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Year End Giving 2020

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us to reach our goals for 2021! Your financial and prayerful support is still needed and very much appreciated.

Our plan is to raise $75,000 toward our ministry needs for 2021 before the end of 2020. Because of the support we received through our Fall Fundraiser, we are only $25,000 away from reaching this goal! You can be part of what God is doing through FFICM by either making a special gift today, or by joining our Cornerstone Team by signing up to be a monthly donor. In addition to our current donors, if we had an increase of $2,083/month in donations for 2021 we could have enough to do all that we believe God has called us to in expanding the ministry this next year!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in this way!

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  • $25 purchases 25 sets of materials for trainers who are signed up for our trainings. Each set of material costs $1 to print, and we create each set based on the number of trainers signed up for each specific event.
  • $80 covers the average cost of training each person how to do good follow-up in our week-long trainings. We plan on more trainings as soon as it is safe to do so. Each training we do usually has 50-100 people who attend, and we hope to do as many as 12 trainings in 2021 in Ethiopia.
  • $500/month pays a head trainer’s salary. We plan to hire 2 new trainers to join our National Director, who is currently the only full time staff that we have in Ethiopia.
  • $1,000 aids us in producing 13 new radio episodes with our Founder, Rich Gardner, to be broadcasted in Nigeria
  • $3,000 covers the cost of 13 new TV episodes with our Founder, Rich Gardner, in Nigeria
  • $5,000 will help us complete the funding we need to purchase a vehicle for our Ethiopia team!


You can also give to our general fund, or you can preference your donation toward the support of some of our staff.