The Butajira training has ended! The trainees were excellent and dedicated workers in class and outside of class, meeting together to strategize how best to reach Ethiopia for Christ.

nov-4-strategic-planning nov-4-strategic-planning-2

They worshipped and prayed together, encouraging one another in the work that they have before them.

nov-4-samuel-worship nov-4-iskandir-leading-worship1

They also sharpened each another as they learned to follow-up new believers, as part of the training they practiced on one another after which they received guidance from the trainers and the other trainees!


Our trainers were greatly encouraged by working with these Ethiopian leaders, and we eagerly anticipate hearing from them as they train the thousands of Christians that they are responsible for in evangelism and follow-up!

(Pictured: Eskendir, Endeshaw, Eyasu, Rich, Carl Palmer, and Peter Wash)


Thank you for your prayers!


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