Greetings everyone!
The response to the teaching on follow-up here at the Forum for Nigerian Evangelists has been great!  The evangelists and leaders said that they have never been taught like this before. One woman evangelist went home and said to her husband (who told me the next day) “Why does Rich have to be so insistent that it is only faith in Jesus Christ that saves you? Don’t our works count for anything towards that? He was so adamant that it is only the sacrifice of Jesus that pays for sins. We have not been taught this in our church.” The woman’s husband said to her, “What he is saying is true. Works are a result of our saved life, but only the cross pays for sins.”
We had lively discussion all throughout the teaching, and similar questions in reaction to all our statements. How can we know our sins are forgiven? How can one man’s death pay for it all? There was much joy after the classes, and people kept saying, “We are not taught like that in our churches.” They asked for the full training later in the year in all their areas. One man has many evangelists under his leadership and wants them all trained. They asked for more materials so that they can teach those they lead to Christ as well as their own church members.
I am joyful! We are so happy people are accepting the message of grace and faith and are willing to share it with others.
We didn’t have any problems driving up from Jos. We joked together that we all saw a sign on the road with a clock pointing to 4 saying,” We are away for breakfast and family duties. We will return at 4 pm sharp —signed, Armed Robbers.
However, in all seriousness, a pastor was killed on the road to Mangu last week by armed robbers. It was
about 6pm when it happened. So keep praying…

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