Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Beyond Evangelism

FFICM provides evangelists, pastors, and leaders with spiritual guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support to nurture the faith of new believers as they deepen their relationship with Christ.



Nigeria Outreach: Peter’s report on the training in Egbe December 2023

Egbe is primarily a Yoruba community, but there are also a lot of Hausa and Fulani Muslims who have migrated from the northern part of Nigeria to settle in farming communities in the area. There are also lesser-known tribes represented; families that have moved away from the conflict that has engulfed the north to try to find safety in the south. Evangelical Church Winning All

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Weekly Prayer and Praise January 26, 2023

Jerel shared a devotion on hope this week.  Hope is not a thing or experience, hope is Jesus.  Our lives are fueled and directed by hope and Jesus is our hope. Highlights from this week’s update: Kenya:Program Updates Ethiopia:Program Updates  Nigeria: Nigeria Program Updates General Nigeria Prayer Requests Ongoing Muslim Outreach Ministry Prayer for the Nigeria Ministry Team United States:Strategic Development and ongoing ministry Ministry

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Monthly Prayer

You are the reason God is moving His gospel forward through the ministry of FFICM. Do you need prayer? You are valuable to us. If you need prayer for anything please feel free to contact us. All prayer requests will remain confidential.