Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Every Monday our available team members across the US, Nigeria, and Ethiopia (and sometimes other locations as they travel) call in, share prayer requests, and lift one another up!

We would like to share those prayer requests with you and ask you, as you feel led, to lift us up as well!


  • There are difficulties with our communication with the ERCC (an important partner denomination). Pray that we can find another contact person (our current contact is the very busy head of the denomination).
  • March 19th, there will be a training in Gindiri Theological Seminary! There are 150 students signed up. Pray for the training; that they will use the training effectively after they graduate and be blessed.
  • March 30th, Peter and Rick will lead a training with prison fellowship in Lagos.
  • We have the potential for a training in Abuja through our friend and board member Daniel Bako
  • Prayer for the change of FFICM’s official name in Nigeria to go through.
  • There were attacks on villages outside of Jos in Bokkos. At least 19, villagers, including children killed, 200 buildings burned. Prayer for peace and for the families of those who died.
  • Prayer for Bali, those we have trained in October have organized another training–6 churches are collaborating. They are planning an outreach after the training.
  • Prayer for Niger, one of our trainees organized a training for 40, and ended up with 70 people. They are planning an outreach after the training!
  • Prayer for Peter, hoping to take an MA class at JETS seminary
  • Prayer for Rick, needing to raise more support for his trip.
  • Announcement of new prime minister to occur soon! Prayer for long-lasting peace.
  • The translation of the materials in one language is complete, the translations of other two languages are to follow. First draft of Tigre translation is complete. We will send gospel tract to refugee camps soon. Prayer for God to use the new materials.
  • Prayers needed for 9 year old boy suffering demon possession, the son of of new converts in church outside of Addis. Prayer for his family and the new church, comprised largely of former addicts, as well.
  • Plans are in place to do trainings in the universities in July! Prayer for the arrangements to go well and for God to call the right people to attend.
  • prayer for April training. For God to call the right people to join us!
  • prayer for David’s support, and for his sharing about the ministry at the Ambassadors lunch on Thursday.
  • prayer for Dara’s recovery from illness.
  • prayer for Rich’s recovery from two intense trips.

Thank you and God bless you for standing with us and our hard-working teams!