the issues will be quickly resolved tomorrow.
  • pray for the new church plant outside of Addis. They need to have a place to meet and are having a hard time finding and affording land.
  • the demon possessed boy, Mengistu, is still suffering. His father’s name is Belepe. Please pray for him and his family.
  • Pray for Eskendir’s finances. His son Nathan is studying to take the entrance exam to high-school coming up.
  • pray for preparations for upcoming trainings in 2 universities in July. We anticipate training 200 students.
  • Eskendir is now training the students that will be responsible for helping him set up the training. Pray for them!
  • continued prayers for peace
  • pray for the people we trained, that they will be protected, and fruitful in their ministry!
  • pray for upcoming April training.
  • prayer for Rich as he sets Hausa and Amharric translations this week, and will do Tigre and Oromo soon.
  • prayer for Dara as she hires graphic designer to redesign the booklet, for wisdom, and continues to work with Holly to redo the gospel tract and further drawings from the materials.
  • pray for David as he continues to raise support.
  • pray for all of us as we seek God’s wisdom in knowing how best to expand.