“I just want to encourage you to invest in this ministry. God is working deeply. It is a generational work that is happening in this nation. God is at work in this group of people and using this ministry.” -Wendy Palau
Who We Are
”You identified a weakness in our church, we are good at evangelizing, not at following up. We hope you will train all of our pastors and evangelists” - Head of the largest denomination in Ethiopia
Where We Work
"This training reawakened my prayer life and has helped me to treat the new born in Christ with care. This training was a revelation to me." -Trainee
What We Do
Our team in Ethiopia is in need of a vehicle to reach more people.

Working in global communities, fficm provides trainings, organizes conferences, and develops materials all with the goal of equipping nationals to support new believers.

What We're up to


Praise and Prayer ~ November 16

Nigeria Pray for the team as they’re training in Bauchi and Layfia this week.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Layfia. About 20 people have attended.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Bauchi. There has been a low turnout but the team is hopeful more will attend. Pray for the MBB conference. Pray for wisdom with deciding whether or not to hold the conference.

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Praise and Prayer ~ November 9

Nigeria There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers. This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. Pray for even more impact as people watch the segment. Continue to pray for the

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Prayer Event

Join us every first Saturday of the month for our prayer event. On Saturday, December 5 @ 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) we will be meeting on Zoom to pray for God's wisdom as we finish the year and prepare for 2021. Everyone is invited! We look forward to connecting with you and praying together!