Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Last year, December 2016, Peter organized a training in his home town, Rashalang, at a local church. The church leaders and members that they trained did an evangelistic outreach in the village, and started a new church in August of 2017! They invited us to come back and teach the new members the basic follow-up materials. This January, 2018, Peter and his team of volunteers led a week long follow-up training in which there were 80 people! Ezekiel Bot, one of the volunteers, went out and evangelized during the training, and seven adults and over twenty children gave their lives to Christ!

One of the new converts testified in front of the whole congregation that he had been drinking and doing drugs, but he knows he cannot live that life anymore as his life now belongs to Christ, and he asked for their prayers to help him to stand firm in his faith! He came the next day to worship, and we taught him from the follow-up lessons.

We need to pray for this new church, that God will cause it to grow. Some of the new members are struggling with substance abuse, and the church has been mocked in the community as a church for addicts, but the new members have shown that they are serious about changing their lives, praise God!