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Praise and Prayer End of July!





  • There are 102 students at the current training, the team reports that they are some of the sharpest and most joyful trainees we’ve ever had! Their worship time together is incredible.
  • There were over 21 universities represented between the last two weeks of training!


  • The high altitude of this location has been giving Rich a headache, prayer for his health and for the continued health of the rest of the team. 
  • Prayer for last week’s students, they are out right now sharing the gospel and following up with new believers in unreached places!



  • Nigeria team reported that so far we have about 800 attendees confirmed for the MBB conference! 
  • Praise for the former sheik’s safe travel. 
  • It has been calm in Jos so far. This Friday Peter and the team took still more food to people in refugee camps!


  • Comfort shared that killings and kidnappings of Christian farmers and travelers are still going on in vulnerable villages outside Maiduguri, and that no news of the murder of these innocents is reaching the media. Pray that God will protect them and that the evil people responsible would not be able to keep these terrible deeds a secret. 
  • The Nigeria team is working to figure out how best to keep the MBBs traveling to the conference safe, prayer for wisdom! We’ve also committed to paying for their transportation, which will be expensive, pray that the additional resources come through!
  • Tomorrow Peter and Rev. Afan will be traveling to Jalingo. 
  • For Samuel’s wife, Jessica, who needs prayer for the end of the pregnancy and safety in childbirth! My apologies to Eskinder, whose wife is not pregnant (I incorrectly heard last week that she was!)

In Jos it is calm. On Friday we took materials, met people in refugee camp, still hoping to be able to return to their farmland. Some have been trying to go to their farms and return to the camps during the night

tomorrow traveling to jailing, spend 3 days there, meet with umcn ecwa, Reverend Afan, Ishaku. 

trying to figure out how to keep MBBs safe during the conference. Meeting with the heads of the Fulani Christians etc. about 800 confirmed attendees. 

Need to pay for their transport, which will be expensive. 



David’s kids have gone to summer camp for the first time, hoping it’s a great week of them!

David has 2 new monthly financial supporters! 

Dara’s father-in-law’s heart surgery went well. There was a tricky moment where they had to restart his heart, but he seems to be recovering very well.


For increased financial support for Rick, David, Dara, and the whole organization as we need more funding to expand!



  • for safe travel for Florence, Pastor Yisa, and Linda to Yaounde 
  • They were able to hold a market in Mbingo this past week and people hiding in the bush could come and get food supplies for their families.
  • for the safety of all of their families


  • for the people of Belo; the city itself has been deserted and the people still are living in the bushes. Please pray from their protection from wild animals, and that God would provide for all of their needs.
  • both the government and the freedom fighters have set up check points, the freedom-fighters sometimes ask for money and the government asks for passports; the civilians are beginning to feel like they are living under two oppressive governments. Pray for peace!
  • Florence, Pastor Yisa, and Linda are all in Yaounde to try to get their passports put in order so that they can make it to Nigeria for the training for head trainers on Sept. 4th. Pray that all goes smoothly and that they are given favor with the government.
Richard GardnerPraise and Prayer End of July!