Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

The training at Mbingo was a huge success with a good number of attendants. It took us by surprise, as the number of trainees we expected was 100, but the leadership in Mbingo begged that others be allowed to come in, so in the end we had over 200 participants.

The first day was the day of training on the use of the gospel card. To our surprise it took less time than usual for the trainees to understand the concepts on each successive page. They seemed to grasp right at the outset what we were trying to communicate and understood each page better because of that.

The participants after the training went out to practice what they had learned. They were deeply impressed by their experience of witnessing using the gospel card. Many of them told us that they love evangelism, but hadn’t felt equipped to go out and share, but with the gospel card, they can now go out with all boldness, feeling confident that the card is appealing to people, and is an effective tool to bring them to repentance.

Before they all went for the sharing, they were divided into groups: Mbingo 1, a. Lower quarters b. Upper quarters, Mbingo 11 a. lower quarter’s b. Upper quarter’s, Jones quarter’s, Jichami quarter’s, Mbingo Village etc. The outcome of the sharing was massive, we had over 107 people give their lives to Christ, and this the number only from those who kept track and submitted their results.

The follow-up series was a new experience for the trainees. They were glad and excited to learn how to provide follow-up for new believers, because they had not had it when they had first come to the faith. Some of the pastors shared with us that while they do have books and manuals on discipleship, they found our training to be both simple and effective. All of the trainees, after learning the follow-up lessons 1 & 2, were commissioned and prayed for as they then went out to follow up with the people who had come to Christ as a result of their sharing.

The participants got together to discuss where they all came from and formed an evangelism team so that they can continue to work together to share the gospel and follow up with new believers after the training!

Please pray for the trainees as they continue to share their faith and follow up with the new believers! Praise God for his work in Mbingo.

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