Beyond Evangelism: Establishing a lifelong faith in Jesus

God’s powerful movement in Nekemte and Dembidolo!

This is the report so far from Nekemte and Dembidolo as to what the two groups of trainees have done with their training since last year! More reports continue to roll in, but as of now…. Collectively, they have trained 1,011 people how to use the gospel tracts and follow up with new believers. As a […]

Tri Country Outreach: Team Schedule

February/March Outreach February 2nd: Rich leaves for Nigeria. February 6-10: Nigeria Advanced Training The team’s first stop in Jos, Nigeria is of great strategic importance. Head trainers from Niger, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Poland will meet together for an advanced training to ensure that all the trainers who are responsible for the quality and depth of […]

Breaking Spiritual Strongholds in Rabwak

In January, Peter led an important training in Rabwak. This area was believed to be cursed, because for two months out of the year, May and October, people would die for no apparent reason. Christians were beginning to leave the church to dedicate themselves to traditional religion, in an effort to protect themselves. Peter organized […]


Peter Wash, Rick Cordell, and their team went to Jalingo in October as part of a longer trip throughout Taraba state. All of the other trainings were well-attended, but the Jalingo turnout was surprisingly poor–only ten people turned up out of the 120 registered. Peter reported that the divisions between denominations and churches had been […]

Praise God for a Year of Growth for FFICM!

FFICM’s vision is to develop national leaders through partnerships with local organizations and churches and to train them in evangelism and follow-up. Our passion is to see nations of people who have not only committed their lives to Christ, but are also equipped to be lifelong followers of Jesus. Fulfilling our mission through organizing and […]

Sarah–suffering persecution and in need of prayer

Sarah came to Christ twelve years ago, when a Catholic friend of hers shared with her the prophecy about Jesus from Psalm 22. He asked her if David was talking about himself or someone else. She said she knew that David was not crucified, so it must have been someone else. He told her about Jesus. […]

Esther’s Story

Esther and her family, pictured above with Rich Dasenich, where Esther grew up, is a violent region with a harsh climate. The people often suffer from hunger. During one of these times of famine, when Esther was young, her mother died in childbirth, and her father abandoned her, her sister, and her brother. Esther provided for […]

Equipping the Church through Follow-up Materials

This pastor was trained last year through FFICM’s outreach in Niger. He testified that this training was unlike any other that he had ever experienced. He said that these materials are exactly what they need, and better than all other gifts that they have ever received, even clothing and food. He said that clothing, when […]

Faithful Trainees and the Work of the Lord

  This is Abraham, he was trained at our most recent training in Butajira. He served in the local church for 12 years before becoming the missions department head of 1,307 local churches in the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia! He told us that the thing that makes FFICM’s training unique is that it is very […]

Supporting our trainees with additional training and encouragement

Throughout the year, FFICM sends our staff members that work within countries like Nigeria and Ethiopia on trips to check on the trainees that have come to the larger sessions. Intra-country trips like this cost around $250 and are vital for encouraging and supporting the trainees as they carry out their ministry! The FFICM staff […]

Open up a Country: FFICM’s work in Siberia, Cameroon, and Niger

In Siberia, it is illegal to invite people to church. Roman has developed an innovative strategy to reach the local people for the gospel. The economy is so poor in Siberia, people rarely can afford to go out to dinner. In one area that Rich visited, which was home to about 20,000 people, Rich only […]

The end of the Butajira training!

The Butajira training has ended! The trainees were excellent and dedicated workers in class and outside of class, meeting together to strategize how best to reach Ethiopia for Christ. They worshipped and prayed together, encouraging one another in the work that they have before them. They also sharpened each another as they learned to follow-up […]

Four more evangelists join the training

Here are four of the women evangelist who were able to join the training. Two of them are in very difficult regions, and we’ve concealed the face of one who is facing intense persecution. Amiletu is on the far right. She wanted to be trained before but couldn’t make it. We invited her to this training, […]

Pictures of the team

Our faithful training team is pictured above with a woman evangelist! Below, Rich really gets into teaching, watched by Endeshaw, and a roomful of amused trainees 🙂

Peter’s report from mid-October Nigeria training!

In mid-October Firm Foundation in Christ Ministries travelled to Taraba state in collaboration with New Life For All in Taraba State to do a training. We were initially scheduled to go to the Mambila plateau (Gembu) Area but they could not mobilize their people to come for the seminar in time, so the training was […]

Peter Wash and young evangelists

The young evangelists flock to talk with Peter Wash, FFICM Nigeria Coordinator, while he is here training all 64 Ethiopian evangelists along with the team.

Training continues in Arbamich

Everyone is having a great time at the training! The family pictured with me is the family of a 20 year old evangelist–she has a four year old boy and lives in a violent area. Her brother, sisters and cousin (gathered with us) have already suffered a lot for their decision to follow Christ. The […]

Beginning teaching in Arbamich

We started training 64 evangelists Monday. Some of them walked 2-3 days for the training. They work in un-evangelized areas where some of the tribes fight and kill each other. We have native evangelists from those tribes attending–in Christ they have peace with one another.

Arrived in Arbamich

My colleague Carl Palmer doing an exploding fist bump during a travel break to Arba Minch. We were told it was a 6-hour drive was 11 hours. In a few hours we will begin training 60 evangelists the least of which traveled 120 miles from their “bush”-station locations. Please pray for all of us.

In Addis Ababa

At a diner in Addis Ababa, eating a traditional meal. Tomorrow morning we drive 7 hours to Arbamich (known as “the place of 40 fountains”) and train 60 evangelists for a week.

On to Ethiopia!

Carl, Rich, and Endeshaw in Seattle, goofing off while waiting to board the plane to Ethiopia!

Nigeria conference and on to Niger

Hello Everyone! Rich, Peter, Carl, Stephen, Rick, and their faithful co-workers have had an amazing trip this past two weeks. They want you to know your prayers are greatly appreciated, and that God has moved in unprecedented ways. They started off, as you know, by teaching at the Forum for Nigerian Evangelists. It was an […]

Rich (continued)

700 converts in one meeting, not one of whom remained in the faith… In 2001, Rich and Janice Gardner partnered with the Great Commission Movement to dub the Jesus Film for the Afizere people of Nigeria in their native language. Teams from America came to Nigeria to help show the film in 40 villages in 10 days. […]