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Donation Preferenced for the ministry of Carly powne

Carly Powne is the newest International trainer to join the FFICM team. She is currently a youth pastor in San Antonio, TX and is working on raising her financial support so she can serve as part of the FFICM staff. We are excited to see how God can use her passion for training and mentoring along with the ideas and energy that she has to help us continue to grow and expand the impact of this organization. We are praying with Carly that God will provide her full monthly support need by the end of August 2021! She will be part of a 5 week training marathon we will be doing in and around Ethiopia in October/November.

"Thank you for your partnership with me in ministry! I am excited to step into this new phase of ministry with faith and anticipation of how God will use me to further His kingdom for His glory!"

- Carly

Donation Preferenced for the FFICM ministry of Carly Powne

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