Throughout the year, FFICM sends our staff members that work within countries like Nigeria and Ethiopia on trips to check on the trainees that have come to the larger sessions. Intra-country trips like this cost around $250 and are vital for encouraging and supporting the trainees as they carry out their ministry! The FFICM staff members meet with the trainees to find out what has happened since they left, see if they need any further explanation of the materials, give them additional training and encouragement, and provide more materials as needed.


Recently, Eyasu went on a trip to check on the trainees from Jimma, Butajira, and Wolega (Nekemte and Dembidolo). He found that in the Jimma area there are 234 new disciples as a result of the work of the trainees, in Butajira, 199, and in Wolega 284 for a total of 717 new disciples. In the Wolega area, four new churches have also been planted! This information is crucial for FFICM to know, so that we may know better how to schedule further trainings, and to ask how we may continue to support the workers who are dealing with so many new disciples at once!

If you would like to support an intra-country trip, you can send a check with “Intra-Country Trip” in the description, or you can donate online and send a note to Dara at [email protected]

Praise the Lord for His work in Ethiopia and Nigeria!

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