Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

Share Your Faith Effectively

Have you ever struggled with knowing how to begin sharing your faith effectively? We are often exhorted to share our love for Jesus, as we all earnestly desire others to know Him as we do, but are left at a loss as to how. What if you could be trained by a seasoned evangelist, who could show you how to open up respectful and fruitful conversations with people around you? What if this person could walk you through all of your questions, fears, and concerns, and be available to mentor you? This is one of our passions as a ministry–to equip the people of God to effectively share their love for Jesus.

In one small village in Ethiopia, our team led trainings in simple and effective evangelism, beginning with our separation from God and His love for us. One of the evangelists told us that he had been trying to get people to receive Christ merely by telling them they were going to hell. This was not working out well for him! After receiving our training in sharing the gospel, he went out and had a crowd of 100 people listening to him!

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving training, or in hosting a training at your church!