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Praise and Prayer ~ April 12, 2021

Dear FFICM Prayer Partners, 

We humbly bring our requests before God. He is moving and we are responding to many opportunities around the world. Below you will find a prayer guide to support you as you accompany us in prayer and worship this week. May God bless your time in the quiet place with hope and peace.  


  • Prayers for Ongoing Ministry: 
    • Rich’s luggage didn’t make the trip with him to Nigeria, and got left in Frankfurt, Germany where he had his layover on the way to Nigeria but will supposedly be arriving in Nigeria tomorrow. Pray that it arrives soon and safely. Rich was delayed in his travel due to the airlines changing his flight details multiple times along the way. It was a rough trip, and now Rich is working to get rest and prepare for the conferences. 
    • Radio and TV — Please continue to pray for the ongoing TV/Radio ministry in Nigeria. We praise God that the team has recorded the next 13 TV episodes and those are now airing on 2 different stations. They are now getting material ready for the recording of the next 13 radio episodes.
    • New Office update — The team has moved into their new office! Praise God! The meter for electricity has been transitioned from the former office and the generator has been repaired and is working as well. They are working to fix some leaks in the bathroom plumbing. Pray for wisdom as they work with the landlord who is trying to ask for more money that we had originally agreed upon since it took them more work to fix the building than they were expecting.
    • Last week Sam and Ishaku trained 80 leaders from CAN (Christian Association of Africa). Praise God that the training went well and that the people trained were excited to apply what they learned right away.
    • Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) training this week was supposed to be for 100 seminary students, but 200 came. Praise God for an ever increasing interest in new believer follow-up training!
    • There is an ongoing risk of being kidnapped while driving on the roads in Nigeria to conferences, trainings, etc. Pray for wisdom as our team maneuvers around and goes to and from the various conferences and trainings. Please pray for God’s protection.  
  • Prayers for Current/Future Events: 
    • The MBB (Muslim Background Believers) conference is happening this week! Pray for wisdom for the speakers, those working with logistics and coordination. Praise God for the unity established among the diverse Christian organizations which are collaborating to bring about this important conference! Rich Gardner is there to speak at the conference as well as a number of Christian leaders from across Nigeria. Due to COVID and other factors, it looks like the number of attendees will only be around 600 rather than the originally expected 1,000. Pray for safety as well as deep and lasting impact.
    • Continue to pray for the “True Gospel Conference” that will be held in Jalingo, Nigeria next week. Preparations are coming together, and we need God’s wisdom as we continue to get things ready. Pray for more people to sign up! We have capacity for at least 1000 but so far only 600 have signed up. The local ministry leaders are coordinating with the churches and there is a growing excitement and anticipation of how God will use this to strengthen peoples’ understanding about God and give them a firm foundation. One of our ministry partners from eastern Europe, Roman Baronowski, will be flying to speak at the conference along with Rich Gardner and various Nigerian leaders. 
    • The 70 former drug addicts who gave their lives to Jesus and are in need of follow-up ministry have been having a hard time trying to arrange a time to meet to do follow-up training since many are homeless and hard to reach. The follow-up from their initial connection with the gospel has been over a month. Please pray that they would remember the promise of follow-up and return for ongoing support from FFICM.  
  • Prayer for our Ministry Partners: 
    • Baba, the primary organizer of the HBB conference, has been seriously sick, almost paralyzed. He has been admitted to the hospital. Please pray for his healing! 
    • Praise God for Zainab’s health. She was sick but is feeling much better. She is praying that God will help her to be able to train and disciple at least 500 women in 2021. Please pray for a ministry helper, an assistant to help her. 
    • Pray for our Nigeria National Director Peter Washg and his family who are grieving the passing of his mother-in-law this past week.


  • Prayers for safety and health:
    • COVID recovery: 
      • Eskinder and his family are fully recovered from COVID-19. Praise God that they are getting better. He spent his first day back in the office today.
      • Belay, a friend and colleague of Eskinder who has helped with many of our FFICM training events in Ethiopia, now has COVID. He was hospitalized for two weeks and is at home now. 
      • Keleme, a leader of the church denomination’s Missions Department, had surgery. He was also hospitalized but is home now. 
    • Pray for peace and security in the nation of Ethiopia. There is a party election coming up on June 5, 2021. There are 107 parties in Ethiopia and the winning party will elect the Prime Minister. There have been rumors of wars with neighboring countries as well as much division between tribes, language groups, religions, etc.
  • Update from the recent Ethiopia Mega-Conference: 
    • Praise God for the completion of the mega-conference (2 weeks ago) in Southern Ethiopia! The estimated attendance was around 10,000. The conference speakers focused on strengthening the church with a vision of the true gospel. We are striving to give the people a ‘firm foundation’ in Christ so that they do not fall away from their faith as has been happening.
    • Praise for safety for the conference speakers who went over from the US: Rich Gardner, Michael Jen, Mike Parker and Kate Thomas. They all tested negative for COVID upon their return to the US. The people who attended the conference are all still healthy as far as we know and there does not appear to be any COVID spread in that area. The people we trained earlier are working to follow-up the many who made both first-time commitments to rededications.
  • Strategic Development: 
    • Tesfye started full-time with Eskinder on April 1! Praise God! Eskinder and Tesfye are sharing office space with one other church staff member in one small room. Please pray that the church denomination headquarters (EKHC) would be able to provide a different space for the other person or a bigger space for the three of them. Tesfye started English school last week to help improve his skills. He was already able to update us in English! We are excited to have someone helping Eskinder full-time with the growing ministry opportunities in Ethiopia. 
    • Please continue to pray for the vehicle search in Ethiopia. We have had a difficult time finding a good used vehicle due to limited supply nationally. Pray for wisdom and direction for the team as they negotiate with a car owner this week. There are two potential options.
  • Programs and Materials Development: 
    • Eskandir and Tesfye and Fekadu (a leader recently trained by Rich and Eskinder) will be training 40 church leaders and evangelists April 26-30 in Assella, Ethiopia! Praise God! Pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and guidance as they teach using FFICM’s Follow-up Booklet. Those 40 church leaders will then return to their churches and offer the FFICM Follow-up training using 300 Follow-up Booklets. Praise God for the exponential growth in new believer follow-up made possible by the excellent training and the simple, reproducible lessons contained in the material.  
    • The 113 people who were trained in March have requested 1000 Follow-Up Booklets in the Oromo language! The trainees returned to their local churches and want to host FFICM training events. They need follow-up books for this purpose. 
    • The FFICM Ethiopia team is getting ready to print another round of materials in the Oromo language. We praise God for how quickly the last printing was used and for all the people who are both being training in how to follow-up new believers but also the people that they are then following up!


  • Prayer for our Ministry Partners: 
    • Please continue to pray for healing for our former staff members Dara and Mercy. Dara continues to have threatening anaphylactic responses to a wide array of allergens. Pray for Dara’s breathing which is constantly labored. Dara should receive a Xiolar shot on Thursday. Pray for wisdom for Dara’s family as they seek direction regarding financial provision. Mercy just received a diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, an incurable disease which is incredibly debilitating. Pray for Mercy as she visits her doctors 3-4 times a week.    
    • Pray for the family of Stacey Lloyd, our Director of Multimedia. His brother is in hospice and is winding down. He is sleeping most of the day and only drinking some fluids. The family is praying for wisdom and comfort as they manage the challenges of the transition at this time. 
    • Continue to pray for mercy for David (FFICM USA Director of Operations) and his wife Denise and their son, Ben (a.k.a. Andrew). Andrew continues to struggle with making poor choices which has been very hard for all of them. Pray for wisdom, guidance, hope, and healing. 
  • Pray for Materials Development: 
    • Praise God we received full funding for 200 solar-powered Audio Bible Players! 100 were distributed at the HBB conference (mid-March) and 100 will be given out this week at the MBB conference (mid-April). The people who received them are extremely grateful! Continue to pray for the impact of these devices filled with Bible recordings as well as the 52 FFICM Nigeria radio broadcasts. 
    • We are exploring options for 3D printing Audio Bible Players, which cost as little as $15/each (instead of $50/each)! Pray for wisdom as we continue to explore this new possibility as well.
    • Pray for wisdom as we continue to prepare and revise versions of our new believer follow-up materials in several different languages.
  • Pray for Strategic Development: 
    • Continue to pray for wisdom as we prepare to hire a Communications Coordinator and Development Director for FFICM here in the US. May God direct FFICM’s hiring team with hope and insight as we seek to grow our organization to keep up with the profound global impact of our partners in ministry. We have had about 8 different people apply for these positions and we have begun to do phone/Zoom interviews with them.
    • Pray for wisdom as we continue to prepare for the upcoming FFICM Spring Fundraiser on Saturday, May 22 at 4 pm (Pacific Time). The theme is: Oaks of Righteousness. We will be sharing about the impact of the three conferences in Nigeria and the mega-conference in Ethiopia this Spring as well as all the trainings that have been happening as well as sharing about plans for this Summer and Fall. We will hear video testimony from our staff overseas as well as reports from our US staff. We are praying that God will provide at least $48,000 through the event, including at least 20 new monthly donors and that we will get at least 30 new prayer letter sign-ups. Pray specifically as we work to get ready the scripts, video content, and prepare the electronic and email invitations.
    • Pray for the ongoing work of the Website Update Team that is continuing to work on fixing some issues with and working to make it more useful and easy to navigate for our partners. We have several ongoing issues that are perplexing us that we are trying to fix, as well as new areas we are working to develop to better communicate about the exciting things God is doing.
Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ April 12, 2021
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 14


Jepthah’s sister just lost her little girl to a brief illness. Please pray for their whole family! 

Peter is up in the north, meeting with the leaders of the HBB conference we are planning in 2021,  please pray for safety for him and success in his journey! 

Sam said everything has been very hectic, he has been away from home for almost a month, he thanks God for safety. He said last week, they went through three districts planning with them about what they will be doing in the area in 2021. They are going to be following up with Barkin Kogi in a few days; pray for success for this planning session! 

Sam’s father just enrolled in a baptism class, and is hoping to be baptized the nineteenth of this month. Sam’s father is not feeling very well however, please pray for healing! He has had to go to the hospital this weekend and will go again tomorrow. 

Pray for protection for Nigeria as Christmas draws near and there are often attacks. 

Sam’s brother’s wedding is in December, pray it will be a really blessed event and everyone traveling will be protected and given wisdom. 

Pray for Jepthah’s second daughter, she is feverish, they went to the hospital for tests, the results will come back tomorrow. His first son is complaining of stomach ache. Started week before last. 


Pray for Rich who is in transit! Pray for the recovery of his strength. 

Pray for Rich’s daughter Joelle who has COVID and is not feeling very well, her husband JR just tested positive as well. 

Someone cut a hole in Dad’s screen reached through the window and stole it from under Dad’s pillow, but they were able to get it back because Dad had find my iPhone and the participants followed Dad’s instructions and called the phone, and someone on the street answered it, and they were able to get it back! 

David is working on his final project on interpersonal communication for his class! 

Praise God Susanna’s in-laws recovered from coronavirus!

David’s aunt is also recovering from coronavirus well. 


Pray for peace in the north!

Pray for the trainees who have already begun training, praise God!  There are 22 trainees in classes. 

The large conference in Ethiopia has been postponed until the end of March. 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ December 14
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Praise and Prayer ~ December 7


They have 70 at their current training! That is ten more than they expected. A lot more wanted to come, so we will probably have another training in this area. 

Temperature isn’t too bad, thank God! It even rained! This is unusual, so God answered our prayers! 

They are sharing the gospel today! A lot of these people have suffered a lot for their faith. 

Rich is going to visit a traditional, remote village this Wednesday, so pray for that trip. 

Pray for peace in the country, there is still fighting between the government and the Tigray areas, specific resistant pockets. The government has almost controlled all the places. They are looking for the leaders of the rebellion. 

Largely unreached area, only a few churches! It is mostly their traditional religion. When they join a church, they set aside all the ceremonies, the beating of women and jumping over cows which involves witchcraft, so people dislike Christianity because it is an end to their traditional ceremonies. The cow-jumping is an initiation rite, but it is connected to witchcraft. 


They are still planning for the  MBB conference in March of next year! 

On Wednesday, some of the staff are hoping to be in Barkin Kogi to help set up a training for next year. Pray for success for the set-up! 

Sam’s cousin was hospitalized today, and Sam was at the hospital with him today. 

Everyone else is well, Sam’s kids have recovered, praise the Lord! 

Ruth, our office assistant, lost her uncle. Please pray for comfort for her and for her family. 

The local government staff in Plateau state are protesting due to nine months of unpaid salaries. They have all been on the street, but there has been no violence. Pray that God will take control and there will be peace. 

Pray for Zainab’s friend who is pregnant with twins and is 48! She is doing better than last week, praise God

Zainab’s sister Joy will be going for dialysis for her kidneys please pray for healing!

Zainab’s aunt has this strange cough, which is producing blood, her mom’s younger sister, she has diabetes, please pray for healing!

Zainab’s new believers are doing well, some of them are graduating this week! We are trusting God for more new believers, one brought her sister today! Zainab shared the word of God with her, and prayed with her, she said she needs time to give her life to Christ, so Zainab is leading her through the follow up materials. 

Many churches are having their end of year thanksgiving, there is a lot of travel, sometimes new believers are drawn back to their old ways of life as they return to the village, or leave the Lord, pray for protection for them

On Saturday Zainab’s students graduated, there is one more graduation this Saturday, last graduation for the year. This year, God helped Zainab to be able to do a lot 

Prisca is on a medical outreach, pray for her! She said pray for safety because there are a lot of kidnappings in the area, pray for their safe return to Jos this week.  Prisca is talking to people about the gospel 


Pray for Dara and Mercy’s health and the health of David’s in-laws

Continue to pray for the Murdoch Foundation grant! We will likely hear in February

Please pray for the podcast team as they continue to develop the episodes. 

Please pray for the materials development team as they work on developing US and children’s based materials and getting the materials in more languages! 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ December 7
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 30


One of the staff has gone to Gombe to deliver radio teachings to the station there, and is hoping to arrange a future training, and may be able to stop in Bauchi to deliver radio programs too. 

Sam is going to travel to Kano to do follow-up training with those we trained in February this year. They are planning to go out for outreaches now. He is going to help them with a refresher training and additional guidance on how to conduct the outreaches. 

In mid December they are meeting with leaders from different churches to plan for the HBB conference which has been postponed to next year. 

Last week Peter and the former sheik recorded 13 episodes of radio program, and next week they are hoping to record 13 more tv episodes. 

They are working on reports and plans for next year. 

The training in Gindiri, Peter said is so successful, there were about a hundred and thirty students. Some of those that we trained in previous years came and told the staff how they are using the training in their fieldwork and their places of assignment. That really encouraged both our staff and the students. 

There were two places that they did outreaches, Bauchi and Lafiya. The people that we trained were able to use the gospel card in sharing Christ with people they were ministering to! Sam himself was able to follow up with 45 people, and do more extensive follow up with 13.  There were supposedly around 2374 new converts from the outreach, about 1085 people that rededicated their lives. They prayed with 2542, there were 23 people delivered from demons. 

When Sam was preparing to go to Lafiya, he felt sick, and was diagnosed with typhoid and malaria, but he came back home safe. 

Sam asks that we keep praying for the new believers. When Sam came home both his two children, Grace and Weng, were sick and were unable to go to school.

Ishaku Pate reported on the training, which had people trained from five states. He reported that in targeted areas where they were sent, everyone was amazed at the success of those who had been trained. In Zone A, in Bauchi, where the conference was conducted. There were 400 new converts, and 208 rededicated their lives to Christ, 40 people were delivered from demons. There were 26 people Ishaku followed up with extensively, and 15 of them he was able to follow up with. The way preachers preached in the camp was just like a teaching, they didn’t have an altar call. The pastors and reverends joined the teaching. 

Ishaku has a motorcycle he uses for ministry, but a car smashed it. The council chairman of the area was the driver of the vehicle and is now claiming he has no money to replace it. Pray that God provides money for a motorcycle. 

Sam’s dad is being baptized soon, praise God! 

Sam’s brother’s wedding is in December. He is having difficulty arranging the wedding as the prices of everything have gone up.

Zainab just had a graduation on Saturday of 12 of those that she trained from the widows and underprivileged. She taught them for six weeks. She graduated five of them. Seven of them couldn’t raise the money to complete the practicals, and so it is put off until they can raise the money.

The Muslims she is following up with are still staying with their faith. She prayed with two last week, and wasn’t able to meet with one who is suffering from weakness and (she is pregnant with twins at 48 years old) Please pray that God protects her and the babies. Zainab normally sends them bible references at night and shares the word of God with them and prays. They are trying, they are secret disciples, the husbands do not know yet. 

The prices of food have tripled. A lot of families are really suffering but we are trusting God for his provision. 

Zainab’s mom is feeling better. Zainab’s cousin needs a new kidney, pray that they will be able to find a kidney donor. This woman, Joy, is an FFICM trainee, and one of Zainab’s closest prayer partners. Pray for complete healing! 


There are about 80 pastors and evangelists in Sawla. Unfortunately no women came, as each church was only allowed to select two people and no women were selected. The place is very hot, and the travel was very difficult. It took them 12 hours on the road. Keep praying for everyone. They are hoping some women might come tomorrow. 

Rich is preaching on Sunday, there is a committee meeting Wednesday for the conference. No one wears masks down here at all, but they are doing some social distancing. Next week Rich is traveling to the Toomi, and then on to the Hamar. Keep praying for the training this week and next week as they come. 


Continue to pray for Mercy and Dara’s health! Dara is going for more immunotherapy shots today and Wednesday. Last week she needed oxygen after the treatment. Pray she doesn’t react! 

Continue to pray for David’s son!

Dara’s husband Ian needs a new job! 

Pray for the Murdoch Foundation grant to go through! Praise God that the review of the grant last week went well, and thank God for Susanna Ballard’s hard work on it!

Pray for the communications team as they set up the podcast for December!

Pray for the materials team (Susanna, Dara, and Rich) as they work to complete outstanding translations and work on a book and new materials. 

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Praise and Prayer ~ November 23


Pray for Nigeria as the MBB conference is going forward now in March of next year!  Pray for wisdom, mobilization, good communication, and protection! There are nineteen discipleship centers participating that are all very excited to participate with us. 

Continue to pray for Sam. He is in the second location in Lafiya, coordinating follow-up and outreach with New Life for All for five hundred evangelists. Sam is struggling because some of the NLFA organizations in that area have been poor. Pray for him as he works to pull the team and the program together. We are hoping it will all come together tomorrow!

Ishaku Pate is also coordinating the second location, also for five hundred evangelists!

Rick, Osang, and Peter are in Gindiri. Peter is coming to take Priscilla to help them train 130 theological students in follow-up. 

Zainab is doing a program of her own in Abuja. Pray for her! 

They ended around quarter to four, sent them out to field practicals tonight! The students they are training are graduating this year and they are really happy to be equipped before going out to their work and callings. 

Today is Comfort’s birthday! Pray for blessing for her in the next year. 


The US team has an important meeting with the Murdock foundation regarding the grant for the development director. Please pray that this goes well! 

Pray for our communications specialist Mercy, who has had to resign because of the severity of her health concerns. She is very grieved to have to leave FFICM. Please continue to pray for her healing! 

Pray for Rich’s trip! Pray for the safety of everyone’s Thanksgiving. 

The training in Bauchi went forward with 50-60 trainees, which is less than expected, but they had a great time!

The training in Lafiya ended early because of the lack of attendance.

Prayer for Ian, Dara’s husband, who is wrestling with depression because of a very stressful job. He is looking for a new job and it is a difficult climate to find one!

Prayer for David and Denise as they are wrestling again with how to continue to guide their son Ben, who isn’t making the best life decisions at the moment. 


Ethiopia has escalated to full out war. The government has already taken over in Shire, the local people are reportedly supporting the government. Eskinder hopes the war will be over within a few days. Please pray for peace and as little bloodshed as possible. 

Rich is traveling to Ethiopia on Sunday. Pray for protection for him! Eskinder reports that Addis is calm. 

Pray for the upcoming trainings that Rich and Eskinder will be running! The head of the missions department for the largest evangelical denomination in Ethiopia is coming with them for two weeks. They are very excited about the FFICM training in their areas! Two prospective national trainers will be with them as well, one who has already been trained in Arba Minch. He took 500 copies of the materials and is working hard training. We hope to have the funds to hire him. 

Pray for protection from Coronavirus. More people are beginning to die in Ethiopia. 

In Sauwla the training will be 100 people and in the Hamar region there will be 60. 

Pray for Eskinder as he finishes his plans for 2021 

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 23
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 16


Pray for the team as they’re training in Bauchi and Layfia this week. 

Pray that more people will attend the training in Layfia. About 20 people have attended. 

Pray that more people will attend the training in Bauchi. There has been a low turnout but the team is hopeful more will attend.

Pray for the MBB conference. Pray for wisdom with deciding whether or not to hold the conference. Pray that the committee will work well together when making this decision. Pray that God will direct Peter in this decision.

Pray for the radio program. Pray that it will continue to reach people. Yusuf has decided to continue doing recordings! Pray that God will guide him in what to say and teach.

Today is Danladi’s birthday! Pray for this next year!

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!


Pray for the two upcoming trainings that they will be safe and that the preparations will go smoothly.

Pray for the conflict in Ethiopia and that there will be peace and safety for everyone involved.

Pray for the Arabic translation of materials. The translation is done but is going to be edited this week.

Pray for the Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser!

Pray for Agazi. Eskinder still hasn’t heard from him or the church. Pray that he is safe!

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!


The fall fundraiser went well! Praise God for the many ways He provided through this event. Pray that it reached new people and that people will take action through volunteering, subscribing to the newsletter, and donating.

Pray for wisdom on how to follow up from the event.

Pray for Mercy’s grandpa. He went to the ER yesterday for internal bleeding and they don’t know what’s wrong. Pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctors.

Pray for Mercy and Dara’s health.

Pray for Rich’s upcoming trip to Ethiopia.

Pray for protection from Coronavirus!

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 16
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Praise and Prayer ~ November 9


There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers.

This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. Pray for even more impact as people watch the segment.

Continue to pray for the radio and television ministry. As the recordings are released, people are calling in and giving their testimonies or asking questions. Please pray for the new connections being made and for the staff as they are responding to calls.

Some of Danladi’s family is coming to town for his sister’s wedding! Please pray for safe travels for the whole family and for a nice wedding.

There is a MBB  conference coming up in December. They are starting to plan out the arrangements and the budget, so pray for the finances. Pray for efficiency over the planning, and for safety over the conference as over 600 people are expected to come.

The new office space is being renovated, please pray that it goes well.

Since the end of the year is coming up, they are starting to make plans for the next year. Pray for wisdom as they plan for the upcoming year. 


Please pray for the political situation in Ethiopia. The local government in the Tigray part of the country is in a conflict with the government. Tigray is in the north and our volunteer trainer Agazi and his new wife are both in danger. Please pray for their safety and for peace over all of Ethiopia. 

Pray for the Arabic translations, they are hoping to finish by this week. 

There are trainings coming up soon, please pray that they would go well and new connections would be made!

Continue to pray for the Ethiopia vehicle, that the funds would be raised quickly so that the Ethiopia staff would be able to travel on their own!


Our virtual fundraiser is this week! Pray for the final details and tasks that need to be done, that the hard work that has been done in preparation for this fundraiser would be honored. Please pray for everyone who is coming to the event, and for the funds we are hoping to raise. 

A team in the U.S. has been working hard on an updated website, and we are hoping to release it this week! Pray for all of the minor details that need to work out surrounding this website release, and that it would be an effective way to share information to potential new connections.

Please pray for Dara’s health. She is having trouble breathing and has been reacting to new things. Pray that the immunotherapy treatment she is trying will be effective and she will experience healing.

Courtney ZurcherPraise and Prayer ~ November 9
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Praise & Prayer ~ November 2


Pray for the new office building and for God’s provision in the process.

The radio program has received more comments, questions, and testimonies from people! Praise God! Pray that it continues to reach people and that the team works well together for this. 

Pray for Yusuf who is coming back to do more recordings for the radio program. Pray that God will provide the finances to help him be able to stay and work in this ministry.

The MBB committee is meeting on Friday. Pray for wisdom when deciding whether or not to host the conference and how.

Pray for the upcoming trainings. There are supposed to be two in a week, so pray for the team and for God’s provision in it.

Pray for a reverend who has been abducted. Pray that he is released and can return home. Pray for peace for his loved ones.


Pray for the upcoming election in Ethiopia in June. People want change and to be united.

Pray for peace in the conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the dam in the Nile. 

Pray for the Arabic translations of the materials. They are almost finished with them!

Pray for the upcoming two trainings that they will be safe and that the final planning will go well.

Pray for the Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser and that it will get funded soon so that the team can travel safely and reach new/more people.

Eskinder just graduated from his master’s program! Praise God!

United States

Pray for the health and healing of Dara and Mercy!

Dara has a test today that uses a dye that she is worried she’ll be allergic to. Pray that it goes well and for answers!

Rich is going to be on a Christian radio today! Pray that he will be able to share more about FFICM and that it will reach new people.

Rich is traveling to the east coast to teach at a church and meet with pastors there. Pray that new connections will be made and that this will be fruitful.

Pray for the fall fundraiser! It’s two weeks away and this week we are calling people. Pray for these calls that they will reach people who want to attend and learn more about FFICM.

Pray for the new website launch. There are some final touches that need to be made, but we are hopeful for a launch this week!

Pray for the U.S. election this week. Pray for peace!!

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ November 2
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Praise & Prayer ~ October 26


Last week, a conference was successfully held. Praise God for reaching new believers through this ministry! Please pray over everyone who attended, that they would be protected from the coronavirus.

Please pray for an upcoming training and outreach that are coming up in November. Pray for the communication and planning as our team in Nigeria has already started the preparation.

Zainab’s mother is still in the hospital. Pray for her healing.

In Zainab’s church, they just celebrated an anniversary for their ministry. Praise God for the encouraging service they held and for those that showed up.

Pray for our radio and TV program. The TV program is going almost nationwide. Please pray that people will listen to the program and their hearts will be moved, and that our staff will be prepared to answer their questions as they call.

Pray for Peter as he is trying to reach new believers with these phone calls coming in from the programs. Pray that God would speak through him.

A large conference is being planned to be held in March. Please pray for the conference as planning has just started to begin.

Please pray for the social unrest in Nigeria. Protests that have started peaceful have gotten violent because of the police force that has struck back. Citizens have been killed in the area, and it is affecting the ministry. Please pray for justice, peace and safety in the area, and for our staff as they have had to change their ministry plans to avoid the violence in town. 

Please pray that the government would have wisdom in how to respond well to the social unrest. Pray for those who have lost family members. 


Pray for an upcoming training and for translation. There is a big training coming up in spring, please pray that the materials will be translated in time.

There is an election coming up, so please pray for the country. Pray for peace over the country, and that the election goes well.

Pray for the students since school recently started up again. Pray for the safety of everyone, and that this would not cause a spike in coronavirus cases. 

Continue to pray for our Ethiopia vehicle fundraiser. Pray that the funds will be provided for our team in Ethiopia to purchase a car so that transportation will be safer. 


Please continue to pray for Florence who is still looking to purchase a house in Nigeria. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Rick is still safe in Nigeria, praise God! He is enjoying his time there so far, and will be there until mid-December. 

Please pray for the upcoming fall fundraiser! This week, we are recording much of the event. Pray for everyone involved in the planning, that the hard work would go well and that all the glory would be given to God. 

Pray for the upcoming election in the U.S.

David finished the first term of his Master’s Program. Praise God!

Pray for healing over David’s mother in law, as she is recovering from her back surgery.

Pray for Dara’s health, that she would feel rest and healing. 

Pray for Mercy’s health.

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ October 26
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Praise & Prayer ~ October 19


Sam, Danladi, Valentine, and their families are all healthy! Praise God!

Pray for the MBB conference planning and that the committee will be able to meet. They are trying to figure out how best to host the conference with Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom and guidance. 

Pray for the new office space for the Nigeria team. It would be a lot bigger which would really help the team. Pray for a smooth transition.

Pray for the MBB radio program, because they are getting connected with new believers. As they meet with these people, please pray for willing hearts and open minds as the new believers learn about the truth of the gospel. 

There is someone wanting to get involved with the radio ministry. He will be teaching next week. Pray that God will give him wisdom and insight on what to teach.

Please pray for the social unrest in Nigeria. There have been protests in the town that have been interfering with some of the work our staff would like to do. 

Pray for Zainab’s mother, who has just been admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and sugar levels. 

Zainab’s cousin is still in the hospital for her kidneys. Pray for treatment to work and for her to afford medical care.

Pray for Sam’s brother’s wedding. It’s coming up soon.

Pray for Sam’s wife and his mother in law who are both sick.

Pray for the protests against police brutality in Jos, Nigeria. They are turning violent. Pray for justice and safety for all involved.


Please continue to pray that the funds will be provided for the team to purchase a vehicle.

Pray for the translation of the materials into the Arabic language. Eskinder is working on two trainings in Southern Ethiopia where the new materials will be used.

There are currently 2 conferences planned to take place in November, so please pray for guidance as the team decides whether or not to hold those. 

Please pray for coronavirus in the country, because school is about to start up again. Pray for the safety of the children and their families.


Please pray for Florence as she is looking to purchase a house in Nigeria to settle down. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Rick has had five great days in Nigeria. He made it safely and will be there until mid-December.

Rich has made it safely back to the US and has received two negative tests for COVID. Praise God that he is safe and healthy!

Rich is planning his trip to Ethiopia for next month. Pray for his preparations and safety!

Please pray for the fall fundraiser. The team is filming the event this Saturday. Pray for everyone who has been working hard in preparation for this event. 

Pray for David’s mother in law. She just had surgery on her back. Pray for a quick recovery!

Our website update team has been working hard on updating the site, and hopefully our new site will be launched this week. Please pray that the transition will go smoothly.

Pray for the grant that we are applying for. Pray that it goes through!

Pray for Dara’s health. 

Pray for Mercy’s health.

Courtney ZurcherPraise & Prayer ~ October 19
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Ruth, Valentine, and Sam have all tested positive for Coronavirus but don’t have symptoms. Pray that it stays this way and that they heal quickly.

A couple other staff members are waiting for their test results. Pray for negatives!

Peter has been struggling with health issues. He and his wife had Hepatitis C and are feeling a lot better. 

The MBB conference still might need to be postponed until next year. Please pray for wisdom as they make this decision and keep everyone’s safety in mind.

Pray for the HBB conference that it can happen in early 2021. Pray for everyone involved who is planning it and that they work together well.

There is a possible new connection that the Nigeria staff will be able to partner with to continue developing new materials. They have met with him and are trying to decide how they can work with him to reach new believers. Pray that this new connection will be good for the ministry and team.

The Nigeria team is hoping to move into another office. Pray that they will be able to get the place they are looking at and that it will be a great new space for the team.

Zainab was teaching over the weekend. Pray for her ministry and her students!

Pray for Zainab’s friend, Gift. She has kidney issues and is not able to get dialysis right now. Her stomach has swelled up and now her legs have begun to swell up as well. Pray for healing!

Pray for Danladi’s sister’s wedding that is coming up.


They’re looking to expand training in some neighboring countries. Pray for God’s provision and safety in this!

Someone in Eskinder’s church tested positive for Coronavirus. They tested about 100 people and there have been two positives. Eskinder tested negative!

Please continue praying for our ongoing fundraiser for the Ethiopia vehicle. 

There are currently 2 conferences planned to take place in November, so please pray for guidance as the team decides whether or not to hold those.


Please pray for Florence as she is looking to purchase a house in Nigeria to settle down. Pray for the transition she’s making and that God would provide for her there.


Pray for Rick as he is planning his trip to Nigeria. He leaves Wednesday and will be there until mid-December. Pray for a negative test before he leaves, and for safety from coronavirus as he is traveling and staying there. 

Please pray for David’s mother, Donna, who is having surgery today for a pinched nerve in her lower back. Pray for a smooth surgery and a quick recovery.

Continue to pray for Dara’s health.

Continue to pray for Rich’s health and for a quick recovery.

Courtney’s schoolwork is picking up next week. Please pray that her workload will be manageable and that she will still have time to rest!

Pray for Mercy’s health!

Please pray for the fall fundraiser coming up! Our team has been working hard to prepare, and we have some video recordings happening this Saturday. Pray that we are able to find a good place to do all of the recordings.

One of our board members, Keith, took a fall a few weeks ago and hurt his knee. He is out of the hospital now, but please pray for continued healing.

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Sam and his wife are   sick with a fever and an ulcer, pray for his recovery!

Ishaku would like to praise God for his provision, though everything is hard now. He said to say thank you for praying for his son Nathaniel, who is recovering really well! 

Ishaku’s church has assigned him to be a leader to oversee the church growth, to help the church be given an LCC. Pray for him 

Praise God for the meeting with the leaders that are coordinating the MBB and HBB conference. Pray for them as they continue to 

They met with someone who is going to help them put together MBB materials. 

Pray as Peter and Dad continue to determine the best way to grow our Muslim focus group. 

Pray for the radio and TV programs that have been going on. The former sheik who was doing them has become afraid of airing them because of threats on his life. We are looking into ways of changing his voice, or of using different content. Please pray for wisdom. Rich is recording some episodes while he is there! 

Praise God, Rich was able to preach twice, and he will hopefully preach three times at a different church next Sunday. 

Rich and Peter are looking into an upgraded office space for the team, it is much bigger and would allow the team to work more efficiently. 

Pray for a safe journey, Rich, Peter and the team travel across a river and dangerous roads on Wednesday to begin talking about a larger conference. 

Valentine has been feeling sick since Wednesday, he was in the hospital most of Thursday, he was diagnosed with typhoid and malaria. He is currently on medication, he thanks God for healing and strength and grace. On Friday there was a staff meeting and he was well enough to attend. 

Pray for the translation of Ahamet’s teachings. We are almost through. 

Zainab praises God for the success fo her outreach program, she was expecting 70 and had 99! She is resuming her work and is praising God for the strength. She is having some body pains in the evening. Pray for healing and strength for her! She said God is helping her. She was able to provide some food for people who came, she is trusting God this week for provision and is hoping to give them at least lunch

One of Zainab’s sister is sick with kidney failure. Pray for her healing! One of Zainab’s mentors was attacked and beaten by a mob for praying outside at night, and is now blind in one eye, pray for him!    


Pray for Eskinder as he continues to recover!

Pray for the plans for fall and 2021. 


Continue to pray for peace for Cameroon!

Pray for Florence, Pastor Yisa, and all our trainees and that we would soon be able to return!


Pray for the upcoming fundraiser

Pray for Dara and Mercy as they both wrestle with ongoing health concerns!

Pray for David’s kids schooling!

Pray for David’s school, as he is having trouble making time for his masters’ program. 

Pray for materials development efforts!

Pray for the success of the Murdock Foundation grant that Susanna has been working on! 

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Rich Gardner

Rich is traveling to Nigeria. Currently at airport on his way. He arrives Wednesday in Nigeria and will be there for 2 weeks. 


This past weekend they had graduation for 9 women in the class.

Continue to pray for courage as they do the work of God.

Next group of women are starting class soon. Pray that the students would use what they learned about how to follow-up new believers as well as the new skills that they learned in cooking. 


Praise God for his protection for his family. His wife is doing better. Keep praying.

Yesterday he went to the village to see his father who is having a health challenge with his heart. He is on medication. There has been improvement in his health, but we need to keep praying.

We praise God for how he is helping us as we work with disciples. We have been receiving reports from trainees, and people have been coming to the office to get copies of our materials. Pray for safety and wisdom in life and ministry. Praise God and keep praying.


Continue to pray for Peter and his wife as they recover from the Hepatitis that they had.

They are feeling better little by little, but are still weak, and have been put on a very restricted diet.

Continue to pray for the TV and Radio ministry outreach and teaching that they are doing at this time. 

Pray for wisdom for the upcoming Muslim Background Believers Conference preparations and wisdom as to when and how it should be held in light of the pandemic.


The charges have not been dropped, but she has been released on bail and they don’t seem to be pressing the charges at this time. They told her that they would call her if they need her. She will be traveling to Jos, Nigeria this week and will meet with Rich Gardner while he is there with the staff.


Praise God for his elder sister who was expecting her baby. Mother and baby are doing well, but there was a bit of complication

Younger sister is about to get married.

Danladi has been looking at how to reach the teenagers who are living on the streets. So many of them are addicted to drugs and living on the streets.


Thank God for life and the ministry. The office staff is looking forward to Rich’s time there.


Facing upcoming big decisions about work in Nigeria. Please pray.


Flying home tomorrow. Pray for safety in travel and that her health problems wouldn’t flare up again. Doctors said that they think she would have died if she didn’t get out when she did.


House final inspection coming up on Tuesday. Pray that it passes.

Pray for my kids who are struggling with online school.

Pray for Murdock Grant application that we are preparing to submit.

Pray for the process of getting out printed and email prayer letter this week.

Pray for me as I work on my classes for my Master’s Degree.


Has patient (Mis Opah) in hospital who is elderly.

Her husband (Bartholomew) had a slipped disk and is still experiencing pain from that.


Pray for Eskinder and the need for a vehicle there in Ethiopia to help with the work of the ministry there. We have seen some money come in but we look forward to seeing how God will provide all the remaining funds needed.

Pray for the planned trainings coming up in two different areas in November. Pray for the preparations and the 100 trainees in one location and 50 in another location.

Yesterday he had another injection for the rabies, and in 10 more days he will have his last injection. They have been very painful and he feels very sick to his stomach after each one.

They are still praying that God would allow them to get internet at their home. They registered some time ago, but due to Covid, they have been waiting for months. The cellular connection at his home is not good and does not give data, and they have no way at present to use the internet from home. It is a 45 minute ride to the church office, and with the coronavirus situation the way that it is, he tries to minimize the number of times each week that he travels to the office for internet to protect his health.

His kids are not able school due to coronavirus and are getting antsy at home.

He is also working on rescheduling the big conference on evangelism and follow-up (15,000+ attendees) that was recently delayed. Eskinder is working with the denomination to try to figure out when they can reschedule that for.

Eskinder is continuing to give copies of the follow-up books to people in Ethiopia and to get reports on how they are using them. 

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Our friend and partner Soja lost his wife Mercy, who had had a brain surgery a few months back. Pray for him and their family! 
Emmaus Ministry said Comfort is in police custody, we do not know what is going on, please pray for her! Zainab called the day before yesterday, the police promised they would be releasing her today, one of the girls who was released from the Boko Haram camp. There was a runaway girl she was taking care of about three weeks ago, and she planned to take the girl back to her people. 

One of our workers is taking our teachings and videos to another state, please pray for his safety and the condition of the roads. 

The MBB committee is considering setting the date for the conference at long last– please pray for wisdom for them as they continue to evaluate the situation .

Please pray for the continued radio ministry! More and more people are responding. People are calling to ask how they might become Christians. Others are Christians who have been very encouraged. In our radio ministry we do not directly address Islam, but we talk about understanding Christianity and address issues we know Muslims are interested in. 

A new believer that Ahmet visited just had a newborn baby boy, praise God! He is continuing to visit and encourage new believers, pray for his safety and for the new faith of the new believers. 

There are about a dozen converts in a dangerous state that he is hoping to try to reach and continue to encourage them. Pray for their safety and their faith!

Zainab had about 24 widows and 15 children at her last training, some made bread, donuts, egg rolls and buns. We thank God for the success of the event, she said it was really fun. She is trusting God that they will go to an additional location, they were invited by a local pastor. 

Zainab’s students’ graduation is coming up first Saturday in September. She is having some difficulty personally, the church wants them to leave the house they have been living in, pray for provision for a new house!

Zainab’s mother had to travel back to Kaduna, she may have coronavirus, since she lost her sense of smell, she refused to take the test, she ran from the hospital. She has malaria and typhoid as well as diabetes and hypertension. 

The rains in Abuja have not come, so food is becoming scarce. The local rice usually is bought at 250, now it is 650 Niara, and full of sand. So before you cook rice you have to start sifting the rice the day before. It is that time consuming. The burden is too much on the church. Zainab is the only person in the church to do something about the poor, when she doesn’t have enough. Sometimes she doesn’t feel like going to church. It is hard not to have something when she wants to go tell them Jesus loves you and not give them anything. 

Continue to pray for our sister Florence that God would strengthen and provide for her! 

Please pray for mercy for Cameroon, and that we could return soon to train and strengthen the trainees!

Pray for protection for our workers as the country has coronavirus as well as a very despotic president that is killing many. 


Continue to pray for the country, for peace!

Pray for COVID in the country, the numbers are rising. 

Eskinder has trainees coming from areas around Addis to pick up materials, they are continue to teach and train in their local contexts as they are able, praise God! 

There is need for more translations into local languages, pray for the translations. 

Pray for Eskinder, he was bitten by a rabid dog along with seven others while he was walking on the road, he is receiving treatment but has been in severe pain from the shots.


Pray for Dara’s continued healing and health tests. 

Pray for our communications assistant, Mercy, who has many severe health issues, and currently her ribs are dislocating while she is breathing and she is unable to take any medications!

Pray for David’s family on vacation that this is a time of rest. 
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