Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus
Our training went very well by God’s grace, though it was so exhausting! Rich’s commitment is very encouraging. I’ve known him since 2007, studying together at Western Seminary, and the more I know him the more I see his commitment and strength.
We had two trainings in two weeks.The first week we trained 81 evangelists. We invited and budged for 60 but church leaders wanted to train more; at their own expense, they added 21. It was so awesome.

The second week we invited 60 again, as it is always our plan to train effectively and to have enough ministers for the area but again, 4 more people came, so we trained 64.

The total number of trainees was 145. When they go back to their assigned areas, they promised to train and disciple immediately, and have already written down the names of 2,667 people that they plan to train and disciple in how to evangelize and follow-up!

At the same time the trainers and trainees will evangelize and bring people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I discussed with Rich that as we train them how to follow up new believers we have also to follow our trainees up too so that they may do as they have promised.

Please pray for Ethiopia and for all of these committed new trainees!